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Leading US Department Store Brands on Social Media


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Published in: Retail
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  • 1. Leading US Department Store Brands ON SOCIAL MEDIA June 2014
  • 2. About Unmetric We provide not-so-obvious competitive intelligence on over 20,000 brands across 30 sectors … so you know who is outsocializing who. And how. We understand that while companies have always needed competitive intelligence, it’s never been easy to come by. The modern digital media landscape gives marketers the potential to study their campaign spends, activity and decide on future spends much more rationally than ever before. Some of our clients Unmetric is proud to be a Twitter Certified Product
  • 3. All images in this report are hyperlinked to their original post but if you want to find out in detail what brands did to meet their business objectives, grab your free Unmetric trial here.
  • 4. Brands used for this analysis:
  • 5. All data for the time period: June1st – 30th, 2014 Among the brands analysed, Marshall’s talked the most about themselves. JC Penney grew its fan-base faster than all other Retail Chains pages from North America. With a growth rate of 2.1%, Marshalls’ had the highest fan growth rate among the brands analysed. Marshalls’ struck a chord with the highest average engagement amongst the brands analysed. They had 37 posts in June. 244 new posts were written on the walls of the brands analysed. That’s an average of 8 posts per day - per wall! Marshalls’ #FabFound Facebook app was the most used app over the month of June amongst the brands analysed. Uncovering the best of the Retail Chain sector
  • 6. Dillard’s most popular content for June 1st to 30th were store specific posts, but Questions to Fans engaged the best. Dillard’s – Content Strategy
  • 7. Nordstrom’s most engaging posts were photos around a sale they had and other engagement oriented posts. Nordstrom – Most Engaging Posts
  • 8. Macy’s ‘Family and Friend’ Campaign for the selected time period engaged quite well for the brand and generated significant engagement. Macy’s– Campaign Analysis
  • 9. Engagement Comparison Marshalls’ was the most engaging brand over the month of June. The average engagement for a brand in the retail sector in US was 170.
  • 10. With the growth rate of 5.16%, T.J.Maxx enjoyed the highest follower growth rate among the top Retail Chains pages. Among the brands analysed, @Bloomingdales replies the slowest to customer tweets – with an average of 18hrs, 29secs. Nordstrom was the most responsive, by replying to 30.35% of fan Tweets. Taking just 1 hour, 5 mins, 39secs on an average, @Macys replies fastest amongst the brands alaysed to their customer’s tweets. Nordstrom was also the most prolific tweeter with 2,878 tweets. Amongst the brands analyzed, @Macys had the highest engagment score of 153. All data for the time period: June 1st – 30th, 2014 Uncovering the best of the Retail Chain sector
  • 11. Most Engaging Tweets
  • 12. Macy’s – Customer Service Strategy Macy’s mostly responded to tweets with a ‘Request for E-mail’ Response Rate = 12.3% Average Reply Time = 1hr, 5mins
  • 13. Dillard’s - Hashtag Analysis Dillard’s tweeted most around #Luckybrand, in June. #VeraBradley was the most engaging hashtag for the brand, followed by #fashionista.
  • 14. Fan Growth Comparison T.J.Maxx had the highest follower growth rate, with 5.16% growth in their follower base during the month of June.
  • 15. All data for the time period: June 1st – 30th, 2014 With a growth rate of 2.4%, Dillard’s enjoyed the highest follower growth rate among the top retail brands Nordstrom had the highest Repins/pins ratio of 243. Bloomingdale’s has the highest number of total pins of 20,981. With 713 pins, Nordstrom had the highest number of new pins in the month of June Uncovering the best of the Retail Chain sector
  • 16. Bloomingdale’s – Style Crush
  • 17. Macy’s
  • 18. Nordstrom – Summer Fashion The Metrics
  • 19. All data for the time period: June 1st – 30th, 2014 Uncovering the best of the retail chain sector Nordstrom has the highest number of followers, with 450,657. Nordstrom had the highest Engagement, with a score of 674 #Summer by Nordstrom was the best preforming hashtag, over the month of June. Dillard’s showed the highest growth, with 8% increase in fan base over the month of June.
  • 20. Nordstrom - Engagement Strategy Nordstrom’s Instagram page had an engagement score of 674 and their most engaging filter in April was Valencia.
  • 21. Bloomingdale’s - Engagement Strategy Bloomingdale’s had an engagement score of 329 and #bloomierules was the most engaging hashtag.
  • 22. Unmetric Score
  • 23. × × × × × × × × Engagement Score
  • 24. Engagement Score
  • 25. Click here if you’d like to use Unmetric to better understand what your competitors are doing, uncover compelling insights and unlock new strategies for success by claiming a free 6 day trial.