Presentation on recruitment followed by selection and training programme


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Presentation on recruitment followed by selection and training programme

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Presentation on recruitment followed by selection and training programme

  1. 1. RECRUITMENT FOLLOWED BY SELECTION AND TRAINING PROGRAMME Presented By Deepanjana Poddar Dissertation on
  2. 2. Introduction • ManagementTrainee in India is now new trends in every organization. • In Renaissance the job of a Management Trainee is charity fundraising for Non Government Organizations, like – CRY, HelpAge India to support. • A trainee must deal with all level, i.e. Business 2 Business, Business 2 Consumer, Business 2 Government and Business 2 Residence. • A trainee must maintain their own database, named as Territory Planning Sheet (TPS). • Evaluation process done through CYCLE OF DEVELOPMENT (COD). 2014
  3. 3. Objectives • To do a descriptive study of Renaissance Group regarding recruitment • To understand the training process conducted for the position of a Management Trainee to a Business Head • To get the knowledge and experience regarding Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for Appco Group Support or Support Direct (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2014
  4. 4. Literature Review • Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization. Recruitment comes before selection, helps to attract qualified applicant for a specific job. The process begins when applicants are brought in and ends when the selection is finished. • Selection is the process of differentiating between applicants in order to indentify and hire those with a greater likelihood of success in the jobs. It involves the series of steps by which the candidates are screened for the most suitable posts. •Training is an act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. It enables an employee to do his present job more efficiently and prepare himself for a higher level job. It bridges the gap between job needs and employee skills. 2014
  5. 5. Company Profile Rennaissance Group is a direct sales & marketing company contracted by Appco Group India Pvt. Ltd. Which was established in the diverse and colorful Indian market in1988, generating new customers for a leading telecommunications service provider in Mumbai. Managing Director is Mr. Karan Singh. Appco Group India & Appco Group Support is a part ofThe Cobra Group (UK). Specialties: •Direct Sales, •Direct Marketing and •Charity Fundraising. Vision: “To be a national leader in the ‘CustomerAcquisition’ space and most admired for its people, partnership and performance”. 2014
  6. 6. Research Methodology The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research design or plan chalked out. The method of data collection is used for the study two types of data are used, one is Primary Data and another one is Secondary Data. Primary Data Primary data are those which are collected a fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character. Secondary Data Secondary data on the other hand are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed on. Samples are chosen at random basis. 2014
  7. 7. 2014 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Vidyut Bhawan Vikash Bhawan No.ofclient Job Location Interested Clients Total Clients Not Interested Not Contacted Call Back Data Analysis This chart depicts that the same percentage of clients are interested to support HelpAge India in bothVidyut Bhawan andVikash Bhawan, the percentage of Call Back/Interested clients is same compare to 16 clients inVidyut Bhawan and 71 clients inVikash Bhawan.
  8. 8. Data Analysis • This chart depicts that major no. of respondents are not ready to listen because of their busy schedule even few of them are not present, Whereas the percentages of the positive respondents is very less, they listen but still do not support because of having some personal and professional issues. 60% 40% Giving Presentation Call Presentation 2014
  9. 9. Data Analysis • This chart depicts that 50% of respondents are not ready to listen because of their busy schedule even few of them are not present, whereas the same percentages of the positive respondents is there who listen but still do not support because of having some personal and professional issues. 2014 50%50% Giving Presentation Call Presentation
  10. 10. Observation • They follow Kaizen – means for "improvement" or "change for the best", refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement through COD. • They follow three trends; i. Fast Morning/Fast Evening, ii. Fast Morning/Slow Evening, iii. Slow Morning/Fast Evening. • It is very easy to direct marketing rather than direct selling, cause here company does not give anything in return. • They maintain Law of Average which means; meeting more people, giving more presentation and getting more result. • They follow two types of close techniques; i. Indirect Close and ii. Direct Close 2014
  11. 11. Findings There are so many reasons for occurrence of vacancies. Some of them are listed below; • Promotion • New branch opening • Extension of an existing branch The selection process in Renaissance Group includes some following steps; • Various test for the post of ManagementTrainee. • Face to Face or PI for HR round. • Proper documentation of Pre-Joining Manuals, i.e. Application Form. • Receiving positive feedback from the trainer during On FieldTraining before joining. • Documentation of Joining Manuals after getting Offer Letters. 2014
  12. 12. Conclusion • Now a day’s many marketing companies are growing rapidly because of its effective Training and Management Department and all the good employees to the organization with. • Renaissance Organization is exception, it is reliable, disciplined, employee friendly and active in providing good business. • Recruitment and maintain good people are essential to the success of every organization, whether profit or non-profit, public or private. • HRM is important for an organization to work on effective use of manpower through appropriate placement; constant reward and ‘Employee Benefits’, i.e. arrangements of nonwage benefits, such as incentives to the employees to motivate them to do their best. 2014
  13. 13. Recommendations Regarding the Recruitment Process • An attempt may be made to directly approach various under graduate/pursuing colleges for prospective candidates as they would have lesser demands- both financial and social compared to some- one who has an MBA degree. Regarding the Selection Process • The company may consider conducting a fully fledged On Field Training program rather than simply asking candidates to go with trainer for half day. Thus it would provide the accurate physical state of a candidate. Other • There was only two Ice Breaker;Water andTired which is not worked all time. 2014
  14. 14. Limitations • Visiting different offices and direct conservation with the clients was not helpful. • It is very short period to grab an overall idea of responsibilities. • Understanding of HR process was only limited to Recruitment, Selection and training process. The other fields of HR could not be harped upon due to constraint of time. • There was only monitory reward system other benefits or non-monitory rewards were not there. • Only JONES Cycle was there for negative handling; Smile,Agree/Appreciate, Reimpulse and Close. 2014
  15. 15. Bibliography •, (last accessed on January 20, 2014) •, (last accessed on January 21, 2014) •, (last accessed on January 19, 2014) •, (last accessed on January 19, 2014) •, (last accessed on January 18, 2014) •, (last accessed on January 19, 2014) • corporate.html, (last accessed on January 30, 2014) 2014
  16. 16. Appendix A Sample ofTerritory Planning Sheet 2014 Date: _____ Area Type: Residence/Office/Individual Start _____ a.m. Finish _____ p.m. Ad : Already Donated Ni : Not Interested No : Not Contacted Rf : Red Flag Oft : Out of Town Bc : Call Back Sl No. Building Flat Num Donor’s Name 1st Visit 2nd Visit 3rd Visit Comments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Three Variables in business that you can manipulate: 1. People Seen (Work Ethic L.O.A & 3 Trends) 1. Conversion Rate (Introduction Body Language, Enthusiasm) Goal’s = _________ elders 1. Numbers of Sales (Multiples, Categories, Family) People Seen:___ Donors :___ No. of Elders:___ _ Amount Raised:___ Profit Rs.___
  17. 17. Campus Ahmedabad Campus: Karnavati KnowledgeVillage, A/907,Uvarsad, S.G.Highway, Gandhinagar Kolkata Campus: Infinity Benchmark Tower 10th Floor, Plot - G1, Block - EP& GP, Sec -V, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Reg. Office: 407, Zodiac Square, 4th Floor Opp. Gurudwara, S.G. Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.