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Digital marketing strategy



Digital marketing strategy - Unitedworld School of Business

Digital marketing strategy - Unitedworld School of Business



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  • Also note how Yum restaurants around the US were closed down after customers began posting video and comments about rats running around.
  • For Standard Bank Achiever Plan, we offered people the opportunity to spend a week in a Clifton Beach house, in mid-December. The house sleeps seven people. This campaign closes at the end of November and more than 15% of all entrants have already applied for a Standard Bank Achiever cheque account.
  • Probably best epitomised by Wikipedia.
  • Richard Binhammer is a digital marketer at Dell who is responsible for reading blogs and other Web 2.0 media and responding to comments about Dell. Dell IdeaStorm is monitored by Dell employees who ensure that they find and follow up on good ideas. Similar examples ar MyStarbucks, RadioShack Invention Lab
  • “ Obama owes his victory to the internet. He used the web more effectively than any prior national candidate, harnessing its organizing power to vault over party favorite Hillary Clinton and become the first black presumptive presidential nominee. With an enormous internet-driven donor base of 1.5 million people, more than 800,000 of whom have accounts on Obama's social networking website, Obama is the first internet candidate to win mainstream success. His online supporters have created more than 30,000 events to promote his candidacy, some of which are still underway in the last primary states of Montana and South Dakota. "It's impossible to imagine Barack Obama's rise without the modern methods that his campaign used to organize itself, particularly around the internet," says Simon Rosenberg, president and founder of the nonprofit think tank the New Democratic Network. "This really was the most successful campaign of the 21st century."”

Digital marketing strategy Digital marketing strategy Presentation Transcript

  • SAME RULES NEW TOOLS 7 P’s…meet the 7 C’s
  • The7C’sof DigitalMarketing
  • CONVERSATION Even though the format still runs like clockwork for advertisers, the future of advertising is not more display advertising, it is utilising the mechanics and dynamics of the online conversation in order to create buzz, attention and interest in arenas where we are not interrupting conversations, but contagiously igniting them
  • R u doing the same for your iPhone customers? R u sending out your Corporate Sales Team to win this customer back? R u replying to this person with the answer? R u dealing with this product revenue threat?
  • CONVENIENCE ATTENTION IS… a.becoming increasingly expensive b. becoming increasingly difficult to hold …SO THE TRICK IS TO DELIVER VALUE THROUGH MARKETING BY MAKING PEOPLE’S LIVES EASIER
  • CUSTOMISATION The ability to create tailored marketing messages or products for individual customers or a group of similar customers, yet retain the economies of scale and the capacity of mass marketing or production.
  • Dell IdeaStorm Video
  • CONTEXT Products are just things and have no intrinsic value. It is only when they are introduced into a situation (or context) of importance to the customer that they become valuable IT IS THE CONTEXT SURROUNDING THE PRODUCT THAT IS IMPORTANT, AND IT’S IN THESE SITUATIONS THAT COMPANIES ARE REAL EXPERTS AT ADDING GREAT VALUE
  • Online Search & Display Ads Social Media New media & Widgets Hub Twitter, Blackberry/mobil e compatible site Linkedin, Facebook, Ning, You Tube, Slideshare Email Marketing
  • 10 Steps to developing your own digital marketing strategy 1. It all begins with the customer, listen! 2. But don’t forget about your objectives 3. Make sure you know what you’re already doing 4. Play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses 5. Find out what your competition is doing 6. Craft a strategy based on your strengths and capabilities 7. Implement at the speed of light 8. Measure everything in real time 9. Continuously review, adjust and improve the customer experience
  • 10 JUST DO IT
  • Campus Overview 907/A Uvarshad, Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad – 382422. Ahmedabad Kolkata Infinity Benchmark, 10th Floor, Plot G1, Block EP & GP, Sector V, Salt-Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Mumbai Goldline Business Centre Linkway Estate, Next to Chincholi Fire Brigade, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400 064.
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