Paramedic Practice at the University of Brighton - Oen day Oct 2013 - final


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Paramedic Practice at the University of Brighton - Oen day Oct 2013 - final

  1. 1. As a BSc(Hons) Paramedic Practice student at the University of Brighton you can expect....
  2. 2. .... to have your skills & underpinning theory input led by experts....
  3. 3. ...preparing you not only to deliver care in acute & emergency situations....
  4. 4. ....but to develop the essential, subtler skills needed for chronic or sensitive areas of care delivery.
  5. 5. You will develop the ability to manage multiprofessional scenarios ....
  6. 6. ....under complex conditions requiring multidisciplinary input and understanding.
  7. 7. You will participate in very high-fidelity exercises as a „casualty‟, observer & responder...
  8. 8. ...and you will undergo exacting assessments in real time...
  9. 9. ….in real conditions and with real environmental complications....
  10. 10. ... all of which require decision making and problem solving within a team.
  11. 11. The University of Brighton is developing a world-class simulation facility…
  12. 12. …..specifically for paramedic students which combines a realistic domestic space for clinical practice rehearsal....
  13. 13. ....complete with confined spaces and awkward access
  14. 14. State-of-the-art audio-visual facilities record the real-to-life practice scenarios you will face as they unfold and your responses to them.
  15. 15. Over time, as your scope of practice deepens & your autonomy of practice matures….
  16. 16. ….all aspects of your clinical know-how are called upon, challenged, questioned and reviewed...
  17. 17. ... and done so very rigorously!
  18. 18. We place a definite emphasis on the feedback, debrief and support that you receive. You are learning all the time that you are with us and the job is a complex and unpredictable one: where there is high challenge, you can also expect high support…Typically we take twice as long to debrief a clinical scenario as the event itself
  19. 19. And don‟t let us forget – the course here is also a lot of fun....
  20. 20. ...and confidence building! It needs to be, because....
  21. 21. ...your exposure to care delivery will cross the lifespan......
  22. 22. ......and all social classes.
  23. 23. …have, at all times, the other person‟s wellbeing at the heart of what you are doing.
  24. 24. There is no more clinically focused or paramedic-specific BSc(Hons) education available to you than at the University of Brighton. Here is what some previous students had to say:
  25. 25. Jenni Brewster 2009 cohort “If you are thinking about studying Paramedic Practice at Brighton my advice is do it!! The course team are amazing and the placements are second to none. I have grown so much as a person and as a clinician. Be prepared to work hard but also to have the best 3 years of your life.”
  26. 26. Sam McCreesh 2009 cohort “The course is an excellent balance of theoretical and practical experience, enabling us to link theory to practice in order to become competent and confident practitioners The range of ambulance placements is well supported by specialist clinical placements in theatres, coronary care, mental health and midwifery, allowing us to learn from specialist areas of healthcare.”
  27. 27. Eloise Lindenberg 2009 cohort “I find the opportunity to be there for and to help people from all walks of life, with all sorts of needs, to be both a privilege and tremendously fulfilling. The job makes me proud of who I am and what I do, as an individual and as a small part of the vast team responsible for a patient's care and there's no beating that! I loved studying at Brighton too; the facilities, teaching and support being absolutely top class, and instrumental in getting my new career underway. ”
  28. 28. Order a 2014 prospectus: /prospectus
  29. 29. paramedic-practice-bsc-hons