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  • Introduction to the 6th Education Session ….. (Sunday, 1st of March 2009) [in attendance of TCh: Hyung Jin Nim & Yeon ah Nim, Kook Jin Nim, In Jin Nim) “ TF = gospel of this age!” At that moment, TF entered with TM at 20:30, started speaking until around 0:30 True Parents enter. Standing Ovation. True Parents sit, TF begins speaking. where is Hoon Mo Nim? Bring Chair, sit next to me. God perfected portion of responsibility, TP completed resp. of A/E and mankind. when TF was 15 yrs old, age of Fall of A&E. Centered on God A&E could have become TP of mankind. At that age. 22, 23, 24 within 7 years until 24 they should have got married, F, G, Completion centered on God. O-D-U until 24 yrs, wedding ceremony, from Origin of A&E divide, through period of growth stage, 13,14 yrs: body of woman prepares to become bride (menstruation), lose blood once a month. Connect E/W, S/N. E symbolizes m (sun rises), W symbolizes w (sun sets) – shadow heads towards W in morning, shade towards E in evening. High Noon Settlement: No shadow. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn comes, one circle around the sun, 4 seasons. Difference between triangle and square? each point of triangle is top of triangle, no higher point. Square: (Hyung Jin Nim gives TF a book) When you look at book cover, you can see 2 triangles, 3x4 when made flat, you can divide one side into 3 spots. When you count 1,2,3, finish and go to 4,5,6 (turn book), 6, 7. 7 = number of return to starting point. each direction, can count one to five. only one way for top to fall: 90°. 12 chinese characters. ox, mouse, tiger, rabbit. there is clear difference between tiger-character and rabbit-character. 1,2,3,4,5,6 centered on 6th point we can make a circle! right wing = elder son, who crosses from left =younger son. only one point is top, only one line. if water dropped from that position to ground: only one way to come down from top. Circle: 360°. When 120° only one way for water to flow. The original way to live: always with God. Word of God = attic of mankind, Subj-Obj-Partner. Rtp betw up/down = father /son. There is only one spot, when falls on face. This is origin of universe. after 6yrs passed. 9x9 = 81, after passing 6 enter era of perfection, then return to 10. Chinese Char for Tree= cross, if bigger: symbolizes mankind! “number 10” & “man” Fall: turned upside down. return back through revelation. There is only one spot in center. Front and back were turned. 3 yrs, how many days left to 2013? 3005d left (Jan). Each finger: 5 fingers. Name of God: “Only one”. God. A mother’s role is to put life inside body, to receive life in belly. In W: women don’t want. Use incubators. in West: few babies are born. achieve 4 GRH, what is motto , Absolute Sex. one man, one woman, 1st son, last daugther Do you like TP? What kind of love? Tscham Saram. True Love. From origin-division-union. From God’s perspective, fallen man has no value! How many people from all around world? Just 5 countries? I want people from 190 countries. Which country created best vehicle of world? Germany, then England and then America. How many vehicles exist in world? I once drove one long ago, good quality. How about cars made in Belgium? BMW made by 100% technician. For 7 yrs, in W-Germany examined technology, 3 yrs later, boss of technician (whistles), brought them to make a car. How about Japan? I studied electricity. Studying 6 months. My classmate became director of technology in Japan. We should understand about science in order to utilize technology. Where is Mother? You don’t know TF’s life. You know why Father received persecution? Peter Kim, Dr. Yang-Shik Chang, Sung-Jo Hwang, Dr. Seuk, please come to sit in front, where is Mr Yamada? Do you like Father? Do you know Father? Hoon Mo! (Hoon Mo Nim came in again) (talking about N-Korea). KJI sent Ginseng to TP. Very precious gift. Did you members send such a gift to TP? We have to plant the new seed in this land. In Jin-ah! Where is In Jin? … . TP don’t know everything that is going on. … I told them to keep purity before marriage. I opened the gates of hell. Nobody liked TF. People have tendency not to receive TF. Era of Boon Bong Wang, Vote System to chose representative of system? no. world under family. How many children of TP passed on to Sp. W.? how do I call mother in law? (Dae Mo Nim) So many persecuted, because they didn’t understand. Time will come: Tribal Messiah and National Messiah must go out to establish true tribe & true nation? Pyeong Hwa Shin gyeong (Peace Messages). True Father asks to repent! Task of LSA. TF prison experience. still people against TF in political realm. “ Seattle” = spreading the seed As Blessed couple, you must bless 300 couples and educate them! I want you to be cut of Satan’s accusation. You don’t understand meaning. 120 Japanese participants, please stand up! If you cannot speak Korean… Rev. Soodo, do you understand Korean? Must understand what TF says. I spoke Japanese when I went to Japan. Spent hours with studying. Blessed Family MUST MEMORIZE Content of this Book (Original DP)! (bangs book on table) Washington Times…. 358 ppl came here. How many supposed to come? Seorak- Mountain… Golf... How about Dokdo? Why so important? 5000 valuables around Dokdo-Island. Japan doesn’t listen to me, try to take ownership of Dokdo. I’ll try to win it back for Korea. Who is governor of Japan? Do you think TP say without practicing? A&E. = twin children. Eve couldn’t fulfill original ideal of woman. How many Japanese here? Should be double the man’s number? Who will work harder, men or women in Japan? Centered on Hyung Jin Nim…, give a hand for Hyung Jin Nim. He’s youngest one of TFam. Why did I choose him? A king is anointed according to his shouting of “Ye.” Pine Ridge Resort, good golf place. About fishing. Hyung Jin Nim, come up and offer a song! Hyung Jin Nim: Algesümnida. I will sing a holy song. TF: Ok, but loudly. HgJN: Starts singing. TF: No, not that one! (laughing) HgJN: Starts again. Wonju-a! Come sing a song. (Sings Arirang. ) other songs. TF: Restore A&E before the Fall, become Ideal Family & Ideal World. However, to realize Motto of this year and this education. to build God’s Temple, to offer it to TP. Northpole, Southpole, Tunnel, Pacific…40 mil. yrs water , try to receive ownership over this water. Island Federation … 3rd Israel to realize Kingdom. Motto of this year: standard to build absolute Sex, (nothing to do with Fall), =essence, God is manifesting Himself in visible body of True Parents. Centering on Korean People, more than Korean sisters serve TF, you must bless more than 60.000 couples. Mission from Father to Mother. Country of Cath & of Protestant.. Before TF turns 100yrs, everything must be solved. To liberate God, let us open God’s Kindgdom of Heven on earth. Aju. Listen to this explanation very well! Each Blessed Central Family can become a representative king. Thanks to TP’s victory doors of Heaven and Hell opened. 190 countries. TF: move place of WS, centering on providence (ocean). AJU! Absolute Faith, absolute Love & absolute Obedience. Time of mobilisation (10.000)… New people of the world, to build God’s Kingdom! Don’t fall asleep! Descendants will accuse. Future nation: 10.000 from every tribe to nation. Build nation & change world. end: 0:30 Words of the main lecturer Rev. Yu: 6th session, special pleasure to have TCh with us. TF educated us. direction of WS: become one with our destination. We haven’t realized. This is time in God’s providence to go over the bridge, determine ourselves to become one with God. purpose of TP coming to world = bring G’s Kingdom, save humankind, sacrificed TFam/TCh. parents responsibility, Children from now on have duty to realize port. of resp. new era of providence. We have to realize: important honour. Even though God had year of Sabbath, didn’t have retreat. In history: 7th year: relax, = meaning of the year of Sabbath. Difference: Sabbath= after work, Fallen ppl can eradicate their state and return to original state. TP’s life: when TP arrived, name house in Hawaii: King Garden. TF’s plan – garden of A/E in King Garden in Hawaii. Kona: TP can start new providence, centered on US. New Civilisation proclaimed. New civilisation = totally different. From now on G will be real owner of all things, Island civilisation. F/GB/US on one side, other side: Christianity came from one root, on way divided. centering on US 2nd Israel. TP’s missionary life. providence started with Hawaii Originally TP as King of Kings, way of indemnity for him was not intended, 2nd Israel’s failed responsibility. TF started from Hawaii-King Garden. Last year centered on providential nations (US, F, GB) & (D, JAP, I) TF announced a workshop. After establ. of UN after WW II, it not achieved its resp. realize its providential responsibility. UN hasn’t realized responsibility. USA where UN is based, has not realized resp. TF: 33yrs age of Jesus, 1930: TF proclaimed he wanted to be more victorious than Jesus. Centering on TP: realization of peaceful world. This WS = centered on TP, started October last year. All leaders of world called to receive education. TF: 6th stage. Hawaii: TF didn’t explain for 6 days, TF travelled Island. Ocean Providence, TF climbed Mount Kona, highest of world, root of mountain under sea level, higher than 3000m beneath sea, highest of world. TF special prayer, 1st: mankind hasn’t understood their situation because of Fall and didn’t know who God is, TP travelled all world to help ppl understand. TF did prayer of repentance and asked for forgiveness. 2nd: expressed thanks to God. TF went up mountain to save mankind as representative of God. Representing mankind, TF asked for forgiveness. Next day: HDH, TF gave Peace Message to TM  Shin Joon Nim  Mrs Wonju(?), each representative touched the Book. from Eve to all ppl, this was the original way. Ceremony centered on TP. Next morning, TF received vow, ceremony: New Era of Heart. Shimjeong must be uncovered from Fall. To express this: TF opened New Era of Heart of God. TF asked to purchase bunch of trees, following days, TF didn’t talk about it. Few days later then TF planted tree to special places + prayer. TF allows each Creation to return to original state. Each tree: N, E, S, W, every direction. Life was occupied by Satan, in order to get to know satanic place  Las Vegas. 3rd Starting of Beginning of New Civilisation. 60yrs ago, TF: when time = ripe, centering on TM, physical world, A&E: mistake – repelled. In order to nullify mistake of Fall: Era of New Civilisation. Cain side ppl, centering on Hyo Jin Nim, in sp. w. HyoJN, Hyun Jin + Kook Jin, attended ceremony, TF put hands on heads, held ceremony: TF: Dr Yang Shik Chang one part of ceremony, TM other part – restoring, perfection of Eve. Role played by TM, Ideal of TFam must be realized, TF: restore Eve. Last year WS in Hawaii, end of WS asked to come to TF’s place, started explaining, went fishing, from now on, we must have education on ORIGINAL DP! First time I heard. so Wolli Haesul, Wolli Wongron for Christians. I recorded TF’s words time by time, this is source of this WS, then TF said: I (Rev. Yu) am person in charge of WS! Participants of WS will receive TP’s signature! Blessed Family and representatives have qualification to attend this WS! 5th time of WS finished, 1st – 5th time special meaning on country level, TP brought ancestors from sp. w. to bring victory. This is first time, different from previous WSs, special purpose, TF said: please … centering on number 1, first time, TF announced 15d before WS, Hawaii King Garden is too small for big amount of ppl, so WS in Korea, TF moved from Hawaii to Korea. HgJN gave name Cheon Bok Goong = Temple of God, 1st temple centering on Saul was destroyed, 2nd one destructed, 3rd Israel: honoured to build temple! TF: has right to build God’s temple. US destined to be destroyed, if… therefore: TF doesn’t want US be destroyed. Leader of pol, eco, rel in US. 2009 is new start in providence, title of this WS: “procl. compl, respons. provdince” Since A& E’s failure nobody could realize Ideal Family, fulfill responsibility! God Himself cannot say He finished respons. Proclaiming title. After TF finished all resp. – completed restoration Jan, Feb, 3d after last WS, thanks to TP victory, Portion of Responsibility, centering on Absolute Sex. Without that no hope for mankind & world. TF: take off personal things, connect to old world, last moment: jump over line with TP, TP have desire to pull all of us over the line! Center of mankind = God & TP, concept of ORIGINAL DP. So many qualified ppl came to attend this WS. Take off personal clothes to receive G’s Shimjung, qualification as I came to this WS, thanks to TP can attend this WS, Blessing of TP, such meaningful WS from the first to the last day. Hawaii: started without HDH, daily schedule, 90 min lecture, alltogether 2h break for meals. this WS  “you’ll only be eating!” sp. & phys. food, so please be healthy!) The speaker will deliver the word as clear and holy as possible, give attention, don’t fall asleep. Prayer.
  • Responsible for the revision of this file: Dominic S. Zoehrer, CARP Education Department Austria/ Europe, Vienna. Special thanks to Detlef Klemme for his lecture notes and Mr. Kim for his special hints! Please contact me! dominic.zoehrer@gmail.com (Always happy to serve) More words on the significance of the Education Sessions: True Father’s words as reported from the first special Education Session, Hawaii, by Angelika Selle (USA): “ Hawaii is the place closest in character and environment to the Garden of Eden.” Father commented that "the pearl is the most sexual element of truth" (check translation). He emphasized very strongly the need for absolute fidelity between husband and wife and that without that NOTHING WILL WORK. It is the final thing to accomplish. Father said also that from now on, especially since the helicopter accident (82nd day today) the owner of everything is God, not True Parents. "Train yourselves to love in God's position. Get rid of the fallen lineage within three years, so we can close the door to hell. True Parents are now opening all doors to go to the deep secrets of Heaven. Even the age of the Second Coming is past. God is now in charge. I want to send you out with the authority of True Parents. If you attend God and keep Him in your center, you will enter the original world... Now the realm of the HEART of the Fourth Adam can begin.” Father also talked about going to Las Vegas, which he visited recently a lot to bring Heaven's atmosphere and clean up the realm of darkness. “ Getting rid completely of the remnants of Satan’s realm, no shadow, whatsoever. The standard for that is total united sex, that kind of world has no pangs of conscience (clean up).” “ January 13th 2013 needs to be the completion as families, complete the restoration of everything from Heaven and Earth.” “ We need to live centering on the vertical and horizontal TP with no shadow, just like the sun, 24 hours a day.” “ There will be benefits in the angelic world and for the ancestors who were blessed.” “ Become like the First Adam, who is born from the womb of True Parents. Now we live in the substantial settlement of noon, where internally we are connected to God, True Parents and spirit world through lineage, and externally this is centered on our own family. Based on that, the heavenly world will come. Have that confidence!” “ Pledge #4 of freedom, peace and equality will come about and you need to become the owners of that. The TC were sent to the spirit world (as angels) and, centering on the BBW and TP, they can come down now.” (remark: 5 True Children are already in SW) “ Connect everything in this age. God, in the position of TP, can be put in the position of King, and we can be divine sons and daughters, who live by the heavenly law. You should become ancestors and representatives of Adam.” “ God needs to be the center of attendance. Become the ancestors of absolute sex, that is your destiny you were born with as well as your responsibility, or you will lose yourself in hell, be broken up and your cells will be floating around in the universe.” “ Get rid of your fallen nature. Deny everything in the position of freedom.” “ Within seven years from this Jubilee year, we need to establish the clear constitution of the Family Pledge and the Cheong Seong Geyong. Do HDH every day together with God and True Parents for seven years. Be owners of yourself!” “ Remember these words to become the substantial being, and God will guide you. Don’t make mistakes for the wrong history to remain. Call your ancestors for help.” “ The beat should always be right with God’s breathing; have His angle, and then there will be eternal movement. Become God’s eternal family! Pray like that from now on. Become the ancestors to the ancestors. Work together through resonance. One-quarter of yourself should be able to resonate with the spirit world.” “ I live my life according to DP, not my own vision. God is now attending the TP in the original position they are in – they are completely liberated.” “ Even if I sit down, everything in the world is reported to me. I resonate with all realms. The realm of resonance needs to be established.” “ Freedom – equality – peace – happiness should be the qualifications of the family… and the central point is true love, where the sperm and the egg meet. If it is dual, there cannot be any branches. God is a free owner in that position as we keep these laws.” “ Love God more than me.” “ Educate people about this in many ways, do demonstrations in front of the nation and become the owner like I did. This is the realm of your destiny and mission.” True Father then concluded by saying: “Let us commence the ceremony now! As a representative of Heaven and Earth, I declare that there will be returning resurrection.” “ From now on, we are totally responsible for our own actions.” Father had someone read the speech he had given on October 14, 2000, which he asked everyone to read and study again, as it marked the beginning of the many levels of Resurrection Ceremonies. It also explains more about the era and the age of women, who, he said, are like the train (engine) to move forward the Providence in this age, where True Mother will be taking the lead. "You need to register in the age of Boom Bong Wang. It is the same as during the time of King Herod.” “ The mother is taking the lead (locomotive).” “ Live for God and live in the place of God.” “ Don’t think you live on your own. You represent your families, tribes, nations -- and all is connected!” Rev. Yu: especially in our relationship with God and True Parents, to come to "feel the electric current as we think of them and act more and more like them,” as Rev. Eu said. “Everything we hear and see should be based on heart (shimjung) in our lives." "There are no enemies in the original world. The question is, ‘How many people like us/me? And how many people have I loved?’ When we get insulted three times, we get angry, but our Father often doesn't say anything, when he gets hit. He is not allowed to fight. That’s a difficult standard to live up to...Need to like yourself first!” “ What kind of people have we become after living 40 years in our church? This is the time to be careful what you say and do in your life.” The Education Session for the Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God’s Providence. This began in Hawaii, then 3 more in Su Taek Ri training center and now this 5th workshop is here in Pine Ridge. The purpose of this workshop is to set the condition for the Providence for the Start to begin a new era based on the resurrection victory of True Parents over the helicopter trial. Therefore True Parents absolute victory allows a new era to begin in which Father as the True Son of God can fulfill all of God’s responsibility from now as the Horizontal True Parents – because Father has completed all courses with True Mother Father has all power to eradicate all evil on earth. He has established with God’s Blessing the lineage of heaven and secured it in the three generational realm of Blessing through True Parents, True Children and now True Grandchildren. Through the expansion of the lineage True Parents have the power to eradicate the lineage of Satan and engraft all to the lineage of God. Also Father gave us the Cheong Seong Gyeong and the Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong as the “Word” that must be given as the original word of mankind. This workshop is the providence for the start that allows all Blessed Central Families to enter into the qualification to allow God to have his Sabbath. For God’s Sabbath Father will take full responsibility for God’s Responsibility therefore God’s responsibility is completed. Also we as Blessed Central Families gain the qualification through this workshop to inherit True Parents victory and become the temples of God. This also allows God to take his Sabbath. True Parents will take God’s 95% and we must now fulfill our 5% as True Parents did by fulfilling the 8 stage course vertically and horizonatally centering on the Original Divine Principle (From Rev. Michael Jenkins)
  • Family Pledge - standard to realize CIG, God’s kingdom, institution - carry on will of God - key to open kingdom of God - prayer of prayers - value of family: where God can dwell and visit - victorious life 家庭
  • Last part of CSG: explains about Family Pledge, Peace Message #14 Standard to check our daily life, blueprint of weekly schedule CIG = 2 persons become 1 family is basis for society & world > kingdom When there is a celebration, or a birthday or something, in your home or elsewhere, the first thing you do is say the Family Pledge. The Family here is MY Family. Without this there is nothing to be salvaged (from this fallen world? ) Children whom are controlled by loving parents.. Parents have to love unconditionally. That is the meaning of true love. The children came from mothers sexual organs. The root of life is mothers sexual organ, and the seed comes from Father God. True love is taught in the family. power: centering on True Love, mankind wants to be controlled, directed by True Love Love unconditionally = core of True Love From mother’s sexual organ: children born, owner of sex. Organ = God. Mother’s sex. Organ = original homeland, origin of love, life, lineage. Everyone misses his/her homeland, searching for. Raise up and be reborn, sex. Organ centered on God, way to seek for God. Father sex. Organ: seed is from. Palace of love, lineage = homeland of God. Where does True Love start? Family. = place to make oneness of m’s and w’s sex. Organ. Each one of us has to construct. Oneness with God, perfect connect man with God. Who is owner of m/w? It is opposite! When meet together and create family, they establ. Kingdom. Without Fall. Things are visible in Sp.W.! If they don’t make oneness, it will be different in sp.w. qualification to be owner. True owner of family must be our interest in life, by taking responsibility.
