TYPICAL APPLICATIONS• CRT Monitors• X-Ray Machines• Service Columns• Microscopes• Surgical Lighting• Gas Columns• Injector...
System strength, integrity and
Medical Equipment Support Systemsflexibility                          Unistrut Corporation       demands of the most advan...
Complete-system support for
Medical Equipment Support Systemsyour equipment  INFINITE                      Unistrut Medical                           ...
Typical Room Layouts                                                                                                      ...
Medical Equipment Support Systems                                                                                         ...
General SpecificationsI. GENERAL                                         2. Manufacturer’s Brochure: Brochure shall       ...
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  1. 1. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS• CRT Monitors• X-Ray Machines• Service Columns• Microscopes• Surgical Lighting• Gas Columns• Injector Systems
  2. 2. System strength, integrity and
  3. 3. Medical Equipment Support Systemsflexibility Unistrut Corporation demands of the most advanced medical PROVIDING has been involved in equipment. With its inherent strength and A WORLD the engineering, versatility, the Unistrut system adapts easily design and installa- to a wide range of environments and design OF SUPPORT tion of medical parameters. Dur- equipment support ing installation, systems for over five built-in adjustment decades. Our proven capabilities allow systems support X-ray equipment, surgical the system to be lighting, service columns, microsurgery units, fine-tuned to as well as other specialized medical equip- precisely match ment in healthcare facilities worldwide. site conditions. Unistrut support extends well beyond With manufactur- quality products to include in-depth plan- ing plants on three ning, engineering, computer-aided design, continents and fabrication, distribution and installation… more than a hun- a full range of services only Unistrut can dred authorized provide. service centers, we Our expertise is built on a solid foundation. can provide the Since 1935, Unistrut has been helping con- resources and struction and design professionals build a expertise to stay better world. Specifiers worldwide choose with you from Unistrut metal framing and related Unistrut conception to job systems for an infinite variety of structural completion. and secondary-support applications. Whether you’re You can count on Unistrut quality from planning a new point of manufacture all the way through wing, upgrading an project installation. The result is reliable, existing facility, or consistent performance wherever Unistrut coordinating a medical support systems are used. That’s multi-location why we can issue an identification tag construction backed by a full two-year limited war- program, Unistrut ranty that assures the high quality of professionals can your medical support system. help you meet Unlike other support materials, our virtually every equipment-support need with system features components designed proven, dependable, flexible solutions. specifically to meet the performance
  4. 4. Complete-system support for
  5. 5. Medical Equipment Support Systemsyour equipment INFINITE Unistrut Medical Support Systems ADJUSTABILITY allow both basic and micro adjustments, so installations can be quickly and easily adapted to specific site conditions. Changes, slight adjustments and precise “fit” are easy to achieve, simplifying both initial installation and future updates. VERSATILITY The Unistrut system is strong WITH from top to AESTHETIC bottom providing dependable and APPEAL precise support for all your medical equipment needs. For instance, the unique Telespar® vertical support combines the strength of square tubing with simple adjustability. The Unistrut “K” channel, with its vertical back-to-back design, reduces the load at weld points. Together, these components provide supe- rior strength with maximum adjustability— primary requirements for proper operation of today’s precision medical equipment. Ceiling tiles are installed directly on the “K” channel flange, flush with the bottom channel opening. This creates a clean, unobtrusive look consistent with equipment and room aesthetics. From basic X-ray machines to integrated multi- unit systems, Unistrut medical equipment Designed-in Designed-in support systems are the proven way to meet today’s demanding equipment support requirements. strength and strength and versatility versatility Optional ceiling tile flange shown
  6. 6. Typical Room Layouts Prescribed by X-Ray Mfr.TWO RAIL SYSTEM (In-Line)Can be used for supporting any overheadX-ray machine using two rails spaced Rail Length Determined by Architect RAIL RAILbetween 3 and 6 apart. Prescribed by X-Ray Mfr.THREE RAIL SYSTEM (In-Line)Can be used for supporting any overhead CABLE TAKE-UPX-ray machine using three rails. Rail Length Determined by Architect RAIL RAIL
  7. 7. Medical Equipment Support Systems VariableUNIVERSAL GRID (Transverse)Can be used for supporting any overheadX-ray machine with any number of railsbecause of its unique adjustability feature. RAIL RAIL Preferred O.C. 26 to 265⁄8 VariableRIGID MOUNTCan be used for rigid-mounting of variousmedical apparatus such as medicallights or rigid-mounted pendenttype microscopes.ISOLATED MOUNTFeatures vibration-absorbing isolators and isa perfect choice for supporting pendentmounted microscopes.
