Youth Summer 2013 Highlights


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Summer 2013 brochure for the UNM Continuing Education Youth Program.

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Youth Summer 2013 Highlights

  1. 1. Just for Teens NON-PROFIT ORG. ALBUQUERQUE, NMArchitecture and Design Camp for Teens (ages 14-17) Global Environmental PERMIT NO. 39 US POSTAGEParticipate in a workshop designed to expose teens to the field of architecture. Leadership Program PAIDCourse: 17225 $320 For: 5 sessionsSection A: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 9:00am-12:30pm Los Alamos | Ages 14-17UNM School of Architecture & Planning Atsuko Sakai July 28-August 4Film Camp (ages 13-17) In conjunction with the University of California-Work with a team to make your own film. San Diego, UNMCE is sponsoring aCourse: 17350 $325 For: 5 sessions pre-college summer academic and residentialSection A: Jun 24-28 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm experience targeted to college-bound highSection B: Jul 22-26 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm school students, grades 9-12 from throughoutDATA Charter School John Grace the United States. The 7-day program includesCooking for Teens: Comfort Foods (ages 13-17) NEW opportunities to work alongside LANLPrepare favorite comfort foods. A materials fee of $15 is payable to the scientists at the Valle Caldera, explore ethicalinstructor at the start of class. issues within society and science, and enjoyCourse: 17540 $55 $ For: 2 sessions New Mexico’s beauty and cultural diversity.Section A: Jun 6 Th 6:00-9:00pm Section A: Jul 28-Aug 4, 2012Los Altos Christian Church Gilda Latsky Visit for application information.Introduction to Silversmithing and Jewelry Making (ages 13-17)Make sterling silver jewelry under the guidance of a jeweler. A materials fee of$80 is payable to the instructor at the first session.Course: 17543 $50 $ For: 2 sessions Speed Reading & Reading Skills ProgramsSection A: Jun 14-15 FSa 10:00am-1:00pmDiener Studio in SW Area-Downtown Kristin Diener, MFA for Children and AdultsEasy & Fabulous Jewelry Etching (ages 13-17)Put your drawing skills to great use on earrings, bracelets or belt buckles. Reading Readiness Program Speed Reading, Comprehension,A materials fee of $80 is payable to the instructor at the first class session. Program Level R: For 4-Year-Olds and Study SkillsCourse: 17541 $50 $ For: 2 sessions and Entering Kindergartners Program Level 5:Section A: Jun 7-8 F, Sa 10:00am-1:00pm Tuition: $239 For Entering 6th-8th GradersDiener Studio in SW Area-Downtown Kristin Diener, MFA Materials Fee: $34 Program Level 6:Introduction to Enameling (ages 13-17) NEW For Entering 9th-11th Graders Reading ProgramsEnameling is the colorful result of fusing powdered glasses to metal. Materials Program Level 1: Tuition: $299 fee of $85 due at the beginning of first class. For Entering 1st Graders Materials Fee: $34Course: 17542 $50 $ For: 2 sessions Program Level 2:Section A: Jun 21-22 F, Sa 10:00am-1:00pm Speed Reading for Work, School, For Entering 2nd Graders and RecreationDiener Studio in SW Area-Downtown Kristin Diener, MFA Program Level 3: Program Level 7:Yoga Camp for Teens (ages 12-17) NEW For Entering 3rd Graders For Entering 12th Graders,Teens will challenge themselves with a sweet combination of physical vigor, Program Level 4: College Students, and Adultsdeep relaxation and fun. For Entering 4th & 5th GradersCourse: 17523 $120 Tuition: $299 Tuition: $299 Materials Fee: $34Section A: Jun 24-27 M-Th For: 4 sessions 1:00-4:00pm Materials Fee: $34Section B: Jun 6-Aug 1 Th For: 8 sessions 4:15am-5:15pm Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001High Desert Yoga, Nob Hill Katja Lauterstein 013 For more information, or to register, please call 1-800-979-8980. 1 University of New Mexico er 2Beginning Rock Climbing (ages 13-17) Presented by UNM Continuing Education in partnership with the Institute ofLearn climbing, belaying, and rappelling techniques. Shoes, harness, helmet, Reading Development mm THropes and hardware will be included. Students need to bring an 8-foot-longthick accessory rope (9-11 mm) to learn knots. suCourse: 17001 $70 For: 2 sessions USection A: Jul 20 & 27 Sa 8:00am-12:00pmUNM Johnson Center Susan Harper YO MSC07 4030Tae Kwon Do for Teens (ages 13-17)Teens learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do. Uniforms are included in fee. s lasseCourse: 17511 $120 For: up to 30 Contact Us Connect With Us &cSection A: Jun 3-Jul 14 M, W 5:15-6:15pm mpsT & Th 6:45-7:45pm F 6:00-7:00pm Sa 10:45-11:45am caSection B: Jun 24-Aug 4 M, W 5:15-6:15pmT & Th 6:45-7:45pm F 6:00-7:00pm Sa 10:45-11:45am 505-277-0077Blackman TaeKwon Do Philip & Kristine Blackman 2/2013
