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What’s it like to study at Sussex? Studying at Sussex

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Undergraduate prospectus section 2: Studying At Sussex


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Section 2 of the University of Sussex undergraduate prospectus 2009. Visit www.sussex.ac.uk to view online or order a printed copy of the 2010 prospectus.

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Undergraduate prospectus section 2: Studying At Sussex

  1. 1. What’s it like What’s it like to study at Sussex? Studying at Sussex to study at Sussex? Studying at Sussex S tudying at university can be exciting, rewarding and challenging. You will be exploring new and fascinating ideas in ways that may be very different from those you are used to in school or college. At Sussex our aim is that you enjoy your subject, gain experience in different ways of thinking and working, and leave with the knowledge and skills to take control of your future. University study involves an approach that subject area. They provide a number of you may not have experienced before – different opportunities for you to learn: key it’s very much a two-way process. You will information can be disseminated as the basis find that you have access to a wide range for further study or practicals; a framework of resources and support but you will be of ideas can be established for exploration expected to make your own decisions: through further reading and research; within to study things that really interest you, the format of the lecture, small break-out to become increasingly independent discussion groups can be formed; and key in your work, but also skilful at working terms can be defined and explained. Lectures with others. Your patterns of study will be are important, but they represent only a different, depending on your degree, but starting point: you are expected to build on the opportunity to study at the cutting edge what you learn, for example through course- of your subject and to commit yourself to specific information and notes and through achieving your full potential is the same your own wider reading (see page 10 for for everyone. information on learning resources). Learning and teaching Seminars For most students, learning and teaching Lectures are often supported by seminars, activities will involve large-group teaching in which a group of students and their tutor combined with smaller group activities, talk through ideas, question assumptions including some or all of the methods listed on and discuss aspects of a topic in depth. these pages. In the sciences, for example, Sometimes a student presentation or learning activities include laboratory or problem exercise provides the basis for practical classes and fieldwork, as well as discussion. private study. Tutorials The number of teaching sessions will vary Many subjects offer tutorials where you can according to your subject and to your year of ask questions, check your understanding, study. Formal contact hours tend to decrease solve problems and discuss assignments as students progress through programmes, individually with a tutor or in a small group. and become increasingly independent This encourages you to be self-reliant, and self-directed learners. Outside formal analyse problems, think imaginatively, teaching contact time you will be expected develop new ideas and argue your case. to study independently, so you will need to Exercise classes organise your time efficiently and develop Exercise classes are similar to tutorials, with good study habits. a larger group of students working through Lectures exercises set by the lecturer. Many courses are built around a series Laboratory and practical work of lectures, each lasting about an hour. Laboratory and practical classes are an Lectures usually take place in specially important opportunity for science, and some designed lecture theatres and offer a regular media, students to test the concepts and opportunity for the whole student group to be methods introduced in lectures and taught together. They are given by members tutorials. of teaching staff on a particular prepared subject. Often a number of different lecturers will contribute to a series covering a broad 6
  2. 2. You will usually work in partnership with This means that your entire degree does not Paul’s perspective What’s it like to study at Sussex? Studying at Sussex other students. Working collaboratively and just depend on how well you do in your final- writing reports of the experiment and your year exams. Instead, a variety of assessment ‘Gone are the days when students x observations are important elements of methods measure different aspects of your were expected to sit for hours on end x this work. progress. For example: an essay encourages listening to the monotone drone of x Group work you to read widely to answer a specific some venerable professor! x ‘Research has shown that we learn x You may also be involved in group work, in question; a dissertation examines your ability best through discovering things for x which you collaborate with other students to sustain an original argument; a project ourselves rather than simply being x on a project, presentation or in a production evaluates your capacity to apply research; told things. Our approach to teaching x task. This encourages you to take different and an unseen exam tests your grasp of the here at Sussex is rooted in an x roles and responsibilities, to share expertise breadth of a subject. understanding of the lecturer’s role x as someone who inspires students to x and tackle tasks that you would not be All