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The Negative Effects Of Cheap Restaurant Furniture


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For further reading on the importance of quality restaurant tables & chairs, Visit Unichairs Inc. today at

For further reading on the importance of quality restaurant tables & chairs, Visit Unichairs Inc. today at

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  • Exactly, I agree with you. Cheap restaurant furniture affect the business and thus for my restaurant I chose table and chairs for restaunt wisely from Amazing collection of wooden furniture they have.
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  • 1. The Negative EffectsOf Cheap RestaurantFurniture
  • 2. The Negative Effects Of Cheap Restaurant Furniture• Opening and maintaining a restaurant is a financial balancing act. Every expense from the food to the lighting needs to be carefully considered so that the right balance can be found between cost and quality. It is easy for some owners or designers to go over budget when decorating the interior of a new restaurant.
  • 3. • The items that are chosen for the walls, windows and as table dressings need to be chosen for functionality, aesthetics and cost. One area of the design that should not be limited by cost concerns is the restaurant seating. Seating is something that will directly affect the customer experience. Cheap restaurant furniture should be avoided for a number of reasons.
  • 4. Safety• Cheap restaurant furniture is a safety concern for any business. A chair that has been poorly assembled could break after a few days of use. A table that does not have all of the bolts secured properly could come apart and spill food everywhere. Cheap furniture often has dangerous elements like loose screws, splintered wood and protruding nails.
  • 5. Safety• These sharp pieces could actually cut a customer or rip through clothing. Even inexpensive plastic furniture that seems to be safe can slowly warp and lose stability over time. Safety concerns are a major reason to avoid cheap furniture in a restaurant.
  • 6. Appearances • Cheap restaurant seating will appear cheap to customers no matter how well it is disguised or hidden. Chairs, booths and tables that are poorly constructed will have obvious flaws that diners will notice. Diners are looking for these details when assessing an establishment.
  • 7. Appearances • Another problem with cheap furniture is that it will clash noticeably with any more expensive elements in the dining room decor. Filling a restaurant with cheap furniture will devalue the food that is served. It could also negatively influence reviews.
  • 8. Cost• Cheap restaurant seating is inexpensive to purchase initially. The low quality of the booths and chairs means that each piece will break in a short amount of time when compared to higher quality furniture. The broken pieces of furniture will need to be replaced. Every time that a cheap table or chair needs to be replaced adds an expense to the business that was not necessary.
  • 9. Cost• The costs can add up over the years. It is much more cost-effective to purchase quality seating from the very start. The extra money that is spent will ensure excellent workmanship and quality materials. Quality furniture could last for decades if cared for correctly.
  • 10. Comfort• Customers sit down when eating in most restaurants. The chairs and booths will determine how comfortable a person is while dining. Cheap seating in a restaurant will make customers uncomfortable. Uncomfortable diners do not want to slowly peruse menus, order a second glass of wine or wait patiently for dessert.
  • 11. Comfort• Uncomfortable seating will lower sales. It will also create a poor dining experience. People who have a poor experience just once in a restaurant are not likely to return or to recommend the location to friends. Every effort should be made to fill the dining room with comfortable seating that has been built with skill and care.
  • 12. Further Reading• For further reading on the importance of quality restaurant tables & chairs, Visit Unichairs Inc. today at