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Geography BSc(Hons) 2014
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Geography BSc(Hons) 2014


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Presentation Geography BSc(Hons) 2014

Presentation Geography BSc(Hons) 2014

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • As Course Leader for Geography at Brighton…I would like to welcome you to our open day, and I hope that, one way or another, we will be able to demonstrate why we offer the right course for you, and answer all your queries and questions.
  • As you can see we like to use a diverse range of teaching and support methods: - whatever is appropriate to achieving the learning goals for the course, actually.This image demonstrates our desire to teach skills in the field; - This particular image was taken on last year’s 2nd year field trip to Sicily, but we also incorporate local field work into modules taught at Brighton, wherever that is feasible and effective.For example we went up the road to the ‘Wild Park’ as part of our second year module to teach research skills, in preparation for 2ndYr Overseas Field Trips and Final Year Project.We had students surveying the terrain up there and using GPS units and taking soil samples.But you don’t have to rely on our word about Teaching Excellence, etc…
  • Physical Geography scored 82% in 2011My time at Brighton University has been above and beyond my expectations, the course and modules are excellent and both the students and teaching staff have been a true delight to work with and have furthered my interests in many, many aspects of Geography.
  • As you can see we have implemented a multi-layer and cross-linked support network for our students;No two of these roles can be filled by the same person, so there is always someone else to turn to, in case of a difference of opinion!Studentcentral is a wonderful resource that is heavily used by the School. You may have noticed that I am delivering this presentation from within our School’s pages on studentcentral.We even use it to implement our all-electronic submission policy, which, as a side-issue, removes virtually all printing costs from the student!
  • A major component of becoming a professional in the environmental sector is developing a willingness and capability to engage effectively with field-based investigations.We want to deliver field skills in challenging and unfamiliar environments so that you can bring them back into the classroom, so that they can be applied and amplified.A mark of our belief in this principle is that we operate overseas field courses in BOTH 1st and 2nd years of the course1st year is to Greece, alongside all other new first-year students (with an Env. management and hazards focus)2nd year you have a choice, currently of Sicily or, as an extra cost option South Africa (for EnvSci, NOT Hazards); -Each focuses on different skills development;S = environmental pollution, fluvial geomorphology and vegetation succession)SA = wildlife conservation and managementALL field costs are covered within the fees, BUT there is a premium payable for South Africa, which is significantly more expensive to run.
  • You can undertake a work placement between an employment area of your choice, within the UK or even internationally.This could be paid or voluntary.We have a dedicated placement team operating in the Faculty to facilitate and support placement is hard to over-estimate the benefits that a student gets from a placement in terms of maturity and ‘need-to-know’ when they go back into their final yearThey get much more than just the placement experience…!As placement academic supervisor, I recently visited a student on placement locally who was gathering an armful of professional certification in the field of energy assessment for carbon reduction.Half way through his placement he is already accredited as a ‘Low Carbon Consultant’ for the provision of Display Energy Certificates, and his employer was keen to invest further in his training!(Placement year fee is £750)
  • A Brighton we pride ourselves on our career-focus.In fact, we are one of the few universities to ensure that students have a CAREER PLANNING AGREEMENT in place THROUGHOUT their course.
  • Geography graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs and some examples are listed at right…I just mentioned that we have an integrated career planning agreement, and one aspect of that of which I am particularly proud is our ‘job study’ embedded into our 2nd year ‘Skills for Research and Careers’ module:Students identify a professional in a career that interests them and make contact to arrange an interview to discover:Required skills and entry qualificationsProgression pathsPay scales and salary structurePerceived benefits and issues, etc.Then, they have to make a role-playing presentation to disseminate their job to their fellow studentsThis encourages students to engage in career planning relatively early on…Website examples:You might learn how to assess human impact on the climate, study the effects of world trade, track population movements across the globe or work out how to extract more natural resources from the earth in a sustainable manner. A geographer could end up controlling flooding, replanting wetlands, isolating pollution incidents, working with local authorities to design student-friendly accommodation sites and much more.
  • I hope that the latter two skills categories will be self-explanatory, but I will spend a few moments to illustrate GIS for those who might not be familiar with it.Suppose a Company who markets solar power micro-generation systems wants to effectively target its advertising for its services in an area like Brighton, where the majority of domestic dwellings are built on the sides of valley slopes.The efficiency of solar power conversion for a particular dwelling obviously depends on the orientation of the roof and its slope with respect to the path of the sun throughout the day, and these depend on the slope and orientation of the valley sides on which the building is constructed.That Company would be VERY keen to have the services of a graduate who could:model the areaquantify the slope and aspect of the terrainidentify dwellings that are able to deliver efficient energy harvesting from the sunand relate that to the postcodes and/or street names of suitable dwellings to inform a targeted advertising campaignTHAT is an example of what a graduate who is competent with GIS software tools can do!We offer our students the opportunity to investigate case studies like this.
