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How we express ourselves pp
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How we express ourselves pp


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  • This is really amazing! I was so impressed with what you can do in kindergarten. This looks like a great inquiry!
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  • 1. How We Express Ourselves
  • 2. Transdisciplinary Theme
    An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.
  • 3. Central idea:
    We can express ourselves through the arts.
    Lines of Inquiry
    FORM: Types of creative expression
    PERSPECTIVE: How our creativity is inspired.
    REFLECTION: How we respond to art.
  • 4. Teacher Questions:
    In what ways can we express ourselves?
    How does the work of others inspire us?
    In what ways can we respond to the arts?
  • 5. Learner Profiles and PYP Attitudes
    Confidence-Thinking like you can try or do most things
    Creativity-Coming up with your own ideas
    Enthusiasm- Enjoying learning
    Appreciation – Being grateful
  • 6. What is Expression?
    We watched lots of videos of people expressing themselves. We saw a painter, a dancer, a singer, and a sand artist. As we were watching, we thought……
    Iris – The dancer “loves someone.”
    Isabel – “He misses someone.”
    Misato – The painter is “making a sunflower and there is happy music so he’s happy.”
    Joong Gun – “The man has a gun so he might shoot the swan and it makes the eagle cry” (sand artist)
    Owen – The sand artist is “really sad; the music is sad and he is making sad pictures.”
    Frida – The singer is “singing a so beautiful song the lady is crying. She loves it.”
  • 7. Charlie and Lola express themselves….
    I can dance like a dancer
    I wish I could draw exactly more like you
    I want to play music too
    Click the links!
  • 8. Breaking down the central idea:
    What are “the arts?”
  • 9. Breaking down the central idea: What does it mean to “express?”
  • 10. Artist Visit – Mr.
    Artist Visit – Malcom’s dad, Mr. Burgess, playing the bagpipes!
    Click here
  • 11. Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
  • 12. Do these works of art inspire you?
    It makes me feel happy because she is so pretty. _ Brielle
    It reminds of when people lived in a cave. -Trang
    It reminds me of ordering tea in a restaurant. -Isabel
    It reminds me of someone dying in a fire. –Joong Gun
    It reminds me of my sister. -Iris
  • 13. It looks like someone sleeping. -Daniel
    I feel relaxed.
    I think it looks like a dragon. It makes me feel like running away. -Satoshi
    It reminds me of a giant frog. -Tony
    It reminds me of killing animal. I feel sad. -Emily
    It reminds me of fighting in a war. -Samantha
  • 14. Wow! I Like That One!
    Pieces of art that inspired us at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
    Uncle Ho’s House
    Samantha thought, “it reminds me of swimming with Emily at JAFA. I feel happy because it’s summer. I think it’s beautiful and I want to go again and see this picture. I wonder who made it.”
  • 15. Girl on the Jetty
    Emily thought, “it reminds me of my mom washing my clothes. I feel happy. I think of jet skiing with my sister. I wonder if it’s at the beach.”
  • 16. Uncle Ho’s House
    Daniel thought, “it reminds me of my grandpa’s bridge. I feel happy. I think it looks like a forest. I want to live in Uncle Ho’s house. I wonder if the trees grow so high.”
  • 17. Mask
    Chau thought, “it reminds me of … I feel happy. I think I like it and I want to put…
  • 18. Ladies on a Buffalo
    Yu Chan thought, “I want to ride the buffalo and I want to meet the old ladies.
  • 19. Statue
    Tony thought, “it reminds me of fighting. I feel happy. I wonder …”
  • 20. Four Seasons
    Brielle thought, “it reminds me of my house in America. I feel happy. I think of my favorite book. I want to go back to my house in America. I wonder where this picture is .”
  • 21. Arrow
    Trang thought, “it reminds me of the soldiers in a war against America. I feel like being saved. I think some of the soldiers got dead. I feel sad for them. I want to help them. I wonder how much work it took.”
  • 22. Happiness
    Frida thought, “it reminds me when I was a baby and mum carry me to bed. I feel happy and mum and dad is happy too.”
  • 23. Misato thought, “it reminds me of my friends. I feel little bit sad. I think my friend remember me. I want to go back to Japan. I wonder who painted this picture.”
  • 24. The Monster
    Isabel thought, “it reminds me of a monster. I feel it is funny. I think it is a person comes from a monster farm. I want to fight. I wonder why it has so many arms.”
  • 25. Happiness
    Alec thought, “it reminds me of a dog. I feel happy when I look at it. I think the picture is water buffalo. I want to have it. I wonder if the buffalo has a family.”
  • 26. A Woman and a Child
    Iris thought, “it reminds I have a baby. I feel I am grown up. I think I have a husband. I want to go swimming at the pool with Samantha. I wonder I like Emily and she likes me too.”
  • 27. The One Thousand Hands
    Joong Gun thought, “it reminds me of a tornado. I feel awesome. I think it is killing. I wonder it will be monster and I want to fight.”
  • 28. The Dragon Puppet
    Owen thought, “it reminds me of a crocodile. I feel scared because it blows fire. I think it looks like a roller – coaster. I want to have it. I wonder if it turns alive.”
  • 29. Rowing
    Satoshi thought, “it reminds me of going with my dad rowing. I think that I want to go rowing. I want to sleep on the boat. I wonder who painted this picture.”
  • 30. Puppeteers are also artists! Look at the ways they can express themselves!
    Click here and here to see how they use their bodies to express themselves
    Click here and here to see them at work
  • 31. We Can be Artists, Too!
    Click here, here, and here to watch us express ourselves!
  • 32. Expression Through Painting/Drawing
    Click here to hear all the songs.
    We also listened to “Night on Bald Mountain,” “Carnival,” and “Kozmic Blue.” We responded to these pieces of music through the arts.
    We listened to “The Can Can,” “Pizzicato Police,” and “Flight of the Bumblebee.”
  • 33. Expression Through Music
    Mr. McGibbon showed us how he expresses himself through playing the piano, singing, and writing music.
  • 34. Expression Through Dance
    Click here and here to watch!
    Senorita Lopez and her class showed us how to do “La Macarena” and express ourselves through movement
  • 35. Expression Through a Musical Instrument
    Angelina’s mom, Mrs. Le, playing the danbau, a Vietnamese traditional instrument
    Click here to listen and watch
  • 36. Expression Through Sculpture
  • 37. We like to express ourselves...
    …through playing musical instruments…
    …or painting!
  • 38. Through drawing...
    …or making pictures with sand!
  • 39. Through dancing, acting, or singing
    Through puppet shows…
  • 40. Through dance….
    Click here, here, and here to watch!
  • 41. Through sculpture…
  • 42. Ms. Julia shows us how to boot scoot boogie!
    Expression through dance
    Click here to watch!
  • 43. Kids can express themselves, too!
    These high school students are rocking out!
    Listen and watch here.
    Savio is 8 years old. Listen and watch him play the pianohere.
  • 44. Click here and here to see us sing and dance!