  • Divine son & daughter: not only phys. But also in sp.w. All men and women in H&E stand as sons/daughters of God. Cry out to become container to receive all of TP’s words and comfort God’s Heart. TP want each of us to become TP, condition to go to sp.w. with TP. Whatever I say, try to convey truth, you don’t understand. Want you to live. No way to save you in sp.w. There is a law is the world, and when people go to the spiritual world, there is also a law, that people have to observe.
  • All generations need to attend this ws. A / E= halves of God. After marriage: closest resemblance to God, nobody qualified Family Pledge before Providence of Blessing! Most important: shimjeong 心情 The family of a king
  • Are we resonating TP’s love? Centering on TP, world must become one big family, no sin, ph. & sp. ppl must be blessed. F, P, U, H: extend from ph. To sp. World. By perfecting the family. Family pledge will remain forever. TF’s life centering on w-peace TP allow us to start our life Period to restart our life, become one with TP’s heart and life. Must not waste our time, to receive content of family pl.
  • God is origin of love, love God more than partner. True patriots even sacrificed love for family for their country
  • Our family = representative! Maybe a few percent, but do we represent 100%? Jeong seong conditions – move heavenly fortune TF no time for himself to take rest! Hyo Jin passed away > TF: ceremony. TF repented, didn’t sleep 3 days: I couldn’t take care well of Hyo Jin Nim! Last yr March: TF ceremony.
  • Culture: change satanic – heavenly Thanks to TP,. New Civilisation 文化
  • Liberation: through Blessing. Each Bl Fam can become center to Blessing of world. Open Blessing as much as possilbel! Through partner you can realize love in substance<. Therefore God created A/E as one Family. Need to understand; empower 3rdgen Oneness with TFam Abslute f/l/o. Before Restoration: ppl’ condition o
  • Tongil Woli rul kong bu hanün iyu
  • Every person = offspring of fallen people. Put God at center in life. The reason to study DP is To solve real problems in this world All people in the world are fallen. Each one of us is the offspring of fallen people. We should realize this.
  • children of God, should be 100%, but still few % Satan’s child  not fully pure
  • starting point of problem is me, I. what kind of being am I? mind = invisible, body = visible. If we realize goodness, we receive happiness. if I practice evil, I receive sadness and experience misfortune. Who am I? Beginning of struggle. My struggle becomes the struggle of the world.
  • Reversal of the Fall. We don’t understand reality of God because of the Fall. Without understanding His Will, result of Fall. A/E’s view of g/e: All ignorance from Fall – int and ext. Nature of Principle never changed, but difficulty to understand. paths of Science & Religion to tackle problems of mankind. Rel: Even though I don’t understand, I will follow this path in order to receive salvation and enter the K/H.
  • Christianity: Don’t know how to achieve that relationship between God and Man. Ideal Family, world brotherhood, cannot substantialize belief. “Salt and Light of the world”, however, sense of mission is lost. Family church focuses on family salvation.
  • Diagram included: Fallen World restored through Messiah, Judaism, Chrstianity Christian Foundation, Spirit died God sent Messiah centered on Christianity, TP & G kicked out, HSA-UWC by TF. for us important: not leave TP, attend
  • TF = gospel of this age
  • TF = gospel of this age 20:30 True Parents enter. Standing Ovation. True Parents sit, TF begins speaking. Father arrived. Talking about Adam and Eve. where is Hoon Mo Nim? Bring Chair, sit next to me. (Hoon Mo Nim sat right of True Father, Rev. Yu sat left to True Mother) God perfected portion of responsibility, TP completed resp. of A/E and mankind. when TF was 16 yrs old, age of Fall of A&E. Centered on God A&E could have become TP of mankind. At that age. 22, 23, 24 within 7 years until 24 they should have got married, F, G, Completion centered on God. O-D-U until 24 yrs, wedding ceremony, from Origin of A&E divide, through period of growth stage, 13,14 yrs: body of woman prepares to become bride (menstruation), lose blood once a month. Connect E/W, S/N. E symbolizes m (sun rises), W symbolizes w (sun sets) – shadow heads towards W in morning, shade towards E in evening. High Noon Settlement: No shadow. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn comes, one circle around the sun, 4 seasons. Difference between triangle and square? each point of triangle is top of triangle, no higher point. Square: (Hyung Jin Nim gives TF a book) When you look at book cover, you can see 2 triangles, 3x4 when made flat, you can divide one side into 3 spots. When you count 1,2,3, finish and go to 4,5,6 (turn book), 6, 7. 7 = number of return to starting point. each direction, can count one to five. only one way for top to fall: 90°. 12 chinese characters. ox, mouse, tiger, rabbit. there is clear difference between tiger-character and rabbit-character. 1,2,3,4,5,6 centered on 6th point we can make a circle! right wing = elder son, who crosses from left =younger son. only one point is top, only one line. if water dropped from that position to ground: only one way to come down from top. Circle: 360°. When 120° only one way for water to flow. The original way to live: always with God. Word of God = attic of mankind, Subj-Obj-Partner. Rtp betw up/down = father /son. There is only one spot, when falls on face. This is origin of universe. after 6yrs passed. 9x9 = 81, after passing 6 enter era of perfection, then return to 10. Chinese Char for Tree= cross, if bigger: symbolizes mankind! “number 10” & “man” Fall: turned upside down. return back through revelation. There is only one spot in center. Front and back were turned. 3 yrs, how many days left to 2013? 3005d left (Jan). Each finger: 5 fingers. Name of God: “Only one”. God. A mother’s role is to put life inside body, to receive life in belly. In W: women don’t want. Use incubators. in West: few babies are born. achieve 4 GRH, what is motto , Absolute Sex. one man, one woman, 1st son, last daugther Do you like TP? What kind of love? Tscham Saram. True Love. From origin-division-union. From God’s perspective, fallen man has no value! How many people from all around world? Just 5 countries? I want people from 190 countries. Which country created best vehicle of world? Germany, then England and then America. How many vehicles exist in world? I once drove one long ago, good quality. How about cars made in Belgium? BMW made by 100% technician. For 7 yrs, in W-Germany examined technology, 3 yrs later, boss of technician (whistles), brought them to make a car. How about Japan? I studied electricity. Studying 6 months. My classmate became director of technology in Japan. We should understand about science in order to utilize technology. Where is Mother? You don’t know TF’s life. You know why Father received persecution? Peter Kim, Dr. Yang-Shik Chang, Sung-Jo Hwang, Dr. Seuk, please come to sit in front, where is Mr Yamada? Do you like Father? Do you know Father? Hoon Mo! (Hoon Mo Nim came in again) (talking about N-Korea). KJI sent Ginseng to TP. Very precious gift. Did you members send such a gift to TP? We have to plant the new seed in this land. In Jin-ah! Where is In Jin? … . TP don’t know everything that is going on. … I told them to keep purity before marriage. I opened the gates of hell. Nobody liked TF. People have tendency not to receive TF. Era of Boon Bong Wang, Vote System to chose representative of system? no. world under family. How many children of TP passed on to Sp. W.? how do I call mother in law? (Dae Mo Nim) So many persecuted, because they didn’t understand. Time will come: Tribal Messiah and National Messiah must go out to establish true tribe & true nation? Pyeong Hwa Shin gyeong (Peace Messages). True Father asks to repent! Task of LSA. TF prison experience. still people against TF in political realm. “ Seattle” = spreading the seed As Blessed couple, you must bless 300 couples and educate them! I want you to be cut of Satan’s accusation. You don’t understand meaning. 120 Japanese participants, please stand up! If you cannot speak Korean… Rev. Soodo, do you understand Korean? Must understand what TF says. I spoke Japanese when I went to Japan. Spent hours with studying. Blessed Family MUST MEMORIZE Content of this Book (Original DP)! (bangs book on table) Washington Times…. 358 ppl came here. How many supposed to come? Seorak- Mountain… Golf... How about Dokdo? Why so important? 5000 valuables around Dokdo-Island. Japan doesn’t listen to me, try to take ownership of Dokdo. I’ll try to win it back for Korea. Who is governor of Japan? Do you think TP say without practicing? A&E. = twin children. Eve couldn’t fulfill original ideal of woman. How many Japanese here? Should be double the man’s number? Who will work harder, men or women in Japan? Centered on Hyung Jin Nim…, give a hand for Hyung Jin Nim. He’s youngest one of TFam. Why did I choose him? A king is anointed according to his shouting of “Ye.” Pine Ridge Resort, good golf place. About fishing. Hyung Jin Nim, come up and offer a song! Hyung Jin Nim: Algesümnida. I will sing a holy song. TF: Ok, but loudly. HgJN: Starts singing. TF: No, not that one! (laughing) HgJN: Starts again. Wonju-a! Come sing a song. (Sings Arirang. ) other songs. TF: Restore A&E before the Fall, become Ideal Family & Ideal World. However, to realize Motto of this year and this education. to build God’s Temple, to offer it to TP. Northpole, Southpole, Tunnel, Pacific…40 mil. yrs water , try to receive ownership over this water. Island Federation … 3rd Israel to realize Kingdom. Motto of this year: standard to build absolute Sex, (nothing to do with Fall), =essence, God is manifesting Himself in visible body of True Parents. Centering on Korean People, more than Korean sisters serve TF, you must bless more than 60.000 couples. Mission from Father to Mother. Country of Cath & of Protestant.. Before TF turns 100yrs, everything must be solved. To liberate God, let us open God’s Kindgdom of Heven on earth. Aju. Listen to this explanation very well! Each Blessed Central Family can become a representative king. Thanks to TP’s victory doors of Heaven and Hell opened. 190 countries. TF: move place of WS, centering on providence (ocean). AJU! Absolute Faith, absolute Love & absolute Obedience. Time of mobilisation (10.000)… New people of the world, to build God’s Kingdom! Don’t fall asleep! Descendants will accuse. Future nation: 10.000 from every tribe to nation. Build nation & change world. end: 0:30 At 23.00 Pastor HJN came on stage, singing a song. After 5 seconds Father said: No, not that song! He then sang a sond, that soundet similar to me. Dann habennoch alle möglichen Leute gesungen.
  • Reason we need the DP: If God exists, what kind of rtp? How to create true families? These problems directly addressed in Original DP. Build K/H on Earth substantially. Many scholars addressed problems, but couldn’t clearly solve them. Establishing True Values, life after death must understand: man’s responsibility. Problem within me expands to national level. Responsibility of first ancestors: not fulfilled, frustrated G’s provid. Many discoveries in history, but most amazing: TF found human responsibility. No matter what situation TP are in: they will fulfill their respons. Sessions of fulillment of resp. On that fdt: Coronation ceremony.
  • Peace messages and CSG. Core of message is absolute sex. Morality Ppl in history have sacrificed for restoring the hometown. All ancestors before us were waiting for this truth! If we knew this, we would be totally focussed T L/L/L centering on palace of Absolute Sex. Organ. One realm of lineage is created through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. Teach clearly about TP, spirit world, man’s portion of resp., law of indemnity What does Gods original Hometown mean? It means that if all people restore their original hometown, this will be Cheon Il Guk. If we think that all ancestors who ever lived before, are longing for this, then we would be so attentive. In order to unite all the people in the world… one can not do this by money or doctoral degrees, but by coming into the lineage of true life and absolute sex. The Providence is all about bringing all people into one lineage. This is achieved through cross-cultural intermarriage. We must be clear what „original“ means, what original relationship we should have with God, and what kind of quality another person has. These values have never been realized, never. Why is the world so divided? Because we do not share the same lineage with God.
  • Structure of Unification Principle Story: parents taking child to church. Minister talking about salvation. Difficult concept, what does it mean? Grandma: when you are filled with spirit. But original meaning: returning to original state. We must clearly understand about Jesus. Why did he have to die? Why come again? Rebirth & Trinity? Many times we don’t have strength, why? There is no perfection in ignorance. Did God have a hometown. Yes! It was inside of Adam. Everybody wants to restore this hometown. First there is Principle of Creation, which is Gods blueprint. You need a blueprint, if zou want a mashine to function. God had a very detailed plan, how this world should be, how it should function. People do not fulfill this ideal, because they fell. Mankind fell, and to be restored back to this position, is what we call salvation. I heard a story<. Grandma and pa are taking their joung child to church and their the minister was talking about salvation, but it was very difficult to understand, what salvation means. So the young child asked, and Grandma said, it is, when you are so filled with the spirit. But that is not what it is. If you look in the bible, there are many things that dont make sense. But the DP has solved these things. The core contend here is christology. Who was Jesus, what was his mission. Why did Jesus have to come again? We need to know then the mission of the messiah. We need to know clearly what predestination is, else we cann not bring about an ideal world. In the bible you need to have faith, but that is not enough concerning these matters. What does rebirth mean, what is the trinity? We dont know. There cannot be any perfection in ignorance . The messiah has come to be restored to the original state: this is the messiah. We need to know then what the original principle is. In the bible are 39 and 27 books (old and new Testament). Here the messiah will come, and Jesus comes, but Jesus could not fulfill Gods will. We study the Principle, but this Priciple is not just the principle of the Unification Church. We might have told about the reality of God, but still we might not know. We need to know the original principle, about God, clearly. We must know how important the Principle is. It was revealed by TP. When Father met Jesus at the mountain top, where he got his mission, he was not actually meeting Jesus, but God. Father could fells Gods tears. They ran into Father and became his own tears. He cried so much, he could not only look into the sun. Thats was the geginning of his public mission. TP became crazy about loving God. He wanted to fullfill Gods will. If we are not like this, then there will be a greater and greater distance between us and TP. At this time Father could not teach publicly about God. Father could receive heavens recognition. It was such a difficult path to find this principle. It took 14 years. He struggled so much and cried so much to find this Principle. If Father looks at us, at our lifestyle, he says, you do not really understand the principle, because if you did, how could you live like this? In order for us to understand the value of this value, Father explained the difficulty at finding it. „It was more dificult than picking up a particular grain of gras from the bottom of the Pazific Ocean“ We meet TP, come to their meetings, but for God it was not easy to dind them. (like finding one particular fish in the pacific ocean) Even if you throw the line next to the right fish, if the fish not bites, you dont get it. So, father said, God caught me. What is the most difficult thing? The torture? He could overcome all these persecutions, but the most difficult thing was, to overcome his firelike nature, his temper. He has this nature, and receiving persecution, and not being able to tell anybody of his heart, that was the most difficult thing. Tp explained many things but the world cannot understand. He did not make up these things, but he found them inside God. He found the principle inside of God, he became the owner of this. Man lost this principle, but Father found it again. Father did not make up these principles, but they were already there inside God. Father nid not make them, he found it. That is the nature of the principle. When Gods character comes into us, it resonates with us, the principle resonate. How can Gods character come inside of us? We can say many things, but there is one answer: It is the true word (??) So, if we do not understand Gods words, we dont understand clearly.
  • Tears of Heavenly Father became TF’s own tears. This is how he started his public mission TF struggled so hard, tears & sweat. If you knew the DP, why do you act in this way? One specific fish in entire Pacific Ocean! TF: G caught me and he is using me very well. There have been persecution & difficult things in my life. I could overcome torture under Japanese, etc. Most difficult to overcome: short-tempered nature (fire). Understand TP’s Heart. DP not result of mind, of thought, but: revelation. Not made up, found in God. G created man with this Principle, but man lost it! Not made up by TF, but found by TF. DP was already there. In God there is Heart, Character & Logos, they are all invisible, they resonate in us and we can feel joy. How would God’s character enter us? Content of G’s love & heart be received by us? One answer: through the word! In Korea: discussion about Nuclear weapons, missile that goes 1000km, would intoxicate all evmt., G’s word contains so many aspects of God’s love, it’s the vessel. We must be changed through the WORD. We start prayers with God of Love. Once TF had experience, where somebody hugged him from behind, so warm. Turned around, nobody there, it was G. How do you know the God of Love? When I was church leader, it was just a habit to say God of Love, I didn’t understand. Do we know how deep G’s Heart is? These words are the vessel to carry Gods heart to us. We have top listen and undertand, how precious Gods words are. Why? Because here we find Gods original being. Nomatter how tired we are, we have to poke ourselves and listen to the word. Otherwise our life will be the same tomorow than it was today or yesterday. Father was praying and felt somebody was hugging him from behind. But when he turned around, nobody was there. It was God. There is a comparison, how these words resonate inside Gods heart, Fathers heart… We pray: God of love.. This and that. Also Christian ministers pray about the God of love. But then I heard a voice: how do you know? Then i understood, that we say this out of habbit. We dont really know how deep Gods heart is. Do you know Gods heart. Between Husband and wife, wife does not really understand husband heart and vice versa, Parents and children same. In this fallen world there is nothing that teach us about Gods heart. If parents loose their only son, how much do they grieve, they tear their clothes etc. and grieve alot. But how much then does God grieve?
  • Rev. Hyo Won Eu wrote Explanation of the DP, many ppl learned to lecture this content. Because difficult, Rev. Eu created Exposition for more systematic explanation. After helicopter accident, TF asked me to teach Origin. DP. I prepared already, 1st WS in Hawaii, TF looked over the contents 45 till 52 Father went arond Korea to find some people. Father had already understood it by that time. In 52 he wrote it through Won Pil Kim In 57 Father had the Explanation of Dp pubished. Many people tried to lecture this, but they had difficulty lecturing, so Rev Eu organised this into lecture style and made DP as we know. Father told me after the helicopter accident: we need to teach the „original“Principle. I had organised this already and I showed it to TP, and Father looked over this.
  • Father wrote this Poem on Easter morning. This is the heart, that we also should have.
