Undergraduate prospectus section 6: Fees And Funding


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Section 6 of the University of Sussex undergraduate prospectus 2009. Visit www.sussex.ac.uk to view online or order a printed copy of the 2010 prospectus.

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Undergraduate prospectus section 6: Fees And Funding

  1. 1. Fees and funding for To apply for student financial UK and EU students Fees and funding support (help for fees and living costs): UK and EU students If you normally live in England: the Student Loans Company (through the Student Finance Service) will assess and pay your Fees and funding support. At the time of going to press (January 2008) further details were unavailable. We recommend checking www. studentfinancedirect.co.uk from summer 2008 for further information. I t is essential to plan your financial arrangements before making a decision about your studies. Although there are academic fees and living costs to pay for, many students can offset their impact If you normally live in Northern Ireland: your Education and Library Board (ELB) will assess your application. For further details visit www.studentfinanceni.co.uk from thanks to the financial support schemes offered both by Sussex summer 2008. If you normally live in Scotland: and the UK Government, as well as by undertaking limited part- the Student Awards Agency for time work during their studies. Scotland (SAAS) will assess your application. For further details, visit www.student-support-saas.gov.uk from summer 2008. If you normally live in Wales: your Local Authority (LA) will assess your Academic fees Sussex financial support schemes application. For further details, visit Academic fees for UK/EU full-time students, We want to ensure that financial issues www.studentfinancewales.co.uk from summer 2008. which are set by the UK Government, pay for do not affect your decision about studying If you are an EU national and your teaching costs (including both tuition at Sussex. To help offset the impact of normally live outside the UK but and exams). The standard academic fee academic fees, we offer scholarship and within the European Economic Area is £3,145 a year*. This applies to full-time bursary schemes*** aimed especially at (the EU plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you ‘home’ students. See pages 166-167 for helping those from less well-off backgrounds. can apply for a fee loan (but not further information on fees. At the time of going to press (January 2008) generally any living costs support) we expect to offer the following financial from the Student Loans Company It is important to bear in mind that academic EU Customer Services Team. fees don’t pay for your accommodation, support schemes (final arrangements For further details, visit meals and other living expenses. We will be published at www.sussex.ac.uk/ www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk estimate that, for the 2009/10 academic scholarships_and_bursaries): year, you should budget at least £7,263 for • Sussex Bursary: we will provide a bursary living costs. A more detailed cost breakdown of £1,000 a year to all students whose is available on page 168. assessed family income is £25,000 or less. Although your studies may therefore require • Chancellor’s Scholarship: if your family a significant financial commitment, it is income is less than £28,500, you are important to consider the benefits enjoyed eligible to apply for one of up to 200 by many graduates during their careers. A Chancellor’s Scholarships, worth £1,000 degree not only broadens your horizons but, a year. The selection criteria for this according to a 2007 survey for Universities scheme are designed to favour applicants UK, also enables graduates to earn on from disadvantaged backgrounds. Full average about 25 per cent more than young details are given on our website. people who leave school after their A levels. • Other Sussex scholarships and awards: How you pay Sussex also offers a number of ‘high-flier’ * This is the fee for 2008/09. It You can choose to pay academic fees up scholarships in certain science subjects, will not rise by more than the rate front to the University during your period based on academic promise and/or high of inflation for 2009/10. Please note, however, that fees for UK/ of study, or apply each year to take out a entry grades. The amounts involved vary, EU students who have already loan from the Student Loans Company and but are typically £1,000 on entry. Details completed a first degree are under defer payment until after you complete your can be found on the relevant subject review at the time of going to press studies. Which option you choose will depend pages. We also offer scholarships funded (January 2008) due to a change in Government policy. Students in on your preferences and circumstances. by charitable donations or alumni – details this position may become subject If you defer fee payment (by taking out a fee are given on our website. to higher-than-standard fees. Clarification will be published on our loan from the Student Loans Company**), Can