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IWMC introduces its collection software via a Q&A presentation style.

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  • IWMC welcomes you to this presentation on iCollect. \n
  • IWMC welcomes you to this presentation on iCollect. \n
  • This is questions & answers type introduction to our in-house software. We will cover topics that go from the brand to some more technical aspects. \n
  • So, Why this logo? Why this little man? Well, being a big company you can think we act like robots, that our agendas drive us and we treat people badly because they owe money.\n\nTHIS IS NOT the case. At IWMC, we like to find solutions. And finding them humanely is our pride. Before being a company, we are humans.\n\nEqually important, we work accross borders, therefore the i for international.\n
  • What is iCollect?\nWell iCollection is now an All-in-one software and we truly mean this.\nICollect with the time has been adapted to suit our clients requests. On top of being a collection software with its specific features it is now also a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management tool, so that we can trackle all requests and route them for proper handling. We also needed and account documentation builder, a task manager and a repoting system in addition to the obvious: a Debt collection software. We have very recently added a beta chat to answer quick questions from our online users. This can be a client, an account manager or one of our legal advisors. \n
  • Can I customize it to my needs? Undoubtfully, yes.\niCollect was conceived to be adaptable - A software is a tool, and a tool is made to help.\n\nBeing in Europe we know how difficult it is to have standards coincide. It requires a lot of work! And we’d rather spend it doing what we are supposed to do: Collect outstanding accounts.\n\nWhen a client comes with specifics, we listen and design something specific for them.\n\nWhy? - Because this is the best way to have what we need: the accounts, and work for our agents.\n
  • Who is using icollect?\nEveryone who is working with us or for us. This ranges from detective to lawyers, the external and internal agents, our in house team and very soon YOU!\n
  • Can I play with iCollect?\n\nActually you can. We have a guest version for to experiment.\nSimply email us at icollect@iwmc.eu and we will send your credentials. Then, from our website, which is http://www.iwmc-group.com/ you will guided to the login page of iCollect.\n\n\n
  • Where is iCollect?\n\niCollect is a webplatform available at http://iwmc.info\n
  • Is the software secure?\niCollect has a physical home, a dedicated server for all the data we constantly add, query, report on and daily back-up. When we say dedicated, we truly mean this, no other software no other tool, no emails reach it.\nThe server only receives requests from known users. Robots and suspect IPs are automatically banned as we run our database assessment scanners and check all entry points and levels daily.\n\n\nAdditionnally, working on OSX we are less a target. \n
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  • iCollect Q&A

    1. 1. ICOLLECT Q&A presentation
    2. 2. ICOLLECT Q&A presentation
    3. 3. What is iCollect? Can i customize it?Why this logo? Who is using it? Can I try it? Is it secure? Where is it?
    4. 4. Why this logo? The logo really is like the i•i is an all man made action•i is the first letter of iwmc•i for international•ifor the personification of our agents
    5. 5. What is iCollect? 1 Debt collection software - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - account documentation• All-in-One builder - task manager - repoting system - and chat Quality service and bi-lateral relationship: agent -• Customer oriented client, client - IWMC, IWMC - agent all this via one single platform - iCollect. No loss of information. All actions have their consequences: iCollect follows• Automated the same rule. Each action triggers its specific request and sends it to appropriate entity, reminding until completion.• Visual And finally, all actions are better seen by our brains via graphics: iCollect follows the same rule. Each action triggers its specific request and sends it to appropriate entity, reminding until completion.
    6. 6. Can i customize it? 100% customizablewe work together you get what you need 100% compatible
    7. 7. Who is using it? Detectives Administrative teamLawyers External agents IWMC agents and YOU!
    8. 8. Can I try it?Have your guest access by contacting us and login from : Get your guest login by emailing us at icollect@iwmc.eu Go to our main site IWMC Group
    9. 9. Where is it? http://iwmc.info
    10. 10. Is it secure?Home server iCollect has its own dedicated server. Our server is home-based.Scan for vulnarabilities We continually check all the access levels and periodically run our database assessment scannerSuspect IPs banned We know who is trying to access therefore all suspect IPs are automatically banned.
    11. 11. THANK YOU! For a trial, contact us asicollect@iwmcgroup.com
    12. 12. THANK YOU! For a trial, contact us asicollect@iwmcgroup.com
    13. 13. THANK YOU! For a trial, contact us asicollect@iwmcgroup.com