  • How to live according to DP of Cr. If we have computer, it’s of no use if we don’t know its purpose! Same for us humans. Even if you live externally poor, if you have have DP/C you are living a good life. If you have everything, but no internal life, do not lie according to DP/Cr you don’t live well. All people must live by this Are we living our lives well right now? NO, we live so far away from the principle. A computer that gets the wrong voltage will break. We also cannot live the way we please, but according to the Principle of Creation. There are people that live well, and people that don‘t live well. What is the standard of living well? Does it mean to live in a big house or to have money or what ? We have a fundamentally different concept. Even if you live in the basement of somebodies house, but you know the principle of creation and live accordingly, then you live well. We must know the principle of creation and live accordingly.
  • ?? Anaximander /Anaximenes
  • Where does this E come from (Physics)? “Maybe it is G!” Enter deeper realm and build everything centered on G. What exactly is it, that we resemble about God?
  • Denied G’s existence, denied man’s value Law of cause & effect, law of resemblance All created things have something in common. No matter how much we look into CR, ppl couldn’t find G. TP found laws of nature. It says that the world resembles God, but people do not know clearly in what way there is resemblance. People deny God, because they cannot find his Existence.
  • M = convex, F = concave TF = embodiment of masculine elements of creation TM = embodiment of feminine elements of creation The owner of the common law is God, therefore the common law is in God. Univ. Prime Force = The Law. Communism = life of insects Shimjung is origin of love of first gen. God created AA from His Shimjung. But AA didn’t initiate Shimjung, false love. Shimjung = living for greater good. To realize Shimjung, practice TP’s words TF: “Are you a man?” – “Yes.”, “do you have sex. organ?” “Yes.” – “Where is it from? It’s from God.” ABSOLUTE SEX & Value of the Blessing Removing scar takes many tears. Ripping off skin. Things are recorded. It is our responsibility to resemble G! Why does TF emphasize Absolute Sex and True Love? It’s central in education of children, even before University Edu. It is most important organ! Sexual Organ = most holy place. Holy Temple of God. Through this point man becomes man, woman becomes woman. Man = subject partner, why? Because he has seed of life. Old Korean folk song: Mother gave me life, when I look at Father, he has seed of life through mother’s sex. Organ one with egg. Seed of life is protected by mother. TF’s mission was to restore seed of life. Restored Eve: protect seed of life! This is value of TP! Attitude at this WS: gratitude to TP! Shimjung of the original being!
  • Before and after marriage: complete sexual purity & fidelity Cannot hide from conscience or God TP: I’ve never lied. God is united being of masculinity/femininity. Bible story on Job: Satan made a deal with God: I’ll take eth away from Job, see if he still believes in you. Became sick, lost eth. But his heart towards G didn’t change. Wife said, honey if there is a God, how could he do sth like this to us? Job hadn’t wavered, but even most beloved wife came up and doubted in God, he still held on. Same way: God & Satan are always looking at us, even in bathroom. So lead a Godly life with Godly thoughts! God = not just concept, or authority to obey. Must live my life in attendance through my heart. We cannot see G, but through His words see ourselves, love, character, ideals. Look at your parents love, life & ideals! What is your heart towards world? Become substantial beings, resembling God! We should be busy to resemble G!
  • Intel, emo, will with emo as the center! (TF said they are one! Emo is not first or before, but it’s at center!) Shouldn’t let words just pass by, unrealistic, but we should make these words real! TP pray for 2000 yrs in future! Looking towards future.
  • Shimjung = irrepressable impuls to love. God cannot feel his characteristics all alone. Therefore, He needs an eternal object, in order to unfold those characteristics. Il Hwa – Tongil – Pyeonghwa Absolute Sex: absolute faith, love, obedience towards your spouse! Owner of absolute purity in front of spouse. Difficult time, with first industries. This was name TF gave to industries. When fishing: you need a bait. How do we align with Heavenly Father? Through intellect? When TF 15yrs, think about what determination he had. G was inside A’s seed, Eve couldn’t receive it. G was never able to plant seed of life! Until TF found TM, how lonely God was. In order to raise mother to be so pure in front of God, I’ve worked hard throughout my life! G wanted to find pure man & pure woman to bless them! This is Blessing Providence! Way to bring ppl to Blessing: by living in oneness with God’s Word! Feel G through the word, become being of character through HDH. OTA: don’t do this, that, NTA: after not doing this, do this! (Jesus opened the way to love), TF: Become like me, resemble TP. We need to resemble original character of Principle. Irrepressible joy.
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • Specific represenation, ideals Abstract
  • Inside Gods internal HS, that became each individual. So, we cannot just treat people as we wish, without caring about their feelings. What is the essence of the Universe? It is God.
  • True Parents Ideology is the True Love Ideology! God = First Cause, only one. People have been fighting over the essence of the Universe, but this fight is now finished. Internal nature and external form are made out of the same elements. The essence of the universe is not only spirit or only matter. It is both, united. It is the „only one“ ideology. Mind and body, as one. Right wing or left wing? Headwing Ideology! We can not know God in ist entirety. Only TP teach us about God in his entirety. Adam and Eve would have been the True Parents. This is the true love ideology. To be True Parents is such a difficult thing, they did not know how difficult it would be. Father said that throughout his life, he did not want to be the messiah. The whole sp world came against him. True love ideology is Gods ideology. No matter whether you talk about philosophy or anything else, the core is true love.
  • Juche-Ideology in N-Korea. Subject = Kim Il Sung. But according to DP: God is Subject, rtp of parent-child. Ppl can resonate and melt with each other, mutual happiness created in this world. Life is born in such an envirionment. Born in love, live for love, die and enter love of spirit world. Through Shimjung = irrepressible impuls to give, wants to give more. As baby received love of parents. From parents perspective: they want to give! More and more! All things in Cr are objects of love. In family h/w, p/ch – components of family. Regard other elder people as your own parents! One person out of 3 billion ppl = your beloved wife/husband. So treat her with respect, not any other woman. N/S-Korean families need to unite! Listen to others and they will listen to us. The fundamental truth of the universe is the parent – child relationship. God is not a concept, He is reality. In the one ideology I am happy and everyone else is happy. When we talk about love, we are not talking about any other love but we are talking about shimjung. When we are babies,what kind of love do we want to experience? We WANT to give. We want to give to our child. When he moves his hand etc, we experience joy. We have this kind of nature. When you give, you experience joy. When you give beauty, you feel love. We have the system not of Democracy or communism, but that of Godism, which is the family system. Just as you look at your own parents, you look at other people and think of them as your parents etc. There are 6 billion people, your partner is one of 3 billion. So, treat your wife with shimjung, not like any other woman, but with respect. In order to become one with brothers and sisters in the north (Korea) listen to them, then they will listen to us.
  • Love is a concept??? (check translation!) 사랑은 概念이지 実際가 아니다 Absolute value is based on Absolute Sex. (purpose of sex. Organ) work through body love through body for children
  • Thought, Heart, Ideals must be one, then we are One! We are Second God, so precious and handsome! True Beauty is important. Dont look at yourself and say: oh, I am not formed well, I am ugly. You are very precious.
  • Seed of father = 0.001% combines with mothers egg: 99,99%  creates new life TM = clothes of TM, there was never woman who could receive G’s seed of life Men are G’s body, women = G’s bride!! All women stand in this position, therefore centering on TM all women have the responsibility to give rebirth! Understand: first love is so precious! Keep purity 3d ceremony, 40d separation condition after Blessing, indemnity stick TF: Blessed couple should dance nacked and go to sleep with skin contact Sleep together nacked, and love each other dearly. This is best education for your children. TF: “3 gen should make love in same room.” There would be so much noise, right? Grandchildren can teach their grandchildren! No need to be ashamed… (probably nobody did it yet) Only with children, you can become parents. If having a child, you have so many hopes! Desire of son/daughter is to become a good husband/wife. Once they have children, want to become good father & mother. As son/daughter many aspirations, yet ultimately wish to become good h/w. Today: many good books on knowledge, skills, education. Yet: focus is HOW to be succesful, but not HOW ppl can live to become true persons. Though we may be fallen, we still have Shimjung. So we can feel our parents love and inherit their character. As a baby you experience first parents love. Mother doesn’t leave baby alone after birth, but invests like into a great masterpiece. Nipple of mother, where you connect to baby. Place where life is created = sex. Organ. All cells connected to mother through breast. Making love and giving milk creates life, all connected to sex. Organs. Actually, when giving milk, give it with love! Not only nutrition, also love! Ppl say: Let’s just have one child to save finances… We need different rtps with b/s, cousins, etc. to learn and grow. If you don’t have b/s, then children won’t have uncles/aunts! So, theses rtps are important! Ppl had a deep heart in past, as these rtp were very important. Nowadays, ppl lose this. Personal experience: girl on plane to US, she studied there. How did you feel, when you left your homeland at young age? I missed my puppy. (I expected sth like parents, b/s, best friends). Song: Even if not rich, if I can live with my parents, I will be happy! How to raise children when young, is important! Education, church, etc. otherwise they will not listen later! We are humans, so we must learn love, it’s at center of our being. What is center of your heart? If at center of your heart is your parents, when young is ok. As grow up, learn to respect teachers, they know more than parents. First priority for parents: show love, shimjung, character to children! Learn good rtps. To make the parents rest, children must complete their character! 2nd gen are children of such fortune! Amazing Blessing, please don’t lose it. Korean Society: Parents always talk about study, study, study with their children, so that they may get a good job and the parents can live well. But if parents tell kids they can learn about church things later, they might lose Shimjung! In UM there is so much we can give to children. What is situation of the world? We should open the way for our children to come to God. Think about it. God was so loyal, investing everything in his children! How did your parents raise you? Back then we didn’t have nice diapers, right? Nowadays, modern, clean, practical diapers. Back then, there was no such thing. So, diaper-material needed to be washed regularly to keep baby’s bottom smooth and healthy. When you become grandparents, you return to become babies again! Cannot hear and speak well anymore, not enough strength to go to bathroom… So you experience how your parents raised you! When young children see how parents treat grandparents, they will remember this! When mother gives birth, she does so at the risk of her life! Parents grow through children, and enter the realm of safe settlement. Once vertical rtp is severd, the horizontal rtp cannot be succesful! Same is with our rtp to God! If we limit God in our lives, how can we have deep rtp to other bro/sis? God’s parental heart is not to let his beloved children behind to live as they wish, but God can only settle safely, when his children reach perfection/maturity. Because principle is still alive even in fallen people, you cannot leave your child by itself. God’s sad heart has been just the same all throughout human history. God is so victimized, miserable and lonely. How can we reach true freedom, joy and happiness? When we can relate truly with God, we can become completed, happy people. All beings have a purpose of creation, and by fullfilling this purpose, we have value. The relationship we have with God is that of mind and body. The greatest desire of man is to become true parents. In order to become parents, you need children, only then can you become parents. Everybody is born as the son or daughter of parents. The firt desire then is, to become a good groom or a good bride, and then, to become good father or mother. As son or daughter you have much aspirations in life, but most of all, you want to become lke your parents, so, you want to become parents yourself. In this world they dont teach, how people can live to be true people. Children are born, but what do they have to learn, growing up? Shimjung! The first thing you experience is shimjung, sucking at your mothers breast. Though we may be fallen, we still have shimjung. Without shimjung, you cannot go back to God. Even if you dont have enough milk, open your shirt and let the baby feel your warm body, then give the bottle. During that time, when the baby sucks, you feel so much joy through your nipple, the sexual organ. Through your breast, the baby can feel the mothers love. Through this love, there is life. The heart of a mother that has love… you may thing, „The baby is hungry“ but wehn you give the milk, you have to give love with it. If you dont, the baby will be withering inside, people become like animals: Oh lets save finances, so lets have only one baby. If you dont have any brothers and sisters, then your children wont have any uncles and aunts. It is very important to have this kind of relationships. Recently, even in Korea, as the culture becomes more modern, they are loosing heart. What was the first thing you felt after you left Korea?, I asked a girl at the airport recently. I wanted to know what she felt. And I was very shocked at what she said: I miss my little puppy. I expected her to miss her parents or friends, but she missed her dog. We learn shimjung and we learn about character from our parents. This kind ofheart is lost now even in young children. So, it is very important to raise your children when they ore young. What kind of being are mankind? Are we intellectual beings? We are shimjung beings. Would that not be nice? Happyness is to know, that my parents love me. What is at the centre of your heart? The centre of your heart is your parents. When you are young, and you figt with someone, you say: I am going to tell my dad or my mum. And when you come home, you tell them what happened. In our world, when you study, you find out that your teachers are smarter than your dad, and then you draw distant from your parents. Then what do they do? Do they know how to relate and make good relationships with other people? You have to have your parents at your heart. If not, your own value diminishes, and then even the nation has no meaning. When the children completely undrerstand the shimjung character through their parents, then the parents can rest. In this world, the children are asked to study, to make alot of money, and support the parents. You gotta study, study, study. This is the education that they are receiving. Church you can do later, first do your studies. God has so much hope into the 2nd Generation. But the reality is so far away from this. So, when your father and mother raised you, how did they do that? Before, we did not have diapers you can throw away. Parents had to make diapers from cloth for the baby, and they had to wash it everytime. So, sometimes, when the baby was pupping, the parents got angry. When my parents get old, and cant talk so well anymore, then how to you relate to your parents? To put them into old peoples home is so sad. Then the children see their parents taking care of their grandparents. They wont forget this. When the parents are happy, then the children are also happy. When the children are in a difficult situation, but the parents are living happily their lives, then, what situation is this? They have nothing to do with each other. God became a God of sorrow and sadness, because of his children.
  • Ppl’s responsibility is to grow to maturity (fulfillment of responsibility). We need to resemble God, to mature as his true children! Our standard of Shimjung makes us different from animals. Whenever you wake up: think Shimjung! It is the irrepressible impuls of love, Subject missing Object partner! If I had invited you to this WS, nobody would have come. But because TP invited you here, so many came! This is because of Shimjung. We received love from TP. It is their fundamental motivation. How can we resemble God? Live for the sake of others. By witnessing and receiving persecution, we understand G’s deepest heart. Not easy: I am tired, want to go to bed. However, if we still live for the sake of others, we practice God’s characteristic of sacrificing for others. 2013 = D-day. TP even loved enemy, sacrificing himself for others and resembling the Heart of God. Portion of Responsibility. Meaning of the Blessing Everything is about shimjung. There should not be any gap between God and mankind. No gap at all.
  • Shimjung is deeper than conscience. The God is in me and I am in God. It is everyone's responsibility to become a person of Character. The center of my body is my mind, the center of my mind is God, so there should be oneness. As patriots we wish to return love to our nation, as children return love and Shimjung to parents. Family is school of Shimjung (Heart) and Tscham Sarang (True Love). Discipline needed to become good citizens, graduate, work and create home, without hanging around, wasting time. Family is place to experience all aspects of love. Everybody longs for a hometown, love and family. Children learn True Love between h/w through their parents! HEART; MIND; BODY When we go back home, our lifestyle should become TP’s lifestyle. Education of skills: joy through practicing your talents. Divine character = Shin Seong (saeng?). Unity of Heart = more difficult than unification of the world! Feel God’s Heart of restoration through Holy Songs. Love your nation: means Cheon Il Guk. “ Love Heaven, love mankind, love country.” is the slogan of every educational institution founded by True Parents!
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • Intel, Emo, Will come from God! Center of mind = Shimjung. Therefore, path to perfection is through Shimjung. What kind of being is man ? Shimjung is the core. Shimjung is internal, Emotion is external, Emotion is a form of Shimjung
  • People are people of logos. This means we are looking for purpose and reason. At the same time we pursue freedom within laws. People are different from the rest of nature, they pursue, thez create, value. And this comes from the model of the family. They are beings of logos.
  • Shimjung defines our purpose. Our purpose is realizing joy through love. In this way, we have the awareness of being object to God. Resembling God, we stand as subject in front of all things. As we have lost our position as G’s children, we lost our object-consciousnous, we refuse to be object. Therefore, people fight. N-Korea: Juche-Ideology says: “I am Subject. You have to follow.” God is Subject, so Juche will disappear. We may come and go, but TP’s teachings are eternal, they won’t die! The higher your position as a leader, the more humble you must become. In h/w-rtp you might think you’re an amazing person, but that way you won’t win the heart of your partner. Jesus wanted to teach about G’s Heart. Man is being of logos, shimjung, creative being, position Shimjung is our purpose. That is why we have the same purpose. When man come to resemble Gods shimjung, then he comes to stand in the position of subject, with an awareness as Subject. Then we are Subject toward the nature. If we then relate to our object, shimjung is the purpose, and we all can be happy. God, man and all things can be happy. In Nkorea, there is the Juche Ideology: I am the subject. But: the highter your postion, the more lower your head should go. In relation to your wife, you may think: I am an amazing person. But: What is high, has to go down.
  • In each company there are company morals and ethics, regulating wages, relation between employer and employee. Employer must care for his emplyees, this is Sungsang-aspect (Shimjung). Eg. Saemaul mvt was succesful in beginning, but not in long run (Dictator Park). If we lose Shimjung, schools, companies, nuclear power plants lose their value! Therefore, we need to install True Values in society. If we know God correctly, we can solve all problems. God has dual characteristics. These Characteristics are the key to solving all problems of the universe. How? All things were created with man as the model. Therefore: all things should be in a balance of HS and SS, whereever people gather. In the Family there are the family ethics. The core of the family ethics is shimjung. Same in School, Company, etc. Right now your president is found through election, but how can you find parents by election? You cannot shoose your parents. We should find our leaders, centering on Shimjung. But because we lost God as the original being of Shimjung, everythng is skewed right now. Centering on ture love, absolute sex, we should be people of shimjung.
  • First, there is the perfection of character, then, husband and wife can be together to form a family. Yang and Yin are the key to solve all problems of this world. We need to connect to God.
  • Last Revolution is the revolution of man himself! We used to shout out, if family breaks down, the nation will break down! The last revolution of man is to revolutionise man itself. Through education. We use true love and Principle, that flow from Shimjung. Thats why we need education education education. Shimjung is like the roots, the there is the flowers and fragrance of true love, they turn into the fruits, your true character. This makes a family. This all is the revolution of absolute sex. The we understand: Oh, this is what it means to have shimjung. We give the principle in 2 hours or so, but this is just the bones, we dont understand the deep flavor of it.
