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How Big Brands Use Facebook Apps


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Apps are a great way to build engagement with fans, but with most apps never fulfilling their potential, what makes an app go viral? Unmetric takes a look at the top performing apps from the biggest …

Apps are a great way to build engagement with fans, but with most apps never fulfilling their potential, what makes an app go viral? Unmetric takes a look at the top performing apps from the biggest brands in the world.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How Big Brands UseFacebook Apps6 Brands Doing ExtraordinaryThings With Facebook Apps
  • 2. The Unmetric PlatformUnmetric monitors over 10,000 brands across30 sectors and all major countries.We analyze data from:Measure competitive activity, andhow that becomes consumer activity
  • 3. First Ever Facebook App Benchmarking PlatformUsing Human Computing & Algorithms, Unmetric has now indexedFacebook Apps of over 7,000 brands, to give never before seencompetitive benchmarks for Facebook Apps
  • 5. Dove – Ad Make OverRather than the brand deciding what the usershould see, Dove put it in the hands of thewomen to displace negative ads with thosedesigned to make women feel good.
  • 6. Dove – Ad Make OverDove achieved an average Monthly Active Userbase of 446,286 leading the way as theTop Facebook App across all sectorsMAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 7. Top Categories ofFacebook AppsFacebook apps give brands the opportunity tocreate interactive digital campaigns that aremore creative and relevant than mere updates onthe Facebook Timeline. When done right, an appcan help a brand meet a campaign KPIs in termsof engagement, reach and brand loyalty.Unfortunately, too many brands are using off-the-shelf Facebook apps that have little tie in tothe wider marketing strategy. This creates asituation wherein brands are flying blind, unsureas to whether usage of apps is a success or not.Based on analysis by the Unmetric team, it wasfound that for every 10 brand apps, only 1 goesviral while the rest are consigned to the digitalwastelands. By using Unmetrics Facebook AppPerformance Platform, brands now have accessto one-of-a-kind competitive intelligence thatidentifies the brands that are rocking it withFacebook apps.Product AppsDeal and Offer AppsInteractive AppsContest AppsOnline Game Apps
  • 8. SO PRODUCTBASEDAPPSProduct Based Apps, allow Facebook fans to utilize the app for anIn-depth look into their new or existing products.
  • 9. Top Product AppsBrand Facebook AppAverage MonthlyActive usersAverage Daily ActiveUsersCerato Museum 256,989 3,621Gucci – Guilty Black 95,214 1,836Samsung Unpacked201260,926 70Jaguar F-TypeCommunity30,676 493
  • 10. Kia Motors- Cerato MuseumKia Motors, with the Cerato Museum App,transforms the all new – Cerato’s performanceinto digital Croquis Art. This app also allows forthe complete exploration of their new car.MAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 11. Comparing with other Automotive brandsKia Motors- Cerato MuseumPost around Kia’s Facebook App
  • 12. SO PROMOTIONBASEDAPPSApps geared towards the output of deals and offers for their fans,also faired well for these top brands, based on the App’s MAUs.
  • 13. Top Promotion AppsBrand Facebook AppAverage MonthlyActive usersAverage Daily ActiveUsersChili’s Smokin’ Deals 25,612 466Amex Sync 11,881 721Subway 6,558 193Sprint Promotions 2,042 48
  • 14. Chili’s- Smokin’ DealsBy ‘like’-ing the Smokin’ Deals App on Facebook,Chili’s has offered free appetizers or desserts totheir fan base.MAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 15. Comparing with other Restaurant & Café brandsChili’s- Smokin’ DealsPost around Chili’s Facebook App
  • 16. SO INTERACTIVEAPPSInteractive Apps on Facebook, are aimed at input from fans.This includes sending in videos, pictures or voting on the specifics of a product.
  • 17. Top Interactive AppsBrand Facebook AppAverage MonthlyActive usersAverage Daily ActiveUsersLay’s Do Us A Flavor 332,371 16,895The Candidate 254,035 837Windows Phone 75,088 3,016SpongeBobSquarePants18,353 689
  • 18. Lay’s Do Us A FlavorFans are given a chance to vote on a new flavor thatwill make it into the Lay’s family of chips.MAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 19. Comparing with other Food & Beverage brandsPost around Lay’s Facebook AppLay’s Do Us A Flavor
  • 20. SO CONTESTAPPSContest Based Apps give fans a chance to enter a specific contest,to win prizes given out by the brand.
  • 21. Top Contest AppsBrand App NameAverage MonthlyActive usersAverage Daily ActiveUsersSeize the day 332,371 16,895Windows PhoneNext App140,700 10,053MLB2kperfectgame 75,088 3,016$1,000 Sweepstakes 51,730 579
  • 22. Capri-Sun- Seize the DayWith the Seize the Day App, kids can join in for anaction packed day of activities, with a chance to wincash prizes.MAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 23. Comparing with other Food & Beverage brandsPost around the Facebook AppCapri-Sun- Seize the Day
  • 24. SO GAMES BASEDAPPSThe brands listed below, engaged fans with product-based social games. Generallythese online games are associated with one or more of the brand’s products.
  • 25. Top Game AppsBrand Facebook AppAverage MonthlyActive usersAverage Daily ActiveUsersDuck Dynasty DISHDash161,962 4,873Fanta Fruit Slam 70,045 2,220Mobil 1- RacingAcademy42,174 1,402Volkswagen- DasAutorennen36,588 2,329
  • 26. Dish - Duck Dynasty DISH DashDish network, A&E Network & GLOW collaborated tocreate this app. GLOW created a hunting game tosecure ingredients for a ‘Robertson- style familysupper’.MAU & DAUBenchmarking MAU
  • 27. Comparing with other Telecom Service brandsDish - Duck Dynasty DISH DashPost around DISH’s Facebook App
  • 28. Thank youContact info@unmetric.comfor more information‪Unmetric is a social media benchmarking company headquartered in New York with clients andoperations across the globe. We work with Fortune 500 companies to help them establish benchmarksfor their social media teams and social media campaigns. The data provided by the Unmetric platformcan be instrumental in facilitating understanding and driving down costs by creating more efficient socialmedia teams.‬About Unmetric :