Rock Cover Analysis


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An in depth analysis into rock album covers.

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Rock Cover Analysis

  1. 1. ROCK ALBUM COVER ANALYSIS By Kelly Alexander
  2. 2. SLIPKNOT GENRE = HEAVY METAL Typically, the front of a heavy metal cover is dominated by black. Generically, there is the name of the band on thefront in the noticeable style, which the band Slipknot always uses for their band name, therefore making it recognisable for their audience. The image of the band on front is also highly recognisable for their audience as Slipknot wear highly visually attracting masks unlike other bands in this genre. Also noticeable about the album cover is the number of band members, 9 in total up until the death of a band member leaving them with just 8 members left. Not many bands contain this many members, having them all on the front cover is more appealing for the fans as they enjoyimages of their favourite band only increasing the star image of the group. Slipknot have a very dark/gothic look aboutthem with all their masks which is why the red in this album colour works very well as it highlights the masks. Red also connotes blood, death or even anger which fits with the loud angry styles within the songs and even the lyrics. This may be seen as a negative image for younger audiences due to the nature of their tracks on their albums and also in the way the band are represented in their music videos and on their album covers.
  3. 3. PARAMORE GENRE = POP PUNK/ALTERNATIVE ROCK This very simple cover is very recognisable by the dissected butterfly on it. If placed among albums its simplicity and the bright butterfly would stand out, as the butterfly is iconic of this album and has become a well-known symbol for the band. Paramore only have 3 albums out, none of which contain images of the band on thefront, meaning, if their audience is looking for a Paramore CD they won’t look for the bands image but instead oneof the symbols which have become part of Paramore. The font on the front is very simple and to one side keepingthe over all appearance of the album neat. The title of the album is actually smaller and in a slightly fancy handwriting style above the name of the band, to keep with the simple style of the album and also as the nameof the band is more important than the title of the CD as this is a bigger category when browsing for music. The name of the band is larger then the title size in case fans do not recognise the album or if someone wants to get into Paramore they can choose this from the shelf. Paramore are a well-known band, most probably recognised by their RIOT! Album as the Riot style appeared on there merchandise. This image is associated with the band, like how the gothic masks are associated with Slipknot.
  4. 4. AEROSMITH GENRE = HARD ROCKFirst forming in the 1970’s Aerosmith are a well Known band sometimes referred to as “The Bad Boy from Boston” and“America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”. This album cover is in the shape of a skull, however the Artwork on it is whatmakes it look like a skull. The children on the cover have large hair making it look like the eye sockets in a skull. The small figures they are playing with look like the teeth on the skull. I can’t see what exactly is making the shape of the nasal cavity. This album cover is art instead of an image of the band, keeping their star image as a heavy rock band by having anunusual but recognisable album cover. The cover is rather dark looking, with a gravestone on but also a microphone andmicstand. The cover is designed to look like an old illustrationfrom medieval times. Black and browns keep the cover mainly dark. However the skull is lit with an abstract like colouration of yellow, red, blue and some green, which spreads or glows onto its surroundings adding slight colour to the darkness of the album cover. The font used for the name of the album(Plus “The very best of ”) is designed in a way, which makes it seem old, with all its sharp and jagged edge. The name of the band is somewhat out of place as its large, pink and flamboyant, the complete opposite of the rest of the cover making it stand out greatly. The style of which their name ispresented will mean their album will stand out to their fans on a shelf with other CDs around it.
  5. 5. BACK COVER OF A ROCK ALBUM The back of an album cover may contain the same style as the front of the cover such as this one. A kind of war ground is shown on the back to keep with the genre and image of the group as this album’s genre is one of hard rock. The colours are kept dark using a palette of black, grey and red (red usually connotes blood or the emotion of anger) and therefore, the cover is kept gothic looking, and this causes the medieval-like white font to stand out. Primarily the back of a CD will have the list of the songs and which order they appear on the CD and this is the main purpose of the back of a CD cover. The font will be the same as on the front to keep with the style of the CD and to not look too over the top and tacky. At the bottom you will find the barcode and the legal information and copyright claims such as which company owns the rights to the bands music.With a CD cover which contains a mixture of songs like this KERRANG! CD,the songs and artists are listed so the audience can have a look on the back of theCD cover before purchasing. The reason this is done is it provides the audiencewith a wider range of songs within the genre therefore making the CD moreappealing as it does not contain songs from just one band.