Fashion trends


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Fashion trends

  1. 1. Fashion & TrendsA presentation by: Nishith Kumar
  2. 2. Introductiono Fashion….a term which was regarded as a genre of theRich and the Famous just a decade ago is now a palette ofthe mediocreo Here, we are going to take you though the world of Fashion and Trends,where simplicity has become a thing of the past.o From clothes to accessories, from hangoutsto social networking, we’ll cover all the aspects which define today’s Fashion &Trends
  3. 3. Brands:"Any damnfool can puton a deal, butit takesgenius, faithandperseveranceto create abrand.“- David Ogilvy Gone are the days when people settled for anything displayed On the shelf…now is the age of brands…a brand that an individual thinks suits him best..from Levis to Police and from Adidas to Tommy Hilfiger, people are now more brand savvy than ever before and wouldn’t settle for anything less than their favorite brand..
  4. 4. Now,only a bunch of tshirts and Jeans dont make up a so called ‘Wardrobe’ anymore…"Any damnfool can put on Not only does one have to havea deal, but it a pair of matching footwear,takes genius, but also a number of otherfaith and accessories,includingperseverance shades,watches dog tagsto create abrand.“ wrist bands,thumb rings and even a wallet.- David Ogilvy Lately there has been a craze for tshirts with funny quotes.. Encouraging literacy it seems..Clothing & Accessories“The finest clothing made is a persons skin, but, of course,society demands something more than this.” - Mark Twain
  5. 5. Clothing & Accessorieso Ties are now branded as formal and informal ties Whereas half a decade back the term ‘informal tie’ Sounded absurdo Watches now come in all variants, ranging from a funky Look to a sophisticated look, and ranging from a few Hundred to thousandso Shades and sunglasses have their own genres now- sports, Aviator,running,biker and casual to name a few.o Wearing a wrist band, supporting a cause has become the latest Craze among the mass so as to supports a cause and while at The same time they flaunt its look and rarity
  6. 6. Cell Phones & Gadgets What is so brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicity. - Desmond Llewelyn
  7. 7. Cell Phones & Gadgetso Touch phones are now a rage with the mass and it a case of ‘You either have it or you don’t !’o With the recent upsurge of the Iphone,the Smartphone market is abuzz with smart phones with the latest specifications and features. Its currently The Iphone vs. Everyone, as Apple continues to woo its consumers even with price tag as high as 45,000INRo Walkmans have gone wireless and so have video games. Wireless walkmans are now a great show off and the same goes for portable video game devices such as Sony PlayStation Portable. Its all about fun and convenience on the go for the every-busy people around us.o Laptops are now a common household gadget, Variety of laptops with a variety of features have flooded the market with consumers wanting to stay updated with the Current features and specifications
  8. 8. PC GamesWith PC Gaming touching a fever pitch,no wonder the Gaming Industry is the biggestindustry in the world now.With more realistic graphics and advanced gameplay,there mighthardly be a youth who has not tried gaming at some point of time or other. Let the gaming begin..
  9. 9. Social NetworkingNever was making friends so fun!Social Networking giants like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have made socializingas interesting as ever,with millions of users thronging to have apiece of the cake themselves.Video sharing sites like Youtube have changed the way the world shared multimedia byProving that video sharing is not only safe,but a ton of fun.
  10. 10. BikesGone are the days when fathers used toDrop their children to school or mothersWaving their daughters off to college…Even a class 12 student can be seen zooming aroundOn a 250cc bike. Girls now settle for nothing less than a high endScotty, making this a frenzy of high-end conveyance.Bikes are always a priority in a students wish list, and with the newRange of sports bike flooding the market,it just provides the muchneeded icing on the cake.
  11. 11. TattoosTattoos have been the recent craze among the mass as more and more people are willing toink their expressions and thoughts on their skin. With tattoo shops opening up in every majorcity and metropolitan, the you has now found the perfect way to accessorize their skin. Withpermanent tattoos being the major like, temporary tattoos are not to be left behind in anyway.people hesitating for a permanent marking are gladly obliging for a temporary one. Flaunting one off your skin is the recent ‘in’.
  12. 12. DrugsWith million falling prey to this terrible vice,it has become a trendfor youngsters to take up drugs and other form of intoxications and addictions likesmoking and drinking considering it to be fashionable and boastable.Thousands lose theirlives yearly,and millions are diagnosed with cancer every year.Drug use has gone rampant with the recent change in the lifestyle in our society,subjectingan indivisual to intense physical and mental stress,thus paving a welcoming path for drugs, making it an important part of their lives
  13. 13. Conclusiono Thus, looking at the current scenario of ‘Fashion & Trends’ that the world as undertaken, one may wonder as to take it as a bane or a boon.o we have started accepting changes faster than ever beforeand that we are slowing moulding ourselves in the way future seems tobe shaping up.
  14. 14. Thank You.