International Business BSc - June 2013 open day


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Open Day presentation for University of Brighton's International Business BSc degree course. June 2013.

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International Business BSc - June 2013 open day

  1. 1. Open DayInternational Business BSc(Hons)Dr Helen BerryCourse Leader
  2. 2. Brighton Business School Exchange students with France, Spain, Italy, Holland,Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada and the USA Strong research ranking in business and management Wide mix of student nationalities and backgrounds(around 2,500 students in Business School) Good links with local and national industry A friendly and caring learning environment Good student facilities (halls, teaching rooms, learningresources, computer pools) Wide range of sport and leisure activities
  3. 3. Sought after skills Businesses need internationally-minded graduates Foreign language skills are particularly sought after Importance of cross-cultural understanding andexperience Leads to a wide range of career andpostgraduate learning opportunities
  4. 4. Course Ambitions: the Network To provide a cross-cultural experience with theopportunity for students to engage in study and/orwork abroad To enable students to network with students fromleading international universities and business schools To build confidence and skills to operateeffectively in the global businessenvironment
  5. 5. Country Tutors/Study Support Staff members act as Country Tutors who overseelinks between Brighton and our partner institutions Staff also act as Personal Tutors to the studentthroughout their time on the course Prepare students for year abroad and then supervisethem while abroad Project/dissertation supervisor Other sources of help: course leader, undergraduateoffice, student union Student Services (welfare, careers, health,counselling, accommodation)
  6. 6. Our Requirements (typically) BBB (300 points) from 3 A-Levels GCSE Maths and English at minimum grade C National Diploma DDM International Baccalaureate 32 points (16 at Higher) IELTS requirement: overall grade 6, with 6 in writingand at least 5.5 in all other elements
  7. 7. Why study International Business atBrighton? Flexibly designed course offering considerable choiceto fit a wide range of interests and career ambitions The course attracts students from not only Europe,but also many other parts of the world, giving it a richmix of cultures and nationalities Provides the opportunity to study in the third year atanother leading European or North American orAustralian business school or university AND/ORundertake an international work placement Offers foreign language teaching in French, Germanand Spanish at beginner, intermediate and advancedlevel; choice of language and non-language routes A strong graduate employment record
  8. 8. Core Values Developing the individual Developing skills Building a knowledge base Employability
  9. 9. Two award paths Studying language as part of the courseInternational Business BSc(Hons) (with French,German or Spanish)4 Years, with 3rd year spent abroad No language studyInternational Business BSc(Hons)4 Years with 3rd year spent abroad at one of ourEnglish-speaking partners. Option of learning alanguage outside the course.
  10. 10. Language entry A Level French/German/SpanishCan continue studying a language on the degree andthen study in France/Germany/Spain for year abroad.Qualify with: International Business BSc(Hons)(Language specified) A/S level/GCSE French/German/SpanishMay be able to study language on degree but muststudy at an English-Speaking institution for their yearabroad (Amsterdam, Paris, Sweden, Canada, USA,Australia, Turkey or Turin). Qualify with: InternationalBusiness BSc (Hons) (Language specified) No LanguageMust study at an English-speaking institution for theiryear abroad (Amsterdam, Paris, Sweden, Germany,Canada, USA, Australia, Turkey or Turin). Qualify with:International Business BSc(Hons)
  11. 11. Year 3 Options Spend two semesters at one of our partner institutionsOR Spend one semester at a partner institution ANDone semester doing an approved overseas workplacementOR Spend the whole year (min 36 weeks) doing anapproved overseas work placement (anywhereoutside the UK)
  12. 12. Year 1 Develop self responsibility Develop organizational capacities to organize work Engage with your learning and take ownership Meet with students from all years to broadenknowledge & intercultural understanding.
