A Visit To A Village


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A Visit To A Village 山村之行

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A Visit To A Village

  1. 1. 山村之行 A visit to a village <ul><li>“ 假期的时候,我去了安徽北部的一个小山村。这次旅行对我来说非常特别,是一次心灵震撼的历程。回来后,当我整理照片,我情不自禁的想起所有的那些,并想和每一个人分享。 </li></ul><ul><li>“ I went to a small village in northern part of An Hui province during vacation. This has been a very special trip for me, which gave me a deep heartquake. After being back from the trip, I cannot help thinking of these as I looked at these pictures, and I want to share them with all of you.” </li></ul>
  2. 2. 地 处安徽 北部的一 个 小山村,我印象中淮北平原 应该 是落 后 的,但 从 沒有和 极度贫困与 悲哀 联系 在一起。我 们开着 一 辆越野车 出 发开 了八 个 小 时 ,走了八百多公里到了他 们 的 县城 ,然 后 用了四 个半钟头 在沒有路的山路上走了六十五公里。 Northern part of An Hui province, my original impression about Huaibei plain is undeveloped, but I did not connect it with extreme poverty and deep sadness. It took us 8 hours’ drive and 800 kilometers walk to get to the center town, and after that we walked four and half an hour (almost 65 kilometers), crossing the mountains where there is no paved road.
  3. 3. 这里的民风淳朴 ,每一次 问 路,村民 表现的热情 都 让我们感动 。 路边 的小石 头 房子上 隐约可见 “文革” 时 留下的 标语 ,小石 桥 上 还 有 “ 农业学 大寨” 的口 号 , 这座进 村的石 桥 至少有三十年以上的 历史 。 People here are simple, honest, and unspoiled. Whenever we asked the way, they showed great hospitality , which really moved us. We distinctly saw the slogan on the stone bridge, which should be left in the period of “Culture Revolution”, words of“ 农业学大寨” , and from that we knew the bridge leading to the village should have a history of at least 30 years.
  4. 4. 这里农民的土地大多在山上,农业科技对于他们很遥远。它们将所有的希望寄托在这片贫瘠的土地上。 The famers have their land mainly on hills like this. Scientific agriculture is something far away. They put all their hope in this barren land.
  5. 5. 这里的生产模式依然落后 ,干 农活的 也大多是老人和孩子。 他们使用的是最原始播种的工具。 Here the production mode is still backward, and the people here doing farmer’s job are mainly old and children. They still use the most original instrument for sewing seeds.
  6. 6. 村子 里的年轻人 都出去打工了, 冷清、 萧条 、 绝望 。。。。 The young people who should be the workers here all went out for a job outside the village. Desolation ,depression and desperation here~~~~
  7. 7. 剩下的只有老人和孩子, 还有个 別生理 残障 人, 或者是打工 时受伤残疾 的“ 劳动 主力 &quot;﹗ Here left only old people and kids, with those disabled people. Some of those “main labor force ” became handicapped while working outside and were obliged to return.
  8. 8. 這位老人的孩子在溫州打工為了節省路費兩年沒有回家, 家裡只有他帶著孫子生活。 This old man has his son working in Wenzhou( a developed city in China), but the son has not been back for two years since he has to save the trip cost. The old man is raising his grandson alone.
  9. 9. 老人七十八 岁 了,每天去山 里 放羊。 He is 78 years old, and he has to tend the sheep every day on the hills.
  10. 10. 由于贫穷 ,好多孩子都被迫 失学 ,上山挖 草药 , 换钱补贴 家用。茫然的 眼神里带着 和 年龄 不相 称 的愁苦﹗ Many kids lost their chance to go to school because of poverty. They go to the hills to dig for herbs and change them for money to support the family. The sadness in her eyes unsuited her age.
  11. 11. 这个 小女孩 无论问什么 都不 说 , 问 她 为什么 沒 上学 ,她就哭了。。。。 This little girl has been silent no matter what we asked her, but when asked why you are not in school, she cried.
  12. 12. 破烂 的校舍和一群可 爱无邪 的孩子。他 们长大后 在 这个社会 上生存 竞争 的 对 手可是那些假期中坐 着飞机去旅游 的城 里孩子 ??。。。 公平何在???﹗﹗﹗﹗ The old classroom and lovely innocent angels . When they grow up, do they have to compete with those children spoiled in cities, to make sure they can be survived in this society? I was wondering the word of fairness.
  13. 13. 教室矮小昏暗, 老师 自己爬到屋 顶开辟 了 两个 天窗, 这 和 城里人 帶天窗的別墅的功能有 着 天壤之別﹗ This is the roof of the classroom, since it is dark and small , the teacher climbed on the roof and opened two skylights. The skylights here are so different in function from those of the villas for people in the metropolis.
  14. 14. 窗戶使用 塑胶 布做成的“玻璃”,冬天 过后 ,失去了 挡风 的功能,被淘 气 的孩子撕破的窗戶 。 They use the plastic cloth as “glass” for the windows, The windows were teared by kids since after every winter they lost the function of preventing the wind.
