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  • 1. ICA A N N UA L R E P O R T 2 0 0 8 Indians for Collective Action Development through Innovation Letter from the President Honoring Dear Friends of ICA, Mr. S.R. Hiremath, Dr. Nilima Sabharwal and InSPIRE ICA is proud to recognize Mr. S. R. Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is pleased to welcome you to Hiremath, Dr. Nilima Sabharwal and our fifth decade of serving the people in India and making a dif- InSPIRE with its Social Entrepreneur ference in the lives of the most indigent. ICA’s endeavors in the award on November 1, 2009 for their first four decades were largely focused on understanding and alle- outstanding service to humanity. viating social and economic disparity in rural India. ICA’s mission has continued to support sustainable development in India by partnering with dedicated activists and non-governmental organizations. Since its inception in 1968, ICA has disbursed over $4.5 million for over 300 inno- vative, community-based projects in 23 states in India. Your contributions have en- abled ICA to disburse $296,679 in 2008 for programs in education, special needs such as Jaipur Foot, National Youth Project, fellowship, women’s empowerment and integrated rural development. This annual report for 2008 and the 40th Anniversary Mr. S. R. Hiremath Souvenir book describe the history of ICA, its past accomplishments and future ICA will honor Mr. S.R. Hiremath plans. for his three decades of outstanding ICA’s mission for the fifth decade is to inspire the next generation of young volun- service to India. A pioneer of Inte- teers and leaders to continue its focus on sustainable development in India. ICA cre- grated Rural Development and Natu- ated the Sarah Kailath Women’s Leadership Award in 2007 which is funded every ral Resource Management Projects, he is the founder and head of Samaj year by the Kailath Family Trust. ICA’s youth program with India Summer Program Parivartan Samuday (SPS), Dharwad Inspiring Reflective Exploration (InSPIRE) is a big success for several college students. (Karnataka, India). He is also the We are recognizing InSPIRE program this year for their innovative approach to in- founder of India Development Ser- volving our youth in India’s development. Many of these inspired young leaders have vice (IDS), a nonprofit organization just returned from India and will be sharing their experiences at ICA annual event. supporting developments projects in The second group of ICA leadership fellows will attend Global Women’s Leadership India. After working in Corporate Network program at Santa Clara University in December 2009. ICA also initiated a America for 10 years, he left for India program this year for local community service by our members, such as feeding the in 1979 to work with people at the Homeless at a San Jose shelter. grass roots level. He is a leading advo- cate for the empowerment of rural Your financial support for ICA is very critical this year because of the challenges faced poor, self rule and community control by us and the partners we support as a result of the worldwide economic downturn. over Natural Resources. He has organ- You can also join the ICA volunteer team to help raise funds and support other pro- ized and lead people’s movements like jects. We look forward to working with you for sustainable development and socio- protection of Tungabhadra river from economic equity in India. industrial pollution, protection of forest lands and save the Western In service, Ghats based on Gandhian principals. ….continued on page 2 Bhupen Mehta, President-ICA on behalf of the Executive Committee.
