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Project on educational institute


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Project on Educational Institute

Project on Educational Institute

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  • 2. CONTENTS Mission and Vision Pg 1 Goals and Operation Strategy Pg 2 Corporate Strategy Pg 3 Products and Customer Segments Pg 4 Competitiors, sales strategy, marketing strategy Pg5-6 Planning Pg7 - 8 Market Potential Pg 9 - 10 Competitors Pg 11- 13 Market demand Pg 14- 15 Sales demand Pg16 Sales channel Pg17-19 Sales organization to support these channels, compensation Pg 20 Who are we, who are our customers, buyer’s behaviour Pg 21 Dynamics Of industry Pg 22 Selling Pg 23- 24 Bibliography Pg 25
  • 3. NAME : WISDOM EDUCATION LIMITED MOTTO/ SLOGAN : Let your life shine!! MISSION and VISION VISION - Our vision is to impart holistic education to the aspiring individuals for their academic excellence and inculcating values in them through various courses . Also, to make sure our students stand out in the crowd, have the ability to apply theory into practice and succeed in whatever they do in life. MISSION - The mission of the Institution is to be an Institution of recognition and improve quality of life of the social fabric by nurturing talent. The mission of this institute includes to foster an ideal educational environment for purposive training and research to flourish in the domain of educational courses and nurture outstanding talent needed for leadership and applying them for the betterment of the society. 1| P a g e
  • 4. WHO ARE WE? Wisdom Education Limited (WEL) is an educational enterprise with multidimensional activities. Established in 2013, WEL is in the services of student community for making their dream into a reality - through proper counseling and guidance step by step. Our only goal is to satisfy students by helping them achieve success in life GOALS Provide quality education for all To help the students climb the corporate ladder by applying theory into practice To increase the spectrum of education To be ranked as the number 1 educational institute in the city. OPERATIONS STRATEGY Companies and organizations making products and delivering, be it for profit or not for profit rely on a handful of processes to get their products manufactured properly and delivered on time. Each of the process acts as an operation for the company. To the company this is essential. That is why managers find operations management more appealing. Operations strategy is to provide an overall direction that serves the framework for carrying out all the organization’s functions. Steps: Selecting a location Coming out with new course imp. For students Selecting experienced teachers Institute performance.
  • 5. 2 | P a g e CORPORATE STRATEGY CORPORATE STRATEGY To maintain cordial relationship with the schools and colleges WE recruit students from premier management schools. One of the strategy is to get right kind people who share the same dreams Another thins is technology.Infact its the rechnology edge that is the fundamental difference between us and any other education corporate in India or abroad. We have scaled up the business with less agony only because of technology Technology at our company focuses on two points to improve academics and help business run efficiently No compromises on the promise to deliver.The result : WE have confident people with one goal- improving the quality of education
  • 6. 3 | P a g e PRODU CTS CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: IT ITES College Working Housewives • French, Spanish, German Foreign Language • Animation , Computer Courses, Cinematography Crash Course (Seasonal) •B.ed, M.B.A ,Travel & TourismDistance education
  • 7. Products Professionals Students People Foreign Language - - Crash Course (Seasonal) - - Distance education - - 4 | P a g e COMPETITORS : Foreign Language Crash Course (Seasonal) Distance education British Council SMPI Symbiosis Golpark Ramkrishna Mission Arena Multimedia IGNOU Maxmuller Bhavan NIT SMU MAREKTING STRATEGY SALES STRATEGY WE have developed our own ERP system For employees WE have developed EmpZone that tells them everything from their salary break up, HR policies WE aim to assist the teacher teach better on how he can reach more people. WE have two distinct platforms for this public internet and proprietory VSAT WE have also developed SIS ( Student Information system) to communicate with our students
  • 8. Sales Strategy to be applied for products/Services like a) Foreign Language b) Crash Course c) Distance Education The Market segments will consists of Working professionals and students who have just graduated. 