An important message of LOVE


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An important message to live attune with this time.
Do not fear, but LOVE.

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An important message of LOVE

  1. 1. This is a <br />very important<br /> MESSAGE<br />
  2. 2. We are tired of listen catastrophicprofecies. <br />Thewaythat a catastrophehappens, orthatsomeonegetssick, istostartistothinkthatthis can happen and do nothingaboutit.<br />Theworldisgoingto a change, weseethroughagesthatthegreatillumined and avatarshavegiventips of whatwouldhappentoday.<br />Theproblemisthatpeoplewhoguidedthemselvesthroughprophecies, alwayshavesaidthatthesethingswouldhappennextweek, butitwassaid of whatwouldhappenaftertwothousandyears.<br />A planetarychangeis happening. <br />
  3. 3. TheEarth and otherplanets of the solar system are goingtothethird and fourthdimension, thisthatapparentlywasverydifficulttobelieve, because in theBibleJesussaid:<br /> «Thosedayswill be shortenedbecause of therigtheousones, nonewill be save".<br />Oneasks, howthe time can becomeshorter? Yes... Because time-spaceisrelatedwiththethirddimensiongraduation.<br />SinceMay of 2000, a fourthdimensionenergy has alteredtheelectromagneticchargeontheEarth, whatisknown as Schumann resonance.<br />
  4. 4. Schumann resonance: <br />Is a set of piks in the extra lowfrequency band (ELF) of theradioelectricalspectrum of Earth. Untiltheyear of 2000, thismeasurewas 7 Hertz, this can be measuredscientifically and since 2000, <br />We are gettingcloseto 12 Hertz. <br />Byincreasingthe pulse of thiselectromagneticchargeaftertheyear 2000 «untilnow"... Time flew, thedayisnotlongenoughto do allwewantto do, before, weusedtowaitfor Christmas, nowwehavethefeelingthat Christmas runsoverus. <br />
  5. 5. Theotherproblemthatexistiswhenthe dimensional changewill come and thishappens in allotherplanets of thegalaxy, isthatthemagneticfieldsonEarthgetaltered.. <br />Sincetwothousandyearsago, themagneticfieldshavebeenweakening. Mental stability and memory, lie in themagneticfields, thatiswhatholdourmemory and «oursense».<br />
  6. 6. WHAT HAPPEN ON EARTH WHENin theplanetall living beingsgetaffected? Theway of thinkinggetsaffected. Peoplebecomeaggressive and fearful. Birdsthatfollowthe «magneticfields” duringmigration time getdesorientedWalesrunagroundonthecoastswiththemagneticfieldschanges. Reading thesigns of times, weseethatthesethingsdidnothappen a centuryagoorfiftyyearsago…<br />Thisis «happening now».<br />
  7. 7. DOES THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD GET ALTERED? Thisbrings a hughchange in theconsciousness, thatwe are spiritual beings living anexperiencephysical – terrestrial of 3 D, si también somos seorwhatthisalsoinvolesisthatwe are in «thisexperience» working, integratingeachotherharmoiouslywithNature. <br />Be Air, Earth, FireorWater, countriescould be destroyedbutthepower of Nature. Theonlywayto stop thepoweristhroughtheinfinitetechnology.<br />
  8. 8. WHAT DO WE MEAN BY THAT? Wehavetochangeallourparadigms and understandthat «we are nottheonlyones» thatwe are notaloneorabandoned in this «corner of the cosmos» likewehavebelieved, butwe are part of theDivineCosmicUnity. <br />
  9. 9. In thisworldeverything has consciousness, the quantum physic has provedit, thewatcherispart of thephenomena, ifwetookpart in thephenomena and established a relationshipwiththediverseelements, likewater, fire, earth and air forexample, wewoulhavetheopportunity of makingthattheyacceptusleading as superior beings and wecouldkindlyaskthemtheircooperation. <br />We are Water, we are Earth, we are Air and alsowe are Fire, thereforewemustbeginanimmediateharmonizationwiththisfourelements.<br />
