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Beginner's Guide to WordPress For Noncoders
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Beginner's Guide to WordPress For Noncoders


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This is a Non-coder's Guide for Getting Started with WordPress - from the 2012 WordCamp Denver, presented by Bethany Siegler of

This is a Non-coder's Guide for Getting Started with WordPress - from the 2012 WordCamp Denver, presented by Bethany Siegler of

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Beginner’s Guide to For Non-coders .com (720) 771.3271 1
  • 2. Bethany Siegler Slides available Connect at: .com (720) 771.3271 2
  • 3. Who Are You:Raise Those Hands .com (720) 771.3271 3
  • 4. What is WordPress?WordPress Software/Application:– Browser-based– Lives online - NOT on your computer .com (720) 771.3271 4
  • 5. How does it function?– GEEK TALK: WordPress uses HTML and CSS – HTML or HyperText Markup Language » displays web content » creates the structure – CSS or Cascading Style Sheets » defines appearance » stylizes: fonts, colors and sizing .com (720) 771.3271 5
  • 6. How does it function?– GEEK TALK: WordPress is based on PHP - a server-side scripting languages - that works with a MySQL database – PHP files - make site function – Database - stores YOUR content .com (720) 771.3271 6
  • 7. Same, but Difference? .com (720) 771.3271 7
  • 8. WordPress.COMFree hosting: No install/upgrades, but domaincontains 1. Use a domain you already own on account - $13.00 per domain, per year. 2. Register a domain thru, starting at $18.00 per domain, per yearThemes: Limited to 211 (45 premium from $39 up)Custom Design: a paid upgrade that costs $30.00 per year.Tools: Limited 3rd party tools, no pluginsAds: They can add ads to your site. You can pay to removeads from - No-Ads Upgrades cost $30.00 peryearSpace: 3GB free -10GB Upgrade: $20.00 per year.COM Options: either use Free As IsOR get WordPress Value Bundle a $99 yr .com (720) 771.3271 8
  • 9. WordPress.ORG Self-hosted: Pay for hosting - and domain name - need to install and maintain upgrades 1. hosting can cost about $83 in the first year with free domain registration thru HostMonster, BlueHost or HostGator 2. Use 1-click install to get WordPress set up Themes: Unlimited free and premium (between $25-$150) Custom Design: to get a look that really meets your vision, you could move to WordPress.ORG and use any theme (layout, the look of your site) or have someone custom create a look for you Tools: Unlimited 3rd party tools and plugins Ads: You can either run ads or not, it is up to you Space: depends on hosting planYou have to host, install, backup and upgrade on your own - but it is fairly easy to do.ORG Options: Get started at about $83 using TwentyEleven or another free themeOR Use a Premium ThemeOR Hire a developer for a unique custom look .com (720) 771.3271 9
  • 10. WordPress Installation1-click install DEMO HostMonster: .com (720) 771.3271 10
  • 11. WordPress Installation .com (720) 771.3271 11
  • 12. Visitor’s View: Front End of Site Current Default Theme: TwentyEleven comes with WordPress installation .com (720) 771.3271 12
  • 13. Where to Go:Admin Section:– Backdoor to your site (lives online)– Administrative area Way to edit/add content to site– Login with username & password via .com (720) 771.3271 13
  • 14. Admin Panels –Where do I login? 14 .com (720) 771.3271
  • 15. Getting around theWordPress Dashboard .com (720) 771.3271 15
  • 16. Finding Help and Inline Documentation .com (720) 771.3271 16
  • 17. WordPress Glossary of TermsContent Management System (CMS):– System that Manages Your Content: Organizes content into: – Pages – Posts – Media (images, video...)– Allows you to easily add, find, edit and archive content .com (720) 771.3271 17
  • 18. Managing Your content The Media Library Add PDFs, Images, Audio, Video (max size for most web hosts is 5-8MB, can increase via php.ini file) .com (720) 771.3271 18
  • 19. WordPress Glossary of TermsVisual Editor (WYSIWYG):– What You See is What You Get– Toolbar with buttons for stylizing your content (as in Word and other text editors)– Don’t need to know HTML (but sometimes helpful) .com (720) 771.3271 19
  • 20. View of Visual Editor .com (720) 771.3271 20
  • 21. WordPress Glossary of TermsWidgets:– Typically WordPress Blogs have a sidebar– Content within sidebar can be dynamic Automatically pulled in Piece of code Widget Example: Recent Post Widget– Widgets aren’t only for sidebars .com (720) 771.3271 21
  • 22. Widgets .com (720) 771.3271 22
  • 23. WordPress Glossary of TermsPlugins: – Plug it into core – A mini piece of software – Automates or adds functionality – May be for visitor or admin’s experience .com (720) 771.3271 23
  • 24. Managing plug-ins .com (720) 771.3271 24
  • 25. Plugin SuggestionsAkismet- - Eliminates Spam in CommentsAll in One SEO Pack -  Helps you add keywords to titles and descriptions for search enginesBroken Link Checker Checks forbroken links and missing imagesCustom Post Widget Adds contentblocks to a widget - without knowing codeGoogle Analyticator: Adds GoogleAnalytics code (a tool to track visits to your site)Google XML SiteMap: Addsa sitemap to help the search engines index you betterLimited Login Attempts: Advanced  Add on toolsfor your editor tool bar.WordPress Database Backup backup of your WordPress database. Wordpress Firewall 2 web requests to identify and stop the most obvious attacks. .com (720) 771.3271 25
  • 26. WordPress Glossary of TermsThemes: – Controls the PRESENTATION (look) of site – Separate from Content (text and media) – Can be easily switched (to give a site a new look) – 1000s and 1000s of free and premium (paid) themes available – Not all are created equal .com (720) 771.3271 26
  • 27. Action Steps: Ask Yourself What is your site’s purpose? How do you want it to look? What kind of media (images/videos) doyou have? What do you want it to do (functionality)? Will you be Blogging? How will the navigation work? Do you have mobile visitors? .com (720) 771.3271 27
  • 28. Default Theme .com (720) 771.3271 28
  • 29. Finding Themes(recommend researching throughly) .com (720) 771.3271 29
  • 30. Finding ThemesWhat to Look for:– How it looks and functions– Does it have/do what you need– Documentation and Support– Reviews and Ratings– Browser Compatibility– Responsive Design .com (720) 771.3271 30
  • 31. Finding Themes (Recommendations)Free Premium .com (720) 771.3271 31
  • 32. Finding Themes (Recommendations)Free .com (720) 771.3271 32
  • 33. Plugin Directory: Themes Directory: Videos from hosting solutions (I do get a referral fee, but onlyrecommend easy to use companies, with good customer service,who are also affordable – about $6.95 a month): – HostMonster: – BlueHost (sister company of HostMonster): http:// – HostGator: clickthru.cgi?id=bethink .com (720) 771.3271 33
  • 34. Helps Build YourComplete Online Presence with: WordPress Websites & Blogs Social Media EMail Marketing Web Usability and SEO LiteBethany Siegler can be reached at 720.771.3271 oremail at Slides available at .com (720) 771.3271 34