  • Int. N. of God: includes concepts, laws and ideals. They have masculine & feminine aspects. God created mankind in his image. We resemble the Original Being, man and woman come together centered on pure True Love to resemble God! Man has G’s masculine sexual organ, woman has G’s feminine sexual organ. My spouse is not just a person, he/she is my God! God created us, so we can resemble Him! Uphold God by upholding your partner! Difference man – all things: portion of responsibility! Why do we say “portion”? No matter how much Shimjung God has, how loving He is, without an Object Partner, He still remains the most lonely being! Therefore, God created mankind and the universe, with man as the master/governer/owner of universe. To earn the qualification to rule, we have a portion of responsibility. Example: Chicken. Can only make chicken-sounds. But man can imitate all kinds of sounds! Starting point from creation all things, stars, planets, etc. was Adam. Once he had Adam as his body in mind, he wanted to create an object, the woman Eve. Eve should have resembled her husband, angels should have supported this process, but they didn’t. Since Jesus the divine counterpart has been called the Holy Spirit, yet no substantial, original Eve! Adam has to be completely one with God! Man cannot be reborn without a mother, this is the providence to restore Eve. Who is most important, the seed or the body enclosing the seed? Woman has been truly important, the true woman who can enclose the seed of God! Even cars resembles man. Two lights = like eyes. Car resembles man, but man resembles God. Therefore, car resembles God. Have this kind of thinking when relating to all things! TF once explained about the 1st point of the Family Pledge for 4 days and said he could continue for much longer. Problem is: we still don’t understand more deeply about the Family Pledge! Return to original homeland. Internal nature is the content, the guiding content. Inside of God there is maskulinity and feminity, so He has maskuline and feminine sexual organs. When a person resembles God, he or she IS God. So, I am God, but I am also myself. When I see my spouse, I can think: This is God. Only man resembles God, so he has responsibilty. Why we say: „Portion of responsibility“, and not just „responsibility“? God is Subject, that means, there is an object. No matter how much God has Shimjung and Love and so on, if there is no object, he is lonely. God created man to govern the universe. Chicken can make only chickensound, no matter how many generations will go by. But man can make any sound. Mankind is owner and govenor. When God made Adam, what was His purpose? It was to make Eve! He made Adam as his body, and as his object partner He made Eve. Adam is Gods body with His seed. The woman is like clothes(??), He then needed to make Eve for the seed. God raises Adam and makes it possible for Eve to resemble her husband. The angels were supposed to help in this process, but the angels did not. There had never been a true Eve, only the holy spirit. Adam has to be absolute and completely one with God, not even 0,0000000001 % different. True Mother had some degree of difference, but True Father is absolutely one with God. That is why TM has to unite with TF. Who is most important, the seed or the body? The true woman is important, because she can enclose the seed of God. Mankind is resembled by this world, so we should govern this world with shimjung. How much do we know the family Pledge? We would be embarraced, how little we understand about the Pledge.
  • Book of Changes doesn’t explain about God, but Yang/Yin. Doesn’t have concept of int.n. & ext.f., therefore it doesn’t understand God as a personality. Bible explains that God is our Father, but doesn’t understand God as parental God, including masculinity and femininity. The great ultimate, that the book of changes talk about, is the same as the God, that the bible talks about. The Principle elucidates both.
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97 TF needed approval from God, that DP is true. All beings need power in order to exist! Universal Prime Energy is fundamental Energy, allowing created beings to exist. Once experiment: mother had to find baby in room full of other babies, blindfolded! Many felt drawn to their child and found it quickly! We live in age with so many blessings! I watched a program, in which mothers were blindfolded a led to the birthing room, full of babies. Many them found their own babies, (stopped in front of them). They said: I somehow felt the direction I should go..
  • If you are a grandparent and you carry your grandchildren piggy-back and serve them, all tiredness disappears! If leaders think about own position, the country suffers. We are all correlated! Who is the owner of the nation? Government or people? If gvt has heart of parent, heart of father, then gvt can stand as subject position and rule/govern the nation with the heart of parents, people can accept it like children respect their parents. If boss of company eats well, plays golf all time, however employees work hard, don’t see their own families… not principled. Examples in nature: solar system. Tides of ocean are determined by position of Earth to the moon. Through tides water is in movement, is purified and nutrition is distributed: fundamental for life! Similarly: Women have menstruation once a month, cleansing tide, to prepare for future life! God made it this way. Parent-Child-Rtp: Son says to father: Please take a rest, I will take responsibility. Then he is a mature son. When he was born: just screamed and wanted to receive. This is principle. What is easier: breath or not breath? To breath is easier, because it is the principle!
  • Conscience comes before God, parent & teacher! God made it so, that following our conscience, aligned with original mind, we can live a good life, directed towards goodness. Pangs of conscience tell us, when something is going wrong. Force of conscience leads to goodness. If hearing untruths, this misleads our conscience! In order to function, it needs force or energy. Father said, nobody can teach your conscience, because it is already in G and T with God. I we deveive our conscience, we fell bad, because it is trying to protect us.
  • If body unites with original mind, we fully resound with love of God!
  • Materialist philosophers: no God, no religion, no spiritual reality. Karl Marx, example: egg yolk + shell  after battle between dot and shell: new result: chick! Same way: fight between gvt and people creates new society! In company: employers and laborers  after conflict: new class of united proletariat. This is communism. Truth: after conflict: only destruction left. Communism hates the concept of God or Religion. Empowering communism = egg yolk, while capitalism is egg white. So after final conflict world wide communist paradise will be realized. Similar example: mother and child! Theory based on fight and struggle. Communism denied family, because family is based on love. Origin-Division-Union leads to creating and multiplying.
  • Man = 1st object, wife = 2nd object, child = 3rd object. All positions resemble God. Shimjung = essence of our life! It comes from God.
  • Kooooorrrekt positions!
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • Love what God loves, what all people love, what all things love.
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • Holy Wine Ceremony is even more precious than curing AIDS. It eradicates original sin by one sip, medicine that cleanses original sin. Holy Wine Ceremony lets you become God’s sons & daughters again, you inherit true love, life and lineage. The Holy Wine ceremony is so amazing. It gets rid of your original sin after one sip. The Holy Wine Ceremony comes after the HW Ceremony, because fallen people cannot be given the Blessing.
  • Number 7 = lucky number, because it is center of Four Pos. Fdt.
  • Mankinds desire is to go back to the original homeland. Where is this place ? Is is the sexual organs.
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • 31, 39, 46, 59, 69, 81, 87, 96, 97
  • Shimjung can only be perfected in family. A&E become owners of the universe as perfected characters. Adam = substantiatiation of God, receives G’s love as child. Everything children do, makes parents happy! Responsibility of A&E to grow to perfection. A&E were so curious, wanted to know everything, asking what is this, what is that. To make universe took so much investment! Task of AA was to teach A&E G’s heart, so they could understand G. When reaching adolesence, realized animals mate and had offspring. Understand parental heart, when birds protected young ones at cost of its life! Thereby understanding God’s heart, seeing birds and rabbits making love. What about themselves? Also having desire within themselves. Everything made in pairs, so who is my partner? So if Adam would ignore Eve, he would ignore himself. After experiencing the children’s and b/s-realm they were to experience h/w-rtp, at this point God meets man. A&E were to become the owners, Lords of Cr, though not married, should have felt God’s heart through nature. Watching how living beings make love in nature. Originally: Not just experience love by themselves, but with God. In this position man can become embodiment of God’s True Love, Character and Absolute Sex. In this way become parents and have children. Children same way go through growing process, learn through nature! Shouldn’t have just learnt theoretically, but experience it, develop sensitivity. Parents know first, when children are mature. They, going through this course themselves, would have married their children, when time was ripe. Our hearts know, even young children, where we are to go, what is our destination. Who is our parents? Ultimately they come from God, the origin of life and love. When children become parents, we become grandparents. If you are spiritual parent, you learn about parental dimension of heart. Once a young boy brought a grandmother to church, so elderly lady became spiritual child! Young boy wanted to teach her, was so on fire and lady listened. Course is only fulfilled, if you can raise children. As grandparents you represent God’s position. As 1st gen we received Blessing, our roots however are from fallen world, fallen nature still in us. 2nd gen have different root, we thought they’d be very different and beautiful, yet doesn’t happen automatically, only by protection and love of parents. 2nd gen are born as olive trees, they are God’s children, so we cannot do to them as we please. Sometimes TF asks us to leave our children, wants us to go out and witness to 100 people. Once we settle down, we get soaked in habits, start to rot. TF has no national boundaries. TF wants to make us into true people. TF asks if you’re determined and sometimes we react reluctantly. Yet, if it springs from the heart, we are united. Heart and Body must meet together. God’s Absolute Sex turned into A&E’s sex. organ, we get married to liberate and complete G’s love. We must liberate this love on every level: family, tribe, nation. This is meaning of this Education Session! We are here to receive this content. PPl are so desperate to receive this content! Don’t take this for granted. God connects with man the shortest distance. God has 2 sexes within him, and Adam and Eve were born as people that have Gods shimjung already within them. So God comes down the middle and connects right at the connecting point. How were they perfected ? What is perfection? Ist not a lot of knowledge or something, but resemblance to God, the resemblance of Gods dual characteristics. Adam is born as the substantiation of God and Eve also. Everything the children do, every noise they make, makes the parents happy. So the parents love the children, and when they grow up, they want to return this love to their parents. Their responsibility was to grow to resemblance to God. They were so curious, even when thay were 4 or 5 years old. Adam was interested in everything, more than we are now. So, who would teach Adam then? The Archangel would take care of them. God created the angels first. So, they knew how God created everything. So, when Adam saw all the flowers, all the diferent kinds of flowers, and when he said: wow, all these beautiful flowers, then the AA would answer: Do you know, that God made these for you? God made all these things for you. Do you thing this world came out easily? No, there was detailed planning and investment. Adam was with the Angels, talking to them. They talked about how they would make this world, and how they would make children. Everything would be for their children. Angels would say: Your father made all these things for you. In this way, they understood Gods love. When A and E were young, they went and played together in the nature. In adolescence, they saw the animals, how male and femal came together and have offspring. They then saw how the parents protected their offspring even at the risk of their lives. So, nature was their textbook of love. They saw all these funny rabbits making love, and the birds are making love, so how about themselves? They also wanted this, so everything is made in pairs, so were is my partner? They realised this, and they realised they were made in pairs too. Wehn Adam ignores Eve, he is ignoring his own value, and vice versa. God had this blueprint, how Adam and Eve would grow their hearts. Adam and Eve were born as little children, would understand the heart of brothers and siters, and then, how to love each other through their sexual organs. So, everything is connected to the sexual organs. That is the point, were Gods meets man and man meets God. Even Adam and Eve were not maried yet, they cam to feel the heart of nature, and how the nature bears offspring, and tehy saw how the offspring was treated and so on. So, even they were not married yet, they understood the heart behind it. They would feel the heart and perfect themselves as individual man and individual woman. They would reach their positions and com up like this, and came to resemble God completely. In this position one can inherit everything from God and come to be a being of absolute sex. This is the place to receive the blessing and have children. The children then would go through this content again. The man would realise, that this is the content, the woman would realise, this is the content. Through the nature, they can realise all of these hearts. Thats why our children should be reised in the nature. But we go to the citys, and dont see the fish in the water or the bird are flying in the sky. They learn this only from a book. Then there is a difference in heart between people living in nature and living in cities. When the childrne get along, the parents are happy. Who knows, whether Adam and Eve have become mature? The Parents know this. The parents have been through this, so they know. The parents say: when do you want to get married? They might say to get married now, but then they might feel still immature and want to get married at age 20 or so. Who is our parents? Maybe substantially they came from me, but tactually they came from somewhere beyond myself. They came from God. Then Adam and Eve are growing up to become Grandparents. You can not become Grandparents without your children having children. Without children you cannot be parents. When you first become parents, you have the name of being parents, but your content is not developed. Only when you are grandparents, is this content developed. Then you represent God, and the past, when you are grandparents. As blessed couples we received the blessing, but our past lies in the satanic world. But the 2nd Gen are not like that. What are our 2nd Gen? They are born as true olive trees. Their roots are not in this world. We may think, they are my children, but actually they are Gods children. Often we are stuck in our habbits and then we get rotten. When our children or our member see how you grow, they are happy. This is the 4 great realm of heart. The family pledge is all about that. People who inherited the 4 realm of heart, we call them the realm of the royal family. We say that the if the body moves, the heart will follow, but this is not right. The body should follow the heart. Our heart should want to do the right thing. We must liberate this kind of Love on every level, family, tribe, nation. That is why we are doing this education session here.
  • Woman should do anything to support husband, attending as if father. Husband on his side should attend his wife, as he would his mother. This is ongoing process! This way they become perfect couple, representing TP, attending God as their parent. Do you know how difficult it is to have a beautiful wife? Heart beauty means embodying Shimjung, through character. You feel love from your mother, therefore, any words feel good. You receive it as love. As wirfe, you wish to raise husband to highest level, which is position of a true father. True Father calls mother, “mother”, since it is such a beautiful position. How are we to fulfill the True Family Ideal? The fulfillmetn of the husband-wife ideal becomes the family ideal. When the husband comes to resemble, she has to unite with her husband, and complete him. When the wife sees her husband unite with God, the wife wnats to bacome like that. The wife works so hard, for her husband to stand right in front of God. Then the wife becomes one with her husband. The wife may become the subject, but in terms of position, she is object. She has to work very hard to make her husband. She should not say: Oh, you are playing and I have to make all the money, I will divorce. Dont do that. Husband must attent his wife like he would attent his mother and vice versa. In this way they perfect themselves and become a true couple and a true family. This is how you perfect yourself. You should not just say: Hey! to your spouse. You should not say: Dont do that! You should say: You know, if you do this, it would not be good for you. Ist the same content, but different, You should attent your wife like your mother. I have to live a life that True Parents can come to me. As a wife you want to raise your husband to the highest position. Does that mean, to become a professor or what? It means to raise him to be a good father.
  • You cannot change your parents, your children. But what about h/w? You cannot change it. Divorce is miserable, tragic situation. When dividing up the children, who belongs to whom? Crazy. Breaking Blessing? Don’t have this kind of thinking.
  • You have the 3 great Subject Thought, because you have the 3 great Object Thought.
  • Value is determined by degree object partner fulfills desire of subject. Deeds of our life determines the way we die. How are we ending our lives? As patriots, saints, divine children? The Subject desires the Object, and so the Object has value. If a thing is not desired, it has no value. If the paper is used for hate-letters or something, it has no value. So, what kind of purpose do I live my life for? A nation will honour the patriot, the world will honour the saint, but if there is no-one for you to honour you, you feel miserable. So, what do we do in our life? The purpose then, for which we live, is important.
  • Messiah sets absolute standard! Universal heroes.
  • God is in core of my heart, this is loyalty/ filial pietey. Yeol yeo = virtuous wife. Faithful men and women, children of such couple.wish to have a future husband or wife, like their own father or mother! Staying faithful to each other.
  • Parents want their children to become better than themselves. What about God? Same. But we cannot become better than God, but like God. Complete Responsibility, realize realm of liberation!
  • TF: there will be a test, so you must study! Listening to these words, understand the content!!
  • Body = 2nd mind. Does sp.w. exist or not? Sp.w. has been made by God already. I was born for sake of God, parents, partner, born to live in sp.w. one day. Mind is subject, corporeal world is extended from world of mind. There’s rtp between ph. & sp. Worlds! Ph.W.: difficult to surpass limits of time&space, sp.w.: we are free to travel beyond time&space! Man = microcosmos of ph/sp. Today: communication without wire, same way: we can become communicators between the two worlds. Concept of soul, life after death. Sp. Body has substantial form. Universe: billions of stars, speed of light 7 times around the earth, 9 trillion km is light year! Amazing size of cosmos. Either sp.w. exists or not. A lot of evidence. To be owner of cosmos, we need to train our heart. To become owners of sp.w. in afterlife. How many times have TP taught us about sp.w.? TF: if you don’t believe my words, you can go out an find out! (However, you won’t return…) Omul perfect este realizarea dualitatii lui Dumnezeu. LSp. Nu este a 4 dinensiune. Este un loc adimensional
  • Man is destined to live one day in Heaven . Evidence in bible.
  • Family = training place to understand parents, child’s, bro/sis’s heart, h/w-love When m/w become one, they resemble God. Centered on sex. Organ: phys. & sp. Bodies of man & woman become one! All elements exchanged! When woman touches male organ, man touches breast of woman, husband and wife are creating oneness between two worlds. Children can only be made while on Earth! HJN  spirit world, Day of Victory of Love. HJN explained many times about value of earthly life. Through Blessing we can return safely to our original homeland. Please bless before they go to Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven! If TF had prayed in jail: God protect my life, protect my family… TF always consulted God, and God always gave love to TF. Love is first. TF once explained: we don’t need to try to communicate with sp.w., it’s for our protection. Spiritual ppl must be careful, when leaving their body. When humna beings pursuie the valuies it is on the way of perfection. The owner of my spirit is not mind. Owner is God. We have to find the desire of living mind. Living mind is the place of God. Dr. Huan sed, life of genuine joy and hapiness don’t leave any place for seekness in th e body. IN Corea is the place of prayer to cure very heavily deseases. In the endles give and receive action between spirit mind and body mind. Important is not how long is the life as important is the quality of our life in the realtionship with God. God is the most importat in our life. Jesus even lving 33 years, could really domniate the world for next 2000 years.
  • Difference Paradise & K/H? K/H: place for families, realized and perfected family realms of love. Therefore, family = key to K/H. Paradise: place for individuals. Jesus Christ could not enter K/H unless received Blessing from TP. God’s sex. Organ = invisible, he divided it on man/woman. Our earthly life is deciding the quality of our spirit. We decide whenever we go to KH or Hell. Do you know drama CSI. Dealing with spiritual fenomena. Science prevent the criminals. Religion is helping. Era after the coming of heaven. The era correspond. Repentance can be possible only on the earthy life. Peter receive the key from the KH. The sin which people will know… Develop your spiritual senses. Social welfare start from spiritual welfare. Original mind and conscienceness.
  • In spirit world washing dishes: not necessary, they just disappear! Once we know how sp.w. is, we lose interest in our physical world… No feeling of physical pain.
  • A video record is made of our entire physical life! Based on this record, one decides oneself where to go! Reflect on your life, where do you want to go? What is your final destination? Let us have God & TP at center of our lives and live according to their example, a life of love and truth, for the sake of others. The Original Divine Principle is based on God’s Shimjung. Everything comes from God and will return to God. God is father, this way to fulfill his Han and realize a true family. I myself am setting the standard of hell or heaven in the afterlife.
  • Paul: conflict in myself, wretched man that I am! Law of sin and law of Heaven. Necessity of Life of Faith. Confess sins while on Earth. Satan always tries to attack through body. The perfection of love can be express by forgiveness.
  • Reference: The Heavenly Constitution proclaimed at Coronation Ceremony!!
  • 하나님 말씀
  • Tree of life brings the true seed. Mentioned a few times in the bible, but what is it? Perfected man who has the seed of life. (chinese character for tree = man + number 10), fruit symbolizes chastity. “Did you eat that girl?”
