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UMP Components Overview

  1. 1. OUR COMMITMENT • To deal fairly and honestly in all situations and business relationships. • To consistently innovate cutting-edge, green technology to meet the most unique cooling and heating demands. • To provide the highest level of engineering and manufacturing techniques in order to deliver the best cooling/heating solutions and products possible.
  2. 2. Components Base Frame & Floor Base Frame Material: 6” or 8” tubular galvanized steel Floor Material: 14 gauge G-90 galvanized steel Capped watertight Floor Openings: Walkway bar grating is provided on all accessible floor openings Lifting Lugs: Permanent, welded on lifting lugs are standard.
  3. 3. Components Base Frame & Floor – Options Base Materials: Lifting Lugs: Removable / bolt-on type 304 Stainless steel 316 Stainless steel Insulation: Aluminum 4” x 3# pcf Floor Materials: Options: 12 or 10 gauge G-90 galvanized Auxiliary floor drains (non-piped or piped to side of unit) 14, 12 or 10 gauge 304 stainless Steel Continuous welded floor 14, 12 or 10 gauge 316 stainless Steel Aluminum Optional Floor Grates: Treadplate (galvanized, aluminum or stainless) 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel Aluminum
  4. 4. Components Unit Casing Standard Casing: Standard Internal Framing: 2” Galvanized - 18 Gauge G-90 2 x 1 x 16 gauge G-90 galvanized tubing. Standard Liner: 22 Gauge G-90 galvanized liner Standard Insulation: Standard Finish: 2” x 1.56# pcf (3# equivalent) Pre-paint enamel finish Color “desert beige”
  5. 5. Components Casing and Liner Options Optional Casing Materials: Optional Casing Construction: All Casings are available in 4” thickness Thermal break 16 Gauge – G-90 galvanized steel 16 Gauge – #304 or #316 stainless steel .060” Aluminum Optional Insulation: 2” or 4” x 1.5# pcf Fiberglass w/ neoprene coating Liner Options: 2” or 4” x 3# pcf with or without neoprene coating Solid 22 gauge in either #304, #316 stainless or 2” or 4” 3# pcf rigid insulation aluminum Perforated 20 gauge in either G-90 galvanized, #304 , Demounts: #316 stainless or aluminum Available as needed per site conditions.
  6. 6. Components Custom Colors Custom colors are available in a baked epoxy powder coating
  7. 7. Components Demounts Standard on units over 138”wide and 540” long. Optional demounts: Available as needed by site conditions. (Demounted sections have j-box and flexible whip on either side of demount when electrical is present in that section. All fasteners and gasketing material is shipped loose with the unit for field installation by installing contractor.)
  8. 8. Components Doors Standard Doors: Door Options: 18 Gauge G-90 galvanized steel exterior Ventlock #310 handles 12” x 12” view ports 22 Gauge G-90 galvanized liner View port with desiccant pouch Thermal break construction 2” x 1.56# pcf insulation Micro-door switch 18 Gauge 304 or 316 stainless exterior Heavy duty stainless steel butt type hinges 16 Gauge G-90 galvanized, #304 or #316 stainless exterior Bulb type gasket .060 Aluminum exterior 22 Gauge 304 or 316 stainless liner Ventlock #260 handles 20 Gauge G-90 galvanized, 304 or 316 stainless Stainless steel hinges
  9. 9. Components Louvers & Weather Hoods Louvers: Weather Hoods: Standard: Intake Standard: 4” formed galvanized double drainable Snorkel Type Epoxy powder coated with bird screen 18 Gauge G-90 Galvanized Steel with Bird screen Nominal velocity of 500 FPM Nominal Velocities to 750 FPM Standard: Discharge Optional Louvers: Angle Type High Velocity (Vertical Vane) – Storm proof 18 Gauge G-90 Galvanized Steel w/ Bird screen Velocities up to 1000 FPM (Nominal) Nominal Velocities to 1,200 FPM. 4” aluminum double drainable 6” Formed Galvanized or 304, 316 Stainless - Drainable Optional Materials: Velocities to 600 FPM 0.060” Aluminum 16 Gauge 304 or 316 Stainless Steel with Matching Bird screen.
  10. 10. Components Dampers Standard: Airfoil – Galvanized Blade – with Edge & Jamb Seals Options: Actuators – 2-Position, Modulating, Spring Return or Non-Spring Return Actuators can be mounted and wired or just mounted Airfoil – Extruded Aluminum – Ultra Low Leakage Dual Deck or Triple Deck Multi-zone Damper – Extruded Aluminum – Zones in multiples of 6” Actuators can be wired for either 24v or 120v
  11. 11. Components Airflow Measuring Grid mount or Bell mouth of air monitoring can be supplied and installed.
