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Who am I
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Who am I


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Who am I? …

Who am I?
Why am I?
Why am I here?

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  • 1. There is only one sure way to save mankind
    from his threatened self-annihilation,
    and that way is through
    new knowledge
  • 2. New knowledge
    of man himself
  • 3. Who he is
    What he is
    Why he is here
  • 4. What his relationship
    to other man is
  • 5. What his relationship
    to God and His
    universe is
  • 6. With this basic knowledge
    he will know his
    purpose on earth
    And knowingly work with God Who created him, instead of destroying
    himself by his own hand in working
    against God, as he is now doing
  • 7. Ever since man emerged from the jungle of his beginnings he has been trying to discover himself.
    Ever since that Silent Voice within him began to be faintly heard at the dawn of his Consciousness,
    He has been forever asking:
    Who am I?
    What am I?
    Why am I here?
  • 8. Long centuries have passed and man still asks those unanswered questions.
    Man himself is the greatest mystery of the as yet unknown.
    He has conquered the seas, the skies, the elements and the very forces which move the universe.
  • 9. Man, the great discoverer of many things, has not yet discovered himself.
    He does not yet know MAN.
    He still despairingly asks:
    WHO am I?
    WHAT am I?
    WHY am I here?
  • 10. The time has come when man can know if he will but listen with inner ears to the
    Silent Voice
    within himself.
    There have been those in past ages who have made that supreme discovery.
    These have tried to tell others, but their words had no meaning for primate man.
  • 11. Then came the supreme One who knew.
    He tried to tell man of his divine heritage, and of his God of Love, and of his Oneness with Him and with all men, but He died on the Cross.
    His words had no meaning for primate man of that day.
    They still continued to worship a God of Fear, a wrathful God whom they sought to appease with blood sacrifice.
    Even unto this day, mankind has never fully comprehended the teaching of Jesus, the consummate scientist of all time, whose few words contain the greatest knowledge ever given to man.
    In them is the complete answer to the identity and purpose of man.
    In them is also all knowledge of Cause, for which world renowned scientist have so hopelessly sought.
  • 12. These still ask:
    Who am I?
    What is gravity and energy and light?
    What holds the atom together?
    Jesus plainly answered even these questions for the future ages of man and pointed the way to their understanding, but men looked, and still continue to look, the other way.
    They do not comprehend.
  • 13. Even though men crucified Jesus, the divine Messenger of Love, who brought GOOD into the world to supplant evil, there were those who believed on Him.
    Love survived its crucifixion,
    even though those
    few who believed on Him, with great faith,
    did not comprehend His deeper meanings.
    There are but few in our world of today who comprehend His deeper meanings.
  • 14. God, man, woman and Nature
    are the only elements man has to know
    and to interrelate, in order to build
    an enduring civilization
  • 15. Man’s lack of knowledge
    of these elements, and how to interrelate them, has caused his hard-built civilizations to fall many times, as it is again about to fall unless man can
    “be transformed by the renewing of his Mind”
    In time to save himself from that dread catastrophe.
  • 16. This new concept is, in reality, a new
    understanding and a new interpretation
    of the teaching of Jesus
    The only fully-illumined
    Christ Conscious mystic
    of all time
  • 17. The only fully-illumined
    Christ Conscious mystic
    of all time
  • 18. Extracted from the book
    “God Will Work With You But Not For You”
    Lao Russell
    (1904 – 1988)