How to use and abuse the web to start your music career


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This is a presentation that was originally made in French at SudWeb 2012.

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How to use and abuse the web to start your music career

  1. 1. Uniform Motion @uniformmotion
  2. 2. Andy, guitar-vocalsIllustrated Indie-folkRenaud, illustrator Olivier, drums-keyboards
  3. 3. Uniform Motion is an indie folkband combining music with visualarts with Renaud on pencils,Olivier on drums and keyboardsand Andy on guitar and vocals.
  4. 4. 2008: Uniform Motion Pictures1 VIDEO1 MP31 comicbook2 / month
  5. 5. It all begins in 2008 with the launch ofwww.uniform-motion-pictures.comAndy & Renaud decide to collaborate on aproject comprising music and comics.With the help of a f lmmaker, a recording istudio and a few musician friends, the teamreleases a video of a live performance, aninteractive comic strip and an MP3 f le, ievery 2 weeks.
  6. 6. Success!
  7. 7. The band wins a contest organized byLes Inrockuptibles, and plays its f rst itwo gigs in Paris (Apple Expo, LaMaroquinerie) before appearing oni>Télé (French News Channel) todiscuss the novel approach
  8. 8. But wheres the fan-base ?
  9. 9. You call selling less than a hundredalbums a success?The band doesnt get discouraged andstarts working on a new album andsome new ideas.
  10. 10. bandcamp & tumblr Integration Collect email addresses
  11. 11. At the end of 2009, they integrateBandcamp, a service that allows you sellCDs online with an immediate download ofthe album in many different digital formats,with the possibility of streaming the albumin full.The band also starts spending more timeon socials networks inviting people on themailing list to join them on Twitter andFacebook and vice versa.
  12. 12. 2010: New website & album l Virtual Concert
  13. 13. 2010, Uniform Motion launches anew website and releases Life,their second album, along withposter packs (1 illustration for eachsong) and a Virtual Concertdeveloped in Flash.
  14. 14. Success?
  15. 15. The band gets featured, The Stranger, CollegeMusic Journal.Airplay on NME Radio, BBC6music,, and some prettygood reviews
  16. 16. But wheres the fan-base ?Hi, Im Bob andI live inAccrington.
  17. 17. OK, the bands still not hugelysuccessful.But the mailing list is slowlygrowing, they know more abouttheir fans, especially where theyrefrom, and their facebook page isstarting to liven up.
  18. 18. 2011: Crowdfunding -Pressing CDs Playbutton
  19. 19. 2011 : The band turns to crowdfunding.After recording their third album(incidentally in a sound engineeringschool to save money!) the band puts twosongs online along with a video gameand asks their fans to pre-order therecord in order to help pay for Masteringand manufacturing costs
  20. 20. Flash Video Game
  21. 21. The game is pretty simple, youjump up and down trying to catchlf ying objects while listening to thesong.A month later, they had enough pre-orders to pay for the first batch ofCDs and PlayButtons.
  22. 22. What about Vinyl!!!
  23. 23. Being active on social networks starts topay offA fan leaves them a message onfacebook asking if they will release therecord on vinyl. So they improvise afunding campaign using Google Docsand Bandcamp for pre-orders.
  24. 24. Hurrah!!!
  25. 25. And 2 months later!
  26. 26. A little bit of virality doesnt hurt
  27. 27. Uniform Motion continues to document theiradventures on their blog.After receiving a few questions from fans on how bestto support the band, they wrote an article on whatstreaming, digital downloads a physical formats pay.The article was republished on Techdirt,,Gizmodo, Digital Music News and HypebotLater, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Forbes, BBCRadio (even MTV) discussed the article or publishedexcerpts.There were thousands of comments and lots ofdebates about Spotify.
  28. 28. So wheres the fan-base ?
  29. 29. Well, the fan-base keeps growingand we know a lot more aboutthem.
  30. 30. Some numbersBeg 2010 : 100 2010 : 230 albums -Email addresses 10 000 streamsEnd 2011 : 1 250 2011 : 500 albums -email addresses 30 000 streams
  31. 31. Collaborative Video
  32. 32. In 2012, Uniform Motion continue theirexperiments by launching acollaborative video project where thefans can download a printable characterfrom their last album (Little Knight) andtake a photo or shoot a video with him.The band then edits a video using all thephotos and video footage.
  33. 33. Kickstarter concerts
  34. 34. As kickstarter is only available to USbands, Uniform Motion sets using IgnitionDeck, a wordpress plugin. The siteallows the band to organize a concert inSweden, 2 shows in Spain, and a 9 daytour of Germany
  35. 35. Selling Merch
  36. 36. The band is rather successful at themerch table and often doubles itsrevenues selling customized CDs andVinyl. Renaud draws a unique picture oneach CD and this has a sort of viraleffect as people tend to show theirdrawing to their friends. The drawingsession can sometimes last longer thanthe gig itself!
  37. 37. Google+ HangoutTutorials
  38. 38. The band has also experimented withonline concerts using Google+, andprovides tutorials for fans who want tolearn the songs.Theyre also running a sound donationcampaign for their fourth album.
  39. 39. Thanks for listening !