  • 3 great AA: Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel. Luci: love (???), Michael: intellect, Gabriel: will. God appointed Lucifer to be responsible for emotional realm (??), so God couldn’t interfere in Fall. (here the reference is missing!!) Obviously: parts with which A&E commit sin was covered. This is the origin of sin. How do you become child of somebody? Through sexual organs. A’s seed became Satan’s seed. A originally received the seed of G and E was supposed to be the one to receive this seed. God was supposed to be king of this world. However, Satan became the king. Until today: there’ve been so many kings in many nations. Ppl sacrificed their life to follow Jesus Christ. Even omnipotent God cannot fully save children, because he doesn’t have a sovereignty/ authority. We need to restore this world, not by force, but natural subjugation. We need G’s fatherland, G’s nation. The servant, the AA is acting as the ruler of this world. Though girl may be a princess, if she marries farmer boy, she will give birth to a farmer’s son. If she marries groupleader of bandits, she will give birth to a bandit.
  • AA formed such a deep relationship with Eve, he could turn her around. AA stroked her hair, kissed her. Eve was fascinated. She learnt how to act and seduced A this way, after realizing pure heart of A. AA - E: position of uncle to daughter, E-A: like mother to son. (more experienced) Contradiction of religion: priests/monks they practice chastity, but followers don’t. often: harrassment of young innocent boys/girls! Many catholic kids that have been abused.
  • Angels have been receiving G’s love before. However, saw the love to humans has been far greater, though the love of God did not change. After sp. Fall, Eve’s body was still pure!! Tempted Adam.
  • h/w help each other and complete each other. Witnessing to each other, investing in each other. My spouse is from God. Resembling God’s principles, laws, ideals, love. God gave A&E sex. Organs to become the true owners of love, by attending God and creating ideal family. Everyone in family, whether parents, grandparents, children, all are children of God! These words not just given to us randomly, but that we may grow to perfection!
  • If man had believed in G: ideal world. Communism, Kim Il Sung, turned ideal around. Communists switched around Christian ministers, they prayed for salvation, but were tortured and lost faith. TP started their mission in teenage years and since then have never swayed.
  • Can only achieve ideal, after total eradication of sin.
  • As partner of God become Co-Creators! If God intervenes directly with human beings before maturity: cannot earn qualification to rule the universe.
  • Fall felt as if an owners’s wife, daughter and mother was raped by an intruder. This is the painful heart of God. Furthermore, child born to this enemy. Still God cannot have the concept of “enemy”. Why necessary to love enemy?
  • Satan always ppl in front of God to judge them. AA have mission to raise the children, only by their help can we reach perfection! Ad. Nr. 2: God knows that enemy has relations and cannot strike him, since he understands the pain of the other beloved ones. To love ones enemy is the truth of truths.
  • Extra-slide missing: Satan’s motivation (Ref3), our future task: Don’t feel sorry for yourself and let evil thoughts enter your mind. Do not complain or lose your position, do not reverse dominion. God should be able to trust us, so let us comfort G’s Heart, live a life that strives to liberate His heart. This is path of restoration. Even amidst torture, TF said I must go on, because I need to liberate Heavenly Father and save mankind. This attitude moved Heaven.
  • Do we have to follow what Father says today, or what Father said yesterday? We have to follow what Father says today. Everything needs to be made new, and our own thinking cannot be included in this.
  • Bible starts and ends with the Tree of Life! The Tree of Life is the Alpha and the Omega. It begins with it and ends with it.
  • Text underneath??????? (missing) -  Satans sovereignty changed to God’s sovereignty. Last days = turning point, where evil world transforms to become the world of God
  • Bring others to TP! So many religious people are expecting the advent of TP. Now is time to explain this understanding of returning resurrection to others!
  • You are also an ancestor! Not dead, but living ancestor of your decendants! So prepare your future lineage!
  • TF makes conditions, so we can be reborn! TF’s love: training us. Meaning of Blessing: uniting with TF’s seed. Attend TP with our lives. Without works of Holy Spirit, Jesus cannot work through us, she helps us to connect with the father! We can only come to father through mother.
  • To construct a house again is easier than restoring an old house. Therefore, path of restoration has been so difficult!
  • Perfected decisive factor.
  • What is Absolute Sex? Completion of True Love, True Life, True Lineage. This is the victory the Messiah brings. What is the Motto of 2009? Victory of Absolute Sexual Morality and True Love. “The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, true love and true life in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth” The meaning of 2009 = passing over the growth stage! Moreover, this is the meaning of completing the portion of responsibility of God’s providence! TP opened the path for Absolute Sex and the Blessing of mankind, in order to create the original homeland of God. Reason, why True Parents are called True Parents: they are restored A&E, we are connected to them by bloodlineage.
  • The core of the Principle is Absolute Sex.
  • Love Mediator of harmony (M) Submission (S) Propagation of God’s Will (P)
  • Prov. Of Restor. Would not have been difficult, if A&E had taken responsibility. This is the importance of portion of responsibility. Satan has blood tie with Adam through Phys. Fall, but God designed Adam in His image.
  • After realized what she had done, Eve also recognized that A was her intended partner. Wishing to return to God, she longed to unite with Adam. Even though Fall is unforgivable, Eve’s motivation at second Fall = more forgivable. The heart of making an offering. C&A. the actual offering is the heart, but it is expressed through the sacrifice. An offering is voluntarily, comes from ourselves, not because anybody told us. The same is true for our daily life, ex. when tithing. It is an offering to God. True offering means offering with sincerity. Cain offered fruits, Abel offered lamb. Therefore, Abel offered blood, just as Jesus on the cross. Abel was in Adam’s position, Cain as firstborn was standing in AA’s position.
  • Because of Cain’s killing Abel, path of restoration was blocked.
  • TF: m/b should unite, p/ch should unite, h/w should unite
  • There are no loopholes in the Heavenly Law. TF said: Did I ever lie at you? So you so, if I am a TP! The 10 commandments are based on the fundamental sins of mankind.
  • Only TP could fulifill their portion of their responsibility. Realm of liberation. 8 vertical stages of Shimjung, 8 horizontal stages. Horizontally: we still don’t have a nation!! It took more than 80 yeears for TF to build nation until now. TF started special course when 80 yrs old! 13 yrs until 2013.
  • The principle of C/A is about healing relationships. Example: Don’t just go to the HQ and say: “change the church leader.” but pray in this moment to God and say: God, I do not understand this situation. But you set up this church leader. Please awaken him, that he may know what to do. But if I am wrong, let me know I am wrong. Example: Even if president or king of your nation messed up, you still cannot treat him without respect. But dress nicely before you meet him. Keep yourselves internally and externally clean and tidy, before meeting leaders, other brother and sisters, etc. When singing holy song, it should come from the depth of your heart. Grace and revival you experience in your church comes from your investment! Don’t expect it comes automatically. Problem with churches: they look down on each other. Return to your original heart
  • ??? Point number 5???
  • If older & younger brothers can unite, this is foundation of substance.
  • Noah = Father of faith, he was CF
  • Ark was a condition of faith to restore Adam’s faithlesness. Anything happening in and around the ark would have significance in the recreation process!
  • E.th. Happening in ark symbolized original world. Raven circling around ark symbolized Satan, looking out for way to strike/attack. Third dove didn’t return. Doves signify Adam. Noah could have taken a look to see if water has dried, but still he sent the doves.
  • Ham had to lay condition to show unity of oneness of heart. Noah had been so faithful for 120 yrs building the ark. So Noahs sons should have been absolutely one with their father! To be ashamed of nakedness symbolized A&E’s shame after the Fall!
  • Point 4?? Lifelong ?? Same as in previous chapter!! Spark of God’s Love should incite in us through the Word of God. There was another point 4.> What I do now, effects Gods Providence.
  • F- Adam G – Noah C - Abraham
  • Jasob’s path as CF was to restore the 3 great Blessings. Jacob was the younger one of the twins. Esau, more rough & manly, Jacob was more tender, liked to stay at home with his mother. One day, Esau came back from hunting and was hungry, when Jacob made a nice ‘n warm stew. Usually the younger brother would serve his older brother with soup. That day, Jacob asked for the birthright in exchange for the soup. Later on, Isaak called Esau to give him his blessing, so he asked Esau to go out and catch a deer to make him a nice meal. Rebecca heard about it, so she planned to have Jacob receive the father’s blessing instead. Jacob imitated Esau’s voice and hair (goat skin). Isaak: who are you, Esau? After Jacob’s blessing: mother hid him, because of Esau’s anger. Eventually left for Haran. Jacob worked so hard for uncle Laban. If you work for me 7 years I’ll give you my daughter. Traditional marriage: wife is veiled, after wedding night: wasn’t Rachel, but elder sister Leah. Had to work another 7 years for Rachel. Week later: married Rachel, after deal with Laban (??). #5, #6 were from Rachel’s maidens, #7, #8, Leah #9, #10, Leah’s servant. Finally Rachel could conceive two sons. Jacob asked Laban for the spotted sheep. However, there were not many spotted. Had dream: went to special place, after sheep mated, kids were spotted. Yet, Laban changed his mind 10 times! Didn’t fulfill his promise. “ Give me idols you took”, only one person didn’t get off the horses: Rachel. “I cannot get off.” reason: she hid the idols under sex. Organ. = symbol of what happened in Garden of Eden. Jacob restored birthright from Esau, restored family in Haran, now: needs to restore dominion over creation. Went to river bank: angel appeared at night and wrestled with Jacob until early morning. Thigh of Jacob broken, still fought, until angel to submission. Angel: what do you want? Jacob: Give me the blessing. Jacob’s name: the Victor. Jacob on the way back to Esau. For all those years, Esau was waiting to kill his brother. Jacob: strategy, put his servants in front with all gifts. “We offer these to you, master.” Esau: who are you? “We are from Jacob.” When seeing Esau’s face, it was not a face of hate, willing to kill, so Jacob bowned down: “when I see your face, I see the face of God.” Embraced and wept together. Similar situation N/S-Korea. N = Esau, S = Jacob, N willing to kill brother. Day must come, when younger brother is ready to offer everything to his older brother! Restoration of nation = 3rd Israel, will bring joy to God. Laban did not know why Jacob came, so Jacob said> my mother told me to come. When Jacob met Jacob, to kill him, also 3 beautiful woman were send towards him to appease him.
  • Joseph: wife of officer really liked Joseph, tried to seduce him in night. One day: after she tried to seduce him, Joseph run away. She told husband, he tried to rape her. Joseph  prison. Joseph kept his purity. Later: high officer in time of famine in Egypt, his brothers came to buy grain. Noticed: One brother missing, so he put golden cup into one brothers bag. So one of brothers in jail. If you bring younger brother, I will release. “ You have taken care of my father, while I was away!” So he loved his enemies. Therefore, our condition is: Absolute Sexual Morality!
  • If Esaus#s and Jacob#s families had stayed together, they had had the foundation to create the national foundation in Egypt much better. As it was, there was no protection.
  • TP are absolute, nothing can make their heart waver. Still: they are most sacred and loving. In front of Principle: they don’t move. Point #4: ???
  • 302-
  • Also we must bring Satan to submission!
  • Zipporah circumcised Moses’ son, thereby shedding blood of death. (trial: God dtired to kill Moses…). Probably disciples of Jesus moved away his body. TF has no choice but to take responsibility for all Blessed Families, because he needs to restore the world. When he was eating with children and the leaders came, TF sent children away. In business: it’s about making profit. But, TF invests and invests, without receiving profit!
  • When Kook Jin Nim was young, he asked his Father: Father, are you the father of the true children or of the 36 couples (because father was spending so much time with the 36 couples and aother leaders), so Father said to him: You understand when you go to college. So he went to College, but still did not understand. The he studied Business, which is all about profit. So he sees how his father invests and invests into the members, (even some businesses?) without getting any profit. Sp he said to the members: The providence that Father is doing and the Providence that you are doing, is different.
  • (from left/upper to right/lower) Nile river; Rameses; 3-day journey; Egypt; Succoth; (fire, cloud) ; First Course (21-day) ; (manna, quail) ; Second (21-month) ; March, Red Sea; Rephidim (water from the rock!); battle with the Amalekite (Moses rising arms: win, lowering: loss); December; Mount Sinai; Kadesh-Barnea; Wilderness of Midian; Jernat?; March; Canaan; 12 scouts; Jericho; Dead Sea; 2 scouts; ford of Jabbok; Mount Pisgah; Jordan; 3 days; Shitim What does the wilderness course teach us? Never give up, be patient, continue, absolute faith.
  • TF made Holy Ground also in Israel, when making his world tour. Joshua symbolizes TF. So TF will accomplish! (clapping, cheering) Rev. Yu told a story of a mother who sacrificed her baby child for Witnessing (60ies/70ies mobilisation). Although TF is 90years old, he stands at the frontline! When does TF take a break? Therefore, we as Blessed Families must be marching at the frontline to support TP. TF’s shimjung is always with Blessed Families! Chosen People’s blessing and mission. We are from God, therefore we need to return to God! Even though TP are getting older, still they are healthy and have a clear vision for the Kingdom.
  • So if we don’t lay right conditions, TP’s family can be striked by Satan. Do we know how much pain TP had to go through?
  • Talks about providence centered on USA, founding ideals, Mayflower 1620: first thing built = church + school, didn’t touch seeds, even if some starved to death! But what happened now? Founding spirit lost, God’s blessing diminishing. TP came to USA to revive that spirit! Coronation Ceremony on Jan 15th in America. TF said: US-constitution should be changed. If TF hadn’t done that coronation ceremony, Satan would have done sth similar. It had to be done before the presidential elections. If we had not held coronation ceremonies, Satan’s world would have initiated them. Future: no elections, nobody can challenge the king’s authority! TF went immediately to New York, US to coronate God!
  • Only the Messiah can show the way to subjugate Satan. Satan needed to kill Jesus, to frustrate the Will of God.
  • October 14th, day TF was released from Hung Nam, a few years ago went to N-Korea. Re-Unification not an easy task. How would we call the New Nation? Daehan Minguk? Choson? Cheon Il Guk = when two become one. This would be the rightful name of the Unified Korea. From this unified nation, Cheon Il Guk can spread to the whole world.
  • Jesus did public mission for 3 years. Nobody would have thought that so many people would revere him 100s of years later!
  • More than 5 slides of reference missing!! (not in textbook) about Jesus life Events in the blood lineage of Jesus (Messiah) Isaac & Rebecca  Jacob & Esau, external restoration of womb Juda & Tamar  Perez & Serach, internal restoration of womb (Tamar proved to Juda their relationship, by showing his belt & seal) Elisabeth & Zachariah (  John the baptist) & Maria (Eve’s position) (  Jesu Nim) X Joseph (AA position) … Luke 1:43: Holy Spirit was with Maria and Zachariah, helped to conceive Jesus. AA was never supposed to have relationship with Eve, so Joseph and Mary shouldn’t have had children together! In the Original DP no secrets left! Truth is being revealed. John & Jesus were half-brothers. Originally, Jesus should’ve been protected in Zachariah’s family, but Mary was kicked out. Adam already had seed of life in him, at age of 16. Yet, before it could enter Eve, Satan’s lineage was formed through the Fall. Internally & Externally, the conditions for Jesus’ birth have been laid. Why did Jesus lose the foundation of substance? Jesus original wife was supposed to be half-sister, daughter of Zachariah!!! Joseph and Mary had family. Joseph had dream, angel told him that baby is conceived of Holy Spirit, you should protect her. In village, people asked Joseph: Hey, is that your kid? But he never slept with her before… Not a simple issue. Jesus left his family: Kana-marriage incident, who are my brothers and sisters, Jesus forgotten, etc. Betrayed by Judah Prayer in Gethsamene – disciples felt asleep. Slide 3: Jesus’ Crucifixion. Barabbas our responsibility as tribal messiah! Please desire and have hope to save mankind! Algesuemnida!
  • Constantine: beocoming Christian, accepting Christianity … Martin Luther revolutionizing Christianity. Explaining about: TF’s life course, revelation, first members (Yo Han Lee)
  • Just as Bible was translated & published, so was the Cheong Seong Gyeong!!
  • Place where God can meet man in sex. organs, where A & E’s sexual organ become one, owner of husband’s organ is wife, absolutely, owner of wife’s organ is husband, absolutely. This is the Blessing! Blessing Marriage. This was the ideal. Told stories about widows who were visited every night by their spirit husbands to make wonderful and intense love. (They were blessed of course…)
  • Good Morning, Today is the 7th day. The beginning is important, but even more important is the way you end something. God created in 7 days.
  • There are Abel-type and Cain-type politicians, major parties, etc. although there might be degrees. Even within clergy and religious leadership and fellowship, scholars, Unification church leaders there are Cain-type and Abel-type figures! Was the DP invented by TP? No, it was found by TP through their blood, sweat and tears. Views of life:are formed books and statements made by great historical figures. If someone is a scholar, this doesn’t mean he knows the truth. He can be a Cain-type scholar. Who wrote the books we find in the library? You should be interested in what kind of books your children are reading!! Just studying a book because of interest is not enough. Understand the impact it may have. Analyse the contents according to your understanding of the DP. For Yang/Yin to unite, we nee to realize God’s Absolute Sex. A&E should have resembled God’s characteristic, blessed in God’s love. Marriage Blessing. As God’s children, they would have been completely one. We need to liberate God’s realm of love. Many books written, speeches given, but are they Cain or Abel? The intenteions / aims underneath may be Cain/Abel to different degrees… Therefore, we always need the Principle.
  • Out of corruption of the Medieval feudal society, reformations and revolutions errupted. Difference between Cain-type and Abel-type Revolutions. The history of the Cain-type view of life led all the way to Communism. Christianity needs to fulfill the role of the bride. The Abel-type world needs to assimilate Cain-type world. (Mission of Messiah)
  • Life comes from women, and from the ocean. Therefore, Great Britain is an Eve-nation, was dependent on resources oversea. For mass production and new market  colonization. Weakest point of Japan: didn’t receive the spiritual component of colonization!
  • Science has developed so far. However, ideology to make people happy and responsibility needs to be embraced by science. The concept of interdependence, universally shared values and mutual prosperity.
  • Include extra slide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creation of the ideal society (Cheon Il Guk)
  • Jesus’ life was a life of constant disbelief and persecution.
  • Story of the prophet Jonah. People didn’t listen, but he warned them.
  • No matter how many times TF was persecuted, he persevered and survived! TF has very strong physical health! That way he overcome prison and labor camp of Hungnam. TF does exercise daily. TF washed himself with half of the daily water ration, to cleanse himself of the chemicals. Woli wonbon = Original DP (by TF), Wolli haesul, … Today we need to study original word of TF! Because responsibility not fulfilled (UN), TF founded the Abel-type UN (UPF). Significance of coronation ceremonies. Meaning of Sexual Organs… and their restoration through TP.
  • Koreans: Shimjung Telling some story about Korea’s providential qualities. Somebody who came to Korea to find out who the Koreans are! All people sleep in same room (?), therefore this country is prepared to receive the Messiah.. Japanes war crimes: Korean sex slaves.