  10. 10. HOW CAN WE COMMUNICATE WITH THE ELEMENTS? Firstwehavetoconnectmentallywitheachelement, thatwillmakethatour microcosmos, «ourphysicalbody» cuerpo físico", attract total healthwithouthaveingto be prescribedwithany «pill» ortherapeuticmethodextractedfromanylab, ifwestarthaving a personal relationshipwitheachelementwe can stop a huracanoranearthquakeor tsunami.<br />
  11. 11. Thisisthetechnology of the Light.<br /> As themagneticfields are weakened, lifeisgetting more dangerous. <br />Disastersbegantohappen and willcontinuetohappen of anykind, butif a christicmass of thepopulationonEarth, accomplish a personal relationshipwiththeelemens, wecould stop a catastrophe. <br />Letsrememberwhat and howhappenedwithSodom and Gomorrhafornothavingan spiritual development.<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Whenwedevelopthe spiritual part and weimproveour human orelectromagneticvessel, theMerkabahfield of a single individual... <br />has thepowertosavethousands of people. <br />Ifwehadhalf of million of people in theplanet «acting in unison», theworldwouldchange.<br />
  14. 14. Itisveryimportanttodevelopourselvespersonallytoevolve and haveconsciousness, itisextremelyimportanttoworkwithourenergetic centers orchakrastofocuselifefromthehearttowardabove. <br />The human evolutionisdivided in fourlevels, and alsoisfifth, sixth and seventhlevels.<br />
  15. 15. Heartisnotjust a cardiacchakra as weweretaught, let’s try tocomprehend and knowtheDivineLaws... <br />Thenwewillnotjusthavefaith, wewillalsohaveconfidence. Normallywestartwithsuperstition, thenwecontinuewithbeliefs, thenfaith, untilwegetto trust. <br />Weachieve trust whenweknowhowDivineLawswork and thenwepracticethem, whichmeans a development. <br />Wehavetofindouthowourphysical, emotional and mental lifeshould be and howweshouldmoveenergeticallytodevelopit.<br />Ifwereadlot of spiritual literature and do notexerciseitwewouldbecom intelectual parrots, drivingourselveslike social automatas.<br />
  16. 16. What has beenlearnedmust be developed and experienced, and each of uswillseenuances,butallwill be very similar. <br />Wehaveto be tolerants, and nottoassumeorsupposeanythingbutstartover. <br />Themomentwe are living nowiscritical.<br />The dimensional passagewill be betweenDecember 21 of 2012 and February of 2013. <br />Wewillbegintoseetheaggravation of everythingwe are seeingrightnow. <br />
  17. 17. Everythingwill be revealed in therightmoment and wewillnotknowwherewe are standing up, thefirstthingwill be toeradicatefear.<br />Ifwekneweverythingthatisgoingtohappen and wedidexercisetherelationshipwiththeelements as wesaiditbefore,wewould be abletocommandthem in and out of ourbodies.<br />
  18. 18. IfweusedfromtheGalaxy Central Sunthetoolslike «TheVioletFlame» thatbathusfromabovewewouldhaveanotherwayto transmute orcorrectdangerousorpainfulsituations.<br />As ourelectromagneticfieldgetstronger, wewillhavetoolstosolve «problems», butalso WE WILL NOT HAVE «PROBLEMS». <br />Wewill be practically indestructible. <br />
  19. 19. All of thisis a development and wehavetotakemeasures. <br />As time passesonEarth and in alltheplanets in theGalaxy, thosethingswill be increasingbecausetheelectromagneticfields are getting more and more erratics. <br />Eachday has beenincreasingitcollectivelyorindividually. <br />As theenergy of «fourthdimension» interposing in ourplanet «whatwethink» wewillseeitmanifestedfasteryet, ifwethink in catastrophewewillattractit.<br />
  20. 20. Wehavetowatchourthoughts, everythingwill be manifesting in grievance, untilthearrival of a «criticalperiod» fromthreemonthstotwoyears, where «everythingwill be confused» . <br />
  21. 21. So wehavetoworkfromthismomentyoureadthistextuntilthe dimensional changethat can lastforaboutsixhours, so we, ourselves and ourloveones can be safe.<br />
