Tap Foundries Intervention - Mintek


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Tap Foundries Intervention - Mintek

  1. 1. THE DST TECHNOLOGY LOCALIZATION PROGRAMMECasting Related Interventions for Foundry Firms Jones Papo 20 May 2010
  2. 2. Overview• Objective• Reduction of Scrap• Mintek Competences• Planning and Implementation• Facilities and Equipment
  3. 3. Project ObjectiveTo Assist 28 Foundry Firms in Solving Casting-Related Problems and Challenges
  4. 4. The Reduction of Casting Scrap Skills Development Assistance with Design and Improvement Packages Improving Reduction of Scrap In-house Metallurgical ExpertiseImprovement of Mould, Pattern andFettling Sophistication Tooling Improvement
  5. 5. Mintek CompetencesCasting Technology:  A dedicated foundry pilot-plant facility  Staffed by Senior Metallurgists, Technicians and Artisans  Green Sand and CO2 sand capability
  6. 6. Mintek Competences (cont)Skills Development and Improvement:  Incidental and tailored to the needs Linked directly to skills gaps that impact on the Reduction of Scrap  Short training courses for operators carrying jobs such as mechanical testing and specimen prep for QC purposes
  7. 7. Mintek Competences (cont)Improving In-house Metallurgical Expertise:  This service to be provided by the Metals Technology Centre (MTC) at Mintek  Metallurgical Testing Services: • Includes characterization of castings to ensure integrity
  8. 8. Mintek Competences (cont)Improving In-house Metallurgical Expertise:  This service to be provided by the Metals Technology Centre (MTC) at Mintek  Metals Information through a Web-based Helpline • Mechanical and physical property data for cast alloys  Failure Investigations • To identify the causes of casting defects and suggest remedies  Project Investigation, Evaluation and Management  Assist firms in auditing, improving and establishing their own facilities
  9. 9. Mintek Competences (cont)• Assistance with Design Packages:  Service to be provided in partnership with technical experts and service providers Capability Proposed Service Provider o Metallurgical Testing & Consultation (MTC): MagmaSoft, COMSOL - RSA o UJ (MCTS): QuickCast - RSA o FOSECO – the service usually provided for free to long-standing customers - RSA Casting Simulation and o SimLogic – providers of software solutions for Modelling Software simulating metals and minerals processes - RSA o University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB): Casting Engineering Laboratory (UAB - CEL) – USA o SINTEF Group - Norway
  10. 10. Mintek Competences (cont)Improvement of Fettling Sophistication:  Local Technical Specialists: Mr. Dave van Niekerk (DVN Marketing cc) and Mr. Percy Dalton  International Technical Specialists: Dr-Ing. Hartmut Polzin (Freiberg Technical University, Germany) and Dr-Ing. Gotthard Wolf (Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry)  Additional Technical Specialists are being identified during the course of the DST-TAP progress.Mould/Pattern/Tooling Improvements:  Institute of Advanced Tooling (IATs): e.g. TUT Tooling Station, etc.  CSIR  Local and International Technical Experts
  11. 11. Planning and Implementation• Planning of the Rollout Process – Phase 1: – Benchmarking Validation Session with NFTN, Mintek, CSIR and Benchmarking Specialists – Visits to Companies for Face-to-Face Meetings by the end of 31stJuly 2010 – Development of TAPs for each company – Agreement on the Development Plans• Phase 1 Progress: – Benchmarking Validation - Completed – Completed Engagements– Development Plan being Finalized • Steloy • PDC – Meetings already had with a number of service providers and technical specialists • DVN Marketing, SimLogic, Casting Services – Face-to-face meetings currently ongoing – Phase 1 to be completed by 31st July 2010
  12. 12. Planning and Implementation• Implementation of the TAPs – Phase 2 – Implementation of the agreed development plans – Involvement of Technical Specialists, particularly for remote foundries – Implementation already in progress in some foundries: • PDC, Steloy and Boschpick• Monitoring and Evaluation – Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to be signed between the company, Mintek and service provider – Bi-weekly Client Survey Forms during the progress of the project – Should there be problems, an emergency meeting will be convened for re-planning – Regular progress reports – On Completion: Final Report and Impact Assessment Survey to rank the quality of the service
  13. 13. Facilities and EquipmentMintek: – Melting and Casting: – Sand Foundry Pilot Plant – Air and Vacuum Induction Furnaces – Heat Treatment Furnaces – Spectrometer: SpectroMaxx for ferrous and non-ferrous analysis
  14. 14. Facilities and Equipment (cont)– Mechanical Working: Forging Presses and Rolling Mills– Mechanical Testing: – Instron 1175: 100 kN Static Capacity (Tension and Compression) – Tinius Olsen: 500 kN Static Capacity (Tension and Compression) – Instron 1342: 250 kN (dynamic) and 300 kN (static) in both tension and compression – Instron 1361: Servo-Electric with 250 kN (dynamic) and 300 kN (static) capability in both tension and compression
  15. 15. Facilities and Equipment (cont)Heat Treatment: A range of furnacesMetallurgical Characterization Equipment: HR-SEM, XRD, Complete range of metallographic equipment
  16. 16. Facilities and Equipment (cont)Others: May be required (not available at Mintek)  A Fully Equipped Pattern Shop  Sand Testing Equipment  High Volume Induction Melting Furnaces: 300-500kg units  Vacuum with a High Volume Capacity: ≈ 200kg  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services Capability Proposed Service Provider 1. Fully Equipped Pattern Shop TAP Programme Participating Companies 2. Sand Testing Equipment UJ-MCTS (Metal Casting Technology Station) 3. High Volume Induction Melting TAP Programme Participating Companies Units 4. High Volume Vacuum Furnace TAP Programme Participating Companies, CSIR 5. NDT Services NDT Society Member Companies, SAIW Member Companies
  17. 17. Thank Youwww.mintek.co.za