science students and most arts students become active explorers of knowledge x able to undertake alone. The ability to work have exams at the end of each year. themselves. You will be encouraged x effectively in groups is much sought after by to make your own discoveries and x Other methods of assessment include peer employers. become an increasingly independent x assessment, oral tests, portfolios of material thinker. x Independent study compiled during a course, or take-away ‘We all learn in different ways and, at x Independent reading and study, guided by papers in which you are given up to three Sussex, students encounter a varied x lecturers, will enable you to prepare for – days to answer questions. and engaging curriculum, not only x and follow up – topics in greater depth. in terms of course content, but also Assessment methods also include in terms of how their learning takes x This is especially important when you are independent study projects, where you place. This means Sussex students x undertaking an assignment, whether it’s negotiate with a tutor about the nature of are likely to find themselves debating x a coursework essay, a presentation or texts with their tutors and peers in x the project, what you aim to learn and the preparation for an exam. a seminar, working collaboratively x evidence you will provide to show that you on research projects, making x Much of your learning will depend on you: have achieved your aims. This requires presentations, or organising reading x how you use the learning resources available competence in organising your time and groups. “Discovery learning” not only x to you; the extent to which you participate resources, some prior knowledge and makes good teaching sense, it’s also X in discussions and practical or group work; understanding of the topic and a certain level much more fun!’ and how you tackle course assignments and of confidence. Satisfactory completion of Paul Basu assessments. assessed work is required for you to progress Senior Lecturer During your second and third years there is from one year to the next. in Anthropology greater emphasis on small-group and project Degree classification work, and in the final year there is a shift The final degree classification is based on to even more independent study. In many a number of different kinds of assessment, disciplines, this greater independence in in order to give the fairest picture of each the final year gives you the opportunity for individual student’s abilities and achieve- more in-depth study of a particular topic. So, ments. Assessments are used to build up as well as having a broad understanding of a profile of your learning achievements your subject and its context, you develop a throughout your degree; in most programmes specialist interest and expertise. This breadth your marks count towards your final degree and depth of study – and the skills that it classification from the second year onwards. nurtures – will prove invaluable in your future Listening to you career. Students celebrate their results We believe that it’s essential to understand outside the Genome Damage and Learning support your views on studying at Sussex. We take all Stability Centre We understand that starting anything new your feedback seriously, and try to use it to can seem overwhelming, so we try to ensure improve what we offer and the way we work. that your first terms go well and leave you Our aim, of course, is to ensure that you get feeling positive and confident. We help to the most out of your time at Sussex. give you the skills you need to make the most We learn about your opinions through: of your studies both through support from your department and general study skills • student surveys that track your overall guidance and specialist support from the experience throughout your time at Sussex Library, IT Services and the Sussex Language • course evaluations that provide us with Institute. Some of the things we do to support feedback about each course you take you will be organised alongside your studies. You will have an induction programme to • elected student representatives who attend get you going, and an assigned academic all our teaching and learning committees advisor throughout your programme to help • more informal face-to-face discussions you review how you are doing. We also have with you about your experiences at Sussex. specially trained student mentors who can The comments we most commonly receive offer support on learning and assessment are that tutors are friendly and approachable; from a fellow student’s perspective. that the courses are interesting, relevant Assessment and challenging; that the student body has At Sussex you will experience a range of a really good mix; and that the campus is a assessments designed to give you the best great place to study and learn. If you choose opportunities to demonstrate your learning. Sussex, we hope you feel the same. 7