  • Japanese occupation: Men killed or forced into labor. Women raped and made sex slaves. 1988: Seoul Olympics. 1992 TF met Kim Il Sung and told him: you have to believe in God! TF told him: God is the Subject, not you. Spiritual aspect of Soviet Union = weak, so it could be easily taken over… Russian college students, politicians could attend our WSs. TF met Gorbachev, though usually not easy to arrange.1990s: Messiahship and age of woman was proclaimed! Japanese ppl are very nice. Policy: once leader changes, the ppl change. They have Samurei-spirit! Seem quiet, but when they are on top, they can manage well with circumstances. How to deal with Japanes as Korean? Analogy: Though evil character in movie, might be very kind and nice in real life!! Japan took role of Eve on Satan’s side. So Japanese are really nice ppl and TF loves Japanese ppl, raised them. As mother receives father’s seed, it totally changes her body! And she starts doing everything for the child!
  • Had UN been victorious, Korea would not have been divided into N/S Cain type – Communism, Abel type – Democracy Adam divided Discribes Korean War: process. 16 nations involved. Korean War memorial in Washington DC. Parents sent their sons to a place, they never heard of in their lives! Turkish soldiers. 16 nations came in order to save the Messiah. N-Korea pushed down the S-Korea within 3 days down to South. UN pushed all the way up North, then Chinese soldiers invaded. Was time TF was in Hungnam prison, who indemnified rejection of Peter-figure and lost disciples. TF had to start from bottom, worked so hard under harsh conditions. TF taught others how to stay healthy. Pyeong Yang was called the 2nd Jerusalem, because of Christian Revival spirit!! N/S = Esau/Jacob. If brothers could unite, this would become the foundation for a new naiton. (Leave behind all madness, bitterness, suffering) Sometimes the japanese (during the ocupation) would come to a village, kill all the men, and take the woman as comfort woman. Father went to see Kim Il Sung in 19?? And told him that man cannot be the subject (Jouche-Subject), but that God is the Subject. Father had to tell Kim Il Sung the truth, even at the risk of his life. Japanese are actually very nice people, but they got the role of the bad guy. Like in a movie, the bad guy is not actually a bad guy, but he is jut a good actor. Eve took everything, and Japan, as mother nation, got to restore that. During the korean occupation, unspeakable things happened. How can that ever be payed back? Thats why Father pushes Japan – so that we can have pity and forgive. All people have either a Cain type or an Abel type view of life. Communismis the final conclusion of the Cain type view of life. Dottet line is 38th parallel. Nobody (God, satan) yields, not even an inch. Father was in Hung Nam: Peter betrayed Jesus after following 2 years and 8 month, Father had to restore that and find Peter again in Prison. Kim Il Sung told his Son on his deathbed: You can trust Rev. Moon. If you have some question, you can consult with him. The Juche ideology centers on humans, and Kim is the Father.
  • In West: birds are singing, in Korea they are crying. So sad! Why so sad? Because of Shimjung, Koreans went through so much hardship. No matter whom we meet, we ask: are you ok? Did you eat already? Explaining Korean stories. Shimcheong refused to sleep with governor, remained true to promised man. Korean heart of Shimjeong. (At this point lecture stopped, we all stood up, TP entered, we all stood up, bowed, TP sat) Philosophy = Thought (?) Sexual Organ = were God can meet man. This is deep meaning of purity of lineage.
  • Jewish people are one of most brilliant people! However, many geniuses from Korea now.
  • Hawaii- Providence! 文化 New Civilization
  • He testified to the character of Korean nation!
  • God is protecting country. Not many nations have this content as anthem!
  • 10) Liberation and Release of God through coronation ceremony. True Father speaks to us: Become one with God. What shall I say? Huh? (It’s an honour to have TP here!) Please remember this education. Everything is in a small book (the Peace Messages?). You can read it in 40 minutes. In spirit world you will understand! (Crazy Japanese screams “Hei, kamsahamnida.”, True Father whistled and said: “Thank you, know bite your tongue. I am talking.” Father continues, Japanese shouts again “kamsahamnida”, Father says: “Calm down and be patient.”) When you go home and study at home, at university, realize TP’s words for rest of your life. You can use this word as daily practice. By utilizing this word, make resolution to restore the world. We are qualified to be those people. At the end of our lives, we can embody the words of TP! This is the closing ceremony, so become a true son and daughter, receive the right to be blessed! Can you say you have mind/body-unity? Original mind. To become son and daughter of oneness with God. Through God’s and TP’s assistence we can unite sp. And phys. Mind. Oneness with conscience. What is next? United mind can go to any place. Love and Heart. Let us return to original position, where the mind can relate to God. Can you say you’re one in mind and body? Subject partner must be subject. If unified, there’s nothing to be afraid of! The one who is one is capable of many things. Area of Fulfillment of responsibility. We can live in spirit world forever. Those who resolve to unite mind and body raise both hands and clap hands! (we did) Now time for lunch, afterwards fishing. I don’t realize if it’s night or day, I am always prepared to speak and act. Korean nation, kingship. Remember what I told you. I wish you life to be happy and joyful. Without complaining, become one with God, you understand? Nee!! Father: Do you know how much I suffered, day and night? Each one of you, we all have to become one with God!
  • 原理本体論(英語)

    1. 1. Lecture Guideline to theOriginal Divine Principle 1
    2. 2. Note: The following presentation is based on the translated Powerpoint slides of Rev.Yu’s lectures given at the Third “Education Session of Proclaiming the Completion of theLiberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God’s Providential History”. This is are-edited and revised version made during the 6th Education Session (1st - 8th March2009, Pine Ridge Resort, Korea). Comments Rev. Yu made in addition to the writtencontent have been included as notes to the corresponding slides (based oninstantaneous translation).This file is especially aimed at leaders, lecturers and educators of the Family Federation,who wish to be informed about the contents taught at the special Education Sessionsinitiated by True Father in October 2008, Hawaii King Garden. Rev. Yu, the lecturer ofthe Education Sessions, has been appointed by Father to teach all members about the“Original Divine Principle”. Please be aware that this is NOT the official version of the English translation, but is to serve as an inspiration for members. These slides do NOT substitute the participation of a 7-day Workshop with Rev. Yu, for truth does not lie in words and letters, but in spirit and embodiment. I therefore encourage especially Western members to attend one of the EducationSessions that will be held regularly throughout this year, according to Father’s direction. During this 7-day WS you’ll be “eating all day long” - Spiritual and Physical Food. 2
    3. 3. The Family Pledge 3
    4. 4. Family Pledge Verse 1 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to seek our original homeland ③ and establish the original ideal of creation ④ the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven「 Reference 」 ①Takes interest ( I am the owner ) Owner ②Takes responsibility ③Protects ④Raises 4
    5. 5. Family Pledge Verse 2 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to represent and become central to heaven and earth ③ we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family ④ patriots in our nation, saints in the world ⑤ and divine sons and daughters in heaven and 5 earth
    6. 6. Family Pledge Verse 3 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart ③ the Three Great Kingships ④ and the Realm of the Royal Family 6
    7. 7. Family Pledge Verse 4 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to build the universal family encompassing Heaven and Earth ③ which is Gods ideal of creation ④ and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness 7
    8. 8. Family Pledge Verse 5 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to strive everyday ③ to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world ④ as subject and object partners 8
    9. 9. Family Pledge Verse 6 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our familypledges by centering on true love ② to embody God and True Parents ③ we will perfect a family that moves heavenly fortune ④ and conveys Heavens blessing to our community 9
    10. 10. Family Pledge Verse 7 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to perfect a world based on the culture of heart ③ which is rooted in the original lineage ④ through living for the sake of others 10
    11. 11. Family Pledge Verse 8 ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② as we enter the Completed Testament age ③ to achieve the ideal oneness of God and humankind in love ④ through absolute faith, absolute love and absoluteobedience ⑤ thereby perfecting the realm of liberation and the realm of being completely free in the of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven 11
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. The Reason for Studying theUnification Principle 13
    14. 14. I. The Reason for Studying the Unification Principle1. To solve all the problems in the real world(1) View about God ( life ・ marriage ・ nation ・ world ・ universe ・ history )(2) Life ( mind and body ・ conflict ・ confrontation ・ struggle )    Family breakdown ( divorce, affairs, Teenage prostitution, AIDS, Academy education, Problems of labor and management, Racial discrimination, National barriers,    Religion, Ideology conflicts (philosophy, democracy ・ communism), Environmental pollution, Food shortage(3) Problems concerning the Spirit World(4) Existence and relationship ( Fundamental issue of philosophy )Leaders (religion ・ politics ・ economy ・ scholars) have addressed problems according to the arising circumstance, not being able to find fundamental solutions 14
    15. 15. 2. To establish True Values(1) Values : How to view right or wrong? (good evil true false)(2) If values are different thoughts ⇒ judgement ⇒ standpoint ⇒ decisions ⇒ actions ⇒ lifestyles will differ.   (example : North ・ South Korea  ⇒   Values are different) 15
    16. 16. 3. To realize a United Peaceful World People desire freedom, equality, peace, unity and happiness Where does a united peaceful world start from?World Family Individual : Individual Family WorldFrom me!  Unity of the Individual’s mind and body (man & woman)Realize peace through building a true family  4. To know the True Me True Person God’s child Me? False Person Satan’s child 16
    17. 17. 5.The reason we cannot solve these problems(1) We try to solve problems, while denying the existence of the creator(2) Even though we may believe in God, we put Him aside and try to solve problems centering on our own thinking.(3) People don’t want to affirm that they are fallen people. 17
    18. 18. II. Man The starting point of all problems, and the starting point of solutions to all problems ‘Me’1.What kind of being am I? Being of contradiction conflicting purposes Evil Original mind mind Evil Mind Good 「 inborn 」 × Destruction 「 after birth 」Opposition Desire Happiness Ignorance Misfortune ( Originalnature ・ Fall Ideal of Creation ) Evil Body Good Conflict ・ Fight ・ deeds deeds Opposition Sadness Joy Individual World Problems Problems Fighting Fighting Peace Peace 18 Unity Unity
    19. 19. 2. Fallen man (1) The fall of man Conflict Opposition Fighting Ignorance Original Lost Ideal nature Original Man God’s ideal of creation ( God’s children) (Ideal family, nation, world) 19
    20. 20. 2. Fallen man (2) Spiritual ignorance World of essence Spirit ・ The reality of God, His heart, His will Religion S ) ( Mind ・ Life ( origin, purpose, after death ) ・ Good & EvilFallen man Unity Ignorance External ignorance Spirit ・ Origin of the physical Intellect Body Science O ) ( universe Flesh ・ Natural laws World of phenomena 20
    21. 21. III. Religion and Science Philosophy : Science to prove God ( Origin of the Universe ) Religion : To teach the lifestyle to attend God1. Religion There is no need for religion in the original world Fallen man needs religion What is the state of religion today? (1) Religion today : Unable to fulfill responsibility 1) Stress on the next world⇒ Living in material reality 2) Incomplete doctrine ( unable to solve current problems ) 3) Ignorance of God’s Will (Lost Heavenly fortune) 21
    22. 22. (2) Christianity  1) Became the world religion by raising the banner of man’s salvation  2) Lost the fundamental mission of religion  ① Overcome ignorance of the mind and teach about God’s providence : Unable to fulfill mission   ② Fulfill the mission of a bride to receive the Messiah ; Unable to fulfill mission I am the groom, and you are the bride Unable to explain the     God is my father Father and son relationshipJesus I am His son (Only son) Bride and groom (could not build an ideal family) ⇒Ethics and values destroyed Could not teach the ideal of world brotherhood ③Be the salt and light of the world ( Mat 5/13-16 ) ; Unable to fulfill mission (The church (religion) became secularized) 22
    23. 23. ④ Christianity ; could not fulfill the mission of religion God Second Messiah = coming A E Fall Jesus True Parents ( Fallen world ) Blessing ( Cheon Il Guk ) Religion resurrection S Death JudaismChristianity Church Unification 天一國 false olive tree ( (Elder) (second) (third) True olive tree False olive tree orchard Rom11:17 : The Messiah comes and cuts down the wild olive trees and engrafts them with the True olive tree You do not believe in a religion and receive salvation (rebirth) from religion You believe (attend) in the Messiah (True Parents) and receive salvation through the Blessing (true love) 23
    24. 24. 3) Lost ability to take action  ( lost ability to act and power to persuade due to incompleteness in ideology )4) Became a religion of rituals and institution  ( lost sense of direction concerning God’s providence )5) Became a tool of life  (Regarding the realization of God’s ideal lightly)6) Lost the spirit of the early church ( lost the fire of the religious reformation ) 24
    25. 25. 2 . Science1) Object of research : Something (form)⇒Nothing (no form)2) Face obstacles3) Man’s life has become more convenient due to thedevelopment of science, but has also suffered great damagedue to ignoring human values 25
    26. 26. IV. The Necessity of the Appearance of the Principle 1. From the view of the providential age ( Development of spirit and intellect ) (Principle) ) (Completed God t testament) Perfection New Word GospelCompletion Law Sacrifice (NewGrowth Ark (Old testament) ) testament) )Formation 1600 400 400 1600 2000 A ・ E F ・ Man Noah Abraham Moses Jesus LSA ( Realm of no Principle ) 26
    27. 27. 2. From the view of the Bible (Biblical ground)① John16:25 : Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming, when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.② John16:12 : "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.”③ John16:13 : But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come④ Rev10:10-11 : "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.“⑤ Luke5:38 : New wine must be poured into new wineskins 27
    28. 28. V. The Mission of the Principle1. Solve the problems of the real world1) Problems about existence and 6) AIDS relationship 7) Fundamental problems of2) The problems of family and the Bible (Denominations) the youth 8) Problems concerning the3) Racial discrimination Spirit world (Life after death)4) Religious dispute 9) Ideological problems5) National borders (democracy, communism) 10) True values2. Establish True Values1 ) Understand the correct way to view God2) Reveal the Spirit World (problems of life after death) clearly3) Know True Parents clearly4) Know clearly that man is fallen5) Clearly know about restoration through indemnity6) Clearly know man’s portion of responsibility 28
    29. 29. 3. Realize a United Peaceful World  (1) Realize One World Family centered on God and True Parents (RealizeFamily of Heaven); 1. Realize the Ideal of True Families centered on True Parents, Absolute Purity (Absolute Sex, Absolute sexual organ) 2. From ignorance to knowing ( From Fallen Man to Original Man ) ① Teach clearly about God ② Teach clearly about True Parents ③ Teach clearly about the spirit world ④ Know about fallen man (sinners) ⑤ Know clearly about the restoration through indemnity ⑥ Know man’s portion of responsibility clearly 3. Restore God’s Fatherland ( Cheon Il Guk, All mankind become Blessed Families ) 29
    30. 30. (2) Reveal the root of Democracy and Communism, and realize a United Peaceful world. (3) Unite Religion and Science ( Unite Ideologies ) (4) Solve the Fundamental problems of the Bible ( Unity of denominations 、 Unity of Religions ) (5) Guide humanity into the New World ( Establish a Cosmic great family)4. Establish my True Self Reveal about the state of Original man and Fallen man 30
    31. 31. VI. Overview of the Structure of the Unification Principle and the Core content 1. The structure of the Unification Principle Part 1  –  Intro – 7chapters chapters, 568p 13 ( Korean Version ) , 424 (English) Part 2  –  Intro – 6chapters 1. Core content Principle of Eschatology Christology creation The Messiah Who is Jesus? His mission? Salvation = Restoration Resurrection Rebirth and the trinity Predestination The Human Fall Introduction The Second Advent When , How , Where Providence of Restoration Messiah = Lord of the second advent = Principle of Preparation for the second Savior = True Parents   (Blessing = Rebirth ) True Parents of Heaven, Earth Restoration advent of the Messiah and Mankind Bible Old testament ( 39 books ) - Sam 9:6  Messiah = Jesus New testament ( 27 books ) - Rev 22:14  Messiah = Lord of the Second AdventThe Bible’s ultimate purpose: Receive the MessiahThe Principle’s ultimate purpose: Receive the Messiah, Receive his teachings, Believe and Attend theMessiah, Become a True Child of God and Fulfill the Purpose of Creation The Unification Principle is not the doctrine of the Unification church, 31 but it is the principle and the Heaven’s way, that all man must know and live.
    32. 32. 「 ref.1 」 The Principle was revealed by True Parents 1920. 1. 6 Born in 2221 Sangsa-ri Deokonmyon Jeongju-gun, Pyonganbuk-do, Korea 1935 Easter morning, Receive Heaven’s mandate 1945 Completely reveal and organize heaven’s principle before the liberation of Korea 〇 Victorious in his fight with billions of Satans in Heaven and Earth, received Heaven’s recognition (seal), came to earth and declared the life giving Word 〇 Difficulty finding the Principle: More difficult than picking up a specific grain of sand from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. 〇 To meet the Messiah (True Parents): More difficult than fishing for one specific fish in the entire Pacific Ocean. 〇 The Principle is the atomic bomb of True Love, the atomic bomb of eternal life, the words of salvation, the words of eternal life, the words of unity, the words of peace, the words of blessing, that has appeared in the 20th century Character of the Principle: Absolute revelation 32 ( Document Χ, Brain Χ )
    33. 33. 「 ref. 2」1935 4. 17.   (age 15) Received Heaven’s mandate1935. 4.17. - 1945. 8. 15.   Delved into the Principle1945 -1952   Propagated the Principle1952. 5. 10.   “ Original Divine Principle” (Witness in Pusan, Daegu,Seoul )1954. 5. 01.   Establish the Unification Movement in Seoul1957. 8. 15.   “ Explanation of the Divine Principle”1966. 5. 01.   “ Exposition of the Divine Principle” Revealed Unification Thought and the Victory over Communism theory on the basis of the Divine Principle 33
    34. 34. 「 ref.3 」 Crown of Glory Father wrote this prayer, poem in 1935 at the age of 15. Father wrote in the beginning part of the book this poem was published in: “I met Jesus on Easter morning when I was 15. From that day, I have walked this way following heaven’s orders in order to fulfill God’s Will.” When I doubt people, I feel pain. When I judge people, it is unbearable. When I hate people, there is no value to my existence. Yet if I believe, I am deceived. If I love, I am betrayed Suffering and grieving tonight, my head in my hands. Am I wrong? Yes I am wrong. 34
    35. 35. Even though we are deceived, still believe, Though we are betrayed, still forgive. Love completely, even those who hate you.Wipe your tears away and welcome with a smile Those who know nothing but deceit, And those who betray without regret. O, Master, the pain of loving. Look at my hands. Place your hand on my chest. My heart is bursting, such agony. But when I love those who acted against me, I brought victory. If you have done the same things, I will give you the Crown of Glory 35 1935 Sun Myung Moon
    36. 36. This prayer poem was brought to America by a missionary sent to America inthe late 50sIn 2001 one American member was moved reading this poem and sent it tothe International Poets Association.It was judged by 9 points by the most renowned international poemmasterpiece judges of the International Poets Association.This poem was selected as the best poem and was introduced through theInternational Poet Association annual bulletin.This poem was read and displayed at the International Poet Associationconference in 2002 in Orlando, Florida.The trophy and medal are kept in the Cheon Jeong Goong museum.(9 points of examination)(1) Creativity (2) Origin (3) Writing Style (4)Theme (5) Selection of phrases andvocabulary (6) Coherence (7) Consistency (8) Logic (9) Ability to understand andanalyze 36
    37. 37. 37
    38. 38. The Principle of Creation 38
    39. 39. Table of ContentsSection 1 The Dual Characteristics of God Section 4 Original value and the Created Universe    ( 1 ) The Process and Standard for the  ( 1 ) The Dual Characteristics of God determination of Original Value  ( 2 ) The relationship between God and    ( 2 ) Original Emotion, Intellect and Will; the UniverseSection 2 Universal Prime Energy, Give and and Original Beauty, Truth and Goodness Take Action and the Four Position    ( 3 ) Love and Beauty, Good and Evil.,Foundation Righteousness and Unrighteousness  ( 1 ) Universal Prime Energy  ( 2 ) Give and Take Action Section 5 The Process of the Creation of the  ( 3 ) The Four Position foundation Universe and its Growing Periodwhich realizes the Three Object Purposethrough Origin Division Union Action    ( 1 ) The Process of the Creation of the  ( 4 ) The Omnipresence of God  ( 5 ) The Multiplication of Life Universe  ( 6 ) The reason all beings arecomposed of Dual Characteristics    ( 2 ) The Growing Period for the Creation Section 6 The Incorporeal World and theSection 3 The Purpose of Creation Corporeal world  ( 1 ) The Purpose of the Creation of    ( 1 ) The Incorporeal World and thethe Universe Corporeal World as Substantial Realities  ( 2 ) Good object partners for the Joy    ( 2 ) The Position of Human Beings in the of God  Cosmos 39
    40. 40. Introduction(1) What is the Principle of Creation?God’s blueprint for the creation of man’s life and the universeWe must know God in order to know about life and the universe 1) How to live well ( Blueprint ) Things – How to use (use according to plan) - 100V, 220V Man – How to live (live according to Principle of creation) 4) When is the purpose decided?   Things – When made in the factory (Blueprint)   Man – At the time of Creation (Principle of creation) 8) People that live well –People who live in accordance with the principle of creation People that don’t live well – People that don’t live in accordance with the principle of creation    (broken people, people with sever illness) ( The Unification Principle is not a doctrine but 40 the True Principle by which all people must live by.
