Fdi opportunities in kosovo


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Fdi opportunities in kosovo

  1. 1. Investment Opportunities in Kosovo www.invest-ks.org Mustafë Hasani Skopje , 29 April 2010
  2. 2. Macroeconomic Stability• The Euro is the official currency since 2002• Currency risk eliminated• Financial discipline introduced• Low inflation – averaged 3.5% over past 4 years• Rapidly maturing economy• Strong private sector growth and increasing FDI www.invest-ks.org
  3. 3. Why invest in Kosovo?• Free Access to a 520 Million Consumer Market• A Good Strategic Location• Lowest Cost Country within the Euro Currency Zone• Youngest Population in Europe• Readily Available and Motivated Workforce• Very Low Taxes• A Government Highly Supportive of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)• Modern EU-compatible Legislative System• Sound Banking System• Good Investment Opportunities www.invest-ks.org
  4. 4. Free Access to 520 Million Consumer Market• Liberal free market trade regime• Duty-free access to EU market• Free trade agreement within CEFTA• Total duty-free access to more than 520 million consumers• General System of Preferences (GSP) status with US www.invest-ks.org
  5. 5. A Good Strategic Location www.invest-ks.org
  6. 6. Lowest Cost Country within Euro Currency Zone• Monthly average wage €270 (2009)• Lower transaction costs• Financial discipline• Very low inflation• Low social contributions on wages• One of easiest places in world to hire labour www.invest-ks.org
  7. 7. Youngest Population in Europe• 70% of population under age of 35• 50% below 25• Albanian and Serbian official languages• English is de-facto third language• Multilingual• Flexible• Highly educated• Open, friendly and EU-oriented www.invest-ks.org
  8. 8. Very Low Taxes• Corporate income tax 10%• Personal income tax rates vary from 0-10%• Customs duty on imports 10%• Reduced rate of 0% on capital goods and agricultural production inputs• VAT rate 16%• 0% VAT and customs duty on exports www.invest-ks.org
  9. 9. A Government Highly Supportive of FDI• Attracting FDI is top priority• IPAK is responsible government agency• Simple and quick business registration procedures• High level of investor protection Protection and Security - Free Transfer of Funds - Free Repatriation of Profits and Dividends - Protection against Retroactive Application of Laws - Prohibition of favoritism and discrimination - Protection against expropriation www.invest-ks.org
  10. 10. Sound Banking System• Central Bank of Kosovo• Regulates banking and insurance sectors• A number of commercial private banks• Strong presence of major foreign banks• Competitive and positive on major financial indicators www.invest-ks.org
  11. 11. Good Investment Opportunities• Food processing• Mining and Energy• Wood Processing• Decorative Stone• Metals and Metal Processing• Clothing and Textiles• Information and Communications Technology (ICT)• Tourism• Construction www.invest-ks.org
  12. 12. Food Processing• Traditionally, one of Kosovo’s strongest sectors• Half of land is agricultural with fertile, nutrient-rich soils• Low reliance on artificial inputs, ensuring integrity of the produce• Good investment opportunities especially in: - Dairy Products - Fruit and Vegetables - Wine production - Meat Products www.invest-ks.org
  13. 13. Energy and Mining • Lignite reserves about 14 billion tones • One add. 1000 MW capacity, GDP increase of 17% • Demand for investments in new coalmines • Huge deposits of lead and zinc ( Trepça mines) • Gold and silver • Ferronickel and magnesium www.invest-ks.org
  14. 14. Metals and Metal Processing• Long history in metals and metal processing• Large, previously socially-owned enterprises almost all disappeared• New SMEs tapping skill base in more western style of production• Wide range of metal products currently being exported to Europe• Opportunities to invest in European standards of production at highly competitive prices• Local companies interested in collaboration with foreign companies for joint ventures, sub-contract or under-licence manufacture www.invest-ks.org
  15. 15. Information Communications Technology• Kosovo’s ICT sector has grown rapidly in last 10 years• High quality products and services with latest technologies• Good annual supply of well-educated young graduates – 400-500 ICT• Highly competitive costs – software engineer with 2 years experience costs less than 800 euros per month• Opportunities for partnership arrangements for outsourced software development or customer support services for the region www.invest-ks.org
  16. 16. Tourism• Considerable untapped investment potential• Winter tourism - skiing resorts• Summer tourism – sporting activity• Health-related tourism – thermal spas• Cultural-historical tourism www.invest-ks.org
  17. 17. Construction• Young, newly independent country with enormous demand for new infrastructure especially in: - Housing - Roads - Rail - Schools - Tourism and Leisure• Government plans for major infrastructure development• Opportunities for foreign investors in Public-Private Partnership projects www.invest-ks.org
  18. 18. Existing Foreign Investors www.invest-ks.org
  19. 19. Privatization of SOE-s• Run by Kosovo Privatization Agency• Nearly 500 SOEs to be privatized• 41 rounds past, nearly 300 SOEs already privatized• Mostly agricultural companies, trade, metal processing, textile• Possibility of concessions or leases www.invest-ks.org
  20. 20. Industrial Park (Drenas)• 24 Hectares of Land• 8 km from Prishtina International Airport• 21 km from Prishtina• Adjacent to Prishtina/Skopje Highway• Easy access to power, water, telecommunications etc www.invest-ks.org
  21. 21. IPAK’s Message to Foreign Investors• We will provide you with comprehensive advice and support from professionals• We will help you to identify suitable property options to accommodate your operation• We will help you to obtain all necessary approvals to enable a fast start- up• If you wish, we will provide you with introductions to potentially suitable partners with whom you can collaborate• We will provide you with an efficient and professional service• We fully respect your need for confidentiality and your information will be treated with the strictest confidence by our staff.• Please visit our website www.invest-ks.org for further information. www.invest-ks.org
  22. 22. Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo Tel & Fax: +381 38 200 36542 web: www.invest-ks.org email: info@invest-ks.org www.invest-ks.org
  23. 23. INVEST IN KOSOVO www.invest-ks.org