  13. 13. Year 1‘With’ Language20Financial Knowledge& Skills 20Academic &Professional Skills10 ‘with’ or 20 ‘without’Principles ofMarketing 20Global BusinessEnvironment 20Understanding CulturalDifference 10 or 20
  14. 14. Year 2Option 1LanguageWorking AcrossCultures 20Option 2Business Operations& Systems 20International BusinessAnalysis 20Building Cross-culturalAwareness 20
  15. 15. Option 2Design &InnovationEnvironmentalSustainabilityCreativity inEnterprise
  16. 16. Final YearStrategy forInternational Business20Year Abroad Report20Language oroption 320Cultural Insights forInternational BusinessInternationalOptions 1 & 240
  17. 17. Selection of final year electives*General Electives International Electives Marketing Planning & Strategy Retail Marketing Supply Chain Management Small Business & Entrepreneurship Social Marketing Business Marketing Business Values, Responsibility & Trust Consumer Psychology Consumer Law & Practice Current Issues in Information Systems Electronic Commerce Employee Selection & Development Essentials of Employment Law Financial and Capital Markets Management & Cost Accounting Political Economy of Europe Public Relations Purchasing & E-Procurement Marketing Communications Marketing Innovation & New Product Dev Business Ethics and Corporate Social Resp. Climate Change & Global BusinessOps Competitive Advantage & the GlobalEconomy Foreign Language Political Economy in Europe Globalization & International Markets International Finance International Human ResourceManagement International Marketing Law of International Trade Marketing Across Cultures The New European Marketplace Undergraduate Global BusinessForum Financial & capital Markets Researching InternationalManagement & Leadership Export law International Law & Institutions United Nations: law & Practice
  18. 18. Selection of jobs obtained by recentgraduates (1) Ago Reklam AB – Accountant, Helsinki AIG Europe SA – Administration/Finance, Brighton American Express – Project Leader, Germany American Express – Graduate Financial ManagementProgramme, Burgess Hill Bayer AG – Marketing Assistant, Rome Berstch Consulting, Germany Danone Group – Marketing, San Diego (USA) Defenseweb Technologies Inc – Finance Assistant, Amsterdam EF ILS BV – Assistant, Dusseldorf Ernst & Young – Company Researcher Euromonitor plc – Overseas Accounts, Manchester Exxon Mobil – Trainee Financial GKN Plc – Controller, Cologne
  19. 19. Selection of jobs obtained by recentgraduates (2) H J Heinz – Customs Operations Asst. Hospice Landsman – Analyst, Frankfurt IBM Germany – IT Professional Kimberley Clark Europe – Customer Services, France Lehman Brokers Operations – Graduate Trainee, London NatWest Bank – Customer Services Officer Novaction S.A. – Jr. Marketing Consultant, Paris Polo Ralph Lauren – Human Resource Officer Pricewaterhouse Coopers – Associate, Frankfurt Quaker Oats Scandinavia – Marketing Assistant, Sweden United Nations – Geneva W.S.Atkins – Management ConsultantPost Graduate Destinations: M.Phil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation, Cambridge Masters in Corporate Environmental Management, FinlandMasters in Fashion & Design, CASS Business School, London
  20. 20. Year abroad Most students can go to their first choice institution(However, some quotas exist) Erasmus/Socrates grant support (currently around4,300 Euros for a year and subject to availability) Local accommodation subsidy (currently around 200Euros per month) in Paris Tuition fees – We swap students not fees!EU Zone – Non-EU Fees for those doing both study and placement orplacement only
  21. 21. Partner universities –classes in local language French – ESCE (Paris), ESPEME (Lille and Nice),University of Ottawa German – Fachochschule Mainz; Hamburg University Spanish – University of Salamanca, San Pablo(Madrid) Italian – SAA (Turin) Turkey - Koc (Istanbul)
  22. 22. Partner universities –Classes delivered in English France (ESCE, Paris) Germany (Fachochschule, Mainz) The Netherlands (HES, Amsterdam) Sweden (University of Orebro) Italy (SAA, Turin) Canada (University of Ottawa) USA (Clarkson University, Grand Valley StateUniversity, La Salle University) Australia (Flinders University, Adelaide) Turkey (Koc, Istanbul)
  23. 23. One of the world’s great capitals! The Ecole Superieure de CommerceExterieure is one of France’s leading privatebusiness schools Located in central Paris Fabulous facilities; state of the art teachingrooms and resources Teaching in French OR EnglishESCE – Paris
  24. 24. An elegant town in Northern France withgood bus and metro links. Plenty ofnightlife. Easily and cheaply accessiblefrom the UK via the Channel Tunnel.The Ecole Superieure de Management del’Enterprise is part of Groupe EDHEC –one of France’s leading Grandes EcolesClasses are in French; wide mix ofnationalities; choice of marketing or financestreamWell qualified, practising professorsOwn Halls of ResidenceESPEME – Lille
