2012 training for by-election candidates


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Training for Robbie, Nathan and Benjamin.

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2012 training for by-election candidates

  1. 1. >>Candidate Training 2012<<
  2. 2. TrainingWe’re going to go through:• Role of the Students Union and a look at our membership• What’s it like to be: An Officer A Trustee An NUS Delegate Running for Election:• Campaigning• The Vote• Rules and Regulations• Important times/dates.
  3. 3. What is the Union?Type here of UEA Students is an independent, registered charity, with The Union trustees that look after its assets on behalf on its membership, all studentsTo delete this slide click “Delete Slide” in the Edit Menu accessed from the at UEA.main toolbar. The Union also ‘wholly owns’ two companies: • Students’ Union Services Ltd – which runs the UFO, Paper Shop, Travel Shop & Post Office • Waterfront Ltd – which runs the Waterfront in the city These two companies give all their profits, tax-free, to the Union (a charity).
  4. 4. What’s the Point?The Union’s objects are the advancement of education ofStudents at the University of East Anglia London for the publicbenefit by:3.1 promoting the interests and welfare of Students at theUniversity of East Anglia during their course of study andrepresenting, supporting and advising Students;3.2 being the recognised representative channel betweenStudents and the University of East Anglia and any other externalbodies; and3.3 providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activitiesand forums for discussions and debate for the personaldevelopment of its Students.
  5. 5. Mission, Vision, ValuesOur Mission To create positive change in the education of UEA students by effectively representing their collective views. To provide a range of high-quality, member-led services which embrace the needs of all UEA students.
  6. 6. Mission, Vision, ValuesOur Values Democracy We are the legitimate voice of UEA students. Our policies and priorities are member-led. Collectivism Students are stronger when they organise together locally, nationally and internationally. Unity is our strength. Empowerment We support our members to make change. Equality We believe that all students deserve equal rights and opportunities. As such, we campaign to challenge discrimination and we promote equality in our organisation and beyond. Sustainability We are not just here for the students of today, but also for the students of tomorrow. We are financially and environmentally sustainable. Quality Everything we do, we do well.
  7. 7. Mission, Vision, Values
  8. 8. What do we do?
  9. 9. Where does the money come from? University Block Grant (14%) University Repairs and Utility Grant (8%) Sports Association Fees (5%) INTO Fees (1%)Commercial Income (70%) Home Run Fees (1%)
  10. 10. >>Diversity Quiz What percentage of students disclosed a disability in 2009/10? 7.7% of all UEA Students - The largest grouping of students to disclose a disability are students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  11. 11. >>Diversity QuizWhat proportion of UEA students are…? 22-25 +25 16-21 (58%) (27%) (16%)
  12. 12. >>Diversity Quiz68% of the 1,892 international students at UEA come from which9 countries?
  13. 13. >>14,313 UEA Students 2009/10 Exchange Postgraduate Research 212 (1.5%) Health 854 (6.0%) Part-Time International 1,227 (8.6%)Postgraduate Taught (14.9%) EU 2,130 1,655 (11.6%) 1,813 (12.7%) 444 (3.1%) Social Science Arts and Humanities 5,032 (35.2%) 3,314 (23.2%) Fee Faculty Mode Level Status Science Full-Time Home Undergraduate 3,236 (22.6%) 12,184 (82.5%) 11,804 (85.1%) 11,820 (82.6%)
  14. 14. >>Hard to Reach Students with Caring Responsibilities Part-Time StudentsLocal Commuting Mature Students Students Postgraduates Students on INTO Students Placement Students with faith LGBT Students commitments Health Students Students that WorkInternational StudentsStudents with Disabilities Students at UEA London
  15. 15. What’s it like to be a Full-Time Full Time officer? Officer?To an here Type extent it depends on your portfolio, but you can expect todo lots of the following; To delete this slide click “Delete Slide” in the Edit Menu accessed from the main toolbar. Running campaigns Representing students at University Committee Meetings Internal Union meetings Attending SOC & Union GOATing with Council students Helping organise Union-run events Gathering evidence from students on Reading issues via surveys Writing reports agendas (boo) and focus groups
  16. 16. What’s it like to be a Part-Time Officer?As a Part-Time Officer you have the opportunity to shape yourrole around your interests, and run campaigns with Union support. Campaigns Opportunity to be a Trustee Union Council Variety of Roles Champion Mentors Student Officer Committee