5 | P a g e Foreign Language and Distance Education will be mostly taken up by working professionals who are trying to upgrade their skill sets. Crash course and Professional course will be mostly taken up by Students who are looking to either participate in competitive exams or are getting ready to join their preferred industry. Classifying customers into high, medium and low sales & Profit potentials and pricing the products accordingly. Those customers who are interested in taking up Foreign Language will be less in numbers however the course is not so much in demand compared to those taking up professional courses so they should be charged less than those who are taking up Professional course. Relationship Strategy Transactional Relationship is preferred over Collaborative as we are not looking to build long lasting relations but to have a relationship for the stipulated period. If possible customize it for specific customers. Selling Methods Need Specification and Consultative selling methods are preferred as the customers come with specific needs which needs to be satisfied and they also need consultation as to what would be the best course of action for them. Channel Strategy The channel strategy should use channels which are relevant, cost effective and far reaching so Internet, company sales force, agents and Franchisee should be used. Internet should be used to reach a far reaching base of potential customer base at minimal time and cost, Company sales force would know their products best and can help in counselling as well, agents can approach potential customers in person in a more cost effective way and Franchisee would take care of the problem opening various outlets across a vast geographical area.
  • 9. 6| P a g e PLANNING Planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. Planning involves the creation and maintenance of a plan. In other words planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do and when to do. It involves anticipating the future and consciously choosing the future course of action. The main steps involved in planning process are as follows:-
  • 10. 7 | P a g e The planning for our institute started with analyzing the feasibility of this business. After determining the present situation the goals and objectives were set up, keeping in mind the limitations. Certain contingency plans were also made so that we can achieve our long term goals as well. After considering the budgets, the plans were implemented. Some planning that was undertaken by us, is as follows:  Preparatory classes for the CAT, MAT for B-school admissions apart from personality development programmes.  Coaching classes with technology tools such as VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), VSAT (Very small aperture terminal).
  • 11. 8 | P a g e Market Potential OVERALL The rising middle class, the desire to stay ahead in the global economy, and the falling quality of mainstream education system mean that examination-oriented coaching classes have taken over the life of most school-going children in India and other countries. According to the report Shadow Education: Private Supplementary Tutoring and Its Implications for Policy Makers in Asia, released by the Asian Development Bank, in India a whopping 60 per cent of primary school children and up to 83 per cent students in high schools receive private tutoring. Shadow education is a widely used term for private tutoring, as it mimics the mainstream and modifies itself according to the conventional system.
  • 12. Talking about the private coaching industry in India, the report said, ―Nationally, a 2008 market survey of companies offering coaching estimated the size of the sector at $6.4 billion and predicted an annual growth of 15 per cent over the subsequent four years.‖ The report notes that in 2007-08, students living in both rural and urban India paid an average of Rs 1,456-2,349 a year for private coaching classes. The poverty line in the country is set at Rs 965 for the urban and Rs 781 for the rural citizen. The report added that according to a study conducted by the Pratichi Trust, established by noted Nobel Economist Amartya Sen, the increasing demand for private coaching is not only because of rising incomes, but also because of the belief that it is ―unavoidable.‖ The research notes that, ―…78 per cent parents now believe it is indeed ‗unavoidable‘ — up from 62 per cent. For those who do not have arrangements for private tuition, 54 per cent indicate that they do not go for it mainly — or only — because they cannot afford the costs.‖ Foreign Language English is widely perceived in India as a valuable life and employability skill. Yet, the result of a global survey undertaken by EF Education First, suggests that out of a total of 54 countries that were surveyed, India ranked 14th under the English proficiency index with a third category level of ―moderate proficiency‖ with countries above exhibiting ―high‖ and ―very high proficiency‖ levels1. Presenting new opportunities for foreign providers, the ELT market in India is set to nearly double by 2015 according to a report by The British High Commission in New Delhi. 9| P a g e The vocational training (VET) segment of the market has the most potential, the report claims, and already flagged to grow 50% in three years, as the government works towards its goal of training 500 million people by 2022 . The potential market for English Language Training in India, therefore, is substantial. While there are a significant number of domestic and international organisations established in the English Language Training market, there are still a wide range of opportunities for new providers or existing providers to expand their presence in India. The findings of the report also indicate that through the innovative use of new technologies, there are also opportunities for companies from related sectors, such as telecommunications and information technology (IT).