  3. 3. Robin’s What’s special about perspective What’s special about Sussex? Studying at Sussex ‘Sussex was, above all, a marvellous x Sussex? experience. I can’t look back on it x without smiling and remembering x how much fun it was. It was also x Studying at Sussex life-changing at every level; it taught x x intellectual rigour, critical me thinking, and the value of collective x creative intellectual work, which x x have applied through my career. I ‘Beyond that, Sussex built my x self-confidence and self-sufficiency, x T here’s a unique flavour to Sussex that makes studying here a great experience. Our strong reputation for research attracts outstanding academic staff from around the world and x launched friendships that and continue to this day. x ‘With that legacy, you will understand x x affection and gratitude I have for the provides firm foundations for our teaching excellence. Add to this unique university.’ this our proud history for innovative learning approaches and Robin Paxton Managing inclusiveness, where everyone is encouraged to make the most of Director, Discovery all their talents, and you have a recipe for outstanding success. Networks (EMEA) Our research reputation • discovering the nature of DNA repair We’re proud of our research excellence defects in hereditary disorders, and across a broad range of disciplines, with so helping to develop cures for these many of our world-renowned academic conditions and contribute to cancer staff working at the cutting edge of their treatments fields in both the arts and sciences. Sussex • studying the navigation techniques of has counted three Nobel Prize winners, 12 insects to advance biological science and Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS), six Fellows to develop new robotic systems inspired by of the British Academy and a winner of the nature prestigious Crafoord Prize on its faculty. Yet another Sussex FRS was appointed in 2007. • identifying strategies to reduce the exclusion from education of millions of In the most recent assessment of the children in developing countries. standards of research in UK universities, the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) of Read more about our research at 2001, over 90 per cent of Sussex academic www.sussex.ac.uk/research staff and all of our subject areas were judged Our teaching excellence to be of national or international excellence. Choosing a research-led university such as You’ll be able to read about our 2008 RAE Sussex has huge advantages, not just in the scores when they’re published in December teaching you receive, but also for your future 2008. career. The quality of our research is reflected in Who better to teach you than experts working the significant level of funding we attract at the forefront of their field? Not only do from industry, research organisations and they know their subject, they actually create government agencies. Approximately the knowledge that moves their subject 20 per cent of our overall income comes forward. Many students have the opportunity from research activities. to participate directly in ground-breaking We also invest millions of pounds in research: research work, with science and engineering in purpose-built research facilities such as students usually joining a faculty research the Genome Damage and Stability Centre; in project in their final year. infrastructure developments such as state- In addition, over recent years, four members of-the-art medical imaging equipment at the of our academic team have won the Higher Brighton and Sussex Medical School; and in Education Academy’s prestigious National the University’s Library, home to remarkable Teaching Fellowship Scheme awards, which resources such as the Rudyard Kipling papers recognise those who make an outstanding and the New Statesman archive. contribution to students’ learning experience. Much of our research is devoted to finding Whatever your subject at Sussex, whether solutions to real-world problems, with a you are an arts or a science student, you will particular focus on building strong links with acquire a range of intellectual skills based on business to foster commercial opportunities. sound research principles. You will develop Current ground-breaking research includes: an analytical and enquiring mind, and the • examining climate change and the shift to ability to reflect critically on what you have providing sustainable energy learnt. 8
  4. 4. You will learn to identify challenging What’s special about Sussex? Studying at Sussex questions and to solve intellectually difficult problems. These skills will prove invaluable in a job market that increasingly values the intellectual skills that are encouraged at a research-led university. A degree from Sussex will give you the edge. Students from across a range of disciplines can also benefit from two recently launched creativity zones that provide opportunities to explore ideas in state-of- the-art surroundings. The creativity zones were developed in partnership with the University of Brighton with help from a £4.1m Government grant in recognition of our excellence in teaching and learning. Our wider horizons One of the things that Sussex students particularly value is the strong cultural diversity on our campus and in the nearby city of Brighton & Hove. The strength of our research also means We also aim to provide opportunities for work Students await the ‘dissertation we play host to large numbers of staff experience alongside your studies at Sussex. dash’ on the annual submission deadline day for final-year work and students from all over the world. We We offer sandwich degrees, work-shadowing currently have over 2,500 international schemes and a well-developed volunteer students studying at Sussex, and we are opportunities scheme, all designed to help home to researchers and students from 120 you towards that all-important first job after countries. graduation. Because we have a large number of Of course, we’ll want you to make the most international links and many of our degrees of your academic studies – to be inspired have an international element, many by your teachers and fellow students, to students get to experience different cultures contribute your own ideas and passion for at first hand. One in seven of our students your subject, and to achieve the degree takes a degree that involves a year abroad, success that