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Business Results from using Clear Direction Assessment Profile
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Business Results from using Clear Direction Assessment Profile


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ClearDirection is an assessment profile tool that I use to help clients identify motivations, values and thinking styles. The insights also save businesses a lot of money!!

ClearDirection is an assessment profile tool that I use to help clients identify motivations, values and thinking styles. The insights also save businesses a lot of money!!

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Introducing … From a Simple Study we can provide to you… Greater Precision , Understanding , and Measurement for the People Aspects of Your Business
  • 2. Granted: The people aspects of business are not 100% predictable… … but Clear Direction’s new technology can measurably improve your precision and success rates.
  • 3. We have helped our clients*
    • Reduce their hiring of people who can’t do the job, won’t do the job, or don’t fit in their culture.
    • Increase overall sales performance.
    • Reduce unwanted turnover.
    • Improve the success rate of promoted employees succeeding.
    • Stop doing training that is a waste of money or actually reduces their employee’s performance!
    • Reduce conflicts between Boomers and Millennials.
    • Maximize rewards and stop giving bonuses and raises that don’t improve morale.
    • Reduce conflicts and avoidable outbreaks of anger.
    • * who were using our competitors’ products and services
  • 4. When advanced sciences are integrated with technology Businesses Get Real Improvements
  • 5. Formal Axiology is a Deductive Science About How People Think and Make Decisions The advantages lead to improved precision, simplified measurement, lower costs, and greater breadth of applications
  • 6. A question to test your knowledge about the people side of business
  • 7. Which positions require empathy ? (assume all are in USA contexts)
    • Customer service rep in a hotel chain.
    • General manager of a convention center.
    • Emergency room nurse.
    • Personal trainer.
    • Commercial construction foreman.
  • 8. And the answer is: (the answer was derived and statistically validated by using advanced data-analytics)
  • 9. None Empathy was measured in the sub-performers of those five roles not in the top performers. Empathy either distracts people from these tasks or causes them to burn out in these roles
  • 10. Yes, we also were wondering why those clients’ human resources “specialists” were hiring people with empathy and training their top people to have empathy!
  • 11. Integrating the deductive science of thinking with technology Clear Direction’s Real Improvement
  • 12. The Data-Analytics Report
    • A report that is generated from the differences in how top performers think differently compared to sub-performers for any specific role.
      • Client Report - Executive summary and business applications of the results
      • Human Behavior Specialist Report – executive summary, applications, and data charts, graphs, and data-analytics
  • 13. Real Improvements
    • More accurately define abilities needed for success, accurately assess candidates (fewer oversights, less time and lower cost)
    • Accurately identify future leaders (early in their careers)
    • Get “heads ups” about potential problems ahead of time
    • Accurately measure the differences between top performers and sub-performers and thereby
        • Manage more precisely with fewer “special cases”
        • Motivate more effectively and efficiently
        • Training that leads to desired improvements
        • Promote more successfully
    • Have on record validation reports of the statistically significant differences between successful and sub-successful performers for any role that provide objective measurements for improvements.
  • 14. A Sample Table of Contents
    • Criteria used to define successful GMs
    • Definitions of what makes the Top GMs so good
    • Significant motivators of Top GMs
    • Better hiring of and promoting GMs
    • Special considerations when managing GMs
    • How Sub-performing GMs differ
    • Managing and training Sub-performers to
    • become top performers
    • How Clients define Successful GMs
    • Appendix – Data and Charts
  • 15. How We Get the Information
    • Participants do a series of tasks on line where they prioritize (rank statements/things best to worst)
    • 2. They each get their own “Profile Report” – fully confidential to them, sent to their email box.
  • 16. What We Generate
    • The DAReport
      • Providing detailed and precise definitions of the differences between the top and sub-performers (measurable and statistically significant)
    • 2. The Team Directory (if requested)
    • Providing counsel to management on how best to work with each individual in the study
  • 17. What is Improved
    • Hiring accuracy
    • Early selection of future leaders
    • Training to develop top performers
    • Rewards systems (improved cost and motivation effectiveness)
    • Management to greater precision of success (in eyes of clients)
      • Of top performers
      • Of sub-performers
  • 18. Dramatic Improvements
    • Increase sales (retail, auto, pharma, etc.)
    • Reduce errors by nurses and medical staff
    • Reduce lost-time injuries in construction
    • Reduce “rogue” law enforcement
    • Improve teacher performance
    • Reduce unwanted turnover of wait-staff and customer service personnel
    • Accurately select franchisees
    • Improve technician performance and reduce turnover
    • Reduce truck driver turnover and accidents
    • Improve call-center performance
    • Reduce risk of “rogue” partners
    • Reduce cash shorts in retail operations
    • Reduce loan defaults (bec/ lenders and borrowers)
  • 19. Did anyone say, “Vaccine!”? We have clients that did not know they were training their top performers in skills and orientations that reduced their performance!
  • 20. No, they were not poorly run companies. In fact two of those clients are industry leaders! They were unaware that they were training their top performers to think like their sub-performers
  • 21. Four Recent Applications A very useful tool in our clients’ tool boxes.
  • 22. Client Example: A Major Auto Group
    • A Study of Sales Persons:
      • Prior to the recession, one of the top auto groups reduced their turnover of first year sales personnel over 30% - they estimated their savings to be over $30,000,000 the first year by using the information from the DAReport!
  • 23. Client Example – Health Club
    • Study of Personal Trainers:
      • A national health club corporation learned they were targeting their hiring, management, and training in ways that would increase the number of sub-performers and reduce the number of top performers.
      • The DAReport directed them as to how to hire, manage and train in ways that will result in a 20% improvement of personnel in this position within the first year.
  • 24. Client Examples – National Retailer
    • A Study of Cashiers:
      • The DAReport provided metrics and methods to hire and manage leading to sales cashiers who would sell 40% more per customer and would reduce cash shorts by more than 5000%!
      • (The Board of this public company is so pleased with
      • the outcomes that it requires that the data analytics be updated quarterly.)
  • 25. Client Example - Construction
    • Lost-Time Injury Study:
      • The DAReport provided statistically significant data as to the differences between workers who had lost-time injuries from those who had perfect safety records.
      • A reduction of 36.4% in lost-time injuries will be realized by using the hiring metrics reported in the DAReport
  • 26. The DAReport - Characteristics
    • Non-intrusive process to get needed information (our clients are busy!)
    • Participants can’t “adjust” their answers
    • Data is secure
    • Short turn-around time
    • Immediate business improvements
    • Reports in business language (with metrics)
    • Multiple applications
    • Proven in the marketplace
    • Statistically significant and valid results
    For further real applications and “next steps” see the DAReport Next Steps PowerPoint