The United Workers Party Must Stand Firm and Push for Change


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The United Workers Party Must Stand Firm and Push for Change

  1. 1.   THE UNITED WORKERS PARTY MUST STAND FIRM AND CONTINUE TO HOLD STEADFAST IN ITS CONVICTION TO CHANGE: by Dane Gibson “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley For the past fifty (50) years the UNITED WORKERS PARTY in its belief in the PEOPLE and its dedication to our Country, St Lucia has played an integral role in shaping and defining the political landscape of our beloved island home, ST LUCIA. The esteemed founders of the United Workers Party, men and women who served this nation, set in principles and philosophy of righteousness, consciousness, decency, standards and the belief that “No Man is an Island -We, St Lucians are all social beings that cannot exist without our fellow man. We all rely on each on other for survival... This philosophy continues to perpetuate itself, as evidenced in our coming together to help each other as good citizens assisting our fellow St. Lucians in times of need. IT IS NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT THAT the UNITED WORKERS PARTY STAND,HOLD STEADFAST AND CONTINUE UNMOVED in making in ITS CONTRIBUTION TO THE PEOPLE OF ST LUCIA…… It is important to note the UNITED WORKER PARTY is an organization. Organizations that cannot change in response to social context are likely to die or become ineffective. With Change there is also always the possibility of having to face a certain amount of  
  2. 2. trouble, adversity, and conflict. However, perception is key, the United Workers Party, always optimistic, sees opportunity in every difficulty…..THIS IS WHAT MUST CONTINUE To DEFINE THE UNITED WORKERS PARTY ….. THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE….THOSE INVOLVED MUST NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE BIGGER PICTURE….. We must be cognizant that there are and always will be those who seek to nullify the existence and relevance of this UNITED WORKERS PARTY. The chastising and seeking to place its open Democratic process of Change under the microscope with the use of innuendo, unsubstantiated allegations, misguided propaganda, and party serving political strategy which only serves for political expediencies, which never serves the good of PEOPLE or COUNTRY, must be recognized for what is... Unfortunately this is what the POLITICS OF ST LUCIA has been reduced to. It is up to us and time that WE as a PEOPLE change that tide……. My Fellow St Lucians while certain detractors call out the speck in their brother’s eyes…The Pole in theirs goes unnoticed as this current administration pulls the wool over the eyes of the People of our Nation to the harsh realities that the current they is yet to announce any remedy for … The substantiated FACTS as they current exist are: 1. The Nations unemployment and jobless rate is on the rise, dominated by our impressionable youth. 2.Continued Loan and borrowing prospecting and deeper debt despite avenues to curb borrowing and generate revenue. 3. Economic activity that would contribute to growth of the economy is at an all time low despite the positive changes in the global economy. This Government continues to prove itself unable to poise itself to take advantage of the current shifts taking place. There is no bonifide identifiable, sustainable policy to spur economic growth. 3. A justice system plagued with inefficiencies which has resulted in loss of confidence by international partners and allies and the PEOPLE of the St Lucia. 4. Poor infrastructure, that continues to fail and disrupt the lives of St Lucians 5. An economy in which investors continue to show lack of interest and displays its no confidence as evidenced in the recent shortfall in the issuance of Gov’t bonds which failed to meet revenue collection effort. 6. Inefficient tax regime that continues not to meet expectations. 7. Gross conflicts of interest which in and of itself is tantamount to covert corruption that benefit the Have’s of our Country with the burden placed on the Have not’s to support it. 8. Inefficiencies in national security
  3. 3. 9. Inefficient health systems and networks 10. Lack of opportunities and incentives to small businesses to spur economic growth and activity. 11. Foreign Consulates engrossed in entertainment and party planning rather than engaging foreign business to invest in St Lucia and St Lucian products. 12. The ratio of Gross General Government debt to GDP rose with preliminary estimates indicating for St Lucia having the steepest 14 percentage points to 89 per cent.(Read more: These My Fellow St Lucians are St Lucia’s Harsh realities. THE realities that the UNITED WORKERS PARTY IS COMMITTED TO FINDING RESOLVE TO. The empty vessel noise of Press Secretaries and well placed party stalwarts must not be a distraction. THE UNITED WORKERS PARTY MUST STAND AND CONTINUE TO HOLD STEADFAST for UNITY…..WORK…and the PURSUIT OF PROGRESS of ALL ST LUCIANS