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Unitherm 2012
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Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. WELCOME TO UNITHERM s.r.o. Germany Poland Jablonec nad Nisou Unitherm Prague Slovakia Austria1 U N I T H E R M
  • 2. The Company’s History and Development 1991, March 6th The Construction Department started the construction UNITHERM, s. r. o. was registered in Section C, of products based on the SOLID Works program. Insert 245 of the Commercial Register held at the The expansion of the aluminium alloy portfolio to Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, include Al-Mg alloys. 1995 2009–2010 The company was awarded a diploma by the The cast blasting workplace was expanded to include Association of Danish Enterprises and the Medal of new machining equipment. His Majesty Henrik, the Prince of Denmark, for An investment was made in the renovation of the excellent services in promoting commercial relations Wenzel 3D coordinate measuring machine. between Denmark and the Czech Republic. A device was also purchased for ascertaining the 1999 hydrogen content in the molten metal – the DICHTE The company reached a strategic decision to expand Index. its business activities with an aluminium foundry. The Foundry – Machine Shop Division received a Initially the foundry was leased, but Unitherm, s.r.o. certificate according to the amended CSN EN ISO subsequently purchased it the following year. 9001:2009 standard and defended its previous CSN Unitherm, s.r.o. split into two divisions: the Energy EN ISO 14001:2005 certification. It also obtained the Division based in Arbesova Street, Jablonec n. N. Swiss SVTI certificate which represents manufacturer with the Design Office in Prague and the Foundry approval for the production of casts designed for gas- Division based in Vedlejší Street, Jablonec n. N.. filled switches, distribution plants and transition lines. 2000 The certificate was issued by the Swiss Association The team of foundry experts was stabilised and the for Technical Control. foundry was expanded to include metal mould The company purchased and now uses a device for casting technology. The foundry’s activities were the laser marking of casts and a barcode printer. expanded to include further types of cast processing, 2011 such as impregnation, heat processing, machining March 2011 – the 20th anniversary of Unitherm, s.r.o. and semi-assembly. Foundry reconstruction – the complete re- 2007–2008 organisation of the sand management system. The Foundry – Machine Shop Division: the chills 2012 foundry moved to new, modern premises in order to The planned reorganisation of the cast finishing increase the capacity of that part of the foundry. A facility. new hall, including a Foromat 40 line, was built in September 2008 based on the design documentation for the expansion of the sand mould foundry.2 U N I T H E R M
  • 3. CertificationsThe CSN EN ISO9001:2009 certificateThe CSN EN ISO14001:2005 certificateThe SVTI certificateCustomers audits –examples:GE, Tyco Electronic,Busch, Heidolph, Sauer2012- planned certification:Lloyds RegisterTS certificate3 U N I T H E R M
  • 4. Aluminium Alloys and Modifications Once the attested Al alloy has been received from the smelting works, an input control of the chemical composition is performed using a Spectrocast device. The achieved values are compared with the certificate from the smelting works and the EN 1706 standard. The values are stored. The inspected alloy is released for production. The Al alloy types areDevice for measuring the Dichte Index marked with internal colours in order to avoid any confusion. The Al alloy is melted in a gas smelt furnace (Morgan, Striko Vestofen). The smelted alloy is transferred to an electric resistance furnace, where it is refined using cleaning salts. The alloy is then modified (Na modification, Ti inoculation and Mg alloying). An FDU (Foundry Degassing Unit) degassing device by Foseco is used in order to guarantee the alloy’s low hydrogen content. The chemical composition is then checked again using the Spectrocast device. An Ideco thermo analyser is used to ascertain the progress of the solidification, the correct alloy modification and the primary grain size. The hydrogen content in the smelt is set using a MK Industrievertretungen GmbH MK 2200–LC device. The established alloy gasification values /the Dichte index/ are stored and presented to the client upon request.Spectrochemical analysis FDU alloy de-gasification / Alloy modification4 U N I T H E R M
  • 5. Aluminium mechanical & chemical propertiesT4 Heat treatment under conditionsof natural ageingT64 Heat treatment under conditionsof insufficient ageingT6 Heat treatment under conditionsof artificial ageingF No heat treatment5 U N I T H E R M