  2. 2. Advanced Computer Video Game Design (ages 10-16) Kindermusik Camp at ABQ’s Playroom (ages 3-5) Keyboarding Skills for Kids (ages 8-13) Camps LEGO Amusement Park Mania Half-Day Camp (ages 6-10) Spend five half days building LEGO models like the Tsunami, Take your games to the next level using the advanced features of NEW Children sing, dance, play instruments and read stories while Participants will learn skills in keyboarding. NEW Cyclone, Swing-o-Rama, Tornado and other amusement park rides. Adobe Flash in creating levels of interactivity for game development. exploring more advanced elements of music including melody, Course: 17606 $45 For: 4 sessionsOn Campus Day Camp (ages 6-8 & 9-10) Course: 17142 $165 For: 5 sessions Course: 17323 $120 For: 1 session tempo and dynamics. Section A: (ages 8-10) Jun 5-26 W 2:00pm-4:00pmLearn about the creatures of the Rainforest while making new Section A: Jun 24-28 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Section A: Jun 13 T 9:00am-4:00pm Course: 17502 $150 For: 5 sessions Section B: (ages 11-13) Jul 10-31 W 2:00pm– 5:00pmfriends. Free lunch included. Campers attending Youth Sports UNMCE Pat Masters UNMCE Scott Saltsman Section A: Jun 17-21 M-F 9:00am–12:00pm UNMCE Terri TuckerFitness will be escorted to Johnson Center.Course: 17300 $175 For: 12 sessions Section B: Jun 24-28 M-F 1:00-4:30pm An Introduction to Computer Animation & ABQ’s Playroom NE Heights Circus Yoga (ages 6-12) NEWSection A: (6-8 only) Jun 3-20 M-Th 9:00am-1:00pm UNMCE Pat Masters Special Effects (ages 9-16) Introduction to Wood Carving Animals (ages 11-16) NEW Blend the consciousness of yoga with the celebration of circus.Section B: (9-10 only) Jun 3-20 M-Th 9:00am-1:00pm Section C: Jun 24-28 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Learn how motion graphics and computer effects are generated Learn how to coax shapes and figures from a block of wood! You Course: 17524 $120 For: 8 sessionsUNM Main Campus UNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias and the digital techniques for creating your own animated short. will be introduced to the use of tools, carving safety, following Section A: Jun 6-Jul 26 F 4:30pm– 5:45pm Section D: Jun 24-28 M-F 1:00-4:30pm Course: 17324 $120 For: 3 sessions patterns and the skills it takes to carve wood. High Desert Yoga Zhenya NovgorodskayaOn Campus Day Camp (ages 6-8 & 9-10) UNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Section A: Jun 10-12 MTW 1:00pm-4:00pm Course: 17111 $115 $ For: 5 sessions Hola Amigos! Spanish Language for Kids (ages 6-10)Participate in the art & science of upcycling while making new LEGO NASA Space Mission Half-Day Camp (ages 6-10) UNMCE Scott Saltsman Section A: Jul 22-26 M-F 9am-12pm Enjoy five fun Spanish classes and a 4-month computerfriends. Campers attending Youth Sports Fitness will be escortedto Johnson Center. Free lunch provided. Participants build LEGO models based on NASA space missions. LEGO We Do Robotics Camp (ages 6-9) NEW UNMCE Rebecca Anderson subscription to Hola Amigos!Course: 17320 $175 For: 12 sessions Course: 17143 $165 For: 5 sessions Participants will build and program robotic models featuring Clay Creations Camp (ages 6-10) Course: 17122 $159 For: 5 sessionsSection A: (6-8 only) Jun 24-Jul 11 M-Th 9:00am-1:00pm Section A: Jul 22-Jul 26 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm working motors and sensors. Students will enjoy hands-on clay activities including pinch pots, Section A: Jul 11, 18, 25, Aug 1 & 8 W 3:00-4:30pmSection B: (9-10 only) Jun 24-Jul 11 M-Th 9:00am-1:00pm UNMCE Pat Masters Course: 17501 $175 For: 5 sessions coil pots and mosaics over a one week, half-day session. UNMCE