UnitedLayer Case Study_Migration to a Private Cloud Infrastructure_San Francisco, CA


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How UnitedLayer Helped Maria Maria Restaurants

Attention: We were hand-held by all involved. UnitedLayer has a great team, from the CEO down to front-line support staff.

Expertise: They offered a broad range of expertise and were very consultative; effectively talking us through their recommendations. This was crucial to us.

Confidence: I could tell during the planning stage everything was going to work out great. They clearly knew what they were doing.

UnitedLayer, LLC is a premier IT infrastructure provider serving enterprise clients. We offer colocation, managed services, private clouds, business continuity solutions and hybrid hosting out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ashburn and Toronto.

We are known for our world-class, SSAE 16-certified, fully redundant datacenter facilities with extreme connectivity. As well as our 24/7 stellar customer service and the ability to deploy and manage comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions.

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UnitedLayer Case Study_Migration to a Private Cloud Infrastructure_San Francisco, CA

  1. 1. UNI-1 ED LAYERYour IT Infrastructure. Delivered.Cloud, Managed, Co location and Disaster Recovery -- / Maria Maria RestaurantsKarl Hess, Controller for Maria Maria Restaurants, had a common IT problem - old, crankyhardware and outdated software. Another problem was disparate systems for their point-of-saleand back office needs (such as accounting). Maria Maria was continuously having issues withtheir server structure and experiencing periodic hard drive failures that impacted their phones,voice mail, transmission of credit card batches, etc. Karl knew it was time to implement a moresophisticated IT infrastructure, but needed to do so at a good price point.What made you choose Unitedlayer as your IToutsource partner?I wanted a partner that would address my needs ina very specific way, and offer great service at a fairprice. Unitedlayer was the complete package - nopushy sales pitch and a very straightforward,intelligent manner that gave me confidence rightfrom the beginning. They offered sensible,thoughtful recommendations; and impressed me asbeing extremely smart and good at what they do.How did United layer help you address your challenges?Initially I spoke to Ed Buck, VP of Services & Support, as well as Unitedlayers CEO Abhijit Phanse. They,targeted the conversation directly to my requirements, which were to get our servers out of the closet andminimize hardware failures. They suggested setting up a private cloud and moving to a data center to improvecapability and keep my costs under control. Virtualizing our accounting software was a key recommendation,and Ed demonstrated how it could be the best solution.
  2. 2. What did you appreciate most about Now that you are a customer of Unitedlayer,Unitedlayer during your migration? what value have you received?Unitedlayers biggest value was walking me through We now have a solid Private Cloud infrastructure,the migration; taking 12 servers and reprovisioning mostly virtualized; an IT solution for which we havethem into the data center. It was a fairly smooth 100 percent confidence. We have better hardware,transition - the team is focused on the customer more processing power and better operatingand extremely service-oriented. Ed was very systems. And with Unitedlayer, we now have accessconsultative and flexible; and effectively talked us to a large pool of IT talent we didnt have before.through solutions we knew nothing about, while also This is a huge advantage to have expanded ouroverseeing the migration and implementation to talent pool from one person to a small army.ensure everything went smoothly.•• Thanks to United layer, we now •• The support team at Unitedlayer is have an IT solution for which we very smart, they know the questions have 100 percent confidence. to ask and their response time is excellent. What stood out for you in working withUnitedlayer?The support - Brian and Robert from the technicalteam went above and beyond dealing with what weasked them to do. The Brians and the Roberts in acompany like this make all the difference. They areextremely good at follow-up - an amazing team .These guys are very smart, they know the questionsto ask and their response time is excellent.