  • 2. ICA A N N UA L R E P O R T 2 0 0 8 ...continued from page 1 ICA Projects It is ICA’s practice to work with those NGOs in India ized by their creative approaches to development in whose guiding principles are secular, non-partisan the areas of education, women’s empowerment, and democratic. Our approach is to provide seed health, welfare and micro-credit, water management, funding, ongoing financial resources, and moral and environmental protection, income generation, and technical support to innovative, community-based democratic reforms through awareness campaigns development initiatives. ICA’s projects are character- and right to information. Dr. Nilima Sabharwal Project Snapshots ral resources. PSI is a public interest research and development organization established in ICA will also honor Dr. Nilima National Youth Project Sabharwal. Dr. Sabharwal is 1988 with a start-up grant from ICA. PSI is an ICA has been supporting Dr. S. N. Subba Rao being recognized for her organization composed of young professionals and the National Youth Project founded by him humanitarian outreach efforts. dedicated to the task of nation building. The for almost two decades. A fellow of the Gandhi During one of her visits to Institute has pioneered creative ways to use India, Dr. Sabharwal was Peace Foundation, Dr. Subba Rao or Bhaiji as science and technology in service of the poor. inspired by the selfless work he is known, is the living embodiment of Ma- Projects supported by ICA include water re- done by a group of elderly hatma Gandhi, a powerful voice for national sources management and environment in pro- women in Chennai taking care integration, communal harmony and develop- tecting the rivers Bhagirathi and Ganges as well of abandoned children. She ment of youth in service. ICA funds collected as the Himalayan forests. started supporting the project in from Bhaiji’s U.S. well wishers, go to support Chennai. In 1999, Dr. his organization. His camps are primarily in Sabharwal founded Home of India with thousands of young people attending Hope, a United States based and several in US as well as other countries charitable organization. Home which are funded by local hosts. Recently, Bhaiji of Hope serves over 2000 held a camp for 700 youths in Srinagar, Kash- orphaned, destitute and mir to restore community trust, harmony and disadvantaged children by build relationship bonds among Hindus, Mus- Dr. Ravi Chopra helping them to become lims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhist people productive citizens of India. Vidya Integrated Development for Youth and Home of Hope presently attending from different corners of country. Adults, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa provides financial support to projects all over India. Home of Rashmi Misra and a group of faculty wives Hope has also adopted a project started Vidya at Indian Institue of Technology in Berkeley, California. Dr. (IIT) Delhi in 1984. It was in response to their Sabharwal was recently observation that children , especially girls, from recognized by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila slums around the IIT campus were being de- Dixit, for her work with Udyan prived of an education. Vidya now runs educa- Ghar, New Delhi. tion programs around IIT Delhi and IIT Mum- Dr. S. N. Subba Rao bai. Bal Vihar, a literacy program of integrated education for about 500 children and Ekta, a Peoples Science Institute, Uttranchal, India program for education awareness, vocational Founded by Dr. Ravi Chopra, PSI seeks to training, health and nutrition of about 600 …..continued on page 4 eradicate poverty through the productive, sus- men, women and children, working with an tainable and equitable use of human and natu- integrated program of education and
  • 3. A N N UA L R E P O R T 2 0 0 8 ICA ….continued from page 2 ◊ Twelve effective and issue based slogans de- The Sarah Kailath empowerment for less privileged children, youth and picting objectives of the project were popular- Women’s Leadership women. In 25 years of Vidya’s journey of “giving back”, ized by wall writings in four villages. The com- Award they have made a marked difference to thousands in mon people of the villages, especially parents, The Sarah Kailath Women’s the poor communities of Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. now better understand the educational needs of Leadership Award was originally Vidya is currently building a role-model school— Vidya the community. named the ICA Women School in Gurgaon, near Delhi. This school will be a Fellows’ Fund in 2008 as an day boarding and will offer excellent facilities for an all- Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary , Arunachal extension of ICA’s mission to rounded education to less privileged children to pre- Pradesh, India invest in the development of pare them for higher education especially in IITs. communities in India through ICA supported Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in innovative approaches , projects Arunachal Pradesh, where IIT Kanpur alumnus Ra- and committed leaders. mana Athreya discovered a new species of bid Lio- cichla (Aves: Timaliidae), hailed as a historic finding. The fund renamed this year in The Bugun Liocichla was discovered during the field memory of Sarah Kailath, a long visits of Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary . The three time supporter of ICA’s mission principal components of the conservation strategy and activities. She believed Rashmi Misra include (i) documenting the flora and fauna (ii) iden- passionately in the importance tifying the factors which can affect their long-term of giving women more survival and (iii) co-opting the local communities Lokdeep leadership opportunities and (Bugun and Sherdukpen tribes) in the conservation along with her family, set up a effort. The last component necessarily involves un- ICA supported Lokdeep, an NGO in Jharkhand charitable trust in India. derstanding the socio-economic needs of the two since 2007. After monitoring and evaluating the Fellows are selected through a sustainable exploitation of such resources. The pro- progress report, the support was extended in competitive application process ject also generated employment and community 2008. Lokdeep believes that education must focus with applicants from all over revenue from ecotourism for the local community. on the end product that we desire for: just, hu- India. These women are offered scholarships to attend short- man an equitable society. Education must focus term formalized leadership on the all round development of a child that can training at institutions in the develop the child into thinking, learning, caring, San Francisco Bay area. empathizing, healthy, ambitious, humanitarian The future plans include raising and analytical individual. In 2008, ICA’s finan- enough funds to invest in more cial support allowed Lokdeep to carry on its work women leaders with potential in four villages of CD block Raneswar of Dumka to make a substantial difference district in the state of Jharkhand: Pathardaha, in their communities. Muhulbana, Palopisa and Pahadpur. For more information contact The significant activities and achievements of ICA: www.icaonline.org The Bird: Liocichla Lokdeep in 2008 include: Some Past Honorees Recog- Other 2008 funded projects: nized by ICA: ◊ 80% of indentified tribal children have been ◊ Bhoomika Trust ◊ Lady Irwin School  D.R. Mehta, Inderjit enrolled in the formal schools (40% girls) Khurana & Global Fund for Women, 2007 ◊ Yusuf Meherally Center ◊ Maitri ◊ Ten Self help Groups are functional that pro-  Arvind Kejriwal and Dr. vide micro-credit services and help women in ◊ Badhit Bal Vikas Kendra ◊ Karuna Vihar Larry Brilliant, 2006 finding local solutions to problems emerging in  Sandeep Pandey, 2005 ◊ Manushi Sanghathan ◊ BAIF Institute their everyday life.  Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, ◊ Mountain Children’s Forum 2004
  • 4. ICA A N N UA L R E P O R T 2 0 0 8 I Summary of Financial Statements ...continued from page 2 Item 2008 2007 2006 InSPIRE Donations and 220,292 439,755 685,890 Income India Summer Program Inspiring Reflective Exploration Project 296,679 257,532 695,508 ( InSPIRE) aims at educating and engaging young generation Disbursements born in USA with South Asian roots, in community devel- Operating 4,967 4,838 5,076 opment and exposing them to Indian culture. The initial Expenses focus is on health, environment, education, community de- Annual Event 13,282 7,922 9,304 Expenses velopment, women empowerment and e-Governance. In- SPIRE is working with ICA to help young volunteers engage Youth Education, Leadership Development, 5.52% Development , in social service work in India and build their own capacity 10.21% 8.97% to find creative and innovative ideas in fulfilling their life’s Intg mission. Receiving the award on behalf of InSPIRE will be Aid to Development, Mr. Raj Kanani Handicapped, 26.90% 45.14% and Ms. Asha Patel. Women Empowermant, Water Mgmt, 2.10% 1.05% InSPIRE Group Percentage Distribution of Project Funding by ICA 2008 2008 Events and News ICA TEAM 2008  Joe Maidath, an Executive of  ICA mourns the loss of our dear  Annual Recognition Dinner SHRIKRISHNA BHAMRE Gram Vikas gave a talk on Feb- friend Mrs. Sarah Kailath, who honoring Madhu Kishwar and ABHAY BHUSHAN GOVIND DESALE ruary 10, 2008. Gram Vikas has passed away on October 15. 2008. Nipun Mehta on September 28, JAYASHREE DESALE been doing outstanding work in Sarah was a philanthropist, a long 2008. ICA also recognized long SURESH GADAD Orissa in water, sanitation and time ICA supporter and the foun- term ICA activist Mr. Krishan SANTOSH JAIN MUKESH KHATTAR village development. der of “Unnathi”. ICA has insti- Jindal. ANOOP KHURANA tuted a fellowship award in her RAJESH MASHRUWALA  ICA mourned the death of Baba Join us in our quest for an BHUPEN MEHTA name to honor her memory and LATA PATIL Amte on February 9, 2008. Mr. contributions. India with hope, opportu- GEETHA RAJAGOPAL Amte was a “saint” and a “true nity and dignity for all! SHYAM RUNGTA Gandhian” who dedicated his  ICA launched an initiative to help SHRI SHENDE life to the welfare of the desti- victims of the Mumbai terror at-  UNMESH SHETH tute. tack. ICA Annual Recognition Dinner 2007 Indians for Collective Action  Prakash and Mandakini Amte , 3838 Mumford Place recipients of ICA grants, were Palo Alto selected for prestigious Magsay- CA 94306 www.icaonline.org say Award 2008. ICA is a Federally Tax Exempt  ICA supported Bihar Flood 501(c)(3)organization Relief and flood Prevention (Tax Id # 23-7027461) initiatives. Printed on recycled paper ICA Annual Dinner 2008