Sociology, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, summer open day, June 2014
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Sociology, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, summer open day, June 2014



Sociology presentation, summer open day, June 2014.

Sociology presentation, summer open day, June 2014.



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Sociology, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, summer open day, June 2014 Sociology, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, summer open day, June 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • School of Applied Social Science Mark Bhatti – Head of Sociology & Politics Division
  • Sociology at the University of Brighton BA (Hons) Sociology Joint Degrees Applied Psychology & Sociology BA(Hons) (BPS) Criminology & Sociology BA(Hons) Sociology & Social Policy BA(Hons) Politics & Sociology BA(Hons) Erving Goffman
  • Sociology at the University of Brighton Key features: Applied Theory based Research led
  • Applied social issues/problems o homelessness o internet & risk o climate change o protests & riots o sex & race discrimination o domestic violence o obesity o drugs, health o cosmetic surgery o suicide
  • Sociology • Year 1 -orientation Introduction, Globalisation, Foundations, Social Inequalities & Research Methods • Year 2 – theory & application Contemporary Sociological Theory Life Course Studies New Media / Protest Movements Research Project & Placement • Year 3 - specialist study options eg Death – ‘Madness’ – ‘Race’ & Racism Families – childhood- leisure Religion & Society – climate change Life-style Media – the body – mobilities Dissertation (10,0000 words)
  • Dr Kyla Ellis-Sloan Currently publishing from previous research into teenage parenting As well as beginning new research into breast feeding advice The Problem: Breastfeeding is currently presented as the morally correct choice for new mothers Formula feeding is presented as a morally dubious choice and potentially harmful for the health and wellbeing of babies BUT academic research questions the evidence behind these constructions AND there is evidence that current advice leaves breastfeeding mothers feeling pressured, guilty and lacking unbiased and full information. Teenage Mothers, Stigma and Their 'Presentations of Self’ (published February 2014 Stigma and Teenage Mothers (published March 2014 Understanding Teenage Motherhood through Feminist Research: A reflection on the challenges (due for publication November 2014) Group Support for Teenage Parents: Why one-to-one is not enough (currently writing) Areas of interest: Teenage pregnancy, sex, motherhood, parenting, families and social inequalities (particularly class and gender)
  • James Ormrod THE SOCIOLOGY OF SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Why do people become activists? Why are people drawn to supporting particular causes? Are activists always conscious of their own motivations? See Ormrod, J.S. (2014) Fantasy and Social Movements, Palgrave Macmillan THE SOCIOLOGY OF OUTER SPACE How do different societies understand the universe? In what ways is contemporary social life dependent on space technology? Who benefits from space technology? See Dickens, P. & Ormrod, J.S. (2009) Cosmic Society, Routledge SPACE-RELATED SOCIAL MOVEMENTS See recent journal articles on the ‘pro-space movement’ (activists promoting the exploration, development and settlement of outer space) and the ‘outer space protection
  • Mark Erickson – sociology of science, sociology of work, sociological theory • Recent books – Globalization and work (2014) – Business in society (2009) – The sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus (2010) • Current research – Long term ethnography of molecular microbiology laboratories – Writing 2nd edition of Science, Culture and Society (2005)
  • Neil Curry – Senior Lecturer in Sociology Research interests are concerned with Developments in Marxist Theory and the relationship between Critical Realism and Sociology: ‘Filling the Void: Post-Marxism?’ Capital and Class, No 88. Spring (2006): 160-164. 'Lost in Transit: Reconceptualisng the Real' in J. Joseph., and J M. Roberts, (eds) Realism, Discourse and Deconstruction, London: Routledge (2003): 137 –150. 'Critical Realism: Beyond the Marxism/Post-Marxism divide' in A. Brown,. S. Fleetwood, and JM, Roberts (eds) Critical Realism and Marxism, (2002): 116 – 130. Currently working on the following projects: ‘The Meaning of Freedom Today – Bhaskar, Critical Realism and Freedom’ currently being written for Journal of Critical Realism. ‘Guerrilla Gardening and the persistence of Material Politics’ article currently being in written for Capital and Class Journal.
  • Lesley Murray - Research Research interests • Mobilities - Contributing to and critiquing aspects of the ‘mobilities paradigm’, • Visual sociology and visual methods • urban spaces, gender and generation– age in relation to spaces of age and other ages Current projects • Book: Representing Mobilities • Visualising therapeutic spaces research bid • Disruption project RCUK funded project (£1.3m) • Sharing urban spaces – EU Horizons 2020 bid • Intergenerational mobilities – conference papers Recent publications • Murray, L. and Upstone, S. 2014. Researching and Representing mobilities: transdisciplinary encounters Palgrave Macmillan (forthcoming) • Murray, L. and Mand, K. 2013, Travelling near and far: placing children's mobile emotions. Emotion, Space and Society 9: 72-79 • Murray, L. 2012. Online opportunities for mobile and visual research methodologies, in Silva, C.N. (ed.) Online Research Methods in Urban and Planning Studies: Design and Outcomes. IGI-Global.
  • Natalie Pitimson My research interests centre around the sociology of death and dying, as well as the sociology of the internet. My research draws on themes, methods and ideas present in both death and technology research. Forthcoming publications: Pitimson, N. (2013/14) (Forthcoming) ‘Death to All Who Press Enter Here – The Role of Social Networking sites in contemporary grief’ in Sociological Research Online Pitimson, N. (2013/14) (Forthcoming) ‘Killing Time – Making space for death’ in Media, Culture and Society Book contract agreed with Palgrave – Death and Society Due for completion December 2015
  • Jayne Raisborough Lifestyle media and reality TV Obesity and health Social representations of ageing Cosmetic surgery and the body Sexuality/gender Ethical consumption Serious leisure Social class My work explores how reality TV shows may help or hinder this spread of weightism. I analyse the shows themselves and then using innovative methods to see how audiences make sense of them. I am currently writing my next book called 'fat bodies’, health and the media. I am also interested in cosmetic surgery, especially anti-ageing surgery. These interests inform my teaching at first and third year. Weightism or fatphobia are on the increase and it seems that we feel it ok to act in a prejuidical and hurtful way to people of weight
  • Employability • Transferrable Skills: • Communication, writing, research, analytical, data gathering, time management, team-work, confidence, presentation, self motivating • Job Skills: • Community Participation, Volunteer Opportunities, School Ambassadors • Vocation, Vocation, Vocation: • Not vocational employment pathways but offers a range of options
  • Career opportunities • Social Work • Social enterprises • Environmental management • Teaching • Voluntary sector • Research • Youth justice • Police • Postgraduate study • Social Services • Administration