Cervantes Institute StaffUNM Main Campus Section B: Jul 22-Jul 26 M-F 1:00pm-4:30pm Section A: Jun 3-7 M-F 9:00am–12:00pm Course: 17100 $125 $ For: 5 sessions Born to Draw (ages 7-11) NEW UNMCE Pat Masters Section B: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 9:00am–12:00pm Section A: Jul 22-26 M-F 9:00am-12:00pm Participants will learn observational drawing.Early Bird Care (ages 6-10) $125 Section C: Jul 22-Jul 26 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm UNMCE Gary Sanchez Course: 17544 $160 $ For: 6 sessionsCampers are supervised from 8:00am-9:00am prior to camp. Section C: Jun 10-26 MW 5:15pm-6:15pm UNMWEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias The Hobbit, Improvised: A half-day camp (ages 6-12) NEW Section A: Jun 10-26 MW 10:00am-12:00pmActivities include games and crafts. Pre-registration is required. ABQ’s Playroom NE Heights Section D: Jul 22-Jul 26 M-F 1:00pm-4:30pm Create your own uncommon journey based on the timeless story Section B: Jul 8-24 M & W 1:00-3:00pmCourse: 17301 $60 For: 12 sessions UNMWEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Machines and Mechanisms (ages 4-5) NEW of the home-loving hobbit Bilbo Baggins by JRR Tolkien. UNMCE Elaine CiminoSection A: Jun 3-20 M-Th 8:00am-9:00am LEGO Brick Olympics Half-day Camp (ages 6-10) Build and investigate real-world machines while learning about Course: 17137 $130 For: 5 sessionsSection B: Jun 24-Jul 11 M-Th 8:00am-9:00am Art & Design for Teens & Tweens (ages 10-15)UNM Main Campus Build basketball, soccer, field hockey, gymnastics, Pentathalon and mechanical principles using LEGO Education sets. Section A: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 9:00am-12:00pm Young artists will explore the seven elements of design. Olympic village models. Course: 17502 $175 For: 5 sessions Section B: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 1:00-4:00pmYouth Sports Fitness Program (ages 6-14) Course: 17062 $90 $ For: 5 sessions Course: 17139 $165 For: 5 sessions Section A: Jun 10-14 M-F 9:00am– 12:00pm UNMCE Sol Acting AcademyParticipants rotate through daily sports activities that include Section A: Jun 13-Jul 18 Th 3:00-4:30pm Section A: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Section B: Jul 22-26 M-F 9:00am– 12:00pmswimming, tennis, soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, etc. $100 High Desert Yoga Camp (ages 6-11) UNMCE Gary Sanchez UNMCE Pat Masters Strengthen your sense of confidence, focus, breath, creativity,Course: 17999 $150 For: 12 sessions Section B: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 1:00– 4:30pm Section C: Jun 10-26 MW 4:00pm–4:45pm Color for Teens & Tweens (ages 10-15)Section A: Jun 3-20 M-Th 1:00-5:00pm physical awareness and appreciation of their whole being through Teens and tweens will focus on using color in their artwork. UNMCE Pat Masters ABQ’s Playroom NE HeightsSection B: Jun 24-Jul 11 M-Th 1:00-5:00pm yoga, movement and art. Course: 17064 $90 $ For: 5 sessions Section C: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Acting for Stage & Screen (ages 6-10) NEW Course: 17523 $120 For: 4 sessionsPlease note that the UNM campus will be closed on Thurs., Jul 4. Section A: Jun 13-Jul 18 Th 4:30-6:00pm UNMWEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Explore all aspects of acting, from working on plays and scripts to Section A: Jun 3-6 M-Th 1:00-4:00pmUNM Main Campus UNMCE Gary Sanchez Section D: Jul 29-Aug 2 M-F 1:00pm-4:30pm creating their own character onstage and acting for the camera. Section B: Jun 17-20 M-Th 1:00-4:00pmLEGO Model Designer Half-Day Camp (ages 6-10) UNMWEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Course: 17138 $200 For: 5 sessions High Ropes for Youth (ages 10-17)Spend five half days building LEGO models like the Swing-o-Rama, Section C: Jul 15-18 M-Th 1:00-4:00pm The Magic of Realistic Drawing Mini Camp (ages 9-14) Section A: Jun 24-28 M-F 8:30am-4:00pm Challenge yourself with the UNM High Ropes course.Pyramid, Tornado, Mini Golf and more. Section D: Jul 22-25 M-Th 1:00-4:00pm Eric Teitelbaum, creator of the Pink Panther comic strip, teaches UNMCE Sol Acting Academy Course: 17020 $35 For: 1 sessionCourse: 17144 $162 For: 5 sessions High Desert