Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208
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Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208



Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208

Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208



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    Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208 Enerkey youth development initiatives to unido 20110208 Presentation Transcript

    • Presentation to UNIDO Industrial Hub 24 th Feb 2011 at Carlton centre (Transnet) Boardroom 4623, 46th Floor by Chair of EnerKey PMC, Gcinimuzi Jeremiah Mafereka & Eskom Stakeholders Relations Manager for EEDSM; RE & WCWDM Programmes
    • EnerKey Governing Board PMC Programme Management Committee FITFC Finance, Investment and Trade Facilitation Committee ESCCC EnerKey Secretariat and Campaigns Coordination Committee Research modules and colloqium Working for Energy & Water Sectors Current & Future Initiatives of the Embedded and Distributed RE Plants EEDSM & WCWDM Technologies Greening RSA Technical Measures Co-ordinates Technical R & D and Identifies appropriate projects German Principle Investigator SA Principle Investigator Aligns & Integrates, manages calenders and organises events Identifies funding sources for projects and CDMs within munic and prov structures EnerKey Modules Water Sector Forum secretariat GP Energy Office July to July MIDP Roadmap SeTAR Centre EnerKey PMO UJ Execs Market Insights Research & Develops Demand Profiles for energy & water services Funds Portfolio Management and Investment Opportunities Licensing & Trade Facilitation Mechanisms
    • GDP Process energy Heating area Population Light Communication Power Person kilometers Freight kilometers Demand services Coal and Gas Oil Transportation and Refineries Power plants and electricity CHP plants and networks Renewables for electricity, heat and mobility Mining & Industry Finance&Commerce Residential Transport Final energy Demands Energy prices, Resource availability Energy flows Emissions Costs Prices Capacities Government Employment M1: Intergrated Energy System Modelling with TIMES Primary energy Import Purchases & Domestic sources
    • EMC
      • On 21/01/10, a special meeting was held at Eskom Megawatt Park to discuss common interests and establish the basis of collaboration amongst the key stakeholders present.
      • These included the Chairman of EnerKey PMC, UJ SeTAR Director, Moonprint (secretariat), EMC (facilitator), BMF, Contralesa Youth Wing, NYDA, Indalo Yethu and Eskom delegates. 
      • On 15 & 16 Feb 10, both FITFC & PMC Meetings received a consolidated set of 5 related youth development projects as recommended to EGB Meeting of 1 st March 2010
      • Objectives of Engagements & progress to date:
      • To design a collaborative Youth and Community Development Plan via targeted engagements be ready for official implementation from 1 st of July 2010.
      • To use EnerKey Programme as the anchor model of collaboration in the Gauteng Mega-City Region while NYDA and BMF will focus country-wide.
      • To set up a small representative team to start a focussed process of engagements and mobilization of relevant stakeholders in the energy; water and environmental sectors .
      • To secure firm commitment from the NYDA CEO on positioning the National Youth Development Agency Head Office for anchoring the collaboration of key stakeholders nationally and globally .
      • To build on the emerging partnership between BMF and UJ on the Skills Transfers and Capacity Building of Youth Co-Ops / Enterprises Development in order to forge strong linkages as will be outlined later in the presentation.
      • Approved the 5 projects subject to sourcing and securing of required funds from Gauteng Fund; GEDA; DBSA; IDC; Land Bank; NURCHA; NHFC; National Gvt Depts; Foreign Donors; etc
      • Authorized immediate start of formal engagements with the relevant Executives of UJ; NYDA; BMF; Contralesa Youth Wing; SANERI; ESKOM; EDI Co; GP Government Depts; SALGA;etc
      • The EnerKey PMO Establishment and Business Plans be finalized as a matter of urgency to guide the overall implementation of all initiatives
      • The Chairs of EGB Committees mandated to facilitate the successful execution of these resolutions and make use of relevant modules for any required further refinements
      • NYDA’s public launch of 16/06/09 and strategic positioning for large scale youth developments in partnership with national government, 9 provinces and 283 municipalities .
