Coaching Plan Your Roadmap For Success In Life And In Your Career 6 8 2011


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This is a presentation I gave to the Women\'s Power Network group today: Plan your Roadmap for life & business success by working with a professional coach

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  • Agenda: Hi everyone: I would like to thank everyone for being here today! I am going to fly through my material and let everyone read through it all yourselves later and just give you some highlights, because I want to get to the real exciting part where we all try out some coaching skills on each other. My goal today is that you get a clear picture of what professional coaching is, and how it can benefit you and your business. I personally believe that coaching skills are crucial for everyone who wants to improve their performance and relationships in business as well as life! What is a coach?Why hire one?Practice Coaching Skills
  • Lots of people ask me this question. The best answer that resonates with most people is that I help people get unstuck, see things from alternate perspectives, and help direct people through the fog of transition— job transitions, moving into a new leadership position, life stage transition—retirement, 2nd career, etc.
  • Coaching is proven to be much more effective than classroom training and yields better results.
  • What makes professional coaching unique is that it is NOT therapy (or consulting). Therapy is prescriptive process to something that happened most likely in the past and diagnoses you as something. Coaching is looking at your present state…where are you today? And where are you going? We do a lot of visioning about the future and what your life purpose is. What do you want to accomplish next? And we figure out a plan to get you there! Here are a few tools listed that I use to provide real concrete insights to help you understand your motivations, behaviors and how you perform differently under stress.
  • Pass out Practice Guides: We are going to practice coaching each other using a very basic tool called Powerful Questioning. I am passing out a Quick Reference Guide for you to use during your 2 minute coaching session with each other.Think about a problem, topic or issue you have been thinking about all day or even all week. Keep it in mind. Turn to the person on your right—they are your partner. One of you will be the coach and one will be the client. Decide now who that will be. Now take the next 2 minutes, coach, ask your client about what the topic is, and try to use only Powerful Questions in your conversation. You can make up your own powerful questions too, but you want to make sure that the conversation flows and is not stopped with yes/no questions! Now, turn to the person on your right. Between the 2 of you, decide who will be the coach first
  • Coaching Plan Your Roadmap For Success In Life And In Your Career 6 8 2011

    1. 1. Professional Coaching: Learn to coach yourself & Increase your performance in life & business!<br />Christin McClave, CPCC<br />Chief Coach, Unifi Coaching<br />610-324-0985<br />
    2. 2. When surveying business people about professional coaching…<br />70% believed it is "very valuable" <br />62% felt they are better goal-setters <br />61% feel they have better life balance <br />57% say they’ve reduced stress levels in their life <br />56% say the profit in their business has increased <br />However, statistics also reveal that 42% of business people still don't have a professional coach.<br />
    3. 3. Why hire a coach? <br />Goal & Priority Setting- Holds you accountable for goals you set together <br />Another set of Eyes & Ears: provides objective feedback<br />Creative Visioning for your Future<br />Manage your Blind Spots & Your Inner Critic<br />Solution-oriented and forward thinking rather than problem-solving<br />Identify, clarify and execute your values-make better decisions leading to less stress & more happiness!<br />To learn coaching skills yourself which will help you improve your relationships and your business performance<br />
    4. 4. Coaching Helps People Help Themselves…Ideal Clients are:<br />Individuals:<br />People in life & career Transition<br />Anyone looking for more meaning in work or life<br />Working parents<br />Planning for retirement<br />Career change<br />High-performing, but stuck<br />Businesses:<br />Group Coaching <br />Team Dynamics forbusinesses<br />Small HR departments for retention & leadership development solutions<br />Entrepreneurs<br />Family business owners<br />Emerging leaders<br />Women leaders<br />
    5. 5. What Makes Professional Coaching Unique?<br />It’s not Therapy! Professional Coaching creates a powerful dynamic relationship between two people. Clients are already high-functioning individuals. Coaches ask questions, listen, empower, and provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity the client already has to achieve extraordinary results. <br />Confidential:Coaching provides leaders a space in which powerful, healthy, conversations can address and confront habitual thinking that stifles innovation. These skills are not controlling or demanding, but instead foster an attitude full of encouragement and belief in both parties.<br />Professional:Professional coaches are highly trained & certified through the International Coaches Federation and are not “self-appointed coaches”. They have professional training and are chock-full of life & business successes and experiences. <br />Uses Proven Tools to Deliver Value: Clear Direction Thoughts & Motivations Assessment Tool, Life Assessment Wheel, Values Clarification, Life Purpose, SMART goals, 360 Feedback instruments and many others!<br />
    6. 6. Powerful Questions Coaching Skills Exercise : 2 Minutes<br />Powerful Questions are:<br />Non-judgemental<br />Open-ended: No end goal in mind<br />Detached to the outcome/answer<br /> Questions that require deep listening<br />Not able to be answered with a short, yes/no answer<br />Curious<br />Knowing that the client has the right answer, not you!<br />Powerful Questions will improve your relationships and develop new ways of connecting with partners, friends, clients, suppliers, employees and even bosses! <br />
    7. 7. Clear Direction Assessment Profile<br /> The Clear Direction Professional Profile Report & Development Program provides business leaders with a personalized report describing their thinking strengths, limitations, communication abilities, and problem solving approaches. Using a patented technology, the program can include a six month email-based development program for leaders.  This product is based on the science of Axiology and the industry leading Hartman-Kinsel Profile. The program is recommended to follow with the assistance of a trained Clear Direction Coach. <br /> Benefits Enhances Self-Understanding - Because each report provides participants with a detailed description of their own thinking orientations, participants become more aware of their own biases, strengths, and limitations. A more accurate self-understanding is the key to being able to use one's own strengths and enlist help in areas of weakness. Provides Personalized Exercises - Just as a personal mentor prescribes training and development exercises in light of the professional’s own personal needs and situation, this training and development program provides personalized materials based on the leader’s profile. Addresses Problems at the Source - Unlike other training programs, the Clear Direction Professional Development Program does not focus on training so you can avoid unwanted behaviors, it targets the thinking patterns that lead to unwanted behaviors. Therefore, it addresses what causes the unwanted behaviors in the first place rather than providing information about the unwanted symptoms. What's Included <br />Online access to complete the Hartman-Kinsel Profile.<br />A personalized 60+ page report highlighting your strengths & weaknesses.  <br />13 personalized training and development eLessons sent to your email inbox (over a six month period). <br />Christin is certified in Clear Direction Assessment Profile administration & coaching and uses this tool as a base from which coaching can take place if desired. Please see Christin for details! <br /><br />
    8. 8. Coaching Packages (for WPN members or referrals!)<br />3 month Clear Direction Assessment Tune-up$ 350 ($750 value!)<br />Discovery session, 2 personal CD debrief sessions, 3 goal setting & values clarification sessions (depending on what is needed)<br />6 month Professional Coaching Package $1500 ($2000 value)<br />CD Extensive Assessment Process<br />E Lesson Followup<br />Goal setting, Inner Critic work, Values Clarification process<br />Group Coaching for Peak Team Performance $5K-$20K (customized process-depends on size of team)<br />
    9. 9. What is a Professional Coach?(Quote by –Thomas Leonard, 2000)<br />“The Professional Coach is your partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you.” <br />The coach is your:<br />Partner in achieving business and personal goals.<br />Champion during a turnaround. <br />Trainer in communication and life skills. <br />Sounding board when making choices.<br />Motivation when strong actions are called for.<br />Unconditional support when you take a hit.<br />Mentor in personal development. <br />Co-designer when creating an extraordinary project.<br />Beacon during stormy times.<br />Wake-up call if you don’t hear your own.<br />