Networking/Job Market/Salary Negotiations


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Networking/Job Market/Salary Negotiations

  1. 1. Ready, Set, Launch!Researching, Networking, and Negotiating your way to yourDream Job!Presented by Kate Williams, Anderson Career ServicesCareer Development Facilitator
  2. 2. IntroductionBackground: Educational Technology Industry2 years recruiting experience in technology fieldCurrent position at UNM for 2 yearsPassion for social media responsible use and professionalbranding
  3. 3. Session OverviewJob searching is all about communicating your professionalbrand across a variety of platformsNetworking: communicate your brand and work smarter tocreate a “board of directors” for your job searchJob Market research: know yourself, your brand, and yourindustry to prep across a number of job search aspectsSalary negotiation: value your brand and work to get what yourbrand is worth!
  4. 4. Networking: CommunicateYour BrandNetworking is about teaching and learning, NOT monopolizing!Take time to reflect:What do you do that IMPACTS your organization?What skills/qualities/attributes make you a top performer inyour field (can be academic)?How would you QUANTIFY your success?At the core, why do you do what you do?Construct your message, then communicate
  5. 5. Networking: 30-secondcommercialI am a _______________________Who works in/to/for ____________________I would like to ___________________Can we follow up by_____________________?REMEMBER!• Communicate the core of what you are about• Leave the person with an ACTIONABLE next step
  6. 6. Network for your personalityExtraverts and introverts can both network effectively!• Extraverts: encourage others to speak first. Pretend you will be quizzed on the information later!• Introverts: observe an extravert. Come prepared with questions. Take a little time—it’s ok!
  7. 7. Network smarter, not harder!• Choose events strategically—you don’t HAVE to know everyone in town• Professional organizations• Speaker series• Chamber of Commerce meetings• New Mexico Business Weekly events• Professors who have worked in your industryREMEMBER! The more people know about what you are lookingfor, the better able they are to help you reach your goal
  8. 8. Informational Interviews• Great way to expand your network AND gain insight• 20-30 minutes with an industry professional• Includes questions about career path, advice, day in the life• Send a thank you note and connect on Linked In (if appropriate)
  9. 9. Social Media Networking• Linked In: The Virtual Handshake• Use Advanced People search to connect with fellow alumni in your field or your desired field• Join Groups in your profession and ask questions, provide content—recruiters will look at this!• Follow Companies you are interested in• Use to find entry-to-mid level positions across the country• Identify targets for informational interviews or mentoring
  10. 10. Create your StrategicRelationship Map (handout) List of who can help you reach your goal Goal
  11. 11. Other Online Job Search Tools• Lobo Career Connection• New Mexico Business Weekly• Monster/Simply Hired, etc.• NM Net Links• Linked InREMEMBER: The best approach to your job search will be acombination of online and offline!
  12. 12. Job Market Research• Why?Gain understanding of job prospects, growth, salary, good placesto relocate• How?Wide array of resources: industry professionals, O*Net, Bureauof Labor Statistics, state and local employment agencies, newsoutlets
  13. 13. Job Market Research• Integrate into: • Resume • Linked In • Interview prep • Networking research• Great for people transitioning to a new location!• Great for salary negotiation
  14. 14. Job Market Research—LinkedIn Groups• Connect with industry professionals—join groups in your professional field and find a mentor• Connect with professors to discuss• Find articles and news relating to trends in your field
  15. 15. Show Me the Money! SalaryNegotiations!Common Fears and Questions• Am I asking for enough? Not enough? Too much?• What if they press me during an interview?• How willing am I to negotiate?• Do I really know my own worth?
  16. 16. Salary NegotiationsTips to Be PreparedResearch the position on O*NetResearch trends on Bureau of Labor StatisticsReview the salary range on the job description, if provided(federal jobs often will provide this)Talk to industry contactsAssess your level of knowledge and experienceFactor in geographic regionKnow what you need to make to cover your costs
  17. 17. Salary Negotiations: What IfsWhat if….they ask me for a number during an interview?What if….they won’t say a number first?What if…the number I ask for is too high?What if…I am not sure how to figure out how much I’m worth?What if…I can’t get the number I want right now?
  18. 18. Conclusions and Next StepsThis content is part of the broader matrix of job search—meetwith a CDF soon to discuss how it fits in with your goalsUNM Career Services Main: career.unm.eduAnderson Career Services: jobs.mgt.unm.eduFind us on Linked In and Facebook!Questions?