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Twitter for beginners Twitter for beginners Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter for Beginners Presentation to UNICEF Ethiopia Senior Management Elshadai Negash Social Media Consultant UNICEF Ethiopia September 24th 2013
  • 2
  • 3 Outline - The basics - Handles (@) and hashtags (#) - Followers and following - What can you do with twitter? - You on twitter
  • 4 The basics What is twitter? - A Social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets - You can CREATE content for others to view and VIEW content from others
  • 5 The basics A tweet - A message of 140 characters (not words). - Can be public or private - Characters can include links to images, video, and webpages
  • 6 Handles (@) and Hashtags (#) Handle (@) - Name chosen to represent a entity on twitter - Entity can be person, company, organisation, cause, etc… - Case insensitive E.g @BarackObama, @UsainBolt, @UNICEFEthiopia, @unicef, @BBC Africa, @postworld2015, @WorldFoodDay
  • 7 Handles (@) and Hashtags (#) Hashtags(#) - Hashtags mark keywords or topics in tweets - Can be single word or phrase - Always start with #sign, case insensitive Examples - Popular hashtags: #westgate, #election2012, #arabuprising, #someonetellkenya - UNICEF hashtags: #endviolence, #promise4children, #vaccinesnow, #back2school, #ethiopiameetsmdg4, #unjobslist, #ONEWASH
  • 8 Followers and following
  • 9 What can you do with twitter?
  • 10 What can you do with twitter? - Be entertained - Find out what is going on! - Connect with areas of interest: people, shows, movements, organisations, bre aking news providers, etc..
  • 11 Tweet speak RT= Retweet e.g. RT @UNICEFEthiopia: Happy Mondays to u from @UNICEFEthiopia. Its the 1st day of the school year for kids in #Ethiopia. Retweet 2 keep the #promise4children! DM= Direct Message e.g. @UNICEFEthiopia, can you DM me your phone number LOL = Laugh Out Loud e.g. LOL, cool video @UNICEFEthiopia MT= Modified Tweet e.g. READ: #EthiopianHerald story on launch of #ONEWASH in #Ethiopia. MT READ: @UNICEFEthiopia posted our story on launch of #ONEWASH in #Ethiopia.
  • 12 Tweet speak OH= Overheard e.g. OH at @UNICEFEthiopia : 3million #children out of #school in #Ethiopia SMH= Shaking My Head e.g. More than 30,000 children in #Ethiopia die of diarrhea every year. SMH! TBH= To Be Honest e.g. TBH, I don’t know why @UNICEFEthiopia tweets about #WASH in #rural #Ethiopia when toilets in #Addis stink FF= Follow Fridays, TT= Throwback Thursdays e.g. Happy #ff to our partners @eu_echo @dfid_uk @usaidethiopia @usaid @dftad
  • 13 You on twitter
  • 14 Tips on safe tweeting - Use strong login details - Keep your machine secure - Evaluate links before opening - Be careful of what you post (its very public) - Be careful of who you follow (remember your standing in society)
  • 15 UNICEF guidelines - UNICEF DOES NOT monitor employee accounts! - On profile, include disclaimer like “Views expressed here are solely mine” - Maintain ethics and dignity in usage - You are encouraged to retweet updates from UNICEF, UNICEFEthiopia, and other associated accounts
  • 16
  • 17 Just for laughs….
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