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Credit Card Brands Get Their Social Media Credit Scores


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Credit card brands are one social bunch as they compete for the hearts and wallets of billions of consumers world wide. In this report, we look at how Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Capital One, Diner's Club …

Credit card brands are one social bunch as they compete for the hearts and wallets of billions of consumers world wide. In this report, we look at how Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Capital One, Diner's Club and Ink From Chase compete to outsocialize one another

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  • 1. US Credit Card BrandsA Social Media Performance Report
  • 2. THESOCIAL MEDIABENCHMARKINGCOMPANYFOR BRANDSWe monitor and analyze the daily activity on the social mediaoutposts of over 10,000 brands in 33 sectors acrossFacebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.Our clients use Unmetric to analyze competitors, benchmarktheir performance, and compete intelligently
  • 3. FACEBOOKANALYSISTime Period: March– April, 2013
  • 4. Facebook Unmetric Score7460 5957464101020304050607080Visa MasterCard AmericanExpressCapital One Diners Club Ink fromChaseThe Unmetric Score is the first ever sector aware social media benchmark score thatblends various qualitative and quantitative metrics to rank your brand against your competitors.
  • 5. Fan Base2,894,3892,705,0991,713,9421,477,544198,646 195,4720500,0001,000,0001,500,0002,000,0002,500,0003,000,0003,500,000Capital One AmericanExpressMasterCard Visa Diners Club Ink fromChase
  • 6. Fan Growth Rate10.90%170.54%28.57%16.40%12.03%-0.12% -0.80%-20.00%0.00%20.00%40.00%60.00%80.00%100.00%120.00%140.00%160.00%180.00%SectorAverageDiners Club Visa Ink fromChaseMasterCard AmericanExpressCapital One
  • 7. People Talking About This (% of Fans)1.98%13.10%7.10%5.40%2.30%0.19% 0.12%0.00%2.00%4.00%6.00%8.00%10.00%12.00%14.00%
  • 8. Number of Posts1636553 51 5110020406080100120140160180Diners Club MasterCard Capital One AmericanExpressInk fromChaseVisa
  • 9. Engagement ScoreThe Engagement Score is calculated based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares andestimated impressions each post gets.1681,65438324 7 6 502004006008001,0001,2001,4001,6001,800SectorAverageVisa Ink fromChaseMasterCard DinersClubAmericanExpressCapital One
  • 10. Content Strategy01020304050607080901000102030405060EngagementScoreNumberofPostsNumber of Posts Engagement
  • 11. Most Engaging Posts
  • 12. Replies & Average Response Time31405101520253035MasterCard Diners ClubReplies23:3217:31MasterCardDiners ClubAverage Response Time (HH:MM)
  • 13. TWITTERANALYSISTime Period: March – April, 2013
  • 14. Twitter Unmetric Score734737 3601020304050607080American Express Capital One Visa MasterCard
  • 15. Follower Base626,11774,85552,584 40,0870100,000200,000300,000400,000500,000600,000700,000American Express Capital One Visa MasterCard
  • 16. Follower Growth Rate14.76%152.00%9.80% 9.40%-0.03%-20.00%0.00%20.00%40.00%60.00%80.00%100.00%120.00%140.00%160.00%Sector average Visa Capital One MasterCard AmericanExpress
  • 17. 1427186 6051015202530Sector average Capital One AmericanExpressVisa MasterCardTweets/ Day
  • 18. 529223197320100200300400500600American Express Capital One Visa MasterCardNumber of Replies
  • 19. Average Response TimeHH:MM58:1612:076:222:068:030:00:00 12:00:00 24:00:00 36:00:00 48:00:00 60:00:00 72:00:00VisaMasterCardCapital OneAmerican ExpressSector Average
  • 20. Customer Support AccountsBrand @AskAmex @AskCapitalOneU Score 41 31Followers 36,960 9,096New Followers 2,904 865Follower Growth% 8.80% 10.90%Tweets 8597 2275Tweets/Day 140 37Replies 7639% 1105ART 1:31:51 4:53:59
  • 21. YOUTUBEANALYSISTime Period: March – April, 2013
  • 22. YouTube Unmetric Score6259461913010203040506070AmericanExpressVisa Capital One MasterCard Ink from Chase
  • 23. Top Videos(amongst these brands)
  • 24. Visa Signature: Patrick Willis TVSpot
  • 25. MasterCard -- Monkey Doll
  • 26. MasterCards #InternsWantedPresents: Space Jammed
  • 27. THANK YOUPlease contact us atinfo@unmetric.comfor more informationAbout Unmetric :‪Unmetric is a social media benchmarking company headquartered in New York with clients and operations across theglobe. We work with Fortune 500 companies to help them establish benchmarks for their social media teams and socialmedia campaigns. The data provided by the Unmetric platform can be instrumental in facilitating understanding anddriving down costs by creating more efficient social media teams.‪