you get support from more website during 2008. Visit the UK Government will pay us on your behalf than one Sussex scheme? www.sussex.ac.uk/ugstudy and will convert that amount into a non- Yes. If you meet the eligibility criteria and ** Financial support arrangements means-tested fee loan you repay after you present yourself successfully within the may vary depending on which have left and are earning more than £15,000 competitive schemes above, you could country you normally live in (see a year. The interest rate for fee loans is secure awards totalling £2,000 a year or table above for more information well below commercial rates and is tied to more. about your financial support authority) inflation. *** The Sussex Bursary and Chancellor’s Scholarship are available to UK students only 34
  2. 2. Assessing your family income In general, all eligible students are entitled UK and EU students Fees and funding Eligibility for the Sussex Bursary and to 75 per cent of the maximum loan for living Chancellor’s Scholarship schemes will be costs regardless of income. Whether you based on a Government assessment of your receive more is subject to means testing. The family income. There are ‘ready reckoner’ amount of loan you receive will be reduced tools for estimating assessment of family if you are in receipt of a maintenance grant. income by financial support authorities**. We This is because the grant is intended to help recommend that you check students from lower-income households www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk with living costs and minimise their loan requirements. We will post our own guidance at www.sussex.ac.uk/scholarships_ You repay the loans in instalments after and_bursaries graduation, once your earnings reach £15,000 per year. As the interest rate is Applying for Sussex support schemes tied to inflation, your debt does not escalate You do not need to do anything to apply for uncontrollably. The Government has stated the Sussex Bursary scheme; we will base that any student loan balances (except for payments purely on information about family arrears) that are unpaid after 25 years will income passed to us by the financial support be written off; students living in England are authority during the autumn term. To apply for eligible to take a ‘repayment holiday’ of up to one of the other Sussex scholarship schemes, five years. This will cover both loans for fees visit www.sussex.ac.uk/scholarships_ and loans for maintenance. and_bursaries Part-time programmes: fees and support Other support from Sussex If you study on a part-time undergraduate There is also a limited Access to Learning degree programme, you may be eligible for a Fund for UK students experiencing acute Fee and Course Grant. The amount of grant financial difficulties, with priority given to available depends upon your family income mature students, students from low-income and additionally, for the Fee Grant, on how families, care leavers, those with dependants ‘intensive’ your degree programme is (ie how and/or disabilities and those in their final year. long it will take to complete compared to Government support an equivalent full-time degree). For further Grants for living costs details, visit UK students from lower-income backgrounds www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance may be eligible for a non-repayable Other support and allowances Government grant to help with living costs**. Students with dependent children may The amount of grant you receive depends be able to claim Child Tax Credits. See on your family income. For example, in www.direct.gov.uk/taxcredits for further 2008/09 students from England with a details. family income of £25,000 or less are eligible for a maintenance grant of £2,835 a year. If you have a disability, dependants or have Partial grants are also available for those to travel as part of your degree programme with a family income of between £25,001 (for example, to placements), you may be and £60,000. For the most up-to-date entitled to a range of additional grants. information, visit In addition, students who are ill or disabled, www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance of pensionable age, or who have children and/or caring responsibilities may be entitled Degrees in some subjects also attract to welfare benefits. Contact your local additional Government financial support. Department for Work and Pensions, or Local Details can be found on the relevant subject Authority for Housing Benefit and Council Tax pages. Benefit, or seek advice from the University of Fee loans and loans for living costs Sussex Students’ Union Advice Centre. UK and EU students (subject to certain To find out more about what Government residency requirements) can defer payment support is on offer, visit of tuition fees by taking out a non-means- www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance or tested fee loan from the UK Government. www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk UK (but not most other EU) students can also take out loans for living costs. In 2008/09 the Part-time work Advice and information