  15. 15. 学校里 的余老師在 讲课 ,我 们在场 ,他有些 拘谨 ,他告訴孩子 们 ︰ “大家要好好 学习 , 将来长 大了,可以坐 火车 去北京。。。” 北京 对 孩子 们 來 说 是 遥远 的天堂﹗ 我在 后面 拍照 ,落泪 。。。 Teacher Yu was having class, and he was a little nervous with our presence, and he said these to the kids: “ Everyone need to work hard learning knowledge, only by that, as you grew up, you will be able to take the train to Beijing ” For the kids, Beijing is a place far away but a heaven. I was crying behind while taking the photo.
  16. 16. 于老师 向 我们介绍学校 情況︰好多 成绩 好的孩子都被迫 失学 ,整 个学校 孩子的 成绩 不理想,所以 放假期间 也要上課。 Teacher Yu gave us an introduction about the school: Many good students were obliged to discontinue schooling, the whole performance of this school Is not satisfying, so they need to have class during the vacation.
  17. 17. 学校 有 五 个年级 ,一百六十多孩子,其中有二十八名是父母或父母 双亡 的孩子, 这样 的孩子 成绩 大都很好, 但一般的 难于小学毕业。 There are five grades in this school, more than 160 kids,28 of them lost one parent or both, and those kids always have a good performance in school. But few are able to graduate from primary school.
  18. 18. 孩子的 课间活动 只有用爬 树来打发 , 这棵老松树为无数 的孩子 们带来 童年的 欢乐。 During the break, the kids spent the time climbing the tree. The old pine tree brings them the joy of childhood.
  19. 19. 这里没有父母离异 ,(父母 离异 是城市人的 富贵 病),但 这些 缺失父母的大多是打工 过程 中的事故、 车祸 、疾病等造成的, 并且多数 是三十 岁 左右的爸爸, 余老师 扳 着指头说 出每 个 爸爸死亡的孩子的名字。。。。 There is no word here like “divorce”, (they say it is a costly chronic disease for town folks) They lost their parent or parents because of accidents during working, traffic accidents, illness, ets, most of them are fathers around 30. Teacher Yu is counting the names of students who lost their fathers.
  20. 20. 这两个 孩子是 双胞胎 ,一個叫 吴 雨 见 ,一 个叫吴见 雨 , 他们 的爸爸在 几 年前一次事故中 触电 死亡, 现 下他 们都上学 了﹗ They are twins. One named Wu Yujian, the other Wu Jianyu. Their father got an electric shock and died in the accident and they now need to go to school.
  21. 21. 他们的妈妈 和六十多 岁 的 爷爷 都出去打工了, 家里 只剩下 奶奶 带着他们 相依 为 命,老人 听说 要拍照, 赶忙 梳梳 头 , 把家徒四壁的 房 门关 起 來。。。。 Their mother and 60 year old grandpa went out to get a job, and then only grandma was home taking care of them. When hearing that we would like to take a picture, grandpa combed her hair at once and closed the door of the room~~~~
  22. 22. 两个 孩子在 门 口玩,我 问他们会不会写 字, 他们写 的是 “ 热爱祖国 ” 。。。。 让我顿时无言 ﹗ The two kids are playing at the gate, I asked them whether they knew writing Chinese words, they wrote down four words&quot; 热爱祖国 &quot;--(Love motherland), which made me suddenly dumb.
  23. 23. 回来后 , 当我 整理照片,我 发现自己无法 面 对吴雨见 的眼神。 When back I saw this picture again, I found it so hard for me to watch Wu’s eyes.
  24. 24. 她叫等等,今年九 岁 ,她爸爸在打工的途中 遭遇车祸 ,被沸騰的水箱 压 住, 开 水 浇 在身上不能 动弹 ,全身六 处 骨折,同時 80% 的 严重烫伤 ,九死一生,出院 几个月后 ,又踏上了打工的行程,三 万 多元的 医疗费欠账 要 还 ﹗﹗﹗ Her name is DengDeng,9 years old. Her father caught in an accident and was held down by an boiling water box, and his body got 6 fractures and 80% bad scalding, but still survived. Several months after being out of the hospital ,he continued his journey to earn money outside since he got about 300,000yuan of debt by paying the hospital bill.
  25. 25. 目前等等的 妈妈 帶 着 三 个 孩子在家,她 坚持让 孩子上 学 ,原來的 噩梦让 她心有余悸, 提心吊胆 。 担 心丈夫的安全, 担 心他結不回工 资 。。。 Now the mother of Dengdeng was taking care of the three kids, and she insisted that she need to let her children to go to school, but at the same time she was still worried that whether her husband was safe, whether he can get his wage back from the boss, since the nightmare happened to them really made her in fear and trembling.
  26. 26. 等等的 成绩 很好,是 个爱学习 的好孩子,拍到 这张 照片的 时候 我突然想到希望工程的那幅 宣 传画 ,那可是 十 几 年前 啊﹗ Dengdeng is a girl of great performance in school, and she really likes to learn. I cannot help thinking of the advertisement ten years ago about &quot; the project of hope&quot; when taking this picture.