  • 13. Crash Course (Seasonal) Summer is not the time for vacation for the aspirants of higher education. With increasing competition for admissions in colleges and higher education institutions, students of Class IX to XII are spending their summer hitting the books with various crash courses being offered by coaching centers . Parents are conscious of the fact that summer time is the best time for the students to learn new skills. Many parents have even dropped their vacation plans to give time to their kids so that they do justice to these summer programmes. "Students are keen to learn new things and master the shortcuts and techniques in verbal aptitude, analytical aptitude, numerical ability,media,art which in turn help them giving options in career in future. They are also able to hone their skills in the form of communication skills, presentation skills, how to excel in group discussions/ case studies, how to master interviews and positive body language," Distance education According to the latest research report, ―Indian Distance Learning Market Analysis‖ by, the distance education market in India expected to grow at the rate of around 24% during2011-12 to 2015-16. On the back of technological development, increasing awareness, rising faculty crunch, and increasing penetration of internet in the country, this market is anticipated to reach INR 87 Billion by the end of 2015-16. However, the aim of the government to raise its current GER from around 13% to 30% by 2020 that will also boost the growth of the distance education in India. It is expected that soon, 10 | P a g e India will emerge as an e-learning and m-learning hub. Rapid growth of the Internet, innovative technology, and multimedia has enabled the world to succumb and brought the regions to each other. E-learning companies are continuously involved in the development of their products and experiencing high demand of more innovative products. Competitors (top 3), Foreign Language British Council - The British Council in India has been doing a commendable job trying to bridge the skill gap in the English language training (ELT) market by working across the spectrum with consumers, government and business in India. They enjoy a strong brand image and presence across the country and work directly with stakeholders as a service provider and
  • 14. also partner British organisations including Cambridge ESOL for administering their International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination in India. UK service providers may possibly look at exploring a partnership with them by integrating their product with the British Council offering, resulting in quicker time to market and achieving a wider pan- India reach. Ramkrishna Mission (Golpark) - Ramakrishna Mission Institute Of Culture: This venerable institution offers you solace for your soul and mind. This revered mission is an important arm of the Sri Ramakrishna Order. Apart from spiritual activities and charitable work, the Institute of Culture houses an impressive library. One needs to apply for membership to be allowed access. Also, the Institute holds monthly musical soirees, religious discussions and topical seminars. There are Sanskrit, Urdu and foreign language certificate courses and diploma courses on offer as well. Not to mention study circles for children as well as art classes. Maxmuller Bhavan - The Goethe-Institute Kolkata has been known as Max Mueller Bhavan since the 60s. It organsises and promotes a wide spectrum of cultural events. The focus of the cultural programme is to bring together Indian and German artists and intellectuals, present contemporary German culture and foster Indo-German and European cooperation with special reference to film, theatre and literature. It also promotes discussions on social and development policy, as well as social issues that are relevant in India and Europe. 11| P a g e topical seminars. There are Sanskrit, Urdu and foreign language certificate courses and diploma courses on offer as well. Not to mention study circles for children as well as art classes. Maxmuller Bhavan - The Goethe-Institute Kolkata has been known as Max Mueller Bhavan since the 60s. It organsises and promotes a wide spectrum of cultural events. The focus of the cultural programme is to bring together Indian and German artists and intellectuals, present contemporary German culture and foster Indo-German and European cooperation with special reference to film, theatre and literature. It also promotes discussions on social and development policy, as well as social issues that are relevant in India and Europe. Crash Course (Seasonal)