your hard work deserves. But studying or working in Europe, North America that’s only half the story. and elsewhere. We also have a curriculum structure that makes it easy to learn a foreign We recognise that there is so much more that language alongside your major subject. you can do at Sussex. You may want to take part in volunteering activities; to achieve your We work hard to attract students from a own targets in leisure pursuits such as sport variety of backgrounds, including those and the arts; and to experience the exciting whose families haven’t experienced higher and diverse culture that our University and education before, mature students, black the city of Brighton & Hove have to offer. and ethnic-minority students, and students We know that it is through all these things from lower socio-economic backgrounds. that you can develop as a person and make Our vision for you a valuable contribution to society once you We want you to achieve your full potential complete your degree. during and after your time at Sussex. Our historic and developing campus One of the most exciting things about being Visit Sussex just once and you will be struck at Sussex is the choice you are offered by the unique buildings that have formed in your studies. You are not confined to the core of the campus since the University studying just one discipline. Even if you was founded over 45 years ago. Designed by take a single honours programme, you can Sir Basil Spence, they set a new standard in still spend part of your time taking courses educational architecture. from outside your subject area, giving you These remarkable buildings, the beautiful plenty of opportunities to broaden both your parkland setting for the campus and our experience and your studies. We also offer long-standing reputation for cutting-edge a range of fascinating degree combinations, educational approaches have inspired enabling you to tailor your degree to your generations of students since the 1960s. particular interests. We believe that this approach gives you both depth and breadth We are now embarked on a new phase of of knowledge, and the best possible campus development – with a large-scale experience of study. refurbishment of teaching spaces completed, a new series of student residences constructed, and a new central teaching building due to open in 2009/10. 9
  5. 5. IT Services Learning resources Learning resources Studying at Sussex IT Services (ITS) provide a range of computer facilities that are available to help you Studying at Sussex study successfully. Located across the campus, many with 24-hour access, all PCs have a customised desktop, a full MS Office suite, email and internet access. You can print and use your personal file storage from all these PCs. In addition we provide specialist software and a small number of iMac computers. There are also a number of adapted PCs for students W hile you will be expected to buy some of your own course materials, Sussex provides a range of specialist resources to support your studies and with disabilities and additional learning needs. Our staff offer help and support via the web, enhance your learning experience. by email, over the telephone and in person. There is also an extensive range of IT skills training courses. For more details, see our webpages at www.sussex.ac.uk/its/training Computing for disabled students ITS currently support 10 adapted PCs The Library specifically for use by students with a Library facilities The University Library is the key resource disability or specific learning difficulty. In Over 1,000 study places addition to the standard desktop, each Eight group workrooms for the information that you will need during your studies. Library staff are ready to adapted PC offers a number of assistive Electronic library with access to software packages. The PCs are located over 20,000 journals help and advise you from the day you arrive across campus in easily accessible rooms. Over 100 PCs, laptop facilities to the day you come to write your dissertation and wireless coverage throughout Some benefit from height-adjustable desks, and prepare for your future career. while others offer large screens. All have Audio-visual facilities including films and documentaries Easy to find at the centre of campus, the access to printing facilities. Enquiries desk Library is a quiet and comfortable place Sussex Direct Automated book issue and return to study. It is currently open into the early Most students will already have used evening and at weekends during term time. Sussex Direct to register before arriving at IT facilities Additional support can be arranged for the University. Once here, however, you 450 PCs, many available 24 hours students with disabilities and/or specific can use it for personal and secure access a day to information about your courses, reading learning difficulties. If you have any individual Wireless network to enable laptop lists, timetables and marks. You can also owners to access online resources requirements or suggestions, a member of the Library staff will be happy to discuss access Study Direct for your subject-based Free email and internet access e-learning course material. Access to personalised information them with you. For more information, email about your degree library.membership@sussex.ac.uk You can find more information at Help via the web, by email, over the www.sussex.ac.uk/direct telephone and in person Much of the Library’s information is also available over the internet so you can use the Sussex Language Institute Extensive training electronic library anywhere and at any time. The Institute (SLI) offers self-access and Safe storage