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Induction for new moderators presentation chris parry and richard tong

Induction for new moderators presentation chris parry and richard tong






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  • Overview

Induction for new moderators presentation chris parry and richard tong Induction for new moderators presentation chris parry and richard tong Presentation Transcript

  • New Moderators
    Chris Parry & Richard Tong
  • 18/05/2010
    What does the perfect moderator look like ?
    I don’t know either
  • 18/05/2010
    New Moderator
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    5 Years +
    Moderator Designate
  • Roles and duties:The Moderator is charged with
    9.1 A quality enhancement and programme development role for a validated centre and its scheme(s) of study.
    9.2 Responsibility to report to the Taught and Validated Degrees Board as to whether practices and procedures at the Validated Institution (for the validated scheme of study) equate to those pertaining to the University of Wales itself and that adequate resources are in place at the Validated Institution
  • Roles and duties
    The Moderator has the following responsibilities with regard to the examination and assessment procedures for a validated scheme of study:
    10.1 Where requested or required and, in direct liaison with the Validated Institution, assisting with the preparation of draft examination papers (in order to ensure that they are at the correct levels etc.) prior to their transmission for approval by the External Examiner(s).
    10.2 Attending annual Examination Board meetings (in an /advisory capacity) in order to determine (in co-operation with the Validation Unit representative) at such meetings that:
    relevant University procedures, Regulations and Academic Protocols are adhered to;
    aggregation of marks and classification of awards occurs in line with standard University of Wales practice and published criteria;
    the scheme's assessment is conducted according to criteria agreed in the validation document.
    10. 3 Where agreed as necessary receiving (and if required, approving) proposals for dissertations for Masters’ level schemes of study.
    10.4 Submitting both an Annual Report and a Mid-Term Visit Report to the University.
    10.5 Attending Joint Board of Studies meetings.
    10.6 Commenting on and approving amendments to schemes of study (in line with the University’s procedures) which may also include changes to the maximum student intake numbers as stated in the Institution’s Agreement with the University.
    10.7 Reviewing External Examiner nominations and assisting with induction
  • Roles and duties
    11. The Moderator is expected to perform a key developmental role in terms of assisting the Institution to help ensure that:
    11.1 The academic integrity of the validated scheme and the attainments of students will stand up to critical scrutiny and appraisal by External Examiners. The use of applying Benchmark Statements and Programme Specifications is particularly important in this respect.
    11.2 The University's expected standards of academic achievement are established and maintained at validated centres.
    12. The Moderator has the following responsibilities with regard to admission procedures for a validated scheme of study:
    12.1 to sit as a member of the Validated institutions admissions committee, to receive all correspondence relating to committee meetings and offer guidance where appropriate.
    12.2 to review (for approval) all credit transfer and study in lieu applications
  • Roles and duties
    13. In order to fulfil these obligations the Moderator is required to pay particular attention to the following:
    assessment practice and procedures (assessment seminars should be conducted as necessary);
    proposed changes to the degree programme;
    teaching strategies and learning outcomes;
    physical resources and their enhancement (and disabled access to the same);
    staffing and staff development (staff development seminars should be conducted as necessary);
    student feedback; regular meetings with students should be held.
    management and operation of the validated scheme(s) of study;
    review and implementation of External Examiners’ and Moderators’ comments and recommendations;
    ensuring that a Student Handbook is in place and is regularly updated;
    helping to disseminate information about opportunities and resources made available by the University (such as teaching fellowship awards, Global Campus and the online library) to students and staff.
  • Roles and duties
    14. The discharge of the Moderator's duties depends on close and regular contact with the validated institution and with the University of Wales. The Moderator will be required to establish the minimum thresholds for such contact within the following parameters:
    14.1 It is the expectation that courses in the nascent stages of operation (i.e. up until their first Quinquennial Review) will normally require at least two visits per annum to the validated institution by the Moderator.
    14.2 Courses subject to particular requirements (e.g. in preparation for Quinquennial Review) will require special visits to deal specifically with those requirements.
    14.3 Attend the annual moderators conference.
    15. In undertaking such visits to the Validated Institution the Moderator will be required to:
    provide and agree an action plan with the Validated Institution;
    hold meetings with the Course Director and teaching team;
    hold meetings with students;
    review physical resources and facilities;
    provide example documents relating to good practice within the institutions of the University of Wales (e.g. student handbooks, assessment schemes, benchmark statements etc).
  • Roles and duties
    16. Reports of such visits by the Moderator (and action plans, follow up of recommendations etc) should be documented by the Moderator and submitted on a regular basis to the Validation Unit (i.e. in addition to the Annual Report).
    17. In the event of any specific difficulty arising which is a cause of concern for the Moderator (e.g.: relating to the governance or management of a Validated Institution) then such concerns shall be reported to the Validation Unit for appropriate action.
    In short Appendix 30
    Looks a lot 
  • K.I.S.S.E.S.
    Protecting and enhancing the image and reputation of the University of Wales
  • Markers of success
    Good working relationship with programme and senior management
    Good interaction with students
    Good interaction with external examiners
    Good relationship with VO & IO
  • Different types of moderator
    Co (joint)
    New programme
    Existing Programme
    Health – external experts
    Foreign language
    Distance Learning
  • Considerations
    How often should I go ?
    How do different countries (and their students) view H.E ?
    Where do I get help ?
    Can I quit ?
  • Questions and tasks
    Please can you all write down a question that you would like answered or part of the role that you would like clarification on.
    Please can new moderators write down their main fear about being a new moderator.
    Please can experienced moderators write down their best and worst experiences as a moderator.
  • Comments from regional meetings 
    Using the term ‘critical friend’ was useful in understanding and explaining the role
    It can be a lonely job and the annual moderators meeting is very useful
    More opportunities to meet with fellow moderators and discuss recent experiences would be beneficial
    Mentors at home institutions for new (first time) moderators would be appreciated
  • Where there is a moderator’s hand-over both moderators should visit the institution together
    Moderators aren’t necessarily expert at UW regulations - it is the validation officer’s job to know and advise on UW regulations
    Moderators advise on quality enhancement more than quality assurance
  • Moderators are sometimes unclear how many times/when they should visit the institution. It would be useful to agree a timetable annually
    Recognised that there are different types of moderator (lone, joint, overseas, health)
    The JBS is a critical meeting and it is important that the agenda for this (and for the exam board) follows the UW template