  • 15. Arena Multimedia - Arena Animation is the Animation, Web designing, VFX & Multimedia education arm of Aptech Ltd. Over the past 17 years, Arena Animation has successfully trained more than 400,000 students. The Institute provides world-class education to prepare students for creative careers through its wide network of centres in over 20 countries. According to a report by FICCI-KPMG, the estimated size of the Indian animation industry is Rs. 1,740 crore and it is expected to reach Rs. 3,900 crore by 2013. As of now, the industry requires more than 30,000 professionals. India is a huge market for outsourced international animation projects and for in-house work in various studios. Arena Animation seeks to fulfill this demand for skilled professionals through a variety of animation, filmmaking, VFX, gaming, multimedia & web designing courses. NIIT - NIIT is a leading Global Talent Development Corporation, building skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 1981, to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, has today grown to be amongst world‘s leading talent development companies offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions across 40 countries. Leading IT journal Dataquest has conferred upon NIIT the ‗Top IT Training Company‘ award successively for the past 20 years, since the inception of this category. 12| P a g e NIIT‘s training solutions in IT, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Management (BPM), Executive Management Education, Vocational Skills, School Learning Solutions and Communication and Professional Life Skills has impacted over 35 million learners since inception. NIIT‘s expertise in learning content development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred training partner, worldwide. Distance education Symbiosis - Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institute in India, recognized by Distance Education Council, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.
  • 16. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) offers Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate programs across industry sectors including Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Insurance Management, Education Management, Business and Corporate Law and Entrepreneurship Development. In addition, Our team partners with local, national, and international organizations to offer the Corporate programs. Leading oraganisations including Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Cognizant, WNS, Kingfisher amongst others have collaborated with SCDL to offer the corporate programs. IGNOU - The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has continuously striven to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. It has tried to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by offering high- quality teaching through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode.The University began by offering two academic programmes in 1987, i.e., Diploma in Management and Diploma in Distance Education, with a strength of 4,528 students.Today, it serves the educational aspirations of over 4 million students in India and 36 other countries through 21 Schools of Studies and a network of 67 regional centres, around 3,000 learner support centres and 67 overseas centres. The University offers about 490 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes, with a strength of nearly 420 faculty members and academic staff at the headquarters and regional centres and about 36,000 academic counsellors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professional organisations, and industry among others. 13| P a g e SMU - Sikkim Manipal University - Directorate of Distance Education offers programmes in Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and PG Diploma levels in various disciplines like Information Technology, Management, Journalism and Mass Communication, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Apparel & Fashion Design, Allied Health Sciences, Hospitality, Telecom and Commerce The programmes are made accessible through 800+ University Authorised centres across the country So far over 4 lakh students have benefited from the Distance Education programmes, taking full advantage of the 65 core faculty members and the 6,800 committed and qualified mentors supporting faculty members present at the Authorised Centres
  • 17. Market Demand GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION COACHING CENTRES Coaching Center providers are predominantly present in Tier 1 and have branches or franchised centres in Tier 2 and Tier3 cities. Tier 1 cities lead the race with maximum number of centres followed by Tier 2 cities. Individual demand for CC seems to differ between Tier 1 and Tier 2 and 3 cities. The main focus in tier 2 and 3 cities is relatively far lesser as compared to Tier 1 cities. Secondly, the target segment in Tier 2 and 3 cities within the 16-30 year group seems to have a higher ―women focus‖ and individuals interested in going abroad. 14| P a g e In Tier 1 cities, they do not seem to target particular category of individuals and focus on the entire segment of 16-30 year age group. Southern part of India has around 36% of the total Coaching Centers in India followed closely with North at 27% and west with 23%. East and North east has the least number of centres with 5% which is indicative of the catchment area of students for English language training. Within different zones, southern part of India has around 58% of their Coaching Centers in the Tier2 cities and west has maximum 71% in Tier 1 cities. These are primarily driven by availability of students and teachers for the English Language. So basically our first target will be the Eastern Zone Tier 3 and Tier 2 cities as its still an unexplored market with few or no competitors. Secondly Tier 1 cities of Centre Zone will be analyzed first before entering into his market.
