A hard feeling_kh_dossary


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Dr. Khalid I. Al-Anaysha Al-Dossary

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A hard feeling_kh_dossary

  1. 1. A HARD PAINFUL FEELING …IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFULSisters and Brothers in Islam, it is a hard painful feeling to:1. Live your whole life far inattentive to Allah Almighty.2. Be heedless of the Hereafter, and live for the pleasures of this world only.3. Be a Moslem, yet not realize the true value of Islam.4. Be neglectful of prayer times.5. Be among Moslem men and women who devour human flesh with their gaze thoughAllah ordered we preserve it.6. Have more demerits than merits recorded in the book of your life.7. Value a world that is doomed to annihilation, and forget all about the immortal life inthe Hereafter.8. See others humble and submissive in their prayers, while you are not.9. Not to feel the ecstasy of being close to Allah.10. Live and die without having found the sweetness (delight, pleasure) of true faith.11. Finish an exam (when life comes to an end) with a blank answer sheet (to presentbefore God).12. Watch Moslems being killed all over the world (in Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir, andChechnya, etc.) only because they believe in Monotheism (believing and saying thatthere is no god, but Allah), yet you care more for celebrities (singers, actors, and thelike of less important value to Islam).13. Become a trumpet helping spread vice among Moslem youth when you should helpawaken the Moslem nation from its deep slumber.14. Brag for hours about footballers or actors, but fall short when it comes to Allah and Hisattributes for a few minutes.15. Suddenly face death with our deeds (be it good or bad).16. Know that the Moslems are heedless of the plots that have been intrigued againstthem for centuries.17. Cause and ignite differences among the Moslems at the time their enemies unitethemselves against them.18. Have the Qur’an abandoned and put on shelves.19. Master more than a language when your can not recite the Holy Qur’an properly.20. Memorize many songs by heart at the time you do not memorize anything from theHoly Qur’an.21. Consider actors and singers your idols when you do not have the faintest idea aboutthe messenger and/or his companions.22. Have the Moslems deceived by vowed enemies of Islam as they call the Moslemwomen to display their ornaments and parts of their bodies to strangers, claiming thatthis is liberty. Thus, they made the Moslem women abhor Islamic teachings, and madethe Moslem men set back and relax enjoying gazing at Moslem and Non-Moslemwomen under such display.23. Realize that the natural disposition is deviated and that we are created to enjoy food,drinks, and sleep – just like animals.24. Realize that the traditions of the prophet are no longer followed.25. Keep shut from the God’s mercy when the door is wide open for many othersaccepting their repentance.www.dawahmemo.com 1
  2. 2. 26. Have your heart sealed in a way that you no longer realize what is right from what iswrong.27. Be deprived from good company who would guide you to the right path.28. Refrain from doing good deeds for the sake of God.29. Know that the Moslems are not the embodiment of one edifice, where the suffering ofany part impacts on the others.30. Have Moslem families suffer differences among themselves and be void of all the joyand pleasures of being close to Allah.31. Let our children fall prey of the media and become subject to its demoralizing values.32. Allow western culture, in its materialistic aspects, invade ours.33. Base choice of spouses on material aspects only.34. Not raise our children on the teachings of Islam, thus entrust them to Hell fire.35. Not to prioritize our life according to Islam.36. Not to have the satisfaction of Allah as our prime goal.37. Care for the conveniences of this life much more than we do for the Hereafter.38. Ride on the train of life not realizing that someday, it will be inevitable to get off (die).39. Win Allah’s wrath and be expelled from His mercy.40. Disclose our sins on the Day of Judgment in public.41. Hear the prophet saying to us: “woe to you.”42. Realize that we are a worthless mass.43. Not to be among those who take refuge from all trials and tormenting inflictions.44. Not to play a role in supporting Islam and maintaining its pride tall.45. Bear more love for wealth, our spouses and children than to Allah and His messenger.46. Not to have our souls, inner feelings, minds and hearts filled with love for Islam.47. Not to feel the love for Islam flowing in every single vein of our bodies.48. Realize that our souls, on daily basis, go back to Allah (while being asleep), yet you fallasleep in sins.49. Fear Allah less, thus devaluating Him, and belittling the fact that He is the Omnipotent.50. Know that Allah has created us in the best image, yet we deviate from naturaldisposition by committing sins.51. Seek pride in fields other than Islam, to only find that Allah has cast humiliation uponus.52. Be recruited hosts of Satan.53. See some who are redeemed from hell fire, while others are entrusted to it.54. Realize that Allah forgives, pardons, and bestows His mercy upon you, yet insist oncommitting sins.55. Not to be exemplary.56. Know that bribery, usury, sanctimony, adultery, illicit gain, and other forms of viceprevail among Moslems.57. Know that some Moslems are unaware of how to properly perform ablution and alsothe way to wash the whole body (particularly after coitus, or menstruation).58. See the Moslems adopt unquestioning concepts or ideas of un-Islamic culture, such asbelief in charms and bad omens, and also adopt what people invent in religion thoughit is not related to the prophet or his companions.59. Find that the Moslem youth imitate their counterparts totally forgetting their exemplaryancestors.60. Loose our Islamic identity, thus giving way to the west to supersede.61. Find Moslems have become accustomed to using terminology that does not conformto the ethics of Islam.www.dawahmemo.com 2
  3. 3. 62. Watch the movies that mock at Islam and Moslems (particularly the pious), and alsothe movies that promote for the destruction of Islam.63. Find that the media is there only to defame or dirt all that is legal so that it becomesdetestable, and varnish all that is illegal so that it becomes desirable.64. Realize that committing shameful or vile deeds in public has become common anduncriticized.65. Think of the pious as weird, and think of the wicked as normal.66. Not to advise your family members and friends when they deviate from the right pathof Allah.67. Not be of the winners on the Day of Judgment.68. Not to value night vigil (standing in humility before Allah) while others are fast asleep.69. Not to nourish our souls as much as we do to our bodies.70. Stay far in disobedience to Allah.71. Have a heart that is alien to the mosques.72. Spend the whole of your life unaware of the mission Allah created you for.73. Not to value the grace of Islam.74. Have my tongue unable to utter the two testimonies: the declaration that one bearswitness that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) isHis messenger.75. Die while practicing a sin.76. Listen to Allah, on the Day of Resurrection saying: My slave, why have youunderestimated this moment of meeting Me?77. Have a stunned tongue that you won’t be able to find the answer to the questioning ofthe two angels (while in grave).78. Know that either or both of your parents died while being angry with you.79. To break ties of your kith and kin.80. Be totally be a submissive slave to all pleasures and temptations of life (fame, love forwealth and power, or style) when you should be a slave of Allah.81. Not to be among the righteous who enter Paradise aiming for their abodes.82. Regret that you were among those who mocked the pious, and have your blaming selflamenting how neglectful you were about Allahwww.dawahmemo.com 3