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The unique ecommerce software combines the features such as on-line store front, group buying deals, online auction, mobile commerce etc. under a single platform.

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Ecommerce Software

  1. 1. UniecommerceIncreasing Demand for Unique Ecommerce Software
  2. 2. UniecommerceGlobal Trend in e-commerce  Electronic commerce allowed business to mark global presence by increasing the sales  It became the best platform for goods and services exchange via supply-chain management
  3. 3. UniecommerceRetail e-commerce  Online retailers and multiple storefronts came into existence meeting global customers requirement  Emergence of tablets, smartphones, and social media also had good influence over e-commerce
  4. 4. UniecommerceForecasting and Business Turnover  Forecasting for electronic commerce in the year 2013 is focused towards customer loyalty and nurturing shopping experiences.  Global e-commerce sales is expected to top $1.25 trillion by 2013  Statistics shows that US retail e-commerce revenue will be around 256 billion US dollars in 2013
  5. 5. UniecommerceAdvantages of E-commerce sites  Overcomes geographical limitations  Better search engine visibility to reach more customers  Find users product quickly  No travel cost or time  Option to compare product pricing  Discount coupons and auction  Market for niche productsRefer -
  6. 6. UniecommerceDrawbacks of Existing E-commerce Sites  The display of content on site is confusing  Hard to search and find the product  Confused navigation in site  He/she may be looking for a different product  There is no discount offer for that product  Payment gateways are not satisfactory  No proper visibility of e-commerce site Refer -
  7. 7. UniecommerceSolution for building satisfying ecommerce site  Uniecommerce is a futuristic ecommerce software that combines the sale of both products and deals in the same platform as well as includes auction  It comes with excellent payment gateway integration  Social media has been shared which helps to spread the products, deals, and auction products
  8. 8. UniecommerceRetail Products, Group deal, and Auction  Retail products: Products are showcased on the site for sale with details like product photo, description, price etc  Group deals: Deals are special offers on pricing that gets activated when a group of people are ready to buy the same product. This allows bulk stock clearance.  Auction: Online auction can be conducted with proper payment gatewayGroupon deals - Script -
  9. 9. UniecommerceMerchant Platform  Uniecommerce provides a single platform for the merchants to post their products or deals for sale  Separate merchant login is available to control the activities and add products or deals  Merchants can view product review and reports  Request for money withdrawal can be placed with administrator
  10. 10. UniecommerceUser Advantages  Users get a variety of choice to find thier product  Get the benefit of group deal to buy at discounted price  Can participate in auction  Post their comments about products which can be useful for other users too  Share the deals or products in social media, thus spreading the business
  11. 11. UniecommerceAdvantages of Uniecommerce  Uniecommerce has user friendly interface and control panel  Deals and products are categorized  Merchant who are posting the deals and products can be contacted easily making it as merchant platform  More visitors are brought to the site via auction  Best multi-merchandising platform increasing sales
  12. 12. UniecommerceUniecommerce – Features SEO friendly URL, meta tags etc Photo and video gallery for products Multipe city listing Category wise listing Easy product search Geolocation of stores Customization option Conduct auction easily
  13. 13. UniecommerceBenefits of Uniecommerce  Uniecommerce reduces the operating cost  Multiple payment gateway are supported  Dynamic currency support  Multiple language are supported  Social media like facebook and twitter are integrated
  14. 14. UniecommerceUniecommerce – Working PrincipleRole of Administrator Admin has the ultimate power to control all funtions in the site Admin can add merchants or shops Deals or products can be added under shops Admin can set values for city name, country details, currency etc Admin can approve or reject fund request from merchants and validatecoupons Newsletter can be send to users
  15. 15. UniecommerceUniecommerce – Working PrincipleRole of Merchants Merchants can add shops/stores Deals and products can be added under shops Withdraw fund request with admin can be placed to claimsale amount Merchants can validate couponsRefer -
  16. 16. UniecommerceUniecommerce – Working PrincipleRole of Users/Customers User can register with site Can browse the site and buy products or deals categorically Can participate in auction Post comments or share on social media Buy products/deals for friends Refer friends to earn incomeRefer -
  17. 17. UniecommerceUniecommerce - A complete Ecommerce solution for Your Business  Uniecommerce act like one-stop-shop for the shoppers to buy their favorite products within a site  Multiple options to buy increases the site value  Social media attracts more customers  Uniecommerce is equally beneficial for the merchants, administrator, and user
  18. 18. ContactIndia Corporate HQ:NDOT Technologies Pvt Ltd,Site No.7, Block No.3,Maruthamalai Road,Coimbatore - 641 041,India.www.uniecommerce.comUS Office: +1 (323) 982-8943.Head Office: +91 422-434-2519.Email: contact-sales@ndot.inSkype: nandakumar.onlineUS OperationNDOT LLC,1628 Oak Tree Rd STE 9Edison,NJ 08820Phone: +1 (323) 982-8943