  • 18. FACTORS FOR RISE IN DEMAND Expenditure on education, lucrative business opportunity, rise in number of students opting for foreign education, working parents with higher disposable income, Right to Education Act and infrastructural bottlenecks in formal education. As education in India is considered to be the only means towards betterment of one‘s social status; spending on education has never taken a hit even in times of recession. Parents indulge in spending almost an equal amount of primary school fees in coaching classes to further their kids‘ exposure and grooming Owing to the absence of Government regulations, a successful coaching institute can hike program fees thus making it extremely lucrative from a business perspective. Increase in number of students opting for foreign education has also led to enhanced demand for these classes. With rising number of students looking at foreign shores for higher education, cracking entrance tests at such universities translate into rising demand Right to Education Act forbids teachers of government schools from taking private tuitions which creates room for coaching institutes to capitalize upon. Another factor that has led to the growth of this sector is that of high incidence of working parents in a family. Finally, the infrastructural bottlenecks in the formal education system with absence of quality teachers and proper syllabi will boost the coaching classes market. However, the sector is also facing certain challenges. Factors such as change in examination format are an impediment for this sector. 15| P a g e Sales Demand Owing to the absence of Government regulations, at a successful phase our institute can hike program fees thus making it extremely lucrative from a business perspective. Increase in number of students opting for foreign language education and multimedia courses has also led to enhanced demand for these classes. With rising number of students looking at foreign shores for higher education, cracking entrance tests at such universities translate into rising demand.
  • 19. Right to Education Act forbids teachers of government schools from taking private tuitions which creates room for coaching institutes to capitalize upon. Another factor that helps to the growth of our Institution is that of high incidence of working parents in a family. Sales Forecasting (which methods apply to your industry / customer segment / products / etc) Delphi method for industry It is a structured communication technique, originally developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method which relies on a panel of experts.The experts answer questionnaires in two or more rounds. After each round, a facilitator provides an anonymous summary of the experts‘ forecasts from the previous round as well as the reasons they provided for their judgments. Thus, experts are encouraged to revise their earlier answers in light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards the "correct" answer. 16| P a g e SALES CHANNEL After calculating and estimating market demand and sales potential for Wisdom Education Ltd. the primary step before actually doing the selling process is to define the channels. A proper channel helps in effective reach and a sale channel planning is done to assess customer needs. We have varied product lines ranging from foreign languages , distance courses and crash courses and each of these courses cater to a specific group of customers ( as shown in the table above) . as a result we must ensure that the right type of selling strategy is imparted to the right type of target customers.