  • I have already mentioned that we introduce all our students to GIS tools, but here I can add that we do that with professional quality, ‘industrial strength’ software; - ESRI ArcGIS for those in the know.This image illustrates one of our students working in the Environmental and Public Health laboratory on the 4th floor of this building. Our students have the opportunity to use this facility in the course of their studies. The research activity emanating from this laboratory has recently led to:The development of low-cost emergency sanitation solutions for use in Haiti during the recent cholera epidemic, following the disastrous earthquake in 2010.Water safety plans for implementation in rural Malawi; - a critically underdeveloped area in which the population, especially children, suffer greatly for the want of safe and clean water.A novel method of identifying human faecal contamination of water bodies.You will visit this laboratory and some of our other facilities during your tour this afternoon.
  • I have already discussed GIS skills but I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Remote Sensing, which is my own specialist area.This image was captured by the MODIS remote sensing instrument on board the Terra satellite on 7th January 2010 when the UK was, almost uniquely, completely covered in snow and ice.This illustrates the kind of imagery that our students can access and learn to analyse, A capability that opens up the opportunity to participate in a whole host of regional, national and global-scale environmental monitoring investigations.When you go on the tour of the building this afternoon, you will find some superb posters along the 4th floor laboratory that have been produced from remotely sensed data by our students as part of the assessment of their studies in this topic.
  • Brighton really IS a great place to be a student. These images draw attention to our seaside location and to the cosmopolitan North Laines area of the city, which you really should visit if you get the chance. … But don’t forget the South Downs, the UK’s newest National Park, which is not only a great place to relax, but is also a great landscape in which to study, first-hand, the practicalities of Geography!We really don’t have any difficulty finding suitable local venues for field-work investigations!
  • Now We will look at the structure of the degree programme in a LITTLE more depth:The Geography course applies both theory and practice to produce graduates with a BREADTH of skills relevant to a career in geography, and other earth related sciences.Within the course structure students have the FLEXIBILITY and CHOICE to develop PERSONAL programmes of study which suit their interests and ambitions.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Why study Geography BSc(Hons) at the University of Brighton? Dr Jonathan Caplin, Geography Course Leader
    • 2. Excellence in teaching and support Lectures Laboratory work Small group work Field-based Seminars Tutorials
    • 3. • “My time at Brighton University has been above and beyond my expectations” • “The course and modules are excellent and both the students and teaching staff have been a true delight to work with and have furthered my interests in many, many aspects of Geography.” • “The course gave me the confidence to succeed” • “Lecturers are willing to help, easy to find, keen to give advice and feedback” • Brighton Geography – very high scores for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2012 The Brighton experience: what our students say
    • 4. • Course Leader: general issues/management of deadlines • Personal Tutor: pastoral care • Module Leader: academic issues • Student Support and Guidance Tutor: personal & study support from a non- academic • Studentcentral: a web-based virtual learning environment, available everywhere, 24/7 Support network
    • 5. A leading professional university Learning environmental skills in the field Destinations: Greece Sicily
    • 6. • Environment Agency • Meteorological Office • Port of London Authority • Field Studies Centre • Local authorities • Conservation organisations • Industry • Central Government • International placements... Previous work placements
    • 7. Career- focused
    • 8. Careers Graduates are qualified for a wide range of graduate jobs Career Planning Agreement: e.g. job study integrated into year 2 module University Careers Centre Our Destinations survey data tell us 96% of School of Environment and Technology students are working or studying six months after graduation Civil Engineering Companies Ecological Consultancy Recycling GIS Environmental Officer Environmental Monitoring & Remediation Planning Teaching……
    • 9. • Information Technology including Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and data management software • Research and data handling including research design, analysis and interpretation • Presentation skills (written and oral) through posters, seminars and discussion Skills-based learning
    • 10. Facilities fit for the 21st century: Public health laboratory Clean-labs Geochemistry suite: XRF,ICP Differential GPS Industry standard software
    • 11. Innovative and relevant GIS/Remote Sensing skills Qualitative skills Employer based Multi-skilled
    • 12. A great place to be a student
    • 13. Geography BSc(Hons) “To develop knowledge and understanding of a broad foundation across Human, Physical and Environmental Geography, and to develop the range of skills associated with a geographical education.”
    • 14. Covers a range of pathways associated with career opportunities: • Physical geography • Geomorphic and environmental systems • Spatial skills (for example GIS) • Contemporary environmental problems You choose! Geography BSc(Hons)
    • 15. Year 1 course structure Fundamentals of Physical Geography Global Environmental Issues and Management Contemporary Human Geographies Skills for Independent Learning Intro to fieldwork Options : Geography, Geology, Science or Language 21st Century Brighton Intro to Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
    • 16. Year 2 modules Advanced Fieldwork Advanced Data Analysis Skills for Research and Careers
    • 17. • Alternative and Renewable Energy • Climate Change • Critical Contemporary Geographies • Community Engagement • Environmental Hazards • Environmental Conservation and Management • Fundamentals of Environmental Microbiology • Ice Age Earth • Geographical Information Systems • Geographies of Everyday Life • Soil and Water Analysis • Sustainable Development Year 2 module options include
    • 18. • Air Quality Management • Coastal Environments • Environmental Change in Low Latitudes • Environmental Assessment • Geographical Information Systems • Geographies of Gender, Sexes and Sexualities • Geohazards • Medical Geography • Political Ecology • Water and Health • Wetland Environments Final year module options include
    • 19. • Independent research • Guidance by expert staff • Explore a topic of interest • Possibility of fieldwork abroad • Link with future career Final year project
    • 20. Enjoy the rest of your visit 01273 642288