Yoga, Nob Hill Katja Lauterstein step-by-step lessons on how to create realistic drawings—using Maxwell Museum Children’s Summer Camp (ages 8-12) Section A: (10-13 only) Jul 13 Sa 9:00am-12:00pmSection A: Jun 3-7 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Section B: (14-17 only) Jul 13 Sa 1:00-4:00pmUNMCE Pat Masters charcoal, pen and ink, and water color. Course: 17060 $120 For: 3 sessions Travel around the world and back through hands-on activities such as archeology digs, fossil investigations, and more. Classes UNM Johnson Center Susan HarperSection B: Jun 3-7 M-F 1:00-4:30pm Course: 17456 $190 For: 4 sessions Make Your Own Hand Applique Pillow (ages 8-12) Section A: Jun 10-12 MTW 9:00am– 12:00pmUNMCE Pat Masters Section A: Jun 17-20 M-Th 9:00am-5:00pm Kindermusik Class (ages 1.5-3 & 3-5) NEW Work with fabric and learn hand-sewing techniques. UNMCE Eric TeitelbaumSection C: Jun 3-7 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Section B: Jul 15-18 M-Th 9:00am-5:00pm Children sing, dance, play instruments and read stories. Course: 17044 $40 $ For 1 sessionUNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Funny Pictures Mini-Camp (ages 9-14) Course: 17502 $60 For: 6 sessions Participants will learn cartooning from Eric Teitelbaum, co-creator UNM Maxwell Museum Amy Grochowski Section A: Jul 24 W 1:30pm-4:30pmSection D: Jun 3-7 M-F 1:00-4:30pm Section B: (ages 1.5-3) Jun 8-Jul 27 S 10:45am-11:15am Section B: Aug 3 S 9:30am-12:30pmUNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias of the Pink Panther comic strip whose drawings have also been Creative Arts Camp by the NM Jazz Workshop (ages 6-12) Section C: (ages 3-5) Jun 8-Jul 27 S 11:30am-12:15am featured in the New Yorker Magazine. From drama, art, dance, and martial arts to drumming and singing. Hip Stitch Liz ChojnackiLEGO Animal Grossology Half-Day Camp (ages 6-10) ABQ’s Playroom NE Heights Course: 17720 $120 For: 3 sessions Course: 17457 $335 For: 10 sessions Tae Kwon Do for Children (ages 6-12)Discover the zany biology of our animal friends and build different Section A: June 3-14 M-F 9:00am– 3:00pm LEGO Robotics With Mindstorms (ages 10-14) NEW Learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do, a Korean art of self-defense. Section A: Jun 10-12 MTW 1:00-4:00pmcreatures on the way to becoming certified Grossologists. Section B: June 17-28 M-F 9:00am– 3:00pm Learn about advanced software, hardware and programming by Course: 17510 $120 For: 30+ sessions UNMCE Eric TeitelbaumCourse: 17141 $165 For: 5 sessions Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living Nicole Larsen creating small, customizable and programmable robots. Section A: Jun 34-Jul 14 MWF 4:30-5:15pmSection A: Jun 10-14 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Computer Video Game Design Mini Camp (ages 10-15) Course: 17504 $150 For: 6 sessions From the history of games to designing characters, developing a Half Day Drum Camp (ages 7-14) T & Th 6:00-6:45pm Sa 10:00-10:45amUNMCE Pat Masters Session A: Jun 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27 5:15pm– 6:30pm Section B: Jun 24-Aug 4 MWF 4:30-5:15pm story-line to basic motion and effects, video game fans will learn Learn and practice West African drumming and make your ownSection B: Jun 10-14 M-F 1:00-4:30pm ABQ’s Playroom NE Heights T & Th 6:00-6:45pm Sa 10:00-10:45am computer video game design techniques. authentic gourd shekere.UNMCE Pat Masters Kindermusik Sign and Sing (ages) NEW Blackman Tae Kwon Do Philip & Kristine Blackman Course: 17725 $120 For: 3 sessions Course: 17450 $150 For: 5 sessionsSection C: Jun 10-14 M-F 8:30am-12:00pm Learn essential tools to using American Sign Language. Section A: Jun 10-12 MTW 9:00am–12:00pm Section A: Jul 15-19 M-F 9:00am-12:00pmUNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias Course: 17505 $60 For: 6 sessions $ = Course includes a supply fee. Please see website for details. UNMCE Scott Saltsman UNM Main Campus Rosario CarelliSection D: Jun 10-14 M-F 1:00-4:30pm Section A: Jun 8-Jul 27 S 10:00am-10:30am For complete class descriptions, prerequisites, fees, notes, lunchUNM WEST New Westside Location Magda Tobias ABQ’s Playroom NE Heights accomodations, etc, see the website at