  • 20. Along with strategising the channels we must also segment the market and divide the customers on the basis on certain alike parameters and so on. The channel strategy should use channels which are relevant, cost effective and far reaching so Internet, company sales force, agents and Franchisee should be used. Internet should be used to reach a far reaching base of potential customer base at minimal time and cost, Company sales force would know their products best and can help in counselling as well, agents can approach potential customers in person in a more cost effective way and Franchisee would take care of the problem opening various outlets across a vast geographical area. CHANNEL DESIGN PROCESS SEGMENTATION Segmenting & profiling of potential customers will be done, on different parameters. Understanding consumer behavior, their buying pattern and marketing the product will then be decided . The market leaders, competitors, their evolution & comparative comparison of their marketing & promotional techniques is already discussed above . (. Identification of market leaders was done by analyzing previous year‘s statistics. ). POSITIONING We will define the channel elements required to service each customer segment. Whether we will go for a direct selling approach or if we will proceed by distributing pamphlets nearby 17| P a g e colleges and schools or we will give guest lectures and participate as well as host educational fairs will all be decided. FOCUS Over her while we try to position ourselves and fix a sales budget we mught face a problem. It may not be possible to meet the needs of all segments – cost and practicality considerations. As a result we have decided our top 3 product lines. DEVELOPMENT FOCUS POSITIONING SEGMENTATION
  • 21. DEVELOPMENT It is here that we bring the idea into action and carry out our sales and promotion. It is here we try to achieve our objectives and also set some alternative methods. (the procedures for sales channel as well as the alternative methods are discussed below keeping in mind the cost involved with each.) As a direct sales channel we will speak over the phone and send emails to prospective leads. ie school students and college students. It will be of a one to one basis and we aim to gather a fairly reasonable response from the students. We will invite them to vidit our institute and place any querries. Since ours is a service oriented institute our strategies will be completely different from that of products. In our case, the wholesalers and retailers will be almost absent. We will have sales representatives who will distribute pamphlets to various school and college students. Since the peak time will be when the schools and colleges get over, we will tell and train our representatives to stand in strategic locations and try distributing them to get maximum response. Along with this, unlike any other sales representatives they will also be educated about our institute and courses to answer some preliminary questions. If time permits some of our sales representatives after segementing the market and classifying the potential customers as hot, they can also persuade them in filing up a questionnaire comprising closed ended questions. The questionnaire will be short and take a very minimum amount of time, but the reponses will be very helpful as the various goals and ambitions of a candidate can be studies, also whether he has any interests in extra curricular activites like theatre , acting etc. Another form of channel we can derive is by tying up with a school or a college and giving them a supplement of journal comripsing news of all over the world. This will be specifically targeted to the age groups and only students in class 11 and above and college students will be supplied with it. 18| P a g e The name of the journal will be ‗WE talk ‗ and it will be free for the first 6 months and then rs.200 for a further annual subscriptions. Along with news articles, ‗ We talk‘ will also have trivia, puzzles and a sport section to generate maximum interests along with awareness. Maximum advertising on the internet, in various social networking sites giving them full detail about the courses offered and the registration methods. A sales channel comprising two or more staff will be employed just for online marketing and dealing with online registration. Along with this they will be also available over the if any student calls at a toll free number. This ‗online sales force‘ as we call them will then transfer the details of the registered students who will have the facility of receiving the study kit to the residential locations. So there will be a sales channel who will work as distributors, they will distribute starter kits to those who register online.
  • 22. We , as the partners of this company will employ some management trainees and train them well enough to give guest lectures in school and colleges. We will train them how to persuade the students in joining our institution and so on. They will have to fix their appointments with the respective schools and give the lectures. Targets will be set to them accordingly. ( for example 3 lectures in a month) For our crash courses like acting etc, we can tie up with local news channels to potray what our company has to offer. These local news channels can be the pivotal link between us and the end customers. Other types of channels might also include: Media promotions such as Radio Ads . News papers – One of the most effective promotion tools of all the time . Commonly used for promotions in education industry. Banners – Putting logos & banners outside schools , colleges , metro stations. Below the line marketing strategies such as Sales promotion – Which boasts up the morals of employees and fosters a competition among them to perform better. CONCLUSION: we are basically providing a zero level channel system where the service is imparted straight from us to the customers. However to stand out and have some difference over our competitors we have devised some channel strategies as mentioned above. 19| P a g e SALES ORGANISATION TO SUPPORT THESE CHANNELS For a start we can have a functional form of sales organistaion where there will be the top managers at the top ( i.e. we partners) who will communicate to various departments like the promotional team, marketing team , receptionist team and marketing research team, the various managers of these teams will convey this message to their representative sales force, these sales force can work independently for each department or a genral force. For eg. The promotional and the marketing team sales force will be the same members. These sales force will have specific