    41. 41. (2) View of God1) Ancient philosophy (Greek philosophy) ( Without determining the essence of material, they dealt with the constituents of the universe ① Thales – Water ⑤ Pythagoras – Numbers ② Anaximander – Air ⑥ Parmenides – It is ③ Anaximenes – The boundless ⑦ Empedocles – air, fire, earth, water ④ Heraclitus – Fire ⑧ Aristotle – First principle2) Eastern philosophy  – Li – Chi Theory Saw Chi as the substance of the universe 氣 Energy (chi)  – Yin, Yang Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Soil - 5 Agents3) Philosophical conflict of the middle ages The origin of the universe? (The existence of God ) The essence of the universe? ( spirit or matter )4) Modern age   Spirit (Democratic world) )    Matter (Communist world) ) 41
    42. 42. 5) Science of today (Physics) Reveals that the ultimate causal element of matter is energy. Recent Quantum Physics will be able to find the origin of this energy.6) Does God exist? How does He exist? ( Debate between existence and non- existence, Debate on inherent quality ) What are His characteristics, and how can we know them?  ( We can know through what we can see )7) Pre-existing view of God cannot explain clearly Love, Goodness, Decides life/death, fortune/misfortune,   Judgement, Absolute ・ Unique ・ Unchanging ・ Eternal God ① Gen1:27 : God made man in His image (What exactly we resemble is not clear) ② Plotinus – Motivation, and Purpose of Creation are vague8) View of God in Unification Principle 42 is clear
    43. 43. Section I: The Dual Characteristics of God and the Created Universe 1. The Dual Characteristics of God 〇 Exod 3:14 : God is self existent. 〇 Rom 1:20 : God’s power and deity are perceived in the things that have been made. (There is a common law) Law of Cause and effect Laws of existence Law of resemblance Cause ( Artist ) God Created Effects( Works ) Rom1:20 things 43 (Common law)
    44. 44. Harmonious union of Original internal nature and Original external form : God First Cause ( Creator, Absolute Being, Unique one )Harmonious union of Original masculinity and Original femininity Internal Universal PrimePosition of the masculine subject partner . Nature Force Shimjung origin (Abililty) External True Love Infinite energy God (Character) Yang form Yin Infinite spirit origin God’s Dual Characteristics Internal nature Yang Yin External form Man Heart Male Female Body Animals Heart Male Female Body Plants Heart Stamen Pistil BodyCreated Internal inclination Positive Ion Negative Ion Matter (Atoms) things Molecules Internal inclination Matter (Particles) Atoms Proton Electron Rom 1:20 Internal inclination Yang type Yin type nature (Common law) Particles nature Energy 力 Subject, Internal, Subject Object Object, External, Relationship Cause, Vertical, Internal External Result, invisible Horizontal, Visible The Relationship of God’s Original internal nature and Original external form ⇒ Complete same element (United body) Water, Vapor and Ice = H2O ⇒ Dual Characteristics theory = ‘Only One’ Theory 44
    45. 45. (1) God exists in dual characteristics Shimjung ・ True Love ・ Internal External Union Character nature    form Principle ・ Law ・ Order Yang Yin Union Absolute Sex Harmonious Union Masculine subject Father Male Female Shimjung ・ True Love ・ Character (Man) (Woman) Union Principle ・ Law ・ Order Absolute Sex ○ God is my father, my parents ( Shimjung, True Love, Character ) ○ I am God’s child . ⇒Attend him with one’s Heart, not conceptually 45   
    46. 46. (2) God① Original form of Shimjung and True Love② Original form of Intellect, Emotion and Will, Beauty, Truth and Goodness③ The origin of Principle, law and order④ Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal, Self existing, Omnipresent being⑤ The root of True Love, True Life and True Lineage (Origin)⑥ Subject of the conscience⑦ The Origin of Life Exists as the Infinite Spirit with Infinite power (Original form of Energy ) 46
    47. 47. G God’s Characteristics①   Absolute ・ Unique ・ Quiet Harmony Unity Peace Unchanging ・ Eternal Nature② One Heart ・ One Body ・ One Active nature Harmony Unity Peace Ideal ・ One Core③ Absolute owner of Absolute faith Pure ・ love ・ obedience nature Harmony Unity Peace④   True Love ・ Life ・ Lineage ・ Loving Harmony Unity Peace True family nature 47
    48. 48. 「 Reference 1 」 Common Int ・ Ext God’s appearance Yang ・ Yin Characteristics Ext. All created things Form Individual Individual Characteristics nature God ①God’s essential characteristics Shimjung: True love ( Core of internal nature ) ②Root of God’s True love ( Character ) ③Core of God’s character Divine Nature Logos : Law, order function, nature, logic  =  Self regulating    ability laws  =  Necessary, Mandatory Creativeness The basis of the creation is Shimjung (True Love) Must resemble Shimjung (True Love)Co-relationship :  Origin -- Division--Union action (structure) Four position foundation 48
    49. 49. 「 Reference 2 」 Inside Sungsang (internal nature) Intellect: Intellectual function & cognition (ability to r recognize) Logic : Ability to investigate the principle through common reason Rational : Ability to ask and know the cause and Internal reason through logic Sensibility : Ability to perceive through the 5 senses Sungsang ( intuitive cognition) (functional Emotion: Emotional function; Emotional sensibility elements) e ( (ability to feel emotions, joy, anger, loneliness, fun ) Will: Function of will ; Desire (Ability to Pursue, Determine,Sung m make Decisions)sang Internal Conception: Specific representation Hyungsang General Idea: Abstract image ( (Form elements) Rule: Laws of value, Laws of nature Numbers: God is the Supreme Mathematician 49
    50. 50. 「 Reference 3 」 The origin of the individual’s nobility God Internal Sungsang Internal nature Internal Hyungsang External form Nobility of the individual: Comes from God, Absolute 50
    51. 51. 「 Reference 4 」  What is the essence of the universe? (matter or spirit?)The relationship of Original Internal Nature and Original External Form Completely the same element ( Union )Water, Vapor and ice = H2O Theory of dual characteristics (Union) Theory of Only One (Science) True Love Ideology (Philosophy) (Religion) The Only One The First God Cause Godism Only One Only One HeadwingOnly One Godism True Parents Theory Ideology Ideology Ideology Spirit× spiritualism× Spiritual ideology x Democracy× Right wing×Material× materialism× Material ideology x Communism× Left wing× 51
    52. 52. 「 Reference 5 」 What is the Only One ideology?① It is the ideology of Parent and Child② The fundamental law of the universe is that of Parent and Child③ To believe in, attend and honor God as your parent.④ God is not a conceptual being. He is in a parent-child relationship with mankind. Therefore the Creator God is the Parent of humanity and is my parent. This ideology is the Only One ideology.⑤ The Only One ideology is Headwing ideology. ( Godism )⑥ The essential characteristic of the Only One is Shimjung (True Love) 52
    53. 53. 「 Reference 6 」 What is the Origin of the Universe? ( Finding the Origin of the Universe ) ① The origin of the universe is God (The Union of Dual Characteristics) ② God is the Harmonious Union of Yang and Yin ③ God is a God of Shimjung, True Love and Character (The Origin of Love, The Owner of Love, The Owner of Absolute Sex) God has two sexual organs. Male Man God made man to multiplythroughloving through their bodies Yang Yin Man’s and woman’s sexual organs Female Woman (to love through the sexual organs) become one (One body) through loving Love is a concept, not actual reality 53
    54. 54. 「 Reference 7 」 Why can’t we see God or feel Him? (1) Why can’t we see Him? Because He is invisible. ① There are things we cannot see with our physical senses Eyes :  Sun rays ○,  X -rays × Ears:   Sound waves ○,   Ultra sound waves ×, Electric waves × ② The more precious something is, the more we can’t see it (2) Why can’t we feel Him? Because we are one. ① Heart beat, blinking eyes, breathing ② The smell of your own poop in the bathroom ③ Air pressure ( Air ) 54
    55. 55. 「 Reference 8 」 Creation or Evolution?   (1) It is 「 Creation 」 .   Why is it Creation? ① All entities exist in Pairs (For the sake of Love) ② The species are different (sparrow, crow) ③ In order for something new to come out, there must be an input of energy(Idea and skill) Science : Input > Output     Love : Input < Output(2) The Argument of Creation vs Evolution is finished ⇒ It is Creation, not Evolution ① Was existence first, or thought first? 思惟 (motivation and purpose come first) c. All things are born for the sake of Love Therefore, all beings exist in pairs. ③ New developments always need investment of creativity (new ideas, skills). Without this, there can be no development. 55
    56. 56. 「 Reference 9 」Pantheism, Plotinus “There is no motivation and purpose of Creation”  ⇒ Completely complements the Principle Creation theory of Christianity What was the motivation and purpose for which God created the Universe? Motivation of Creation: Shimjung and Love Purpose of Creation: Joy Through revealing the Shimjung motivation theory, the argument of Evolution is finished. Creation or Evolution? The argument of Pantheism & Plotinus is finished 56
    57. 57. 2. The relationship between God and Mankind(1) The relationship between Mind and Body (Man is the 2nd God) First Vertical God Mind mind True Love Shortest distance love = View people as God Man Body Second Listen to their words as God’s Horizontal mind Man’s Holiness, Value, Nobility love ( Second God ) Adam God’s son and God’s Body Eve God’s daughter and God’s Partner (Adam’s wife) Adam and Eve’s marriage is God’s marriage (Appearance of the substantial God) Adam and Eve’s first love is God’s first love God wasn’t able to make love in the flesh until now. 57 With the appearance of the True Parents He was able to, finally.
    58. 58. (2) Relationship of Parent and Child1) Why are God and Man in the relationship of Parent and Child?((The reason that God is the parent and mankind are the children)①True love travels the shortest distance (True love⇒True life⇒True lineage)②All beings are born from parents (lineage) Nothing belongs to myself. I belong to my parents completely Children are the completed substance of their Parents.※ The 4 principles of being formed① Children are formed through their parent’s love ③ They are formed for their Partner② They are formed belonging to their parents ④ They are formed to live eternally2) The greatest desire of man is to become True Parents ① All beings exist because they have Parents ② Parents need children to become parents 心情 Knowledge (Parents rest)Father Mother Loyalty Parents ( safe Shimjung God Settlement) God (Satan) Filial PietyHusband Wife Love Fallen people Fidelity Groom Bride Character are the object (Attendance) 58 of sadnessSon Daughter Children Qualification ) ( Perfection )Man ( Man
    59. 59. (3) To become God’s True Sons and Daughters ① Children resemble their parents (internally, externally,lineage) ② A True Person is one, who resembles God. God Man ① Internal Nature ・ External   Mind ・ Body Form   Union Union Yang ・ Yin   Husband ・ ② Essential Characteristic: Shimjung Essential characteristics: Shimjung, True Love, Wife Life, Lineage, Absolute Sex ③ Motivation of Creation: Shimjung Motivation of life: Shimjung ④ Creation Investment of Self Create Invest oneself, Live for others     Unfolding of Self Character Self progress ( Sacrifice, Service ) ⑤ Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal (Individual, Couple, Family) ⑥ True Love, True Life, True Lineage True Love, True Life, True Lineage (Absolute Sex) (Absolute Sex) ⑦ Absolute Faith, Love, Obedience Absolute Faith, Love, Obedience God’s responsibility: Create man who Man’s responsibility: Resemble God resembles Himself Content= Shimjung ,True Love ,Character, P Principle, Order, Law, Absolute Sex Absolute Sex = Absolute Divine Character Absolute Sex = Absolute Man’s Character Completion of God’s Portion of responsibility = The completion of the Ideal Oneness of God and Humankind in loveConclusion ① God is my parent ⇒I am His Child 59 ② A True person is a person who resembles God’s Shimjung, True love and Absolute Sex
    60. 60. (4) True Education Education of Man (Shimjung, Model Pattern1) To become True Children of God Edu Intellect Education (Skills, Knowledge) Gen1:28 Education Education methods Education Goals Wholeness Person of3 Great ( Perfection of Individual ) Heart Education Fruitful CharacterBlessings= Multiplication Model education Good peoplePurpose of Multiply (Perfection of Family)Creation Superintendence Knowledge Genius Dominion (Perfection of Dominion ) ( Skills+ability ) Mat 7:21 - He who does the will of God will go to Heaven God God God Mind Body Man Woman Man All things Oneness Man of God and Man Ideal Children Shimjung Love Heaven, Perfect love mankind, Divine Character Temple Good People World love country.2) Educate Clearly about God, the Spirit World, True Parents and Restoration throughIndemnity (Live the Principle)3) The Unification Education achieves the 3 great elements of Unification Culture: 60Unity of Heart, Unity of Thought, Unity of Lifestyle
    61. 61. (5) A Person of original nature who resembles God Internal External Union Nature Form Common Being with nature Yang Yin Union God’s form Individual Individual bodies nature Being of Shimjung Man Divine Being Being of Logos Creative Being Objective position = Objective being Connected Being with Position Subjective position = body 61 Subjective being
    62. 62. (6) What kind of being is Man? 1) Being of Shimjung (Science ・ Philosophy) Truth Value 心情 Intellect Function of the Mind Shimjung Will Emotion Goodness Beauty 62(Ethics ・ Morals) (Arts)
    63. 63. 2) Being of Logos Purpose Shimjung Reason = Int. N. Ext. F. = Law Logos Reason = Law Autonomy Law Necessity Purpose Function Laws of Nature ( Nature) Laws of Value (Man) Order of the Universe Model of the Family 63
    64. 64. 3) Beings with Position (God) (Man) (All Things) Shimjung Shimjung Subject Object Subject Object Union Union Position of Object - (Connected Body) - Position of Subject Awareness as Object - (Connected Body) - Awareness as Subject 64
    65. 65. (7) The Dual Characteristics are the key to solving all problems of the world (Internal Nature &External Form are the Master Key) Shimjung Internal Internal ( Mind ) Nature Nature All things were created God Man with man as the model External External Form Form ( Body ) Therefore, all places where people gather should have a balance ofSungsang and Hyungsang and fulfill the purpose of existence and value of that place. Internal Internal Internal Internal Internal nature nature nature nature nature Family Education Company Guiding United Peaceful ethics principle morals principle World principle Family School Company Nation World Parents Teacher Labor Leader Mankind Children Student Capital People Nations The internal values must be established firmly in family and society. Unity of Values  Absolute Goodness 65 Life of Shimjung = Life of Living for the sake of others
    66. 66. 「 Reference 1 」 Solve the problemsYang of and Yin andreality with the Characteristics of Internal Nature and ExternalForm God Man ( Parent ) (Children ) Internal Nature Perfection of Character First & (Individual Perfection, External Form Moral training) ) Unity of Latter Yang & Yin Husband and Wife (Family perfection, Household) ) 66
    67. 67. 「 Reference 2 」  Man’s Last Revolution ① Industrial, Political, Religious, Cultural Revolution Solve problem ×, Unified Peaceful World ×, World of Happiness × ② Revolution of Man 〇 Past revolutions    Violence, Swords, Power   〇 How are we to do the Revolution of Man? (True Education) 〇 What are we going to do the Revolution of Man with? ( With True Love and Principle that flow from Shimjung ) 〇 Revolution of Man Revolution of Shimjung (Roots) True Love (Flowers, fragrance) True Character (Fruit) True Family Revolution of Absolute Sex 67
    68. 68. 3. The Relationship between God and the Universe Principle + of Mind - + Int.N - Creation All Image = Man Body + (Map) - God Created + Things + Ext. F Int. N. =Things - - Unfolded All Individual Symbol (Flag) + Embodiments Ext. F - Of Truth Man All Things Subject Object Imitation of the… sounds of All ThingsRelationship Cause Result Contains all… elements of nature The 5 Viscera & 6 Entrails 5 Great Seas & 6Continents Internal External 12 pairs of ribs ( 24 ) 12months, 24solar terms Vertical Horizontal Hair Plants Invisible Has form Skin Earth’s crust Masculine Subject Feminine Object Muscle Substrata Veins Underground waterways Skeleton Rocky Mantle 68 Bone Marrow Molten core
    69. 69. The Book of Changes and the Bible from the viewpoint of the Principle of CreationThe Book The =Yang&Yin    Five Agent   All Great things of The Way One yang and one yin; this is the Way ) (Changes Ultimate Word The Way becomes Word ) ( = John1:1 The word was with God and the Word was God. Bible God =            All things Word Int + The root concept of East Asian philosophy Nat - Principle God Ext + and the Bible can be fully elucidated only with Form help from the Principle of Creation - The Book of ? 太 Does not explain that God has personality Changes ? + ( Yang /Yin ) - ? × God = Father (Explains God with Personality) Bible God ? × But does not explain His Characteristics 69
    70. 70. 「 Reference 」 Western Ontology Form & Matter Internal Nature & External Form Eastern Ontology Unity Yang &Yin Positivity & Negativity Western Culture             Unity United Culture Eastern Culture 70
    71. 71. Section II. Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action and the Four Position Foundation 1. Universal Prime Energy all entities  →  need energy Universal ① The fundamental energy of God’s being Prime ②The origin of all energies, that allow Energy created beings to exist 2. Give and Take Action UPE Universal Prime Energy (Cause, Subject, Internal) Sub Obj Give and Take Action Relationship Energy The forces generated by Give and Take Action (Result, Object, External)Existence, Multiplication, Action 71
    72. 72. (1) All beings are co-relativeWhy correlative? To have Give and Take DevelopmentWhat do they reciprocate? Love and Beauty   Joy   Happiness S O Sun Moon Parents Children Husband Wife Planets Earth Teacher Student Universe Man Superior Subordinate Butterflies Flowers Employer Employee Animals Plants Judgment Government People receiveAnimals Male Female Arteries Veins measure Plants Stamen Pistil Inhalation Exhalation Mat 7:2Minerals + - 72
    73. 73. (2) The Function of Conscience from the view of Give and Take Generated by give and take action The force of All people have an active conscience guiding them to goodnessthe Conscience The ultimate subject partner of our conscience is God The Function of the The Function of theConscience in Original Man Conscience in Fallen Man God God God = = Force of the What Fallen people Truth Conscience Truth mistake as the Truth →Goodness Original The Force of the Conscience Conscience Conscience → wrong direction Mind 73
