Saint lucians in new york denied use of the Saint Lucia Community Centre (Helenites)


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Saint Lucians Living in New York were denied use of the Saint Lucia Community Center formally Helenites

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Saint lucians in new york denied use of the Saint Lucia Community Centre (Helenites)

  1. 1.     Saint  Lucians  In  New  York  Denied  Use  Of  The  Saint  Lucia   Community  Centre     IS THE NEW YORK BASED ST LUCIAN HOUSE THE NEW PAWN IN THE POLITICAL GAME OF THRONES? “Good Morning Dane, This is to inform you that only Government Officials will be permitted to host Town Hall Meetings at the Saint Lucia House”. Rental Representative The above is the response I received from the so called “ Board” in charge of management and affairs of the St Lucian House f/k/a the Helenites Center after having gone through the protocol to request use of the House for St Lucian Town Hall meeting with invited guest speakers. A meeting which for all purposes and intents simply invites all St Lucians from across the Diaspora to meet and parley with like minded St Lucians to find possible solutions and share ideas on how we can contribute to growing and improving the increasingly degrading social and economic situation in our island home.
  2. 2. I was even more disappointed and disillusioned when I was advised that the directive to what I thought was an independent board was given by the St Lucian Consulate. Which begs the question is there now a new mandate given to the handsomely tax payer paid, political favor installed, often square peg in round holes, consul generals et al, to use the resources of the PEOPLE as pawns in its efforts to play petty politics? I wonder because in my mind the tax payers time would be probably be better spent acting to assist and protect the citizens of St Lucia, and to facilitate trade and friendship between the people of the country to whom they are accredited and the country of which they are representative of..... Just a gentle reminder by the way… I also find it ironic and even contradictory that our currently installed Consular General in the face of the ill advised refusal ofTthe house, would go on record to state in a press release the he looks "forward to our continued collaboration as a Saint Lucian people in this adopted homeland, all in the pursuit of our individual development as well as the advancement of our country Saint Lucia. Merci, Merci, Merci." How is that intended to be facilitated in the wake of party politics rearing its very ugly head? And yes I am a certainly a concerned St Lucian crying fowl. Saint Lucia's citizens abroad are critically important to the development of our island nation, and our government should not overlook them. I think it important to the remind our consular representatives irrespective of political party, that the St Lucia House represents a foundation designed to serve OUR COUNTRY AND ITS CITIZENS. Please change or get back to mandate to act in the interest of all St Lucian citizens.