  17. 17. What’s it like to be a Trustee?• The Union’s 14 trustees are legally responsible for all the Union’s actions• Some things the Trustee Board does: • Keep an eye on Union Policy, to ensure it’s legal, responsible, and sound. • Steer the Union’s Strategic Plan • Scrutinise the yearly budget and monthly reports • Manage/set targets for the Chief Executive• Trustees meet about 8-10 times a year• The Board is composed of: • 4 Full-Time Officers (Finance Officer = Chair) • 2 Part-Time Officers (elected by all the voting Part-Time Officers) • 4 ‘lay’ students • 3 External Trustees
  18. 18. Trustee’s Responsibilities• The Trustee Board has overall responsibility for the Union – it isType here responsible for the reputational, financial and legal behaviour of theTo delete this slide click “Delete Slide” in the Edit Menu accessed from the Union.main toolbar.• It’s job is to make sure that the Union fulfils its charitable objectives to as large an extent as possible• As a trustee you are legally responsible for the Union and it’s subsidiary companies. If the company ran out of money the trustees could be held responsible, and liable for the difference.• Don’t Panic – the Union has liability insurance, and a senior management team which supports the officers and trustees to make the right decisions.• Trustee’s are ‘jointly and severally’ liable.
  19. 19. The DeficitAt the start of this year, the Union was budgeting a £250,000 deficit. Inactual terms, the deficit this year now looks to be just above £300,000. Thismeans that the operating costs of the Union are more than the revenue itgenerates, therefore we are losing money overall.The Union has reserves of about £1.1Million. This means that the Union isnot in immediate financial danger, but it must act to remedy this in thenext couple of years.It’s worth thinking about your manifesto aims in terms of how much theymight cost. If something will be of large expense or high risk, it might notbe possible or appropriate for now. Decisions about this will ultimately bemade by the trustees.
  20. 20. Running for Election!
  21. 21. Rules6.0 The Media6.2 No candidate shall play any part in the coverage of elections in Union funded media.7.0 The Campaign7.1 No campaign material may be distributed in advance of the deadline for the start ofcampaigning. Candidates should abide by the guidelines for publicity materials determined bythe Deputy Returning Officer.7.2 The Deputy Returning Officer shall set the level of candidate expenditure for all elections. Allexpenditure, up to the level set by the Deputy Returning Officer, will be refunded. Any refund ofexpenditure is subject to the Deputy Returning Officer or the Returning Officer receiving acompleted and signed schedule of expenditure on the form provided with the nomination papers(including all receipts) prior to the commencement of the count. In addition a refund will only bepayable to a candidate who achieves a minimum of one tenth of the first preference votes cast inthe election.7.3 Direct expenditure shall be deemed to include all expenditure incurred on finished electionmaterials or services and the cost of all supporting material.7.4 Candidates who have, in the opinion of the Deputy Returning Officer and the ReturningOfficer, obtained election materials or services to a value in excess of that permitted will bedisqualified prior to the count.7.5 Whereas candidates may well adopt similar policy stances and use similar publicity materials toother candidates, no candidate shall use publicity to promote another candidate, in the same orother election.7.6 No candidate should use publicity to promote commercial activity.
  22. 22. Timeline• Deadline for Manifesto & Photo’s 12pm Friday 11th May• Campaigning Starts 9am Monday 14th May• Voting opens 9am Tuesday 15th May• Deadline for Expenses = 12pm Friday 18th May• Voting Closes 5pm Friday 18th May• Deadline for complaints – 5pm Friday 18th May• Results announced shortly after.
  23. 23. CampaignIf you’re going to have a gimmick, try to use it all through yourcampaign!
  24. 24. CampaigningManifesto:• A side of A4 – send as a PDF.• Statement of what you’ll do if elected.• Include a photo• Say a little about yourself and why you are running.• Check out the other examples of manifesto’s!Video• Try to make it interesting, not just talking to the camera!Posters:• Can be printed by the Union for you in house – cheaper!
  25. 25. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1-JDTknKsc
  26. 26. Getting Around CampusType hereTo delete this slide click “Delete Slide” in the Edit Menu accessed from themain toolbar.
  27. 27. The VoteWe use Single Transferable Vote in our elections (STV).This means that in every round a candidate with the least amount of votesis eliminated – and their second preferences will transfer to the candidatethey picked second…Every vote counts! If someone is voting for someone else, it’s still worthcanvassing them to give you a second preference (or third, or fourth…)
  28. 28. An Example…
  29. 29. Questions?