    74. 74. (3) Fall and Salvation from the view of give and take God God God Messiah Way mediator Truth 1 Tim 2:5 Life Man Satan Man Satan Man John14/6 Perfected man Fallen man Man who have received salvation (4) The function of the Original Mind and the Conscience from the view of give and take Sungsang ( Shimjung) First God Subject God (Respond with True Love) God Second God truth Advanced than parents God    Original    body body God than teacher Mind( Internal nature )( External Form ) Conscience than God(False Love) (True self ) Satan (Respond with Satan AA Evil True Love) AA Evil Suffering of Mind Mind Body conscience Body Object ( False self ) Fallen man 74 ( False self ) ( Perfect united body) Fallen man
    75. 75. 3. Origin Division Union Action, The Three Object Purpose, The Four Position Foundation (1) Origin Division Union Action The Process- in which our of God, the Origin, two entities are separately manifested and reunited in oneness-is called origin-division-union action God「 Satanic theory 」 O +- O「 God’s Principle 」 Formed by Fallen man Man Woman Confront + - D Children U +- U 「 Dialectic law 」 「 Law of Give and Conflict, Struggle Take 」 Give and Take Action = Hatred = Love 「 Dialectical materialism 」 「 Reciprocal Only One theory 」 Feuerbach’s Materialism Hegel’s dialectic Combine 3 stages of development 75
    76. 76. (2) The Three Object PurposeWhen any one of the four positions assume the position ofsubject partner, the other three are engaged as its object partners God Subject Object Union ① If the four positions have give and take action the Three-Object-Purpose is fulfilled. ② The center of all beings is God. ③ All motivation is from God. Your own self should not be your motivation! 76
    77. 77. (3) The Four Position Foundation 1) When the 4 positions have give and take and fulfill the three object purpose, the four position foundation is formed. ① Foundation for the realization of God’s purpose of creation God ② Foundation for existence ③ Fundamental foundation for loveSubject Object ④ Fundamental foundation for goodness ⑤ Fundamental foundation for all forces Union ⑥ Fundamental foundation of 3 stages ⑦ Fundamental foundation for the numbers 4, 3,12 77
    78. 78. (2) 4 Position foundation types ① Individual Four ② Family Four ③ Family Four Position Foundation Position Foundation Position Foundation of Dominion God God God Man All Mind Body Man Woman Things Man Child Ideal 78
    79. 79. (3) The mode of existence of the 4 Position Foundation Circular movement Spherical movement Up Behind Right Left Front Down Standard of Absolute Value: God Absolute Value: True Love, True Life, True Lineage True Love Special rights: Right of equal status, Right to live together, Right to participate in work ⇒ Right of inheritance 79
    80. 80. 4. The Omnipresence of God God Ma il le Fe P ist An ma Man Woman en im le m s als ta a nt Man S PlIn a World where God’s purpose of creation has been fulfilled,all individual beings embody His Original internal nature andOriginal external form and initiate spherical movements tobuild the foundation for God’s governance.God is thus omnipresent. 80
    81. 81. 5. The Multiplication of Life For living things to propagate their kind they must reproduce, and this multiplication takes place through origin-division-union action which is built upon good interactions. God God GodSubject Object Stamen Pistil Male Female Union Seed Offspring 81
    82. 82. 6. The reason all beings are composed of Dual Characteristics UPE Subject Object Force 1) In order to exist ① Energy is required for any being to exist ② Energy is produced through give and take action ③ A partner is need in order to reciprocate 2) To have eternal nature 82
    83. 83. Conclusion 」  The Laws of the Universe ( Laws of Heaven )(1) Principle of existence  :  Exist in Dual Characteristics ① correlative being, corresponding being ( correlative relationship ) ②correlative being = Exist for the sake of others (Live for the sake of other ③why co-relative? : For love, To make relationships ( Oneness = Joy ) ( Subject, Object )   ( Order, ethics, values are established)(2) The principle of the origin of existence : Exist for the sake of others (Born fothe sake of others ) : Altruism Problems derive from living for your own sake : Egoism ( Individualism )(3) Law of Development  :  Give and take action (the law of reciprocation) ①What do you reciprocate? : Love and beauty flowing from Shimjung ②If you have give and take :  Oneness (Union) Development (new entity)(4) Stages of development :  3 stages ( Origin-Division-Union-Action ) ①God’s Principle : Origin Division Union Action, Give and Take Action(Love 、 Beauty ) , Theory of a Single Origin based on Give and Take Action ②Satan’s theory : Thesis Antithesis Synthesis ( Hatred ) Conflict, struggle, Dialectical materialism(5) Foundation for Existence  :  4 position foundation ①God is the center ②God’s purpose of creation 、 Fundamental foundation of goodness 83 ③The standard of absolute value : God
    84. 84. 「 Reference1」   The principle of the origin of existence and life 1) The principle of the origin of existence : 「 Exist for the sake of others 」 2) The principle of life : ① 「 Live for the sake of Others 」 ② Love Love God Love man Love all things Love enemies    ③ Live more publicly 84
    85. 85. 「 Reference 2 」  Communist view of man Ape Man   Evolve to higher animal Similar term See Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai ‘s Pony car as same category, as a way of transportation. (1) French zoologist ‘Jean Lamarck’ theoryThe evolutionist that stated that the environmental changes causestructural change in animals and plants, and these changes arepassed down genetically.The theory of how the effect changes the cause, completely disbelieved in 20thEx: as the monkey stretched its arm to grab a banana, its arm grew longer 85
    86. 86. (2) Engels’ view of lifeEngels based his view of life on Jean Lamark’s theory of evolution Usage of tools Ape Labor Language Man Reason ( Process ) Labor is god The theory in which it is seen that development is made through man’s labor alone is the communist view of life (The cultural revolution of China 1966 ~ 1977) 86
    87. 87. (3) Problems of the Communist View of Life ①   When viewing Humans as a ‘higher animal’ – what use is man’s character There is no philosophical base for man to be treated better than monkeys in the communist thought ②   Things that move = Machines Moving things do not need freedom or creativity What kind of machine needs creativity or freedom? ③   The biggest problem is about Love Machines don’t know how to love. For a machine, there are only absolute orders and absolute obedience. Once the button is pressed, the machine functions as programmed Love, the key element of man’s life, cannot be found in the communist view of life 87
    88. 88. (4) Conclusion of Communism View of Life ① The goal of the dialectic theory is conflict Hatred is the vital element to fighting(struggle) This is where the inhuman-ness of communism came form ② Human life is like that of a fly Communism massacre : Total 150 million people (60 yrs) Soviet: 70 million France ‘Le Figaro’ magazine China: 67million (Nov. 18th 1978 ) Cambodia: 3 milliion “In order to kill 150 million people in 60 years, Other: 10 million 44 people need to be killed every 10 minutes” 88
    89. 89. Marx Materialism is a conceptual philosophy Material Therefore man is not just material Atheism Materialism Owner – There is no being on top of man Man This is Kim Il Sung’s Juche ideology       ( Deny God, religion, love, life) ) Decision – The people are the subject – The ruling class, Kim Il Sung Independence capitalists are the object of overthrowing Atheism Characteristics Creativity   Not only in man but also in animals Juche IdeologyHuman-based view Awareness Parental Ideology Essence Labor Temporary life – Physical life– Parents give to you Life Eternal life – Life is politics, Society  – Kim Il Sung gives it to you – He is the Father, God Man God’s body, God’s childTrue Parents Shimjung, Logos, Creativity Characteristics Ideology Theism Essence Shimjung ( True Love ) God-based view God is the source of True Love, True Life, True LineageUnification Thought Parental Ideology Life Appears substantially in Heaven and on Earth through the True Parents 89
    90. 90. 〇 What is the True view of life? ( Where do you base Man’s rights and nobility on?) The Law? Then does man’s value change when the law changes? Agreements? Treaties? When you base Human rights on something, every time the contract is broken Human Rights should change, too?.〇 Then where does man’s authority come from? The absolute unchanging being who has absolute value should determine Human rights. Then Human rights can be unchanging for eternity Only He who created, can decide man’s value Divine Shimjung ・ True Love ー Character character Principle ・ Absolute Sex   God is that Being L Love God ー Character Man’s Love Man   90 character L Love the Nation
    91. 91. Section III. The Purpose of Creation 1. The Purpose and Motivation of the Creation(1) The Motivation of Creation (2) The Purpose of Creation 〇 God’s essential Shimjung characteristic Joy 〇 The root of True Love 〇 The core of Character Joy Love The Impulse of ① Object of resemblance Object Shimjung ( Gen1:27 ) The Irrepressible emotional impulse of ② Object of goodness the Heart that desires Object to feel joy through ( John14:20 ) No Substantial loving the object ③ Object of Perfection form body partner ( (Mat5:48) ④ Object of Shimjung(Temporary) (Eternal) 91 ( (Gen1:28)
    92. 92. 2. Good Object Partners for the Joy of God(1) God’s Works  =  4 Position Foundation Gen1:28 God’s Joy =  4 Position Foundation ( 3 Great Blessings ) The 1st Great Blessing The 2nd Great Blessing The 3rd Great Blessing ( Fruitful ) ( Multiply ) (Dominion over All things) ( Individual Perfection( Family perfection = Ideal Family ) Perfection of dominion = ( = Perfection of Character) Ideal World ) God God God Oneness of Mind Body God and14:20 ) Man man Woman Man All ( John T Temple(1Cor 3:16) Things Man P Perfect(Mat 5:48) Children Ideal Divinity Shimjung Good People World Heavenly Person World of Goodness Kingdom of Heaven Life of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven (Shimjung Education) Cheon Il Guk (Education on rules) (Education of Skills,Knowledge, Physical Activity) (2) The great blessing amongst the 3 Great Blessings = Marriage Blessing ( Inherit God’s True Love, True Life and True Lineage ) Absolute sex    Completion of the Realm of Liberation through fulfilling the   92 Portion of Responsibility
    93. 93. The Family is the Basic Unit of Heaven① Constituents : Parents ・ Husband and Wife ・ Children ( Brothers and sisters )② Relationships ( Up Down ・ Right Left ・ Front Behind ) Parents ( (Grandparents) Elder brother Husband Wife Younger Center (Core) brother Children (Brothers and S Sisters)③ Unity of relationships ( United body ) Center True Love 93
    94. 94. ④ The order of the family is the standard order of the universe⑤The family is God’s ideal of creation The number of Heaven 3   God Adam Eve The number of Earth 4    God Adam Eve Children The number of Family 7   Husband God Parents Wife Children 94
    95. 95. What the whole family must fulfill( 1 )   One heart Unity( 2 )   Purity Pure blood Pure Love (Absolute sex) P( 3 )   The dutiful way of filial son or daughter, patriot, saint and heavenly sons and daughters of God( 4 )   Love with True love and Live a life resounding with True love ① True love infinitely invests and forgets All things start with investment. Therefore True love connects with everything ② The foundation of True Love is the family A True Family is where the parents, husband and wife and children all have good relationships (relationships of true love) 95
    96. 96. The desire of Man’s life • Man’s desire is to find the Original Homeland • To find the lost Homeland • Where is the Homeland I was born from? Sexual Man  ―  Sperm (Seed) Organs Woman  -  Egg (Egg)   • The sperm feeds on the egg and the egg feeds on the sperm   • The Original homeland is the place of True love The Sexual Organs 96
    97. 97. 3. Dual Purposes Public Internal Nature part – Internal nature purpose (Whole)Entities External Form part – External Form purpose (Individual) Personal 「 Connected, Organic body 」 Energy Particles Atoms MoleculesPlants Animals Man God Individual Family Clan Tribe Nation World Cosmos God 97
    98. 98. 「 Reference 1 」  What is the reason for marriage? 1) To become perfect (whole) ①To resemble the perfect God  ( before marriage, you are only half ) ②To dominate God’s True Love ③To perfect love(Individual perfection) (Love is perfected through your partner) ④Your partner is the owner of your sexual organ 2) To Perfect God and perfect the realm of liberation of Love The marriage of Adam and Eve : God’s marriage   The substantial appearance of God         First Love : God’s first love  The point where God’s love and Man’s love meet : The sexual organs Purpose for creating Man ( Be God’s body, object of love, multiply ) 3) To multiply God’s True Love, True Life and True Lineage (Eternity) 4) For the Safe Settlement of Peace and Unity for the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind ( The Holy Marriage Blessing) God is the invisible Cosmic Mind Harmony Love Life Lineage True Parents Multiply Unity Adam and Eve are the visible Body One HeartOne BodyOne Ideal 98 Peace Cosmic True Parents ( Temple )
    99. 99. Reference 2 」 True Parents and the Completed Testament Age King of Cosmic Peace, True Parents of Heaven, Earth1) God’s Ideal of Creation and Humankind Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parents and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, the King of Cosmic Peace“True Parents” Fulfillment of the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk Ideal of Creation The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind True Parents     Establishment of Kingship Safe Settlement of the Unity of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and A E Humankind True ParentsGen1/28 Fruitful : Indiv. PerfectionRestoration 3 Great Blessing (True love, life, lineage, absolute sex) Multiply : Fam. perfection throughBlessings      The Principle and God’s Words Dominion : Perf. of domin. Indemnity Messiah   True Love (Seed) 、 The Principle Old T. New T. Completed Fulfilled Word Testament Completion Absolute liberation (Dominion of the Ideal (Judaism)(Christianity) (Unification( Family CIG of Creation) Church) Federation) (4 0 yrs ) Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Church) Indemnity Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (Family) The Family Party of Cosmic Peace and Unification (Cheon Il Guk) Blessed Clan Completion of Tribal Blessing Families Messiah Hoon dok Family Church Restoration of God’s Fatherland ( Cheon Il Guk ) Blessed Family Pledge  ( The core of True Parents life, The bone of 99 Families the family, The law of the family, Family of Absolute Sex )
    100. 100. 2) The 4 great realms of Heart and the 3 Great Kingships God Grandparents (Past) +- Position representing God 3 Great Kingships ( Family )Perfected Husband Perfected Parents (Present) Man Wife Woman Representing Mankind Realm of the Royal Family Heart of Parents Mankind Heart of Husband and Wife are God’s Children Heart of Brothers and Sisters A E Heart of Children Children (Future) Kings of the future Children 100
    101. 101. 「 Reference 3 」  The fulfillment of the True Family Ideal 1) The fulfillment of the Husband and Wife Ideal (The fulfillment of the Parents Ideal) ①The Husband in the subject position unites with God, the subject, and then completes the Wife. ②The Wife in the object position unites with her Husband, the subject, and completes the Husband. God God Subject Subject ③The Husband and Wife were born as sons and partner partner daughters. They grow and perfect by attending their parents. ④Therefore the Husband must attend his Wife as he Man Husband Wife attends his mother and the Wife must attend her Object Subject Object Husband as she attends her father, and this is how partner partner partner they perfect each other through their lives. ⑤This way they become a True Couple that ( (Son) (Daughter) resembles God who is perfect, and they become True Parents 101
    102. 102. 2) The fulfillment of the Brothers and Sisters Ideal (The fulfillment of the Children’s Ideal) Parents Parents Subject Subject partner partner Children Elder Younger Brother Brother Object Subject Object partner partner partner① The Elder Brother in the subject position unites with the parents, the subject, andcompletes the younger brother.② The Younger Brother in the object position unites with his elder brother, the subject,and completes his elder brother.③ The elder brother and younger brother are both born as a part of their parents.④ Therefore the elder brother should attend the younger brother as he attends hisparents. The younger brother should attend the elder brother as he attends his parents.This is how they perfect each other through their lives⑤ This is the way they become true children resembling their parents and become truebrothers and true sisters 102
    103. 103. 3) True Husband and True Wife are unchangeable Parents Unchangeable Husband and Wife (  ?   ) Children Unchangeable 103
    104. 104. 4) Conclusion① The fundamental laws of Heaven and Earth : The laws governing Parentand Child② The Purpose of Life  : Fulfill the 3 Great Blessings       ( Objects of Goodness that return Joy toGod)③ Perfection of man  : Perfection of Shimjung ⇒ Perfection of Spirit Body Perfection of 4 Great Realms of Heart (Absolute Sex)⇒ True Love “Living for the sake of others”                                                                 ④ The Basic Unit of Heaven = Family ( 3 Great Kingships )  True Parents = True Children3 Great Subject   True Teacher = True Disciples 3 Great Object ThoughtThought        True Owner = True People⑤ God’s Will ⇒ Purpose of Creation ⇒ Fulfillment of the 3 Great Blessings ⇒ 4 Position foundation Mat7/21 104 "Not every one who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven”.
    105. 105. Section IV. Process and Standard for the Determination of Original Value 1. The Definition of Value Desire Subject Object Content Satisfaction Quality Value 2. Determining the Value (1) Determining the Value Through the Viewpoint of Its Purpose Filial Divine knife child Patriot Saint childExample paper Dutiful Viewpoint house Family-Way Family Nation World Cosmos Subject Object ( (Mind) ( (Body) Union 105 ( (Self)