Interpreting marketing data


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Using data to drive marketing decisions: a workshop for members of the Pune Open Coffee Club on April 20, 2013.

Numbers can trick you: incomplete marketing data leads to bad business decisions. Dig deeper into your data to get a better picture.
What does an increase in website visits tell you? By itself, next to nothing. Look at other metrics like top pages, referrals, search terms, pages per visit, time on site, and so on to get a better idea of whether your marketing activities are working for you.

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Interpreting marketing data

  1. 1. Workshop:Using Marketing Data forBusiness DecisionsFor Pune OpenCoffee ClubUnmana DattaNilesh Bhojani
  2. 2. Introductions: ExerciseIntroduce yourself in three sentences.1.Your name2.Your business name3.Your business descriptionCatch: Sentence #3 should have 12 words or less.
  3. 3. Agenda• Recap of marketing strategy and objectives• Discussion: Challenges of marketing in the realworld• Numbers can trick you: how incompletemarketing data leads to bad business decisions• Group exercise: participants discuss a problemand present the solution• Questions and open discussion
  4. 4. A Quick Recap• Defining marketing strategy• Aligning marketing objectives to businessobjectives• Measuring marketing performance
  5. 5. Define Your Marketing Strategy• Define your product and key benefits.• Who are your target customers? Howwell do you know them?• Who are your key competitors? How areyou different?• What is your pricing?• How will you deliver your product?• How will you reach out to customers?
  6. 6. Objectives: Business vs. Marketing• What are your business goals?• How can marketing contribute to thosegoals?• Given your resources, how much of thiscan you achieve?
  7. 7. Marketing at Each Step of the FunnelReachEngagementLeadsCustomersServiceRetentionLocation, spread, consistency, timing, engagementContent quality, responsivenessEducation and nurturing
  8. 8. Online Marketing Metrics• Reach:• Website visits, social media impressionsand followers, email opens• Engagement• Page views, time on site, blog comments,social media likes and shares, email clicks• Leads:• Content subscriptions, free trials, enquiries
  9. 9. Challenges of Marketing in theReal World1. You’ve created a great website, but noone’s visiting it.2. You are getting website visits, but notconversions.3. You have likes on your Facebookpage, but low engagement.4. You have leads, but they’re not buying.
  10. 10. Interpreting Marketing Data:Case Study• Business Description:– Software development services companybased in India, targeting US market– Builds PHP web applications and Android apps– Has a website, a Facebook page(active), Twitter (not very active)
  11. 11. Marketing Activities (Case Study)Duration Activity/ChangesOctober toDecember 2012No changes to the websiteJanuary 2013 Improved website navigation,removed irrelevant keywords andupdated contentFebruary 2013 Started a blogMarch 2013 Started Google search ads
  12. 12. Website Traffic Overview(Case Study)Month VisitsDecember 913January 1,021February 985March 1,424
  13. 13. Website Traffic Overview(Case Study)Month VisitsPages perVisitDecember 913 3.3January 1,021 3.2February 985 3.7March 1,424 2.1
  14. 14. Website Traffic Overview(Case Study)Month VisitsPages perVisitAverage TimeSpentDecember 913 3.3 1:03January 1,021 3.2 0:59February 985 3.7 1:47March 1,424 2.1 0:52
  15. 15. Referrals(Case Study)Source VisitsPages perVisitAverage TimeSpentLinkedIn 32 2.6 4:06Facebook 29 1.2 9 3.9 3:12
  16. 16. Search Terms(Case Study)Search Terms VisitsPages perVisitAverage TimeSpentunderstand phpdevelopment 5 1.7 1:21softwaredevelopment pune 3 4.3 3:06php job pune 3 2.4 4:57
  17. 17. Group ExercisePeer review and discussion:• Participants create groups to brainstormsolutions to the marketing challenges ofone participant in each group.• The participant with the marketingchallenges presents the solutionsdiscussed and the ones she is going toimplement and why.
  18. 18. Markitty: Marketing ActionsRecommended for You• Recommendations based on your marketingactivities• Stats from Google Analytics, Facebook, andTwitter• Sign up at
  19. 19. Thank You!Follow-up questions?Email or nilesh@markitty.comFor more marketing tips:Like us on or