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An Indian student's experience at the University of Sussex

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  1. 1. Prateek Sureka is studying an MSc in Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Sussex’s Science and Technology Policy Research Unit (SPRU). After my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Pune, I wanted to understand how technology has evolved, with an economic perspective and an understanding of innovation and policy. I chose the UK as the Masters degree is for a year only. I came across SPRU which had been a maverick in this field, and knew my calling. I did my homework quite well before applying and did not have any major hassle while applying to the University of Sussex (UoS). UoS has official representatives in India and they helped me to send my documents and advise me on visa application. Students need to do their application on their own, the representatives are there to guide us. Finally, the day arrived. I landed at Heathrow and it was so good to see that we had students from UoS to come and pick us up. As I came to Brighton, we had a bus service to take us to the university campus. The entire journey from Heathrow to the University was so amazing. No pollution, no noise and the landscape were so breathtaking. The campus was absolutely wonderful. I have seen universities which sprawl acres but this campus was so different. It was one of the finest campuses I had seen. Due to my experience at boarding school and living on my own I did not take a lot of time to adjust here. Within a week I was feeling at home. The first week of induction was really helpful for understanding all the facilities provided by the University, and for understanding the British culture more closely. I had complete fun and I recommend all students not to miss the induction week. The only thing I cannot trust here is weather. Even when the BBC assures us that it will be a sunny day, I am always paranoid about the weather. I suggest if one wants to break the ice with an English person, talk about the weather and soon you will be having a drink with that person.
  2. 2. I knew that the education system would be quite different from India. It’s a totally new learning experience for me. The tutors and lecturers are from such different backgrounds and the knowledge they possess is so astonishing. I believe that what I learnt here would not have been possible back in India. The way things are taught here makes so much sense to me. In India theory is stressed and the practical aspect is lost, however here I could see all the practical aspects of the course. On top of it SPRU has every facility one can ask for. I have been elected the student representative for my school. I represent my school at the Senate which is the highest level of decision-making body of the University. It has really helped me to enhance my leadership qualities. UoS provides so many opportunities to bring the best out of you that one can only wonder how to use all these opportunities. The University has really made sure that it stands as one of the best universities in the UK by having excellent library services. I never had to worry about buying book, as I always borrow books from the library. Another important thing for the library is the use of technology. Little things really make life so simple, like self issue counters, the huge computer room and the archives which are so well preserved. When I was coming to UK I knew that extra-curricular activities are important but I did not realise their intensity. UoS has one of the finest sport facilities. In this football-loving nation, you can’t afford to miss playing football. It is so exciting to play with the entire football- loving crowd. The student union has made sure that fun will always be part of learning by having hundreds of societies. I have joined some of them and I had an absolute blast with them. I have also been using the careers service which provides counseling for jobs after my degree. I think this is one of the most important resources a student can have at a university. From time to time I have taken trips around the UK organised by the international office at UoS. I went to Stratford-upon-Avon and London and I look forward to going to Wales. I have made friends from all over Europe, South America, USA, Canada, and Africa. You name it and I will have a friend from that country. I am sure I will cherish my new friends for the rest of my life. Commodities are quite expensive here, but I happened to find part-time work at the University and it takes care of my personal expenses. Beside work, my boss and my colleagues have taught me so many other wonderful things. I would wholeheartedly recommend students to come to the University of Sussex. Coming here was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I have lived a lifetime within a year at Sussex and my days here will go in the golden pages of my life. What I hoped to achieve from this experience is to make the best of my life and be what I wanted to be, and I am quite sure I am on my way to achieving it. Prateek Surekha