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Should you use WordPress for your non-profit websites?
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Should you use WordPress for your non-profit websites?


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Tech4Good Denver asked Bethany Siegler (of UniqueThink) to speak to their community of Non-Profit Organizations. The topic was whether to use WordPress for their Content Management System (CMS), to …

Tech4Good Denver asked Bethany Siegler (of UniqueThink) to speak to their community of Non-Profit Organizations. The topic was whether to use WordPress for their Content Management System (CMS), to build their websites. These are the slides from the presentation. The include recommendations of must have plugins, themes and hosting. - -

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  • 1. Should You Use 
 .com (720) 771.3271 1 For Your Non-Profit Website?
  • 2. Presented by: Bethany Siegler at ! Slides available at
 .com (720) 771.3271 2 Let’s Connect: ! Pinterest:   Google+:   FaceBook:   Twitter: LinkedIn:  
  • 3. What is WordPress? • Originally – Created for Blogging – To easy add new posts (content) ! • Now – Used to run a complete website .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 4. Who Uses WordPress? • WordPress is used by 59.9% of all the websites whose content management system we know. ! • This is 22.1% of all websites. .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 5. From Your Community .com (720) 771.3271 5 Thanks Sarah Mapes for pointing out these 
 and other sites
  • 6. From Your Community .com (720) 771.3271 6
  • 7. What is WordPress? • WordPress Software/Application: – Lives online - NOT on your computer – Browser-based editing ! – Suggestion: Use Firefox or Chrome
 to edit content .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 8. CMS: Content Management System – System that Manages Your Content: • Organizes content into: – Pages, Posts, Media (images, video...) – Add, find, edit and archive content .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 9. The Technology Behind it –GEEK TALK: •WordPress uses: – PHP files: talks to the Database – MySql Database: stores YOUR content and settings .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 10. How does it function? – GEEK TALK: – HTML (HyperText Markup Language) » displays web content » creates the site’s structure – CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) » defines appearance » stylizes: fonts, colors and sizing .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 11. Why do they say it’s so easy? • You don’t need to know how to code to add content .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 12. Why is it so popular? • Easy to: • add, change and style text copy • add images and PDFs • embed a YouTube Video • Can use existing layouts - called “themes” • easily brand it - make it your own .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 13. The Tool that Makes it Easy • Visual Editor (WYSIWYG): – What You See is What You Get – Toolbar with buttons for stylizing your 
 content (as in Word and other text editors) – Don’t need to know HTML 
 (but sometimes helpful) .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271 B for Bold I for italics
  • 14. View of Visual Editor (720) 771.3271
  • 15. Visitor’s View: 
 Theme control the Look .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271 • Current Default Theme: TwentyFourteen comes installed on WordPress • Check out theme Demo:
  • 16. Make it Their Own .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 17. What is a Theme ! – Controls the PRESENTATION (look) of site – Separate from Content (text and media) – Can be easily switched 
 (to give a site a new look) – 1000s and 1000s of free and 
 premium (paid) themes available – Not all are created equal .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 18. .com (720) 771.3271 18 Built on the DonateNow Theme Thanks Sarah Mapes for pointing these out Making a Themes Your Own
  • 19. Making a Themes Your Own .com (720) 771.3271 19 Built on the Dandelion Theme
  • 20. Responsive Designed Theme Scales to any Device (720) 771.3271
  • 21. .com (720) 771.3271 21 Built on the Akita Theme Making a Themes Your Own
  • 22. Action Steps: Ask Yourself .com (720) 771.3271 22 ‣ What is your site’s purpose? ! ‣ How do you want it to look? ! ‣ What do you want it to do (functionality)? ! ‣Will media (images/videos) be prominently featured? And how will it display? ! ‣ Will you be Blogging? ! ‣ How will the navigation work? ! ‣ How will it look to mobile visitors?
  • 23. Finding Themes (720) 771.3271 ‣ What to Look for: ‣ How it looks and functions ‣ Does it have/do what you need ‣ Documentation and Support ‣ Reviews and Ratings ‣ Browser Compatibility ‣ Responsive Design - Mobile-Friendly
  • 24. Finding Themes (Recommendations) (720) 771.3271 Free Premium
  • 25. Finding Themes (Recommendations) (720) 771.3271 Free Premium
  • 26. What Are Widgets? ! • Add Content and Features
 to your sidebar • Want to show your Recent 
 Posts on your sidebar? • Automate the process • A piece of code or script
 does the work for you 
 .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 27. More Widget Sections: • Widgets aren’t only for sidebars, anymore – Some themes allow these codes/scripts in the footer area –Some themes also allow them to be placed within the content area of a page
 *check with your theme’s developer .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 28. What Are Plugins? • They Plug Into the Site – A mini piece of software/app – Automates or adds functionality – May be for visitor or admin’s experience
 – Like the iPhone has Apps, WordPress has plugins to do most things you need .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 29. About Plugins • Remember, in most cases these developers are doing it on their own time and giving it away free • Not all plugins are created equal • Sometimes developers don’t continue to support future changes • Too many plugins can weigh down your site • Plugin conflicts can bring down your whole site • Look for up to date and highly recommended • Check the WordPress’s Plugin Directory for more insights: (720) 771.3271
