Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons) 2014


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Presentation for Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons) 2014

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Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons) 2014

  1. 1. Why study Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons) at the University of Brighton ? Dr Stewart Ullyott, course leader
  2. 2. Excellence in teaching and support Lectures Laboratory work Field techniques Group discussions
  3. 3. A leading professional university Learning geoscience and oceanographic skills in the field Destinations: Wales, Spain and Cyprus
  4. 4. • Environment Agency • Meteorological Office • Local authorities • Minerals industry • Environmental consultants • Central Government Previous work placements
  5. 5. Career- focused Coastal and marine management Oceanography Coastal engineering Mining sector Site investigation
  6. 6. Careers We specialise in the largest areas for employment in Earth Sciences: environmental geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology Career planning agreement: careers integrated into year 2 module University careers centre Our 2009/10 destinations survey tells us 96 per cent of School of Environment and Technology students are working or studying six months after graduation Geo- environmental Engineer Geological Adviser Conservation Officer Marine Surveyor Marine Geologist
  7. 7. • Key earth science skills – rock identification, field skills, microscopy, geological map interpretation • Key oceanography skills – collection and interpretation of oceanographic data, field skills (including safe boat working • Scientific understanding - numeracy, self management, group working, and communication skills Skills-based learning
  8. 8. Facilities fit for the twenty-first century Geochemistry suite Geophysical surveying equipment Gamma spectrometer Petrological and electron microscopes
  9. 9. Innovative and relevant Emphasis on role in society Managing and mitigating contemporary environmental issues Mining and Remediation
  10. 10. • Marine geology and geochemistry • Coastal wetlands • Shallow and shelf sea oceanography • Marine ecology • Hydrogeology and water resources • Fluvial environments • Drylands and deserts • The Chalk • Recent tectonics • Sea-level change and coasts • River and estuarine systems • Engineering geology • Clean-up of contaminated land and waters Research areas include
  11. 11. A great place to be a student
  12. 12. About our course
  13. 13. • Focuses on the interface between geology/earth science and oceanography • Provides interdisciplinary training and study • Examines areas such as coastal management, hazard management, coastal and offshore engineering, marine conservation, pollution control and managing climate change and sea-level rise Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons)
  14. 14. To give you an understanding of: • The Earth/Ocean system • The role of Earth and Ocean Science in society • The management and mitigation of environmental issues and problems • The importance of sustainability in the management of Earth and marine resources Practical skills and field experience Key skills for employment or progression to advanced study Course aims
  15. 15. Year 1 The earth- ocean system Key concepts in geology, biology, physical geography and oceanography
  16. 16. Year 1 modules Fundamentals of Geology Mineralogy and Petrology Geology of Your Home Area Introduction to Field Geology Mathematical Skills for Geoscientists Option The Global Earth System The Ocean Planet: an introduction Water in the Environment Ecological Processes 1 Statistics and Quantitative Techniques for Geoscientists Option
  17. 17. Year 2 • Research and career skills • Earth structure • Marine geology • Environmental chemistry • Marine biology (including a boat-based field course) • Opportunity to specialise Course structure
  18. 18. Year 2 modules Research and Career Skills for Geoscientists Structure of the Earth and Global Processes Introduction to Marine Biology and Ecology Introduction to Environmental Geochemistry Sedimentology Geology Field course Spain Earth and Ocean Science Field Course Three Earth and Ocean Science Modules (from a choice of 11) Option
  19. 19. Year 2 module options A. Skills and Professional Practice B. Earth and Ocean Engineering C. Marine and Environmental Management D. Marine Geology and Earth Resources E. Global Change Geographical Information Systems Soil and Water Analysis Structural Geology Hydraulics Ecological Techniques Environmental Conservation and Management Earth Resources Applied Palaeontology Applied Palaeontology Coastal and Aeolian Landscapes Climate Change
  20. 20. • Earth and Ocean Sciences Project • Geology field course, Cyprus • Earth and Ocean Science Options • Options Final year modules
  21. 21. Year 3 Module OptionsA. Skills and Professional Practice B. Earth and Ocean Engineering C. Marine and Environmental Management D. Marine Geology and Earth Resources E. Global Change Environmental Geology and Professional Practice Applied Remote Sensing GIS 2 Geology of major Civil Engineering Projects Environmental Hydraulics Environmental Geology and Professional Practice Coastal Environments Wetland Environments Applied Ecology Environmental Assessment Water and Health Exploration Geology Hydrogeology Oceanography Oceanography Geohazards Evolution and the Fossil Record Planetary Geology Environmental change in low latitudes Final year module options
  22. 22. Final year project examples • Clean-up and management of dredged marine sediments • Impacts of sea-level rise on the Adur estuary • Heavy metal contamination in coastal environments • Geological mapping in Cyprus • Bauxite mining in central Greece • Environmental geology of the A27 by-pass, Brighton Independent research Links with industrial or international staff research projects Opportunity to work with environmental/ industrial organisations or overseas universities
  23. 23. • Student Support and Guidance Tutor personal and study support • Course Leader general issues/management of deadlines • Personal Tutor pastoral care • Module Leader academic issues • StudentCentral virtual learning environment, web- based, available 24/7 Support network
  24. 24. Contact us 01273 642288