  22. 22. Then, we can avoidcatastrophesthat are happening in differentparts of theplanet, makingthatlots of people can followtheexamplethatwegiveyou, and can enter in thefourthdimension «happy and withoutdifficulty».<br />Ifweusedallthe spiritual tools, ifweusedthetechnology of light, wewouldnothavedifficulties and ourenvironmentwill be muchbetter.<br />Fromnow and onourway of workingwill be different, becauseifnot... Wewillhavetorepeatanothercourse. <br />Thepassagetofourthdimension at theend... «will be a reward».<br />
  23. 23. THE PASSAGE TO 4D <br />First a red fogwill be seen, then a violetone, then a goldenone, then a whiteone and thenwewillsee total darkness.<br />Wewill be in total darkness, thatiswhatpropheciescallthreedays of darkness.<br /> In a period of time thatwillgofromtwotofourdays, willwillnothearnorseeanything. Knowingwhatitisabout, theonlythingwe can do istoawait. <br />IfwelearnedtoworkwiththeMerkabafield, itwill be helpfultopasstothefourthdimension, ifnotwewillsimplyawaitconfidently. <br />
  24. 24. Theproblemisthatwhatwewillthink in fourthdimension, wewillmanifestit; thisiswhyJesussaid:<br />"Many are called, butfewchosen" becausewhenthedoortofourthdimensionwill open up, itispossiblythatallpeoplealive can passthrough, butthenwehavetoseewho can makethetransition.<br />Wemustnotentertothefourthdimensionwithourfears, resentments, nastinessorwithournarrow-minded mental of spiritual things. <br />
  25. 25. TheknowledgethatthenativeshaveaboutPachamama, MotherEarth and therespectforitslaws, <br />Theoneswholive in the «concretjungles» do nothaveit. <br />Lifedoesnot come tous, we come tolife.<br />Ifwechangedthisway of thinking, time wouldnothavepoweroverus.<br />Let’schangeourway of thinking. <br />
  26. 26. Let’s use the<br />VioletFlame, <br />Let’sthink<br /> positive.<br />Whenwesee a storm and whereverwe are,<br />let’smaketheconnectionwiththewind and <br />let’s stop it.<br />
  27. 27. Enteringtofifthdimensionwedefinitelybecomeconsciousmultidimentionalbeings, breakingthroughcertainphysical and spiritual processes. <br />Thisincludestheactivationifthe Solar Light Body and theintegration of thePhysicalBodywiththe Light Body.<br />
  28. 28. Sometmiesthedifficulty of thiseexperienceissimplymoderated; itisenoughtorealizethatlifeisillusory and just a smallpart of itis «real», itmeans, thatitisbasedonUnconditionalLove. <br />In thisway, waking up toyourPresence I AM orSupremeBeing, will guide youtotheexpression of your «real» being, the Light of theDivineEssencewhichlies in itsnucleus.<br />
  29. 29. Thisprocess can be slow, becausechanges are oftenhuge, and yourSupremeBeing, justwilltakeyoutotherhythm of whatyou can tolerateit. <br />Therefore, whenyouwill be in thisprocess, treateachotherkindly and understandthatyou are goingthroughhugechanges, so letit be the time that has to be it, in thewayyourbodyfinds and keepsthe balance...<br />Thisprocess, wilbecomemucheasier. <br />
  30. 30. Theanswersimplyisthatyou can be awarethatyou can trust in your I AM, whichiswhatis in charge of yourlives. <br />
  31. 31. Instead of addingattachmentstoyourlives, try tosimplifyoreliminatethings. <br />Yourdreams and wishes are thewaythroughyousaytoyour I AM whatyouwouldliketocreate in yourlives. <br />Your I AM answerstoyourwishes and imagesthatyoucreate.<br />Images are a powerfulvesseltocommunicatetoyour I AM whatyouwant.<br /> So, stop forcingcreationwithyourwills and you egos. <br />Surroundtotheprocess. Dream and wish. <br />And makesurethat in yourlifeisenoughcleanpureprinciples, so manifestation can come «true» in yourlives, as a material creationmadewithUnconditionalLove.<br />
  32. 32. Be awarethatanythingthathappens,<br />will be foryourHighestGoodness, and the<br />final resultwillbringyoulots of<br />Blessings.<br />
  33. 33. Are youabletoreceivethis «hughestrech» and be allyou can <br />Be?<br />
  34. 34. Thanks <br />for having <br />received this<br />beautiful and inspiring<br />text;<br />to<br />whoever<br />has written.<br />