United pac press statement Minister Of National Security Missing In Action


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Press Release Emanating From The UnitedPAC

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United pac press statement Minister Of National Security Missing In Action

  1. 1. Email: unitepacstlucia@gm ail.com                   November  6,  2013     FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE       HAS MINISTER LA CORBINIERE GONE INTO HIDING WHILE THE JUSTICE SYSTEM CRUMBLES? United PAC has observed, with much concern, the silence and absence of the Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security, Sen. Victor Philip LaCorbiniere, the Prime Minister and other members of Cabinet in the face of a crumbling Justice System over the last few months. We note with much anxiety and pain as the list of unsolved murders continues to grow. The family of Chereece Benoit is remembered and we understand the pain and suffering that they have had to endure whilst awaiting some sort of update from the justice system. We share the pain and grief of Shakadan Daniel’s family while they too await satisfactory updates on the alleged hanging at the Micoud Police Station. During these very troubling times, we ask, why has the Minister with responsibility for Justice turned a blind eye to the rising problems within the Justice Ministry? What is he doing to help bring comfort to the families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes? The comment of the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Vernon Francois, was, in our opinion, a warning to the press and the public to continue to remain silent in light of serious allegations against the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. We further note, with grave concern, the lack of empathy expressed to the family and the persistent condemnation of the outcries from the media and the public. United PAC calls on Minister LaCorbiniere, on behalf of the citizenry, to intervene to ensure that the Justice System is brought up to a satisfactory level. We also call on the Minister to personally ensure that the ongoing investigation of the Micoud Police Station incident is done thoroughly and justly. United PAC believes that the Minister’s voice should not only be heard when he feels an injustice has been done to his reputation but as the custodian of justice in this country, we expect to hear his voice every time a citizen is treated unjustly. We believe that the Ministry for National Security must be held accountable for the Micoud incident and measures should be put in place to ensure that history is not repeated. United PAC awaits a press conference from the Minister of National Security with the same alacrity with which he convened a press conference to condemn allegations against himself. ENDS/ Follow  us  on:  www.twitter.com/uwpunited  and  www.youtube.com/uwpunitedpac