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Presentation for Geography BA(Hons) 2014

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  • Can we do something to jolly this slide up?
  • Explain the structure of the degree generally, including semesters and learning units.
  • Give some detail about each of these.
  • More on these later.
  • Flesh these out a bit
  • Provide more detail.
  • NSS statement to be altered so relevant to each course. Add statistic if over 90%. Physical Geography and Environmental Science scored 82% in 2011
  • [add details of three facilities specific to each course)
  • Here, I will talk about the example of Kate, pictured here doing her dissertation research, which links with the research expertise of a member of staff, and the research links Brighton has with a university in Indonesia. Her interest was sparked by modules on sustainable development and issues debated in critical contemp geographies in the second year. Kate went on to do CPD modules that also built her skills in her chosen field – working in international development, which she is now doing (working for a development NGO in India).
  • Here, I will explain that these are in addition to specific support for those with learning disabilities etc, and will emphasise specific ways they can help – the example of mentoring for Maths is very important for BA students who may have scraped GCSE.
  • BA provides skills for a wide range of careers but without locking you in Careers focus from early on – how to recognise your developing skills and strengths How these signal possible careers. Develop your entrepreneurialism – business oriented, but also social entrepreneurialism (make the world a better place!). Examples on right hand side to be updated as relevant to each course Our 2009/10 Destinations survey tells us 96 per cent of School of Environment and Technology students are working or studying six months after graduation
  • In an employment area of your choice, within the UK or internationally.
  • Geography BA(Hons) 2014

    1. 1. Why study Geography BA(Hons) at the University of Brighton? Dr Rebecca Elmhirst, Course Leader
    2. 2. • Covers the breadth of Geography • Emphasis on human and environmental geography • Build your own pathway through a mix of compulsory and option modules • Focus on your future: careers and community- based learning About Geography BA(Hons)
    3. 3. Year 1 course structure Contemporary Human Geographies Global Environmental Issues and Management Fundamentals of Physical Geography Skills for Independent Learning Introduction to fieldwork Options : Social Science, Geography or Language 21st Century Brighton Data Presentation and Analysis
    4. 4. • Introduction to Environmental Hazards • Citizenship for the Environment • Water in the Environment • Sociological Imaginations • Mathematical Skills • Languages Year 1 module options
    5. 5. Year 2 modules Advanced Fieldwork Advanced Statistics Skills for Research and Careers
    6. 6. • Climate Change • Community Engagement • Critical Contemporary Geographies • Geographies of Development • Geographies of Everyday Life • Geographical Information Systems • Environmental Conservation and Management • Environmental Hazards • Environmental Planning • Sustainable Development • Water in the Landscape Year 2 : design your own programme:
    7. 7. • Environmental Assessment • Environmental Politics • Geographies of Disability and Impairment • Geographies of Environment and Development • Geographies of Education • Geographies of Genders, Sexes and Sexualities • Geographies of Sport and Leisure • Landscape Geographies • Medical Geography • Transport, Environment and Society Year 3: advanced and independent learning
    8. 8. Your final year project • Independent research • Guidance by expert staff • Explore a topic of personal interest • Possibility of fieldwork abroad • Link with future career
    9. 9. • Teaching is of a high standard and range • “The course gave me the confidence to succeed” • Lecturers: willing to help, easy to find, keen to give advice and feedback • BA Geography – very high scores for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2012 The BA experience: what our students say
    10. 10. The BA learning experience Debate and discussion Community- based Field-based Informed by leading research
    11. 11. Field-based learning Learning geographical skills in the field Destinations: Greece, Morocco
    12. 12. • Information Technology including Geographical Information Systems and data management software • Research and data handling including research design, analysis and interpretation • Presentation skills (written and oral) through posters, seminars and discussion Skills-based learning
    13. 13. Top class facilities Information resources GIS suite Video and audio research kit Studentcentral: available 24/7
    14. 14. Making the most of your degree Option pathways Focus on your future
    15. 15. • Course Leader design and management of your study programme • Personal Tutor study skills and pastoral care • Module Leader academic support • Mentoring by fellow students • Student Support and Guidance Tutor personal and study support Making the most of your degree: support network
    16. 16. Focus on your future Geography BA (Hons) graduates are qualified for a wide range of graduate jobs: numerate and literate Year 2 careers module co-taught with staff from Careers Centre Entrepreneurship through community-based learning Data shows 96% of students working or studying six months after graduation Environment Marketing Finance Civil Service Teaching Planning Entrepreneurship
    17. 17. • Environment Agency • Meteorological Office • Local authorities • Community groups and local businesses • Conservation organisations • Department for Energy and Climate Change • International placements Placement Year (between year 2 and 3)
    18. 18. A great place to be a student
    19. 19. Enjoy the rest of your visit 01273 642288