      • BMF’s Strategic Plan / Socio-Economic Transformation Agenda and its Student Chapters & Young Professionals Programmes .
      • The business planning processes via formal engagements and fund-raising for about R9 million to be completed by Sept 2010 .
      • Overview of priorised projects
      • 3.1 Funding and Institutional Support Proposal for establishment of Public & Private Sector Collaboration Execution Office (s) for Strategic Partnerships in the large scale roll-out of RE; EEDSM; WCWDM & Waste Recycling Programmes.
      • 3.2 Funding proposals to promote the concepts of Public Understanding and Communications of Science & Technology (PUCST).
      • 3.3 Funding proposal based on UCT Rates of Dikela Energy’s Comprehensive Work-Plan to help BMF; NYDA & Contralesa Youth Wing with the development for their Save 2 Morrow 2 Day Campaign's Long-Term Strategic Framework and National Roll-Out of RE; EEDSM & WCWDM Initiatives.
      • 3.4 The Youth Skills Development Project in Energy Auditing and Efficiency Drives funded by GTZ for100 candidates as a pilot in the Gauteng Province.
      • 3.4.1 In the medium term, will target more than 500 community development workers and public participation practitioners in the Gauteng Province to attend short courses run by UJ Dept of Quality & Ops Management Services.
      • 3.5 Moonprint and EMC – respective collaborations with NYDA:
        • Facilitate the establishment of recycling facilities & renewable energy plants with skills development and technical support for waste management co-operatives at public spaces
        • Facilitate tree planting and veggie gardens in communities trough waste management co-operatives enterprises
        • Create a platform for lead departments and recycling Industry to identify regulatory tools and support required to promote and protect small scale community based recycling enterprises
        • Establish credibility for South Africa in the international environmental-economic milieu
        • Ensure that visible and sustainable recycling programmes roll out nationwide
    • -Top Secret- 1. Awareness 2. Inform 3. Engage 4. Excite 5. Advocate 6.Behaviour change
    • -Top Secret- WHAT Government and business are doing to be energy efficient and promote green economy HOW Civil Society Organizations & International Partners mobilized for culture change and to invest in energy efficiency technologies in partnerships with related Role Players in the RSA Economy
        • WHY National Campaign for energy efficiency is imperative for the country involvement of all South Africans
      The intention is to promote a large scale national change in behaviour towards more responsible use of energy and culture that illustrates sensitivity towards the environmental Impact of energy generation and Wasteful usage
    • -Top Secret-
      • 2008/09
      • Create national awareness
      • Start establishing a social movement on Save It!
        • PR
        • Advertising
        • Activations
      • Start establishing key partnerships
      • Identify stakeholders
      • Engage Energy Champions
      • Develop a Digital Programme (website & MXit Game )
      • 2009/10
      • More effective stakeholder engagements
      • Continue with awareness
      • Continue social movement
      • Start behaviour change initiatives through educational communication
      • Build partnerships and media relations
      • Embed the Energy Championships
      • Improve the website
      • 2010/11
      • Save It! Brand established
      • Partnerships with Business key stakeholders and media established
      • Key stakeholders driving energy efficiency in the following groupings:
        • Municipalities
        • Schools
        • Government
        • NGO’s
        • Youth Organizations
    • -Top Secret-
      • Key messaging grid of GCIS
      • Public participation sessions by NERSA
      • Engaging digital activity with a centralised website
      • Virtual communication network with electronic interaction with key stakeholders
      • Monthly Publications and Quarterly e-newsletters by NEEA & GCIS
      • Host two major events per year championed by Government in partnership with Organized Business to drive the energy agenda and engage on all the items of the IDTT of Energy
      • Leverage of the existing calendar of energy events of various stakeholders