  27. 27. 等等的 墙上贴着 她和弟弟的 三好 学 生 的 奖状 ﹗ On the wall are the diplomas Dengdeng and her brother got in the school.
  28. 28. 墙上挂着 的干辣椒 让 我想到北京川 菜馆 的 装饰 , 这 可不是用來 装饰 的, 这 是一家人半年的“ 菜盘 子”,。。。 You may see the dry capsicums as adorning in some restaurants, but here they will be half-an-year's food for one family.
  29. 29. 我 们来到这个 小山村的 时候 , 刚好碰 到另一 个 爸爸在深圳打工 时 意外死亡,前一天,他的骨灰被送到 这个苦难 的家庭手 里 ,我感受到了 什么 叫“家徒四壁”,唯一的 装饰 物是在 出殡时 別人送的 “ 祭奠 ” 的牌匾。三十二 岁 的母 亲 帶 着 三 个 未成年的孩子,她悲切的哽咽 让 我再次 落泪 。。。 这个 爸爸叫 &quot; 成新 &quot; When we came into this village, we by accident knew that one more father died while working in Shenzhen, and his ashes were sent to this family just before the day. The only thing here in this home is the tablet for &quot;memorial ceremony&quot; sent by someone. The mother of 32 with 3 kids, I cannot help crying while she is chocking with sobs~~ The father's name is &quot;Cheng Xin&quot;.
  30. 30. 这个 死亡民工的 父亲 ,孩子 们 的 爷爷 ,他的眼 泪 不停的流,他沒有想 过儿 子的死 该由谁负责 ,他不 会 想到 谁应该负责 ,他只知道哭︰“以 后 的日子 该怎么过 啊。。。 He is the grandpa of the three kids who lost father. He could not stop his tears. Who needs to take the responsibility of  the death .This question did not come into his mind. He was just crying: &quot;what will the future life be~~&quot;
  31. 31. 另外一 个家庭 ,父母全在外打工。 This is another family, parents are both outside.
  32. 32. 看看老人的床吧﹗ The bed grandma is sitting on~~
  33. 33. 这个 孩子 很机灵 , 看着他那调 皮的眼神,我 总 有一股 怜爱 之心 He is a smart boy. I had a feeling of caress for him when seeing him.
  34. 34. 五 个 山村的孩子在一個 学校 ,每天他 们 都要走 几 公里的山路,沒有人接送。父母出外打工,老人上山干活,煮菜是 他们每个 人都 会 的工作。 Five villages shared one school ,and they need to walk miles and miles independently by themselves for school, since the parents are outside of the town ,and the old need to work on the hills.
  35. 35. 小学的大门 The gate of the primary school.
  36. 36. 这 是某 高档 住宅的 会馆 ,每一 点点 的 奢华背后 ,都凝聚 着无数 民工的血汗,甚至生命,包括 他们 子女的生存和未來。 有 谁 知道?有 谁愿意 知 道??? This is a chamber in uptown 。 Did anyone know it was built by the fathers? Their blood and sweat were given here, maybe even lives ,maybe even the future of their children. Anyone know ?Anyone would like to know?
  37. 37. 福祉 , 似乎是個美麗的傳說 .... Blessing, for them it is  a beautiful legend.
  38. 38. 不需要更多的 语言 ... No need of more words~~
  39. 39. 学校 school
  40. 40. 穷人的孩子早当妈 They played the role of mother at this age.
  41. 45. 吃饭的地方 Place for dinner
  42. 46. 朋友 , 请爱他们,为他们祈祷 Dear friends, love them, and pray for them please~~
  43. 47. ~~~~~ 我们能为他们做些什么呢?为这个社会做些什么呢? And then, ~~~~ What can we do for them, for the society?
  44. 48. <ul><li>&quot;. . . under present systems and conditions of government the poor are subject to the greatest need and distress while others more fortunate live in luxury and plenty far beyond their actual necessities. This inequality of portion and privilege is one of the deep and vital problems of human society. That there is need of an equalization and apportionment by which all may possess the comforts and privileges of life is evident... The rich too must be merciful to the poor, contributing from willing hearts to their needs without being forced or compelled to do so. The composure of the world will be assured by the establishment of this principle in the religious life of mankind. &quot; ( `Abdu'l-Baha ) </li></ul><ul><li>概义: “ ~~~ 在当前的政府体制和条件下,穷人常常陷于极度的需求和痛苦中,然而与此同时,其他一部分人却有幸过着奢侈的生活,拥有远超其所需要的财富。财富和权益的分配不均是人类社会面临的重要问题之一。很明显,人们需要有一种平等化制度,以及合理的分配制度,使得人们都获得享受和权利 ~~  富人也应该对穷人慷慨怜悯,不是被迫而是发自内心的去满足他们的需要,在人类灵性生活中建立这种原则,这样才能保障整个世界的稳定 .” </li></ul><ul><li>阿博都巴哈 </li></ul>
  45. 49. End Compiled by J