  12. 12. Components Filtration Filtration Options: Framing Options: Permanent aluminum washable filters 1” or 2” depth Standard frame is G-90 galvanized & 30% efficient pre-filters (2” or 4” Depth) gasketed. Front access is required. Bag filters w/ efficiency ratings of 65%, 85% & 95%. Depths available are 15”, 22”, 30” & 36”. Slide rails are provided for side access. Rigid filters w/ efficiency ratings of 65%, 85% & 95%. Nominal 12” deep. #304 or #316 Stainless frames are HEPA filters w/ efficiency ratings of 99.9%, 99.99% & 99.999%. available. DOP rating is also available. Magnehelic gauges are available with all filter arrangements. HEPA filters must use a special sealing All outdoor units with magnehelic gauges have a sun cover to frame. These frames are G-90 galvanized protect the dial from fading. steel. Any special filtration needs can also be accommodated
  13. 13. Components Coils Water & DX Coils: Steam Coils: ½” or 5/8” with 0.020” cooper tubes 5/8” or 1” with 0.025” copper tubes 0.006” aluminum fins 0.0075” aluminum fins and 16 16 gauge galvanized casing. Gauge galvanized casing Tube walls 0.025”, 0.035”, 0.049” Optional tube walls: Fin thickness 0.0075” or .0090” 0.035” & 0.049” Optional fin material – copper Optional Fin Thickness 0.0090” Optional Casing: Stainless Steel Optional Fin Material - Copper All cooling coils over 48” are stacked with an Optional Casing: Stainless Steel intermediate drain pan and copper downspouts All drain pans are IAQ double slope insulated Stainless steel is standard
  14. 14. Components Fans Available Fans: Optional Fan Coatings: Airfoil plenum Air dried or baked epoxy, air dried or baked Quiet airfoil plenum heresite or phenolic coating Airfoil DWDI Optional Fan Materials: Backward Incline DWDI Forward curved DWDI Aluminum wheel, housing and/or frame #304 or #316 stainless steel housing, wheel Available Motor Types: (backward incline DWDI only) and/or shaft ODP – High efficiency Isolation: ODP – Premium efficiency Standard 1” deflection housed isolators optional 2” & 3” TEFC – High efficiency All fans are mounted on structural isolation bases TEFC – Premium efficiency
  15. 15. Components Specialty Fans Hostile Environment Available Construction: AMCA spark ‘B’ construction Specialty Motor Types: Mill and chemical duty explosion proof Additional specialty fans and motor arrangements are also available
  16. 16. Components Furnaces Various Types of Furnaces are Available for Installation Control Options: Indirect (Duct Type) – Indoor or outdoor On-Off Indirect – drum & tube power burner Hi-Lo-Off Electric resistance Modulation (mechanical, electronic, or external control signal) Direct fired *Heat exchanger materials are 400 series stainless steel, except for electric resistance type.
  17. 17. Components Evaporative Cooling Standards: 16 Gauge 304 stainless sump 16 & 18 Gauge 304 stainless casings Type ‘L’ copper piping w/ manual Balancing valve & metered bleed Stainless steel pump (304 stainless pumps are available) Additional horse powers are also available. Media is available in CelDek or Class II fire rated Standard piping is copper. Schedule 40 or 80 PVC is available
  18. 18. Components Humidification Types of Humidifiers Available for Installation: Self-generating Steam Steam to steam Steam dispersion Multi-stage evaporative
  19. 19. Components Acoustics Options: Various types of traps can be installed. Client’s have the option of having an acoustical analysis performed based on the components selected.