      • Hosted stakeholder briefings by the IDTT communication resources
      • Well targeted Civil Society Organizations segmented in common database according to trade, industry, commercial, public, consumer etc. interests across print, online and broadcast media
      • Round tables talks with opinion-makers, consumer bodies and the public in general
      • Use Advertorial Resources and endorsements of EEDSM Technologies by SABS
      • Government Green Economy and Energy Planning Summits
      • Effective use of internal Government communication channels
      • Hosted stakeholder briefings for the IDTT communication resources
      • Mobilise local government channels
      • Direct communication to closed audiences
      -Top Secret-
    • New Power Genen Build Programme 24/01/2008
      • Boiler
      • Transformers
      • Turbines
      • Plant & Equipment
      • Solar water heating
      • Lighting & HVAC
      • Compressed Air
      • Industrial Optimisation
      • Distributed/Embedded DX
      IDM Programme Eskom CSDP Large Localised Manufacturing New Enterprises New ESCos LED / New SMMEs Manufacturing SEDA TTP Industrial hub Energy and Water Resource Efficiency Incubator Partners: - DPE, - DsT - DTI
      • - Provinces and Munics
      • - 57 Offices
      • 30 Incubators (across sectors)
        • Excluding Energy & Water
      • With prestigious 2009/10
      • Audited Figures of:
      • 244 SMMEs
      • 1600 jobs
      Technology Technology Virtual PS
      • Base load stations
      • Merit stations
      • Peaking stations
    • Hubs co-ordinate investment in skills, R&D, technology and plant at a component level Forum where the community of local suppliers will benefit from industry funds coordination and contributions Facilitate development of ‘business case’ for funding of R&D, skills development and shared technical infrastructure Funding Skills Accreditation Users Chair Competitive assurance
      • Benchmarking
      • Business
      • Technology
      Also requires some facilitation, including tracking against milestones, incorporation into central co-ordinating mechanism, and networking across hubs. Industry Associations Participant/s according to industry requirements Technology Transfer Secretariat
      • IDC
      • DBSA
      • SQAM
        • DPE or DST
        • Eskom
        • Transnet
        • Municipalities
        • Mines
        • Sasol
        • … etc.
        • Copper Development Association Association
        • Covered Conductor Manufacturer's Association
        • Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries' Association
        • Electrical Manufacturers Associations of SA
        • Rotating Machinery Working Group
        • Supplier training programmes
        • Universities
        • Technical colleges
        • UNIDO
        • DTI
        • DST
        • DTI
        • DST
        • Competition Commission
        • DPE or DST
    • UJ, Wits, TUT, UP, VUT Scio-Bono DC Public & Private FET Colleges Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary Schools Buccleuch, Soweto & Village Joint Venture Missions
      • DoE, DWA, DTI & DST
      • GP Prov Gov Depts:
      • Infrastructure, Agric, Env & Rural Develop
      • Local Gov & Housing
      • Economic Dev
      • NYDA
      • NYSDP
      • JCI South Africa
      • Contralesa Youth Wing
      • IDC
      • SEDA
      • Manufacturing Incubators for:
      • Small Scale Mining & Beneficiation
      • Bio-diversity & Chemical Industries
      • SAASTEC
      • DsT Science & Youth Directorate
      • Early Childhood Dev & Science Centres
      Buccleuch, Soweto & Village Green Co-ops And Industrial Hubs
      • - NAFCOC
      • - BMF
      • SACCI
      • Other Buss Ass
      • A formal technology transfer partnership led by UNIDO– So, lets appoint Joint Eskom, UNIDO, UJ & Stuttgart University Partnership Leaders and Team to formalize relationships
      • Co-ordinating Accelerated Artisan Partnership Programme for Energy, Water, Transportation, Environmental management and Human settlement meeting on the 3 rd March 2011. Therefore invites UNIDO to work together on these Initiatives as a pilot in Gauteng in preparation for a national roll out to the following provinces Free State, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Kwazulu- Natal.