maximum loan for living costs for UK students Working for a few hours each week (we If you are looking for independent living in England was £4,625** for those recommend no more than 15 hours) should financial information, the University living away from home outside London. You not interfere with your studies and is quite of Sussex Students’ Union provides can apply for a fee loan regardless of your normal for Sussex students. It helps to an advice service. Visit www.ussu.info/advice age; however, there are age restrictions on reduce your reliance on loans and can look the loan for living costs (eg UK students living good on your CV. Our Career Development The information on this page is in England must be under 60 at the start of and Employment Centre (see pages 24-25) intended as a general guide and was the degree programme). can help you to find a job suited to your skills correct at the time of going to press and interests. (January 2008). Details are liable to change, especially the rules governing student loans. You should check the details with relevant agencies. 35
  3. 3. Fees and funding for international International students (non-EU) Fees and funding students (non-EU) Fees and funding W e understand that studying in the UK is a significant financial commitment for our international students. Find out how much money you will need and how Sussex scholarships and part-time work opportunities may help make things easier for you. Cost of living always put your studies first and avoid Before you arrive in the UK, you need to make working more than 15 hours per week during sure you will have enough money to cover the term time. Part-time work may help pay for cost of living for the duration of your course. travel, entertainment or savings, but you should not rely on this money to pay for fees We estimate that, for the 2009/10 academic or basic living costs. year, you should budget for at least £7,263 to cover your accommodation and other You can find part-time work by looking in living expenses. To find out more about living local newspapers and asking in shops and expenses in the UK, read our cost breakdown restaurants. Our Career Development and on page 168. Employment Centre also promotes over 3,000 temporary and part-time jobs each Chancellor’s International Scholarships year. Find out more on pages 24-25. Our Chancellor’s International Scholarships support the best in global talent. We award up to 40 scholarships to new international Tuition fees for international students (non-EU) 2009/10 (non-EU) fee-paying students each year. Chancellor’s International Scholarships are: Medicine £22,550 pa* • worth £2,500 each year, for the duration of Full-time your study Standard lower programme fee rate £9,975 pa (variable fee) • awarded on academic merit £10,500 pa (fixed fee) • available for all undergraduate degrees Standard higher programme fee rate £12,750 pa (variable fee) (except those in the Brighton and Sussex £13,270 pa (fixed fee) Medical School). Part-time Students classed as ‘overseas’ for fees purposes but taking programmes part-time will pay The closing date for applications is 1 May. To half the overseas fee rate. apply and to check the full eligibility criteria, Joint degrees visit www.sussex.ac.uk/scholarships_and For joint degrees where the two subjects fall within different fee levels (for example _bursaries Art History and Anthropology), fees will be charged at the higher rate. For degrees with a minor component, such as Psychology with American Studies, fees will be set according Part-time work to the fee level of the major subject. You can earn extra cash and gain valuable Year abroad/sandwich years work experience by working part-time. With a Students classed as ‘overseas’ for fees purposes but spending a year of their programme either abroad or as a sandwich placement will pay half the overseas fee rate for that year. thriving tourist industry, Brighton is a good Students, who spend less than a full academic year abroad, are liable to pay the same place to look for part-time work and students tuition fee as if they were studying at Sussex. often apply for jobs in shops, hotels, bars, Foundation years restaurants and offices, as well as on campus. International Foundation Year £9,975 (to be confirmed) The UK has a minimum wage and, as a guide, (based in the International Study Centre, University of Sussex) this was £5.52 per hour for adults aged 22 Other on- and off-campus and over and £4.60 per hour for those aged foundation years £9,975 (to be confirmed) 18-21 on 1 October 2007. A full list of the programmes on offer in 2009/10 and the applicable fee band are on pages If you are a non-EU student, you will normally 174-175. Note that all fees increase on an annual basis and are liable to review and change be allowed to work for up to 20 hours per without notice. For the most up-to-date fee information, visit www.sussex.ac.uk/ugstudy week during term time and full-time during * The fee quoted is for the academic year 2008/09, which is the latest figure available at the vacations. However, we recommend you time of going to press (January 2008). 36