  20. 20. Components Low Temperature Cooling Tower Options: Construction: Low Temperature Tower with evaporative Sump: 12 gauge 304 Stainless Steel cooling Casing: 16 & 18 gauge 304 stainless steel Cooling technology to lower water temperature within 2-3 degrees of Media: CelDek or GlasDek wet-bulb Pump: end suction w/ stainless housing Typical efficiencies of 70- 75% are normal Piping: Copper or PVC
  21. 21. Components Condensing Unit Mounting & Piping of Condensing Units is Available
  22. 22. Components Boiler / Equipment Room Option: Units can be equipped with an integral “equipment room”
  23. 23. Components Electrical Sss Options: Motors wired to J-box Single point electrical w/ starters Single point electrical w/ VFD’s Complete custom controls system Special Purpose Enclosures
  24. 24. Testing Options Unit Testing Testing Options: All units are run tested before being loaded for shipment Test reports are available upon request ETL Tested
  25. 25. Custom Air Handling Custom-Air ® Benefits and Features: Double/single wall construction Chilled water cooling coils Evaporative cooling Hot water heating coils Special filtration Steam heating coils Humidity control Gas heat Controls DX coils
  26. 26. Custom Air Handling Modular Air Handling Unit (MAHU) 2” and 4” double wall construction, perforated or solid Benefits and Features: lined Modular design - can be split between any section 26 standard cabinet sizes Low profile design suitable for ceiling or floor mounting Inlet / mixing modules – all duct locations available Indoor and outdoor units Panel and box filters up to MERV 14 Low-leak cabinet construction - less than 1% CFM HW, CW, DX and steam coils available up to 10 rows cabinet leakage at a positive pressure of 6″WG TSP deep Complements UMPs larger custom-air range #304 SS double sloped drain pans Internally isolated direct drive plug fan for quiet operation Gas or electric heat options and zero belt maintenance ETL listed and labeled in accordance with UL1995 500 to 11,000 CFM @ up to 6.00″ TSP
  27. 27. Custom Air Handling Vertical Air Handling Unit (VAHU) Benefits and Features: Small footprint with main access on one side 4 standard cabinet sizes Internally isolated direct drive plug fan for Inlet / Mixing modules Panel and 4” box filters up to MERV 14 quiet operation and zero belt maintenance 14 HW and CW coils as standard #304 SS double sloped 500 to 5,400 CFM @ up to 6.00″ TSP drain pans 2” double wall construction, perforated or Pre-wired for single point power connection solid lined ETL listed and labeled in accordance with UL1995 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel cabinet - stainless steel or Hybralume™ available
  28. 28. Energy Recovery Energy Recovery Unit ™ (ERU) Benefits and Features: Energy recovery: heat pipe, air to air, air to water, heat 0-100% outside air wheels 5,000 to 40,000 CFM and higher Engineered primarily for high outside air requirements: Production or custom design 30%–100% Energy recovery: heat pipe, air to air, air to water, ETL labeling available heat wheels Engineered primarily for high outside air requirements: 30%-100%
  29. 29. Energy Recovery Energy Recovery Figure 1 The Wet Bulb Energy Recovery System Wet Bulb Energy Recovery United Metal Products is the industry innovator and leader with regards to effective energy recovery in high dry bulb regions. UMP has spent the last fifteen years perfecting the technology called “Wet Bulb Energy Recovery.” The key to super efficient energy recovery efficiency in the high dry bulb regions of the world is moving the temperature exchange at the wet bulb temperature as opposed to the dry bulb level when the air exits the unit. When this cutting edge method is implemented, energy recovery efficiencies of over 100% can be attained. Not only does this translate into a smaller carbon footprint left on the environment, but it can also mean an increase in an organization’s bottom line.
  30. 30. Wet Bulb Energy Recovery The Wet Bulb Energy Recovery System
  31. 31. Components Energy Recovery Options Cross Flow Heat Pipes Heat Wheel These systems are the most These systems run between 55%- These systems run up to 65% efficient with regards to sensible 65% efficient with regards to efficient with regards to sensible energy recovery as they can sensible energy recovery. The energy recovery. The main provide up to 75% efficiency. main advantage of these units is advantage of the heat wheel is that They also have no moving parts, that they have no moving parts it has minimal moving parts. an extremely compact design, and which means very little However, the size of the heat wheel a competitive cost. maintenance is necessary. They determines the size of the unit and provide the highest CFM of the this limits design flexibility. energy recovery units and are offered in custom configurations.
  32. 32. Evaporative Technologies Cel-Air ® Benefits and Features: 120 cataloged sizes from 6,000-100,000 CFM 2″ double wall or single wall construction Galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel materials 5,000-100,000 CFM and above Evaporative cooling ETL Labeled under UL1995 Standards
  33. 33. Evaporative Technologies Fan-Air ® Benefits and Features: Commercial and industrial applications Low profile Models UMP-700 Series are AMCA Licensed ETL - labeled under UL 507 Up to 60% energy savings over other evaporative Powder coated coolers Gas Heat options available
  34. 34. Innovative Design Direct Replacement Unit ™ (DRU) Benefits and Features: Direct replacement for UMP FanAir coolers Double-sloped drain pan under cooling coil 15 Ton / 6000cfm supply air Direct drive blower plenum fan with VFD Other sizes in development drive Supply/Return duct and drum louver diffuser Single or dual point power connections available Supply and return air smoke detectors 1” double wall Hybralume™ construction R-410A refrigerant Hinged access doors ETL listed and labeled in accordance with Economizer and recovery UL1995 2” pre-filters up to MERV 8
  35. 35. Packaged Central Plant Chil-Pak ® Benefits and Features: Saves labor in installation, single point c.w., controls and Pre-engineered package saves on valuable lead electricity Economical for projects down to 150 tons Single point of responsibility Water side plate and frame economizer option 2” double wall construction Pre-tested, labeled, and listed under ETL Sound Secure System Compact Design
  36. 36. Applications Various Applications Aircraft hangars Military facilities Convention centers Call centers Indoor pools Factories Casinos Kitchens Food processing plants Clean rooms Manufacturing facilities Gymnasiums Textile factories Pharmaceutical labs Hospitals Theaters Prisons Mining facilities Warehouses Schools Museums Water treatment plants Terminals Office buildings