  • 30. Plugin Suggestions: These are my free must have plugins .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271 • Akismet- - Eliminates Spam in Comments • All in One SEO Pack - in-one-seo-faq/  Helps you add keywords to titles and descriptions for search engines • Broken Link Checker Checks for broken links and missing images • Custom Post Widget Adds 'content blocks' to a widget - without knowing code • Google Analyticator: Adds Google Analytics code (a tool to track visits to your site) • Google XML SiteMap: Adds a sitemap to help the search engines index you better • TinyMCE Advanced  Add on tools for your editor tool bar. • BackWPup Free Schedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…).   • WordFence Security plugin - with a notification system, of when plugins need to be updated !
  • 31. GetJetpack! • Lots of tools from this one WordPress created plugin. Learn about it: • It has options for stats, comments, subscriptions, contact forms, sharing, photo gallery extensions, and can even handle the load time on images for you. • You will need a free account to get access (720) 771.3271
  • 32. • Helps Build Your Complete Online Presence with: ! • WordPress Websites & Blogs • Social Media • EMail Marketing • Web Usability and SEO Lite
 • Bethany Siegler can be reached at 720.771.3271 or email at .com (720) 771.3271 32 Slides available at
  • 33. Take 10% off my 
 WordPress workshops 
 in Boulder or Denver ! Use Coupon Code: SieglerBDA16 ! offering=217&source=bethany (720) 771.3271
  • 34. ! ! Bonus Materials (720) 771.3271
  • 35. Same, but Difference? .com (720) 771.3271 35
  • 36. WordPress.COM .com (720) 771.3271 36 • Free hosting: No install/upgrades, but domain contains 1. Use a domain you already own on account - $13.00 per domain, per year. 2. Register a domain thru, starting at $18.00 per domain, per year • Themes: Limited to 266 (some premium from $20 up) • Custom Design: a paid upgrade that costs $30.00 per year. • Tools: Limited 3rd party tools, no plugins • Ads: They can place ads to your site. You can pay to remove ads from - No-Ads Upgrades cost $30.00 per year • Space: 3GB free -10GB Upgrade: $20.00 per year ! ! .COM Options: either use Free As Is OR get WordPress Value Bundle a $99 yr
  • 37. WordPress.ORG .com (720) 771.3271 37 • Self-hosted: Pay for hosting - and domain name - need to install and maintain upgrades 1. hosting can cost about $83 in the first year with free domain registration thru HostMonster, BlueHost or HostGator 2. Use 1-click install to get WordPress set up • Themes: Unlimited free and premium (between $25-$150) • Custom Design: to get a look that really meets your vision, you could move to WordPress.ORG and use any theme (layout, the look of your site) or have someone custom create a look for you • Tools: Unlimited 3rd party tools and plugins • Ads: You can either run ads or not, it is up to you • Space: depends on hosting plan ! You have to host, install, backup and upgrade on your own - but it is fairly easy to do .ORG Options: Get started at about $83 using Twenty Eleven or another free theme OR Use a Premium Theme OR Hire a developer for a unique custom look
  • 38. Hosting Service Providers Here  are  a  few  hos+ng  solu+ons  I  recommend:     ! HostMonster:  This  company  has  a  low  yearly  price,  24  hour  Utah  based  “technical  support”  (not  just  customer  support,  but  folks  who  can  answer  technical   quesIons)  and  are  good  with  WordPress/security  and  backup  issues:   hOp://   ! They  also  recently  added  a  “PRO”  account  –  which  is  more  money,  but  provides  faster  speed,  your  own  dedicated  IP  address,  and  more   ! BlueHost  is  the  sister  company  of  HostMonster  and  offers  the  same  product  for  about  $1  more  a  month  –  and  are  a  recommended  WordPress.ORG  vendor:   hOp://   ! HostGator:  This  company  has  reasonable  monthly  plans  and  uses  renewable  energy  –  they  are  also  a  good  choice  for  folks  with  are  planning  to  have  a  store  on   their  site.  They  also  offer  plans  for  sites  that  might  grow  too  large  or  prefer  not  to  be  on  a  shared  server  (which  I  can  explain  beOer,  if  you  have  a  need  for   this):   hOp://­‐bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=bethink   ! WP  Engine:  This  company  is  considerably  more  expensive,  but  has  a  lot  to  offer.  They  specialize  in  hosIng  WordPress  sites,  do  backups  and  upgrades  for   you,  so  you  don't  have  to  worry  about  doing  them  on  your  own.  The  one  draw  back  is    they  do  their  support  via  email,  not  phone.  If  you  are  not  the  type  to   maintain  updates  on  your  site,  you  should  seriously  consider  this  type  of  opIon  (or  one  of  the  other  plans  and  then  hire  someone  to  do  the  maintenance  for   you):  hOp://   ! HostMonster,  BlueHost  and  HostGator  were  all  recently  purchased  by  EIG,  who  owns  many  other  hosIng  companies.   ! There  are  a  lot  of  companies  I  would  not  recommend,  they  either  for  price,  security  or  other  factors,  so  please  consider  of  these  as  an  opIon.     ! I  typically  encourage  folks  to  purchase  their  domain  name  registraIon  somewhere  else  and  then  point  it  to  your  hosIng  company  (think  of  it  like  forwarding  a   phone  number).    The  reason  for  this  is  if  you  ever  want  to  change  hosIng  companies,  it  is  potenIally  easier.   ! These  are  affiliate  links,  but  the  reason  I  recommend  them  is  because  I  think  they  are  beOer  soluIons  than  other  providers  like  GoDaddy  and  Network   SoluIons.   .com (720) 771.3271 38
  • 39. WordPress Installation • 1-click install of WordPress makes it easy • DEMO it on HostMonster: Notes on how to use: .com (720) 771.3271 (720) 771.3271
  • 40. Resources • • WordPress Plugin Directory: plugins/ • WordPress Themes Directory: extend/themes/ • How-To Videos from category/how-to/ • WP101 Videos: .com (720) 771.3271 40
  • 41. • Helps Build Your Complete Online Presence with: ! • WordPress Websites & Blogs • Social Media • EMail Marketing • Web Usability and SEO Lite
 • Bethany Siegler can be reached at 720.771.3271 or email at .com (720) 771.3271 41