for computer files, accessible both on and off campus Visit www.sussex.ac.uk/library structured learning facilities for students Extensive printing facilities who need support with English, other InfoSuss languages and study skills. Adapted PCs for students with disabilities and additional learning This is a web-based tutorial to help you find your way through the many electronic SLI offers a resource library of language- needs learning materials including computer- Students who live on campus can resources. It will show you how to use the connect to the internet from their assisted language-learning programmes, Library catalogue, understand your reading study bedrooms digital and analogue audio and video media, lists and find information online at access to the internet and satellite TV If you live on campus, you can use your own computer to connect to www.sussex.ac.uk/library/infosuss programmes. Teaching facilities include a the campus network. If you have a digital multimedia language laboratory. laptop, you can take advantage of Special Collections our extensive wireless network. As The Library has a unique collection of For further information on short courses and well as being able to prepare your manuscripts, archives and rare books, pre-sessional programmes and resources, assignments when and where you choose, you will be able to benefit including the papers of Rudyard Kipling, see page 29. from the big investment Sussex Virginia and Leonard Woolf, and the archive Multimedia Services Unit is making in virtual learning, and of the New Statesman, as well as the world- access to online support and For students taking media and film degrees, famous Mass Observation Archive. Many information services. the University’s Multimedia Services Unit of these collections are used in University offers an extensive range of digital production For more details, visit our website at www.sussex.ac.uk/its courses, and undergraduates are welcome by and post-production facilities. These appointment. For more details, see include broadcast-standard shooting kits, www.sussex.ac.uk/library/speccoll professional Avid edit suites, soundproofed digital audio recording studio and voiceover booths, plus a TV and photographic studio with full lighting grid. 10
  6. 6. Study abroad opportunities Partners in Europe * Study abroad opportunities Studying at Sussex Austria Vienna Studying at Sussex Belgium Brussels Czech Republic Prague Denmark Aarhus, Copenhagen, Roskilde Estonia Audentes International University Finland Helsinki W ould you like to live in another country and experience different cultures and environments as part of your degree? At Sussex, you can undertake a period of study abroad France Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Caen, Grenoble, Marseille, Martinique (Antilles-Guyane), Montpellier, Paris, la Réunion (Saint-Denis), with many subjects. A large number of Sussex undergraduates Strasbourg, Toulouse spend time abroad either studying or working in Europe, Germany Berlin, Bonn, Freiburg, Heidelberg, the Americas or elsewhere. Konstanz, Mannheim, Munich, Tübingen Greece Athens Iceland Reykjavik A year abroad is an opportunity to travel, A growing number of overseas universities Ireland experience life and study in another country, now have courses taught in English for Cork and improve your language skills. While away, international students. Italy you normally follow a full programme of study, Bologna, Padova, Perugia, Rome, the assessment of which counts towards your Sussex and North America Siena, Venice final degree classification. If you are studying American Studies or The Netherlands any other degree with an American Studies Amsterdam, Groningen, Sussex and Europe component (eg American Studies and Maastricht, Utrecht We offer one of the best-supported Politics, or Law with American Studies), Poland Warsaw, Wroclaw European study abroad programmes of any you spend your third year (of a four-year Romania UK university. Pioneered independently degree) in full-time study at a North American Cluj by Sussex in the 1960s, our study abroad university. Among the current roster of Spain scheme is supported by the European exchange universities is the University of Alicante, Bilbao, Cadiz, Gran Commission within the framework of its Canaria, Granada, Madrid, California, Rutgers, Tulane, and George Salamanca, Seville Higher Education initiative, the LLP Erasmus Washington universities, and the University Sweden Programme. This enables collaboration of Toronto – the full list can be seen on the Goteborg, Malmo, Stockholm, with European Higher Education institutions next page. Uppsala and facilitates the movement of students Switzerland and teachers to European partners through There are opportunities for students taking Geneva (Swiss links are outside Erasmus grants. other subjects to study in North America. the LLP Erasmus Programme, but operate similar bilateral Each year we offer places for students arrangements) Some of our degrees have a compulsory wishing to spend a term there. year abroad and there is usually a choice of A scholarship of US$3,000 is offered Partners in Latin America * French-, German-, Italian-, and Spanish- speaking destinations. There are also annually to enable a Sussex student to spend Mexico a year studying at the University of California: Universidad Anáhuac del Sur possibilities for some students to study in (Mexico City), Universidad de French-speaking African and Caribbean the William and Olivia Allaway scholarship is Guadalajara destinations such as la Réunion and open to any Sussex undergraduate whose Chile Martinique. For students taking Spanish, degree programme does not include a Pontificia Universidad Católica compulsory year abroad, and who is not in de Chile (Santiago) study abroad opportunities extend to Mexico, Argentina Chile and Argentina. the first or final year of their programme. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Selection is by essay competition, which is (Mendoza) Some students have the option to undertake set annually in the academic year prior to work placements in continental Europe, as the scholarship being taken up. Contact the Partners in well as to attend an overseas university, or International and Study Abroad office at the Asia and Australia * may work as teaching assistants. address on page 13 for further details. Australia Even if your degree programme does not Monash University include a compulsory year abroad, you China City University of Hong Kong may still have the opportunity to study at Japan an overseas university as part of your International Christian University programme. In this case you would replace (Tokyo) a term or a year of your degree programme Singapore National University of Singapore that would normally be spent at Sussex Taiwan with your time abroad. You have an exciting National Taiwan University range of possible destinations – almost all of the EU as well as Iceland and Switzerland. 12
  7. 7. Tanvir’s 1: Geneva perspective 1 Study abroad opportunities Studying at Sussex 2: Bologna ‘Studying Law with American Studies x 3: Northern lights, University of Alaska at x Sussex allowed me to spend 4: Gran Canaria a x year at the University of North Carolina (UNC). And what a year it x was! The facilities at UNC are awe- x inspiring: they have their own airport, x 2 hospital, police force, and even a x 60,000-capacity stadium. And since x it’s so big, there’s an amazing array of x classes. x I x even saw President Bush and Senator Kerry in the students’ union during the x heated 2004 presidential campaign. x ‘I x also had my own TV show on the university TV station at UNC; I went x to x Las Vegas and filmed a sequence called “Brits do Vegas”, through which x I x managed to get an interview with a national TV broadcaster in New York. x ‘Living in America had been a dream x for me since school, and now the x friends I made at UNC are among my closest.’ Tanvir Study abroad funding and fees E Choudhary The University of Sussex participates in a Law with American number of study abroad schemes, including Studies in Europe the LLP Erasmus Programme. The Sussex tuition fee is waived for UK/EU students who qualify for Erasmus status and are studying for a full academic year in 3 Europe under the LLP Erasmus Programme, Partners in North America * or who undertake a British Council Language Assistantship in Europe. Students who Canada BUC, Simon Fraser University combine a work placement on their year (Vancouver), Toronto and Waterloo, abroad in Europe with study at an Erasmus Université Laval partner institution, may also be waived USA the Sussex tuition fee, subject to length of Universities of Alaska, California, Universities of Colorado, Georgia placement and Erasmus eligibility criteria. Tech, Georgetown, Georgia, Students who spend less than a full academic Washington DC, Atlanta, Louisiana, year abroad at an Erasmus institution, eg one Massachusetts, Michigan, Miami, Mount Holyoke, New York, North term, are liable to pay the same tuition fee 4 Carolina, Northwestern, Occidental, as if they were studying at Sussex. Erasmus Oregon, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, students do not pay extra tuition fees to the Purdue, Reed, Rensselaer, Rochester, RPI, Rutgers, Spelman, partner university. Stonybrook, Texas, Tulane, Vermont, Students, who spend their year abroad at Seattle, Washington one of our non-Erasmus partner institutions, are liable to pay half the prevailing Sussex * These listings were correct at the time of going to press (January fee, subject to the usual income assessment 2008), but are subject to change as procedures. Students, who spend less than our academic links are developed. a full academic year abroad, are liable to pay Please note that not all subjects are available at the university the same tuition fee as if they were studying destinations listed, and students at Sussex. You will not have to pay tuition fees studying abroad will not have to your host university as these are waived as unlimited choice in selecting their host university/city. part of the exchange arrangements. UK students, studying abroad for eight weeks Studying abroad is an opportunity or more, may be eligible for a higher rate of to experience different cultures and environments. Although the student loan and a means-tested grant to University of Sussex endeavours cover the cost of health insurance and travel to ensure that courses offered by to and from the country of study. Students foreign universities are of a proper For the most up-to-date information on study abroad, standard for the purpose of your should be aware that in order to get a visa please contact: degree programme, it is important to enter North America they are required to International and Study Abroad Office, to recognise that the facilities provide financial guarantees in the spring Level 1, Mantell Building, may be different from Sussex. In before their year abroad (see pages 166-167 University of Sussex, Falmer, particular, the amount of university Brighton, BN1 9RF. accommodation available and the for more information). T +44 (0)1273 678422 provision of academic, social and F +44 (0)1273 678640 welfare support facilities may not E international@sussex.ac.uk be at the same level as at Sussex. www.sussex.ac.uk/international 13