International Events Management BA(Hons) 5 Oct 13 open day


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International Events Management BA(Hons) 5 Oct 13 open day presentation

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  • Animal Farm Records – Artist Management and promotionBluehat Group – team building and corporate eventsCampden Media – B2B specialist information (wealth and health care management) events, magazines and researchConcerto Group  -  agency providing event management, venues, catering and event servicesFull Circle Performance and Productions – Event production companyGlobal Event Management Solutions – Meeting and convention planning and coordinationSchonhauser Promotion GmbH – Artist management and promotion
  • International Events Management BA(Hons) 5 Oct 13 open day

    1. 1. International Event Management BA(Hons) Open Day: Saturday 5 October 2013 Julie Kentsley-Holt Course Leader
    2. 2. International Events Management BA(Hons) • • • • The teaching team Degree structure and contents Teaching, learning and assessment Employability
    3. 3. The Events Teaching Team Julie Kentsley-Holt (UG Course Leader) Mark Jordan Jayne Luscombe (PG Course Leader) Udo Merkel Shonali Rodrigues Michael Williams
    4. 4. International Event Management BA(Hons) The degree course seeks to combine/link: • • • • … academic and applied work … theoretical and practical aspects … macro and micro perspectives … the real world and the ivory towers. At the end you will be thinking/thoughtful, employable practitioners !!!
    5. 5. BA (Hons) International Events Management
    6. 6. Management of Events You will gain theoretical understanding and practical experience of project management and event operations • • • • • • Concept development Feasibility Logistics Finance Risk and legal considerations Service quality the customer experience
    7. 7. Management of Events You will also gain an understanding of the business environment and contemporary issues for events. • • • • Corporate social responsibility Sustainability Professionalization Employability
    8. 8. Event Operations and Project Management
    9. 9. Event Operations Management
    10. 10. Event Operations Management
    11. 11. Forecasting “In Brighton, England, the Big Beach Boutique II concert by international star and local celebrity DJ Fatboy Slim was a disaster waiting to happen that happened. Event organizers and local authorities naively anticipated 60,000 people would attend the free summer beach party. Instead, 250,000 music fans showed up. One person died, at least 140 people were injured, Brighton’s famous beach suffered environmental damage and the city’s safety services were stretched beyond past their capacity.” Eleventh Rock Concert Safety Survey 2002
    12. 12. Queuing Customer Intensity = mean (average) rate of service / Mean rate of arrival
    13. 13. Site Management
    14. 14. Events and the Social Sciences In addition we draw on the Social Sciences to make sense of the complexity of the international events industry? • • • Sociology • • Cultural Studies Politics Economics History
    15. 15. Level 6: a range of options • • • • • • • Law relating to Events Event Design Festivals and Events: a cross cultural comparative Sport Tourism Food, Society and Culture Public Relations Fundraising and Sponsorship for Events (this is just a sample of the options available)
    16. 16. How will I learn? Interactive lectures Seminar work and presentations Group discussion Large key note lectures Virtual Learning Environment VLE (Studentcentral) On line quizzes Practical workshops Reading and personal research Tutorials
    17. 17. How will I be assessed? Assessment is specific to each module and may be a mixture of group and individual work. Assessment methods may include not only:Essays, exams, written reports but also: Poster presentations Practical demonstrations Use of contemporary digital media Oral group presentations
    18. 18. How will I get feedback? Normally this will be within 20 days of the hand in and may be: • Written, as a hard copy • Online, via Turn It In • Audio, via Podcast, audio on Turn It In or separate MP3 file Tutorials Feedback may be on-going (formative) as well as at the end of each assessment task (summative) All 1st years will get feedback on a piece of work within 6 weeks of starting their course
    19. 19. Teaching within a modular (credit accumulation) system The modular (credit accumulation) system : • Single = 10 credits = 2+4 hours per week = 6 hrs/wk week • Double = 20 credits = 4+8 hours per week = 12 hrs/wk week • per year : 120 credits (e.g. 6x20 credits, 12x10 credits. …), I.e. 60 credits per semester • 60 credits per semester: 6 x 6 = 36 hours per week, i.e.12 hours of contact time + 24 hours of independent study time
    20. 20. Employability in the School of Sport and Service Management • Employability “A set of achievements, skills, understandings and personal attributes that makes graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations” (Yorke 2006) • Employability as a core philosophy is embedded in ALL of our courses Ongoing development an outlook and competences including” personal self management, communication enterprise, research and critical thinking.
    21. 21. Employability development • • • Personal and professional development • • Operating live events in levels 4 and 5 Placement opportunities from full year to short blocks Live consultancy projects, working with clients to solve problems and presenting solutions. Research field trips. Students are actively encouraged to participate in community projects and activities.
    22. 22. Employability • Visiting speakers from industry and academia also involved in mentoring and assessing students • Ongoing CV development through participation in University schemes for volunteering, mentoring, teaching etc. • Support by SASM Employability Centre in Hillbrow.
    23. 23. Gaining experience While studying: • • • • Applied assessments 2nd year – live event Placement year Invited speakers Extra-curricula: • • • @ctive student Local events Summer opportunities
    24. 24. Student live events: 2012-13
    25. 25. Industry Placement
    26. 26. Academic / Industry Association
    27. 27. International Events Management BA(Hons) Any questions???