  • 23. targets on the basis of the functions and tasks assigned them. And in this way it will be simple to administer The epcialitsion withing the slaes organisaytion will be that of product specialisation because Wisdom Education Limited has a number of products. COMPENSATION On bringing new students for the institute the employees who are there in the markeitng department will get incentive based on it. For example: if a student pays 15,000 the employee will get 5% of it i.e. 750 per student. For faculties on the basis of their performance we will give reward like best faculty of the month to motivate them and to improve their performance. We will also give reward to the best employee of the year and along with that we will offer him a free holiday trip. we will give our employees festive gifts like sweets and chocolates so that they feel that they are an important part of our organization and that will encourage them to be more responsible and committed towards their job We will organize picnic or party once in a year for the teachers as well as for the students because that will act some kind of refreshment for them and it will also help to bridge the gap between the teachers as well as the students . 20 | P a g e WHO ARE WE? o Educational Enterprise o Established in 2013 o Belongs to service sector o Services given to students to achieve their success through proper counselling and guidance o Aimed at enhancing the quality of education o Aimed of being among the top educational institutes
  • 24. WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS? o College students o Working people o IT Professionals o ITES o Housewives BUYER BEHAVIOUR Major factors influencing Buyer Behaviour: Cultural factors – culture, sub-culture, social class Social factors – reference group, family, roles & statuses 21 | P a g e Personal factors –age & life cycle stage, occupation, economic circumstances, lifestyle, personality & self concept Psychological factors – motivation, perception, learning, beliefs & attitudes DYNAMICS OF THE INDUSTRY:
  • 25. o Education industry booming across the world o Private sector is helping to transform education at all levels from pre-schools to post graduate courses o Industry generates large scale revenues and employment o Education industry consists of: schools, colleges, universities and various private institutions o Huge growth potential for this industry in fast growing economies like India and China (literacy rate below 60%) 22 | P a g e SELLING For selling any good and services we should be knowing about our product and service. As we basically deals with service so we know that if we don‘t sell ourself or advertise or market, how are we going to have a business? There are different types of selling which we will be appling like:- Personnal channel Face –to –face interactions:- we will be having face to face interacting and try to sell our products Telephone conversations:- we will be doing calls or sms to our customer for selling our service Communicating through E mail:- like now a days email are also being done so we will be sending mails to our customers
  • 26. Non personal channel All electronic media Television:-we will be giving ads on local channels as well as in news channels Radio:- we will be tying up fm channels like radio mirchi or big fm. Internet:-we will be promoting through Facebook or linkdin Print Media:-We will be giving ads in The Telegraph and Times of India Out door advertisements Hoardings:- hoarding outside school,colleges, coffee shops, internet cafe Banners:- In front of colleges and offices. Sales promotion:- giving coupons, contests, early bird offer Events and experiences:-we will be tieig up educational fairs and we can also organize educational events at Kala mandir . Direct marketing and Interactive Marketing:-mail ,telephone ,emails Supporting sales organisation functions:- Category Development: Foreign language:-Languages like Arabic ,Mandarian and Japanese can be added in the foreign language list. Distance courses:-courses like Hotel Management,BBA and BCA can be added Customer Services:- 1)Arranging a person to issue the certificates on completion of a certain course 2)A receptionist to handle the front desk and also handle calls made for enquiry of fees structure of all courses 3)A special section for the distance education courses in which the students name has to be first emailed and then get an appropriate time from the faculty to clear their problem. 23 | P a g e Point Of Purchase:- Foreign Language: It can be started when the customer wants it to be done Crash Course: Students can enroll themselves only at a certain point of time Customer Planning:- Distance Education-Mostly Working People, House Wives Crash Course-College Students Working People Foreign Language-College students, IT professional.
  • 27. 24 | P a g e
  • 28. B I B L I O G R P A H Y Sales and distribution management – Hawalder/Cavale Sales and distribution- S.L.gupta 25 | P a g e