  25. 25. Chic, sophisticated city on the Coted’Azur. Excellent climate with good bars,markets, shops and beaches.Modern buildings close to theMediterraneanSame programmes as Lille; Classes inFrenchSmaller than her sister institution at Lille,hence only limited places availableNo halls of residence but plenty of privateaccommodationESPEME – Nice
  26. 26. A culturally and historically interesting city on the Rhine with apopulation of 200,000. Situated close to Frankfurt and next to theRheingau region with its famous wines, it is one of Germany’s mainmedia centres.Highly rated Business School(Fachochschule) with strongreputation for teaching andresearchClasses taught in Germanand/or EnglishBroad range of subjectsto choose fromUniversity of Applied Sciences – Mainz
  27. 27. An exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan city with its parks, shops, museums,canals, interesting architecture and wide choice of entertainment – notto mention the trams and all the bicycles! A great place in which to liveand study. HES is part of the University of Amsterdam.Wide range of topics to choose from (all in English language)Truly multi-cultural environmentExcellent induction programmesGuaranteed places in halls of residenceHvA – Amsterdam
  28. 28. An historic city that once ruled most of theknown world. With a population of threemillion it is a city of charm, character andendless diversions. A fun city in which tostudy.A course similar to our ownPleasantly located close to the centre of Madridand easily reached by metro or busMostly private accommodationUniversidad San Pablo – Madrid
  29. 29. A small beautiful city with rich heritage,a cultural oasis. Two hours by bus fromMadrid. Population 170,000 (of which25,000 are students at the two universities).Spain’s oldest universityWide choice of topics, taught in SpanishPredominantly Spanish studentsPlenty of private accommodationUniversidad Salamanca
  30. 30. An attractive town (population 120,000)situated between Stockholm andGothenburg, with good recreational andentertainment facilities. Lots of opportunitiesfor organised trips to other countries.Top quality University facilities includingaccommodationViking barrow graves on the campus!Multi-cultural mix of studentsEnglish language mode of instructionStudent contact schemeUniversity of Orebro
  31. 31. Not just the home of Fiat cars but also anhistoric city and once the capital of Italy.Many palaces. Only two hours from both theAlps and the Mediterranean.One of Italy’s leading business schoolsModern facilitiesMulti-cultural environmentClasses in English or ItalianGood public transport systemSAA Universita di Torino
  32. 32. A modern, vibrant city with plenty of history.The capital of Canada – a meeting place ofEnglish and French culture and heritage.Close to the USA border. Excellent wintersports opportunities!Oldest and largest bilingual university inNorth AmericaState of the art facilities and learning resourcesOpportunity to study wide range ofmodules in French or EnglishLimited Places availableUniversity of Ottawa
  33. 33. A fully accredited AASCB school situated inMichigan State and not far from Chicago.US News and World Report ranked GrandValley 52nd out of 572 Midwest universities.The Princeton Review ranked Grand Valley asthe best Midwest university in its annual poll ofstudent opinion.Grand Valley is highly regarded for the quality ofstudent life it offers.Grand Valley State University
  34. 34. Grand Valley at Grand Rapids,Michigan State
  35. 35. Clarkson is a small, private, fully accredited AACSB school. US News andWorld Report ranked Clarkson’s Business School as 14th in the USA fortheir undergraduate supply chain management programme. They haveexcellent links with industry and can help with placement opportunities.Situated in Potsdam, New York State, close to the Canadian border –magnificent scenery and yet within easy reach of Ottawa and Montreal.A quieter university and location but with great facilities, own halls of residenceand a high standard of education.Clarkson University
  36. 36. Clarkson University at Potsdam, NY
  37. 37. Based in Philadelphia, one of the USA’s largest and mostculturally rich citiesFounded in 1863 and based on Christian values, La Salle has around7,500 students. Average class size of 20 students. Named as one ofthe best regional universities (US News and World Report)Located on a 130 acre park-like setting, approx six miles from citycentre. Good sports facilities and own halls of residence.La Salle University, Philadelphia
  38. 38. Australia – Flinders University, Adelaide 18,000 students South coast location Ranked as one of the top tenAustralian Universities Adelaide is the fifth largest city inAustralia and is surrounded by greenparkland
  39. 39.  New link with one ofGermany’s topUniversities! 38,000 students inHamburg - popular withstudents! 10,000 in School forBusiness, Economics &Social Sciences Wide choice of studyoptionsHamburg University
  40. 40.  4,400 students 400 in faculty 6,320 alumni 12 doctoral degree programs 18 masters degree programs 22 undergraduate degreeprograms Over 120 student exchangepartnersKoç University, Turkey