  8. 8. General SpecificationsI. GENERAL 2. Manufacturer’s Brochure: Brochure shall 4. Seismic Bracing: Medical system shall beA. SCOPE show materials, strengths, finishes and adequately braced to meet all code1. Contractor shall provide and install a sizes. Sufficient engineering information requirements. medical support system(s) as indicated on shall be provided to permit stress calcula- 5. Loading:The support structure shall be the reflected ceiling plans, in rooms tions. Materials listed should conform to designed to support a concentrated load of ____________________________________ the appropriate specifications from ASTM, ______ lbs. , at any single point along the located at ___________________________. AISI, AISC, and/or AWS. exposed rails. The concentrated load shall System shall be a “Universal Grid” type 3. Calculations (optional):The medical be the maximum that will be encountered when possible, with rails extending wall to support system shall lend itself to a rational by positioning the equipment at the wall, perpendicular to the path of travel of structural analysis with section properties extremities of its travel (maximal load the equipment. Rail shall be on centers as of framing members demonstrated by configuration). required by equipment manufacturer and calculations. Structural calculations and 6. Safety Factor:The system shall be designed allow continuous attachment along any drawings shall be furnished with a stamp with a minimum safety factor of 21⁄2 based point on the rail. System shall be true, by a licensed engineer complying with all on ultimate strength under static loading plumb and level to the tolerances indi- applicable codes and regulatory require- conditions. cated, with no more than 1/720th of the ments. span maximum deflection in either plane, III. INSTALLATION when maximum loading conditions are II. MATERIAL AND DESIGN A. FIELD MEASUREMENTS applied due to equipment operation. A. MATERIAL The contractor shall make field measure- 1. Materials used shall conform to the ments to assure that the medical support2. Work of others sections following ASTM specifications: can be installed according to plans, and a) Ceiling ASTM 653SQ33,ASTM A570 Grade 33, without interference with structural b) Painting ASTM A575, ASTM 675 Grade 50, SAE J429 framing, mechanical systems, plumbing or c) Electrical Grade 2. other obstructions. Any interferences shall d) _____________ 2. All materials shall be protected from be reported to the architect. corrosion with a factory applied finish.B. QUALITY ASSURANCE 3. All materials shall be stamped and B. SEQUENCING1. Material and installation shall be provided identifiable by manufacturer and part The contractor shall assure that the by a qualified vendor, with at least five (5) number (where appropriate). Materials support system is installed in a timely and years experience in the manufacture and that appear damaged, distressed, unidentifi- practical sequence, ahead of any extensive installation of adjustable metal framing able or rusted shall not be used and will electrical, mechanical or HVAC work in the supports. Vendor shall demonstrate not be accepted. area, and prior to any ceiling framing or experience of projects of similar scope and room finishes. size, and shall maintain a continuing quality B. DESIGN assurance program for both its material and 1. Support Structure:The support members at C. PAINTING installation crews. the ceiling plane shall be located as All exposed members shall be painted by2. Vendor shall provide the single source indicated on the drawings. They shall the painting contractor with paint responsibility for materials and workman- consist of Unistrut “K” series x-ray channel. compatible to the support systems. ship, and shall provide a warranty period of The spacing shall allow installation of one (1) year from date of acceptance by standard modular 24" ceiling fixtures and D. MODIFICATIONS architect/owner. equipment. It shall be possible to attach Any changes or modifications from3. Acceptable Vendors: Unistrut Corporation the medical equipment at any point on the approved shop drawings shall require and/or its authorized representative. support system. approval from the architect and engineer, 2. Ceiling Anchorage:Whenever possible, and shall be noted on the final drawings.C. SUBMITTAL attachment to ceiling structure above shall1. Shop Drawings: Successful vendor shall be done by means of imbedded concrete E. LIABILITY submit shop drawings showing the inserts, through bolts, or by direct Installing contractor shall be able to complete system, including plans, sections attachment to the structural framing of the furnish coverage liability insurance with and details of the system. Plans shall show building. limitation of no less than one million all manufactured parts, by catalog numbers, 3. Vertical supports: The exposed “K” series dollars. Material, design and installations all fabricated parts, and all fasteners and rails and the ceiling anchorage shall be shall be furnished by a single source to hardware. connected by a series of 12 Gauge minimize total liability. Telespar® vertical supports as indicated on the drawings. Vertical supports shall provide for both basic and micro vertical adjustment. Unistrut Corporation • 1140 West Thorndale Ave. • Itasca, IL 60143 • (800) 468-9510 FAX (630) 773-4214 UMMS 300 Printed in USA 5/99 © Unistrut Corporation