  • 6. Construction & Control departmentCasting EquipmentDevelopmentThe development of castingequipment for tilt castingtechnologyThe development of castingequipment for large-scale serialproduction – carouseldevelopmentProduct DevelopmentThe development of newproducts in collaboration withclients – the development andconstruction of casts aimed atcost optimisation from the point ofview of the foundry processMetal Mould and Machine JigConstructionThe processing of drawingdocumentation for the cast andthe work piece3D data construction for theproduction of metal moulds – theSOLID Works programThe construction andmanufacture of jigs in our owntool shopThe ProCast simulationprogramGating optimisationSecuring production with minimalscrap levels6 U N I T H E R M
  • 7. The Sand FoundryProduction of modelsof several types oftimber or epoxide.Production of coreboxes, production ofcores- mixture ofsilica sand and waterglass, using the CTmethod (by carbondioxide coreshardening), manuallyor by injecting.Forming technology –manual shaping undercrane, machinemoulding or pulsemoulding.7 U N I T H E R M
  • 8. The New Sand Foundry During 2008 design works were commenced on expansion of the sand foundry. This expansion was completed in IV.Q 2008. New machine forming workplace allows foundry to cast even bulk castings (1000x1000x300/3 00 mm, up to 100kg/net weight).8 U N I T H E R M
  • 9. Die Casting Moulds production: Preparation of drawing documentation by our designer team; The production of moulds in cooperation. Casting technology: Gravitational- casting machines CGU and CGH, separate hydraulic- controlled stands; weight of castings (1-20kg), Low-pressure- casting machines CNS 10.23, weight of castings (1-40kg).9 U N I T H E R M
  • 10. The Machine shop / Mechanical Engineering Machining - mainly aluminium castings, but also alloy and steel. When the casting is CNC MACHINING CENTRES AND CNC cast, such MACHINES operations as trimming, grinding DECKEL DMC 80U FSS 80 CNC, FS 50 CNC and shot blasting 4 axes 3 axes are performed if the clamping dimensions: 800 x 600 x 500 mm clamping dimensions: 800 x 3000 x 650 mm, spindle type: vertical and horizontal 500 x 1000 x 650 mm customer spindle type: vertical and horizontal CHIRON FZ 12 WM requests so. 4 axes FGS 25/32 CNC, FGSQ 32 CNC B clamping dimensions: 550 x 300 x 350 mm 3 axes spindle type: vertical + revolving C clamping dimensions: 800 x 300 x 350 mm CHIRON FZ 18 WM spindle type: vertical 3 axes TURNING LATHES / Turning diameter: 5 – clamping dimensions: 630 x 400 x 350 mm 1250 mm spindle type: vertical MAZAK SQT 200M BINNS-BERRY CNC DF2/3 CNC H645, SN 55B–71B, SUI 63–80 milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines10 U N I T H E R M
  • 11. Other Sand and Chill Cast OperationsGating and risertrimming andgrinding, blastingusing Ni-Cr balls or acorundum mixture;Heat processing usingsolution annealing,quenching withsubsequent hardening;T6, T4 and T64 heatprocessing;Cast impregnation;Air pressure testing ofcastsSubsequent Operations onthe ProductsThe provision of all surfacefinishes on aluminium The air pressure testing of castsproducts in cooperation withsubcontractors Heat processingPowder coatingWet paintingCast anodisation – various of Cast blastingeloxal and hard eloxal colorsProduct polishing Tensile strength testSilveringProduct markingProduct washingSub-group assembly11 U N I T H E R M
  • 12. Organizational Chart Administration staff - 43 persons Production staff - 65 persons12 U N I T H E R M
  • 13. Turnover Turnover EU R 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Period13 U N I T H E R M
  • 14. Delivery performance – Key Customers 250 Plan % 200 2011 Fulfilment 150 98,3% 100,0% Inquiry total quantity Fulfilled inquires 98,6% 100,0% 1 100 100,0% 100,0% 100,0% 100,0% 50 95,0% 100,0% 90,0% 100,0% 0 95,2% 98,3% Busch DE + Ateliers Abus Dietz Motoren MSS Tyco Tratec CZ Busch Kransysteme Electronics 96,7% 100,0%14 U N I T H E R M
  • 15. Customers sectors and countriesProduction of parts for the Vacuum pumpsengineering, agriculture, Customers - sectorselectro-technical, marine Marine industryindustry, energy, medical Energysystems, wind industry, Medical s ystemstextile industry, hydraulic Wind indus trysystems, transportsystems, crain systems Textile industryand other sectors. Hydraulic systems Customers - countries Lands cape industry Autom otive - transport systems Crain sys tems Germany Other sectors Switzerland Denmark USAApproximately 90% of the Slovakiacompany’s production is Czech Republicexported to European Otherscountries and to the USA15 U N I T H E R M
  • 16. Customer Complaints Complaints 2011 - 1,54% Delivered goods Complain goods16 U N I T H E R M
  • 17. Products samples17 U N I T H E R M
  • 18. Live shows at Exhibitions 2012 1. RAIL Industry – Lille, France – Czechtrade, B2fair 2. HANNOVER Messe – Hannover, Germany – MPO, B2fair 3. SMM – Hambourg, Germany – visit 4. MSV – Brno, ČR – visit 5. INNOTRANS – Berlin, Germany – MPO 6. ELMIA – Nörrkoping, Sweden – B2fair18 U N I T H E R M
  • 19. The Company’s LocationUNITHERM s.r.o.Company headquartersVedlejší 25/88466 04 Jablonec nad NisouCzech RepublicTel: +420 483 306 350Fax: +420 483 384 471centrala@unitherm.czwww.unitherm.cz19 U N I T H E R M