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Ravinder Tulsiani Resume


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  • 1. R A V I N D E R T U L S I A N I , FCSI, BA-Law Corporate Trainer • Transformational Leader Unleash the E.D.G.E. Educate • Develop • Guide • Empower Powerful and inspirational business developer, trainer, and leader with a commanding presence and more than 13 years of outstanding success in diverse industries. Envisions and champions cutting-edge sales, service, and operational programs that generate revenue growth and elevate brand recognition. Builds and empowers teams of best-in-class professionals committed to exceptional results for clients and stakeholders. Drives innovations aligned with the corporate vision in the global marketplace. ••• Website - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter - ••• Driving cultural transformation for pinnacle growth Leadership Success | Selected Examples• Redesigned and created world-class training programs and client service strategies, securing buy-in to new policies and procedures for E*TRADE. • Strategic Planning & Execution • Bottom-Line Growth• Launched comprehensive client service programs, moving E*TRADE from • Cultural Transformation the #10 to #3 Dalbar ranking in one year. • World-Class Team Development • Public Speaking & Engagement• Created and led core training sessions for Keybase Financial staff and • Negotiation & Collaboration managers Canada-wide, ensuring regulatory compliance. • Executive Liaison• Launched real estate investment firm - complete with member education • Business Research & Analysis programs, generating multi-million dollar revenues in three years. • Innovative Problem Solving • Creative Models & Methodologies• Devised and led monthly investor training sessions, growing attendance • Program Design & Delivery to 300 per month, and receiving notable praise for content and delivery. Published Author | Prolific Business PresenceAuthor of several e-business and self-help resources including:How to be a Public Speaking Superstar, 2010Super Tactics of Time Management Experts, 2007Family Budget, 2003Develop Your Financial IQ, 1999Contributing Writer, hardcopy publication: Coming to Canada, Little Brick Schoolhouse Inc., 1994 Continued...
  • 2. R A V I N D E R T U L S I A N I , FCSI, BA-Law Corporate Trainer • Transformational LeaderPage two of three Unleash the E.D.G.E. Educate • Develop • Guide • Empower Career Path| Entrepreneurial & Corporate4Freedom Real Estate Inc., Brampton, Ontario 2007 - PresentPrivately held Canadian real estate investment firm with business in the global marketplace.CO-FOUN DEREstablished business in response to recognized need and opportunity for a unique one-stop shop that would provideCanadian real estate investors with education, product access, coaching, and support. Promoted properties worldwide,travelling extensively to many islands, India, Europe, Asia, and North and Central America. • Established eight real estate investment clubs nationwide, making them self-sustaining in 18 months. • Provided custom coaching that enhanced client confidence and led to initial property acquisitions 80% of the time. • Created Train the Trainer program and mentored club leaders in strategies to ensure knowledge transfer.Keybase Financial Group / Argosy Securities Inc., Toronto, Ontario 2004 - 2006Canadian business with over 100 independent Financial Advisors and $1B dollars in assets under administration.CH IEF COM PL IAN C E OFFI CER , Argosy 2004 - 2006COM PL IAN CE M AN AG ER , Keybase 2004Hired originally as Compliance Manager for Keybase, promoted to interim Chief Compliance Officer of Argosy within sixmonths. Mandated to review and interpret regulations under the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA), andto ensure compliance in the rapidly changing mutual funds environment. • Delivered training and inspired commitment, successfully retaining nearly 100% of dealers through cultural change. • Wrote and published intranet manual: 90-Day IDA Training for Advisors and Branch Managers. • Developed and instituted resources for suitability and risk assessment, compliance procedures, and internal audit. • Conducted regular meetings, ensuring representatives and managers knew how to handle unique scenarios.E*TRADE Canada Securities Corporation, Toronto, Ontario 2000 - 2004Canadian division of online investment firm with $182B in customer assets worldwide.Q UAL IT Y ASSUR AN CE SPECI AL IST 2003 - 2004TEAM L EADER 2000 - 2003ASSOCIAT E 2000Joined company as an associate and promoted within five months to oversee a team of 10. Promoted to Quality AssuranceSpecialist as a result of proven knowledge and successes in developing a team of top-performers. • Led process improvement initiatives with Compliance Department, reducing client complaints and attrition. • Initiated and led 30-day IR Trading program for new staff, allowing them to assume duties in much less time. • Liaised with third party trading platform provider, securing commitment that brought outstanding improvements.Earlier Professional Experience:FIN AN CIAL ADVIS OR CIBC Wealth Management Continued...
  • 3. R A V I N D E R T U L S I A N I , FCSI, BA-Law Corporate Trainer • Transformational LeaderPage three of three Unleash the E.D.G.E. Educate • Develop • Guide • Empower Formal Education| Diverse Industry CredentialsMasters Certificate in Adult Training and Development: Schulich / York University, Toronto, OntarioBachelor of Arts - Law: Carleton University, Ottawa, OntarioCanadian Investment Manager (CIM): Canadian Securities InstituteFellow: Canadian Securities InstituteCompleted multiple programs in Finance, Investments, Mortgages, Insurance, and Real Estate including:Partners, Directors & Senior Officers Course | Business Ethics | Financial Planner & Lender | Real Estate LicenseInvestment Planning | Advanced Mortgage Training | CIBC Retail Banking | Balancing Risk Management Technical Expertise| Computer ProficiencySkilled in business applications, website design, call centre programs, SEO, and such software as:Word | Excel | PowerPoint | MS Works | MS Publisher | Dreamweaver | FTP Software | Adobe Illustrator Volunteerism| Community CommitmentAdvisor & Financial Supporter: Arising Women - Women’s ShelterPublic Relations Volunteer: YMCA Strong Kids Foundation Testimonials | Recommendations“Ravinder is a gifted instructor. Because he has many years experience as financial planner, banker and stock broker, heknows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to.” - Ashish Hora, Lead Consultant, Infosys“When coaching, Ravinder gets to the heart of the matter and explains thoroughly what is important to know.” - JohnManley, Trading Manager, E*TRADE“Ravinder has a gift for seeing patterns of cause and effect in businesses and organizations, piercing through to the crux ofwhere the work is, and bringing innovative insights and practical solutions together to deliver results.” - Raj Anand, RealEstate Agent“Ravinder is a fantastic motivator, speaker and program facilitator.” - Dr. C. K. Teckchandani, Director of Admissions,Technocrats Institute of Technology“(Ravinder) is a master at organizing events and selling from the stage. Captivates audiences very easily. Amazing publicspeaker.” - Anil Sakhuja, Salesperson, Century 21 Further endorsements are found on LinkedIn at: ••• Driving cultural transformation for pinnacle growth